Poll: Are You More Tempted to Cheat on Weekends?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Are you tempted to overeat and be lazy on the weekends? I certainly am.
From Sunday brunches with my boyfriend to late nights with friends, it seems like there is a temptation at every turn.

I've gotten pretty good about sticking to a schedule: I work out on Friday night to start the weekend off right, I eat sensibly for breakfast and lunch, and I plan ahead when I go out to dinner.

Still, on the rare days when Iím at home with nothing to do, I sometimes find myself grazing and overeating.

What tactics do you use to keep yourself on track over the weekend? How do you stay strong? Share your tips in the comments below!

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We go out to breakfast after church every Sunday. It's sometimes hard to eat my small portion breakfast, as if there is such a thing, while my family is eating away on omlets, bacon, etc. It's all about choices, do I want to loose weight and be healthy or do I want to be unhealthy and over weight the rest of my life. Report
I hear this. I usually start out so so then a friend calls and says let's go out and I go. The site has given me some tips about how to handle this like a glass of water between adult beverages that has helped. Report
I was the exact same way. I was diligent all week and then be a complete bum on the weekends and not watch what I ate because my weigh in was on friday. After a successful weigh in I felt I could do what I wanted because I had all week to burn it back off. I changed my weigh in day to monday to help me stay on track. I don't want a bad weigh just from what I ate the last 24-48 hours to destroy what I worked so hard for all week. :) Report
First, I think I treat weekends the same as weekdays. They are not days off of good eating habits or of exercise.

Second, I don't consider anything cheating. I eat what I want within moderation. If I want a special treat, I plan for it. I track that first and then build the rest of my day around it. Sometimes, I find that that treat was not the sacrifices I had to make in order to "fit it in" (like maybe a lighter meal or two, or harder workouts).

As I fit my little treats and snacks in on a regular basis, I don't feel like I have to "be bad" and "sneak" or "cheat." Deprivation is the enemy of a healthy lifestyle. Report
I usually give in but work out more to compensate for the extra calories. Report
Weekdays or weekends, I have to keep tempting food out of my home or avoid the cities with my favorite bakeries. Why oh why did The Cobbler Lady open a bakery three minutes from my home? Needless to say I tried a cobbler or two... or five. But now I see it as 100% sugar/nothing special. Report
I wouldn't exactly call it cheating -- more like planned allowances. I started to say indulgences, but that sounds like going all out. Report
I've started to do my grocery shopping sunday evening after the gym. If the snacks are not there for the weekend, then you can't pig out... also doing shopping after the gym makes you think twice about eating healthier thru the week Report
We seem to need a little extra on the weekends. I ask myself if I am really hungry. If not I try to just say NO...out loud! Report
Weekends are really hard to deal with. Especially when Im away from home which is happening a lot at the moment. Its not a treat its work! The house Im working on doesnt have a cooker or fridge! So I have been taking stuff in then when I get home Im so tired I just eat what ever I can! Its not cheating I agree but Im the one that wants to loose the weight and yet if I eat wrong who am I cheating? Report
Another inevitable part of the weekend is chores. Since I know I tend to overeat and undercount my portions or calories, I turn my chores into exercise. I take a little longer to switch out laundry loads, squatting while I do it. I vaccuum all the nooks and crannies everytime I vaccuum, not just run it over the carpet. And rarely sit. While I'm not running marathons, or even 5ks around my house, I do stay up and stay busy. Report
I am really looking at my journey as a lifestyle change so when I have a meal or snack that isn't the "best choice", I remind myself that life happens and that includes dinner out occasionally and treats as well. Cheating is a nasty word to me because it reminds me of all my failed attempts at "dieting". Report
I do eat more and this weekend, my husband and I are starting Saturday morning off with cardio at the gym, then lunch OUT and exploring a little around the island - it's a DATE!!! Otherwise, I do try to at least walk the dog both days, run around a little at lacrosse, and/or swim some laps each weekend. On good days when I know we are going out to dinner, I try to plan ahead. Life is too short to worry and fuss about calories every single last day. Report
So why is it cheating??? I mean, I use spark to help me be more fit and healthier. That doesn't mean that if I go out on a Friday night after working all week and enjoy a few beers and have a nice dinner that I am cheating. SERIOUSLY! I want to be able to live a quality life and enjoy it without having to worry about what I am eating 100% of the time. Cheating? Really?? Report
Oh my, yes, weekends are tough. Evenings are tough as well, but I think just now I'm starting to turn the corner on evening snacking. Weekends. (sigh) :) Report
I seem to cheat more because I'm at home where there is more access to food Report
Weekends are hard. We usually go out to eat at least once and I am just now learning to divide the meal in half to take home. Buffets are a real problem--everything looks so good! Report
Of course. That's what it is for :)!
Yes! I cheat on weekends! I work out hard all week and on Sunday's we have a church friendship hour! There are usually cookies, desserts, sometimes deviled eggs; salads, pasta, etc....I usually try a little bit of everything that looks good! If I go out to dinner, I still try to eat healthy! But try not to go out on weekends because it is busier than most nights. I weigh in at weight watchers on Thursday nites so if I do go out to dinner I still have until thursday to work it off :) Report
Weekends are always hard b/c you go through the week and have a schedule and then the weekend comes and the schedule is out the door. Traveling on the weekend or just being in the house with food already can be hard.

I'm trying to keep the same schedule during the weekend as I do during the week. Workout when I get up have a reasonable lunch and then if we go out for dinner have something small, but enjoyable.

I believe once I overcome the weekend slum I will see better results. Crossing my fingers!! Report
This is really a problem for me. It stinks that I usually weigh myself on Sunday too (after the fall) lol!
I am making a commitment to stay within 1500 calories starting tomorrow. Report
Yes I tend to eat more on the weekend but now im realising that it can really waste all the hard work urve done during the week so im just going to plan one treat each weekend to say well done. Report
Weekends can be hard. I try to make I get all my water in and 3-5 fruits during the day. It is hard and sometimes I don't do it, but I try. Report
Yes! Weekends are definitely a struggle for me especially with social occasions (bachelorette parties, family gatherings, eating out with my hubby, the list goes on) I usually go over my calorie count on weekends and it's definitely frustrating when I am good all week. I try to get workouts in on the weekend, bring snacks and drink plenty of water. I still have trouble though with eating things in moderation and not feeling guilty after I splurge a little bit which tends to turn into overeating. I might try giving myself a day off (not to go crazy) but allow a little splurge one day of the weekend as a reward to myself. Just need to keep pushing through! Report
Try making your weigh in day on Saturday or Sunday, so that you are conscious of that number on the weekend, which will hopefully deter you from overindulging too much on the weekends. Also, you can eat anything, just in moderation! Listen to your body and eat slowly - stop when you start feeling satisfied...and don't let your friends peer pressure you! :) Report
This is SUCH A BIG problem for my husband & i! It seems that any activity here (Egypt) revolves around food! But my best bad junk option is a small serving of popcorn (= 5 cups of oil popped popcorn) which is about 280 calories. I also i try to save up ALL my calories for the day if we're gonna dine out. Also i have a lot of varied delicious low calorie breakfast options that keep me full & satisfied so i don't crave "something delicious". Here are some examples:

1- 50 gms oatmeal + 1/4 cup skimmed milk + 1/2 cup water + 7 gms (1 tsp) PB + 1 tbsp sugarfree applesauce + 1 tsp cinnamon + 1 tbsp splenda + 1/2 an apple (chopped finely).

2- 2 egg whites + 1 egg + mixed chopped veggies + 1 slice of edam cheese or 1 tbsp low fat feta + crisco (for frying the omelet) + 1 slice of wholegrain bread

3- 2 tbsp light feta + 1 tbsp grated Parmesan + 1 large tomato (chopped) + 3 tbsp chopped chives + 3 tbsp chopped bell pepper + 1/4 cup water + 2 tsp oregano + 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper + 1 tsp tomato paste + 3 slices of bran crackers

4- light yogurt + splenda + chopped strawberries & blueberries

5- 2 banana nut muffins (homemade) + 1 tbsp Hero Raspberry jam + 1 tbsp PB

6- 1 tbsp corned beef + 2 tbsp chopped peppers + 1 tbsp chopped onions + 1 slice of edam cheese + 1 slice of wholegrain toast + 2 egg whites + 1 egg + crisco

7- 2 hard boiled eggs (chopped) + chopped iceberg + chopped olives + chopped chives + chopped tomato + mustard + chopped green peppers + 1 slice whole grain bread + 1 tbsp light feta

hope these help :) Report
This is actually my second biggest challenge. Both my husband and I need to lose weight , so I try to keep snacks around that are low cal and healthy like apples, bananas, homemade goodies using spark or weightwatcher recipes and diet soda or other type of drinks that are 0 or low cal. It hurts to work hard all week then slide on the weekends and defeat all your hard work and show no loss. We both recommited ourselves this weekend to working so team work should make it easier. Our worst temptation is Sunday morning breakfast so I am planning to go places where you can get egg beaters, low cal syrups and turkey sausage etc. Good luck and keep working at it! Report
Weekends are harder. Hubby and I used to eat out most of the time on weekends. Now we exercise instead, that helps a lot. I also try not to buy stuff we should not eat, because once it is in the house, guess what happens...? So if we think we need a treat at 9 pm we actually have to go out into the cold and get that ice cream, those chips or that chocolate bar. And the temptation is becoming less and less of a pull when considering the effort. Report
Weekends are more difficult for sure. I can sometimes double my calories on Saturday and Sunday. I really need to work on this! Report
Yes, weekends are hard for me too. When the urge to graze gets strong, I try to either drink another glass of water, or have a cup of herbal tea (sometimes coffee). If I still really want to eat, I try to make it fruit, a small handful of mixed nuts (I make up little bags of about a small handful to have ready, so I won't eat more, or yogurt. Report
its very hard so i always take food with me. popcorn with butter flavor spray..my fav fruits baked chicken...this 4 me takes the edge off when my friends start 2 eat a lot of junk...i also looked up cal cts on some of my old fav junk food ie: the chicken i use 2 eat from Rally Burger 5 wings=350 cals /25 total fat & i ate 10 wings lets not forget the good ole fries at 420 cals 27 total fat. i have decided its just not worth it as i am looking pretty cute these days...smiles Joy Report
Yes, weekends are the hardest for me! Report
No, less apt to snack on weekends. My weekday job has been sedentary and by 2:30 in the afternoon, with energy flagging and not getting paid unless I'm turning out pages, I snack to keep myself awake. I don't have that problem on weekends, and with my new job starting, won't have it as often on weekdays either now! Also, we just don't keep chips, my downfall, in the house very often. We usually have crackers, but lately rarely any cheese to go with them, so snacking at home, if I do any at all, is usually a cup of Ovaltine! Report
I don't consider taking a day off once in awhile as "cheating". I am currently training for my first Susan G Komen 3-Day 60 mile walk in November and while I do take Friday nights and Sundays "off" from my training I still stick to my current daily calories and my weekly training more than makes up for a day off in training if it ends up that way. Report
Weekends are the hardest for me. My husband doesn't think I need to watch what I eat, I love him. He can eat anything he wants and not gain a single pound. He's been the same size since we first met over 4 years ago. Then again when you 6'6" you have a lot of height to spread the weight. LOL Report
Dieting and still living spontaneously is not easy...I am sure everyone can agree. However, constant awareness of nutrition is good for the entire family. It is helpful to plan ahead and search for new ideas to stir things up once in awhile, without stirring up the calorie intake. Report
Weekends are very hard for me. The free time means I usually overeat - I have more time to be aware that I am hungry. Also trying to pack a lot of activities into the weekend, so not a lot of time for planning healthy meals and snacks. I do get more activity on the weekends but it doesn't cancel out the extra calories. Report
Weekends are very hard for me. My husband is home and we usually try to do activities but they usually revolve around food - eating out. Sometimes we split a meal but not often enough. That's something I want to work on. Report
Week ends I eat more but ...... I am also more active! Report
Basically it is all about priorities. Eating more than your healthy calorie range isn't going to ruin your whole life, but it will slow you down in reaching your goals. I have struggled with this a lot because we have things going ALL the time on the weekend...plans that usually involve food...food that I don't know the calorie-counts of...or maybe I do, but I just eat mindlessly (did I really need that hot dog by the campfire the other night?!) I frustrate myself by my weak will on the weekends. During the week, too, sometimes. But I can plan what I put in my mouth so much more during the week. I am not really helping you with any ideas on how to fix it...but at least you know you are not alone ;) Report
Yes the weekend does bring challenges to my healthy lifestyle commitment.But I am only letting me down by not staying within my calorie range or my carb range.Knowing that I am harder on myself than anyone else keeps me commited.So if I have that piece of pie I know how much harder I'm going to have to work.That thought usually keeps me on track. Report
If anything, I can under-eat on weekends. I sleep in a bit longer and then go to the gym, so my first meal is later in the day . . . about 2 hours later.

So I usually have fewer meals - 2 instead of 3. and snacks. Report
I agree with quite a few posters who shy away from the term "cheating". This is a new lifestyle and there is nothing I'm "not allowed" to have. That being said, it's easy for me to make good choices on the weekend when there are no social gatherings going on. The hard part is making good choices on weekends with social gatherings. I don't know why because nobody is forcing me to take bigger portions and/or seconds. Maybe it's because I'm not eating mindfully, but rather paying more attention to who I'm with and conversations going on. Report
I eat what I want, within reason. I may go over my calorie count part of the weekend, but only for something I really, truly want. Take for example, yesterday: lunch at In N Out burger. Cheeseburger, with fries. I ate half a container of the fries, and yes, it was a high calorie meal, but with watching my other meals (which included a big breakfast out!) and not snacking, I stayed within my calories for the day. It's learning to trade off sometimes. Ok, so if I eat the cheeseburger, I won't be able to eat something else as a snack. I can't eat like that every day (no matter what, eating a cheeseburger every day is BAD), but I can do it once in a while, and not feel guilty about it. Report
Sugar free Jell-o has 10 calories, by the way, don't know what brand you are eating?? I always hate that word "cheat", it does not help anyone to eat better at all. It is in our culture to overeat on the weekend, it's our way of soothing ourselves. Eating is about the only indulgence left for many of us average souls in this country. So we have to think ahead to modify our "indulgences". So that is what we do to the best of our abilities. "Cheating", "sinning", I mean, come on folks. Report
Arrgh! For me, it's fellowship time at church! I go over after service and, unless I am VERY aware of what goes in my hand and to my mouth, there goes my calorie count up, up, and away.
Dianne Report
Last night my boyfriend was home from work. Because he works retail usually he isn't home in the evenings, or at least awake long enough to watch a movie. Last night we watched a movie & I had popcorn, I knew I shouldn't have it... but it just fit. I was only over my cal. by like 100. And I burned them off later that night. lol. But I just started dieting on Monday, so I believe I am doing really well. :] Report
Weekends are so hard to stay on track, I usually do it but it is a real struggle. My water input is always down some, hubby usually wants to pick up lunch or dinner from somewhere and exercise is almost out. Report
I always cheat on the weekends. We go out to eat on weekends, where I feel like I need to eat everything on my plate. I also feel like I made it to the weekend doing well, so I can splurge. I need to stop this habit! Report
Any day can be a cheat day it is not exclusive to weekends. It is just a matter of Temptation versus Conviction, or what is placed in your path. If someone waved an Italian Riccotta Cannolli or a cheesesteak hoagie before me any day of the week that is going to take some will power. Report
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