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Poll: Are You Embarrassed about Using Coupons?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A recent survey from the company ICOM Information and Communications finds that more than one in five consumers (22%) are embarrassed to use coupons at the grocery store. But could tough economic times change some of those attitudes? Nearly 57% of the respondents who said they were self-conscious about redeeming coupons also said that within the last 6 months, they no longer care as long as they are saving money.

Of consumers age 35 and younger, 26% said that they have fewer inhibitions about coupon usage than they did last year. Nearly 20% in this demographic said they used to be self-conscious but are no longer because of the economic benefit of clipping and redeeming coupons.

Whether or not times are tough, I'm a coupon clipper. I love getting the Sunday paper and flipping through the ads to find deals on the foods I frequently purchase. I have a little coupon box to organize them. When I get to the checkout line and they ask "Do you have any coupons?" I'm always excited to say "Yes, I do!" I'm never embarrassed to use them. In fact, I feel like it's almost throwing money away not to, which is why the results of this survey were pretty surprising to me.

How do you feel? Have you ever been embarrassed to use coupons? Why or why not?

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What's to be embarrassed about? I brag about my great deals and love having a stockpile. It gives me peace of mind to know that my family is provided for. Report
In these tough times, I a really fond of coupons. There is nothing embarrassing about using them. Visit Report
Ha ha ha, I am more embarrassed to pay full price :-) Report
I love coupons ! I add up the money I save using them and put that towards my vacation fund ! Disney - here we come !! Report
I love using coupons! It's a thrill knowing I got a savings! I use them at fast food places, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, it doesn't matter. It's interesting how some people feel like it cheapens them. Fine! Give them to me, I'll use em'! Report
I love using coupons! I also check online for promo codes when I buy things online- sometimes you can find free shipping or a few dollars off- love that! Report
Anyone ashamed of saving money is a complete idiot. My problem is I forget to use them so they have to be front & center when shopping. Other than that aint no shame in keeping money in your pocket. I find being on welfare more embarrassing which I was there once & did not like it. Bring on the coupons no shame in that game. Report
Oh goodness, no! I even scout online for coupons. I get a thrill from saving money and finding deals. Report
I'm not embarassed to use coupons. They have been a help in purchasing the somewhat expensive healthier food items. Report
My attitude about coupons is that companies would not issue them if they did not want us to use them. I'm not embarassed to use coupons at a restaurant, at the grocery store or anywhere! Report
No. I'm ebarrassed when I don't use them. When the checker asks, I feel like I'm missing out on something. Report
I use coupons all the time. My family was even going to get me a t-shirt with a UPC code on it and the phrase "Yes, I have a coupon for that!", since I'm always coming up with coupons for them when they want to buy something or are going to a restaurant.
Got over $100 of groceries once for under $1 once when they were doubling coupons in my area. And when I'm in the checkout lane and have a coupon for an item the person ahead of me is buying, I always give it to them and they are grateful. Makes me feel good as well. Report
I second the "heck no, I'm not embarassed to use coupons!" My husband even made me a coupon database to make finding my coupons easier while shopping:). Report
I have always used coupons and have gotten pretty savvy over the years. Never too embarrassed to save money. I save money wherever I can for my family. We save on everything from food to vacations, family fun nights to gifts. It's so many ways to save. I love deals. Report
I am NEVER embarrassed to save money. Report
HECK NO!!! It is the best game ever! At the checkout it is like being in Vegas! Report
Embarrassed? I BRAG about using coupons. They are a brilliant way to save money! There have been days when coupled with items I buy on sale that I have saved $70 at the grocery store! That is great when every penny counts! Report
No way am I embarrassed to use coupons. However, as another reader mentioned, most of them are for such heavily processed foods that there's little utility to them.

If I have a coupon for something I know I use and need, great. I won't use a coupon to save .20 on something I wouldn't normally buy. Nor do I think it's worth the time and clutter to clip or collect coupons for products I don't use. Report
I don't think I have met anyone who would be embarassed to use coupons, and I wouldn't be either. I don't use many however, beause the ones I come across are mainly for processed foods I don't use. I have used a few of costco's lately for vitamins and that sort of thing. I have yet to see a coupon for fresh produce, regular fish or meat ( as oppsed to frozen breaded fish sticks), dried beans or any whole grain products, so I mostly rely on grocery chain sales. Report
no, but I do wish that I could be as good at using them as the people on that show! Report
NO, I'm not in the least embarrassed to use coupons. I 've been using coupons for over 40 years. I'm also NOT EMBARRASSED to buy day old bread, fruits or vegetables.

Although, my children are now adults, I would purposefully purchase day old bakery goods -- once they've been placed in the refrigerator NO ONE COULD TELL THE DIFFERENCE.

It's my firm belief that as a consumer YOU HAVE TO USE EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE to save irregardless of a good economy or a bad economy.

One tip I would like to suggest to those of you who are interested. Buy a Round Steak (that is lean) and have your butcher grind it for you .. that way you have selected the product and know how much fat there is .. also purchase a WHOLE BODY chicken and save yourself some money by cutting it up yourself .. these are things I still do today. Report
Companies print and authorize so many of a particular coupon. Think about those coupon printers you have to install to print them. The companies control the numbers of coupons they make available so they will not lose money by your use of a coupon. I used to think the coupons hurt companies. People are employed by companies so business is important.

I don't feel embarrassed using coupons. I actually picked up a pre made coupon binder at my local hobby store for $11. all I had to do was add dividers which I got off of Krazy Koupon Lady's web site.

Sure it takes a few hours on a Sunday when I clip the coupons and get them into the binder. And Krazy Koupon Lady has a daily email i subscribe to which shows the different great price scenarios. You really can save some money couponing. I admit that I don't do the stock ups like some do. I really can't use 10 containers of laundry detergent in a year. I do use some of my coupling to help with my Soldiers Angel adoptee shipments. There have been gobs of razor, soap and oral care deals and coupons. Mix a special sale with a coupon and talk about save!

I'm not embarrassed. Look at it this way. It leaves you with more money in your pocket either because you need tonuse it elsewhere or you can save it or spend it the way you want to. Regardless of your economic situation, coupons are a great way to stretch your dollar! Report
I'm not embarassed, just not organized enough to use them. I know that sounds like a cop out, and I have tried, but I can't seem to keep organized and it takes way to long to save, organize and then use them before they expire. I just don't have that kind of time. Report
I'm a proud couponer! I'm that dork that reads the coupon policy for each store I shop in and recently won an argument with a Wal-Mart cashier who said I couldn't use a target coupon. Report
I love coupons! I'm not at all embarrassed to use them for anything - food, clothing, entertainment (when I can find those types). I love to challenge myself to see how much money I can save at the checkout. And clipping them is half the fun. I even clip coupons from a on-line coupon long as it's something we use in the home. Report
I use coupons all the time. I like to save money. Why be embarrassed . thats just being a smart shopper.. Report
I LOVE coupons for anything. Food, clothing, entertainment, resturants, office spplies etc.
Unfortunately, with food shopping there are for so many coupons for things that I do not use. Also, there are many times that I do not want 2 items to use the coupon. So I do not clip many coupons to grocery shop Report
I do when the person behind me starts "rolling their eyes" because they had to wait 4 the Cashier to verify some of the purchases. Report
I don't use coupons as often as I would like. Internet coupons are more readily available to me but I've found that many local businesses frown upon internet coupons. There's one store in my area that won't even accept them. Report
I'm not embarassed to use coupons. they are like extra money in my pocket. It helps get the price down on the over priced things. Report
I love coupons! I also love refunds! The more we save, the more we have to spend on things that are fun! We also recycle our cans and bottles and set that money aside to spend on a little extra fun! Report
I use coupons as much as I can. I love watching my total drop. My family is often shocked by my huge receipt, but after they see that I've saved, they are even more shocked. The most I saved with coupons is almost 75 dollars. I figure if coupons weren't meant to be used they wouldn't make them.
A great way to get coupons is to write a letter or go online and compliment the product. I've got some free item coupons this way. Report
I have only recently started using coupons. I love the savings that I get. My problem is that I always forget to bring them with me half the time or the coupons expire before I get around to using them. I looking forward to the new TLC show on extreme couponing; I am hoping to pick up some tips. Report
I also carry my coupon binder with me. You never know when something will be a great deal then pair with a coupon and get an even better deal. I don't use coupons at just the grocery store, but walmart, target, CVS, walgreens, rite aid all take coupons. Report
I am not embarrassed about using coupons as I count them like money. My grocery store doubles any coupons $.50 or lss so that's $1.00 and so on. When my receipt shows me how much I've saved, whoo, hoo! Report
My coupons are always with me! Even if I am just grabbing some milk, sometimes I see something on a really good sale and with my coupon it makes it free! I love this site, it helps me use my coupons better and it taught me how to use coupons to their full extent! / also she has a book that taught me soo much! I would recommend her book to anyone! Go coupons! Report
Not at all afraid nor embarassed. Coupons find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time; basically at home when I'm at the store. Report
I am a coupon queen and feel absolutely no shame in using coupons to buy groceries. It enables me to buy twice as much as I would normally and use the money I save to buy more of the good stuff like produce & meats that rarely go on sale & never have a coupon. I also love buying name brand products with coupons and get them for less than I would get the generic! Report
Why should I be embarrassed to use coupons? I use them at lot. Just yesterday I was at my favorite wine store and had forgotten my coupons. So I went to the customer service desk and asked for the coupons--that saved me a whopping $31.00!!
There are cool websites too, that give you $$$ off for just about everything on the market--but beware, still comparison shop--just because there's a coupon doesn't mean it's a good deal. Here are some websites that give you rewards and/or coupons for shopping: (cash back), (earn points for reward/gift cards) and (coupons for just about everything under the sun). The only thing I don't like about a lot of the coupons when it comes to foods is that they are quite often for $$$ off the most unhealthful and processed stuff on the market. Report
I use coupons as much as possible. In today's economy every little bit helps when it comes to living on a budget!! Report
Not only am I not embarrassed about using coupons, but I'm that person with the super-organized coupon binder who matches coupons and sales to maximize my savings. I get stopped nearly every time I shop by shoppers who want to know how much I save! (The answer, by the way, is hundreds over the course of the year!!) Report
Never.. I use them every chance I get! Report
Using coupons is the only way to shop, whether on online or in stores. Its the only way to go. Report
The only time I'm ever embarrassed to use a coupon is when I discover that I could have saved more money buying a different brand. I bring a calculator shopping with me, write everything down, and add up about halfway through to make sure I'm on budget. Report
I am not nor have I ever been embarrassed to use a coupon.

I not however an aggressive coupon user, either, because I discovered that the money I saved wasn't worth the time it took go through the ads, cut out coupons, organize them, etc. And we no longer have a local print newspaper--it went on line--so I don't have access to those coupons anymore anyway. So I use them when I have them, but I don't spend a lot of time looking for them; instead we tend to save money mostly through sales. Report
I'm more embarrassed when i realized i MISSED the opportunity to either use a coupon, take advantage of a sale- or God forbid...both! Report
I'm not embarrassed to use coupons, but I don't get a paper and rarely find any. Sometimes I use the coupons that they give you with the receipt at the grocery store, but more often than not I forget to use the coupons companies give me if I give them product feedback, or complain. I wish I had more coupons to use!

Jocelyn Report
Have no problem using coupons, the only problem is that I forget sometimes or they are at home if I just stop in to pick something up. Report
Why in the world would someone be embarrassed to use a coupon?? Can I afford my groceries without them? Yes. But anything I save is just money I can put somewhere else. It's about choosing how to use your money, and I choose to use only what I really have to at the grocery. Report
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