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Poll: Are You a Microwave or a Crock Pot?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You may be surprised but this question doesn't involve cooking at all, even though it mentions two of our most commonly used kitchen appliances.

So why would I ask such a crazy question?

A few days ago I was driving home from having a lunch date with my husband when I came across a radio talk show led by one of the country's premier financial experts known for helping individuals and families become debt free. The host started his monologue explaining his program and how important it is for us to keep focused on our goals. However, there was something he mentioned that caught my attention and that was when he asked, "Do you want to be a microwave or a crock pot in achieving your financial goals?"

His reference was how we approach life. Do we approach life expecting instant results or do we approach life knowing that change takes time and with that change we are transformed into the person we are meant to be.

As usual this got me thinking because the same can be true in how we approach our healthy living journey. How many of us go through this journey wanting those quick fixes? How many of us just want to zap ourselves to being the weight we feel we need to be without having to go through the steps to reach our goals? We start on a journey to lose weight full of hope, but when we don't get the result we expect in a certain time frame then we want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Much like a microwave can cook a meal in no-time flat, same is true for many of us when it comes to this journey of reclaiming our health. Trust me, that is how I lived my life for many, many years. I was either on a diet or off a diet and my habits showed it as well. I could be overly disciplined to the point that it became like an obsession where every calorie consumed and expended was counted. The minute I was over my calorie allotment for the day I deemed myself a failure. If I couldn't make it to the gym or out for my hour walk I was a failure. "Why bother" became my attitude.

I may not have known it at the time when I began my final journey five years ago, but I was preparing myself to be a crock pot. I allowed myself to simmer over many, many months, as I spent hours educating myself on the process of losing weight and gaining fitness the healthy way.

Still to this day, every now and then I need to open the lid and stir things up, but I am a staying the course. It doesn't mean it's been easy, nor does it remain so. As with everything else in life, if we stay focused on our goals it's only a matter of time before we reach them and then we are ready to make new ones.

Do you see yourself as a microwave or a crock pot? Have you been one and evolved into the other?

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I am a crock pot. I have lost my scalemania a long time ago. slow and steady. I focus on fitness and overall health and the weight will eventually follow. crockpot meals turn out better than microwave meals everytime! Report
Like Honeydripper!! A micro crock! Love that article...just reading about changing my lifestyle for life....donna Report
I am a crock pot--I sit and stew and think about things. I want instant gratification--but I am not willing to do what it takes to get it. So... I joined Spark People in January. I bought "The Spark" in April. And now, finally, I am starting to visit the online resources regularly and log a couple of successes. And I have resumed reading my book. And I joined a thread with a short term goal--and put it on paper to map my progress--not just assume I can't do it.

Yes, definitely a crockpot. Report
I live as a crock pot; I smell the roses, I wait for rainbows, I wish upon stars. But when it comes to body image - I am a microwave. Darn. I have been working here at SP the last 3 weeks and am frustrated at the tummy still stubbornly not melding into the way I remember it in my 20s & 30s. This blog a great reminder that patience and determination (and, shucks, hard work) will pay off. Thank you. Report
LOL...before even reading the article, I answered that I am a crockpot. I rush through nothing! Report
Like the tortoise, I've learned that slow and steady is the way to reach my goal. Don't get me wrong, I still check that scale a few times a week for any progress but I'm not expecting instant results. Count me in the crockpot people -- well, maybe crackpot sometime! Report
I'm a micro crock. Still evolving. Report
I am a crockpot most often, as I realize that patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait; but this doesn't mean that I become inpatient at times, because I do. When it comes to losing weight, saving money, and making progress, each day is a step in the right direction toward meeting your goals; but I become a microwave when focusing on the goal itself and wanting to 'BE THERE". Report
crockpot slow and steady! Report
I'm more of a crock pot now. Even though I wish my body would lose weight faster, I have accepted the fact that it won't lose much more than half a kilo a week, since it has gotten used to the Spark diet. It's a little annoying coz I'm sure I'm burning enough calories for a full kilo of weight loss, but I know this slow steady pace is much better and healthier than it fluctuating wildly. I know slower is also better, because statistically speaking I now have a greater chance of keeping that weight off! XD


I cook a lot of quick meals, but I make sure they're healthy ones and they're not frozen dinners!! Just because a meal is cooked in a slow cooker doesn't automatically make it healthy.
I love this analogy! Building to be a crockpot is definitely a goal we all can aspire to! Report
I'd like to be a crock pot but fear I am more like a microwave. I do expect quick results and do get discouraged when they never happen (it truly does get harder to lose weight as you get older, or it does in my life anyway).

I'm more of a crockpot. I don't like cooking food in the microwave unless I'm warming up leftovers. Report
The fact that I pretty much exclusively use a microwave for cooking, must say something, but for most things I do like gardening, getting in shape, and saving for retirement slow and steady work best. Report
I am absolutely a crock pot. I have lost the majority of the lbs that now has my BNI in the "normal" range, but now I'm enjoying life AND the occasional sweet treat, and the occasional day off exercise. I'll get to my goal weight eventually, but I don't feel so urgent to do it RIGHT NOW :-)
I once was a microwave, now I am a crockpot! One or two pounds a week, easier than starving and in pain from overdoing. The Spark is the best! I can live like a crockpot for the rest of my life! Report
Crock pot, slow but sure. Report
I am a Microwave. BUT, I want to become a crockpot soon. I want the weight off with good health forever. Report
I am a recovering pressure cooker turned microwavable crockpot. Hopefully I will make it to full-fledged crock pot one day. The process is quite painful on occasion. Report
Crockpot with occaisional microwave lapses! Report
Not a microwave Report
Great Analogy...This Crock pot process is encouraging and really started me thinking. Report
What a wonderful article. I am proud to say I am a crockpot. And I feel much better for it. Report
Oh my gosh. i'm a microwave without a doubt. I should be a crock pot though because sometimes when it takes a little longer, it's a lot softer, lol! Report
Mostly a crock pot. Learning patience and consistency. I'm getting there. Report
I am a microwave. I need to learn to become a crockpopt. Slow and steady wins the race. Report
I am a microwave learning how to be a crockpot Report
I am most definitely a microwave!! Report
I used to be a microwave when I was younger - it seemed that the few times I needed to lose weight that I could almost "think" it off. Now I'm a crockpot - after all, "slow and steady wins the race". Report
This is perfect for me today! I just started on my journey and needed this kind of motivation today. It's not fair to myself to expect drastic results -- it took years of bad habits to get here. I will remind myself to be a the crockpot. :) Report
Neither. I'm a crackpot. LOL
It's funny reading the comments & seeing who didn't read the blog. Why comment if you didn't read the blog???

I'll take the analogy on further... I don't like the taste of frozen microwave entrees, but I like the convenience. I love the taste of crockpot food (have left-over salsa chicken in the fridge as we speak) & in some cases it's just as convenient - you only need to plan a little further in advance.

That said, I've always been one to want instant results w/o the work. When I took piano lessons a couple yrs ago, I wanted to sit down & play, but I didn't want to practice. Now that I'm looking for a job, I'm just expecting the phone to ring & somebody from out of the blue offer me a job, w/o having to do any leg work of my own. It doesn't work that way.

Thing is, there isn't much work involved in using a crock pot. And when you get down to it, there isn't a whole lot of work involved in accomplishing your goals. But there is some work. But not a lot. And a lot of the time, it's pretty fun.

On this day when I've been considering just throwing in the towel for a while, I wanna thank SP for posting this on fb again, & I wanna thank my dear friend Nancy for that gentle & unknowing kick in the rear.

A little bit of effort. That's all it takes.
Thanks, Nancy!
♥ ♥ ♥
sorry, microwave.. Im sure it'll change, im growing as a woman, learning new things (-: Report
Truth is that I use to be a microwave with my other diets. This time I am working on being a crockpot. I'm making small changes in my life and trying to stay focus on that. It's not easy because of course I want to see that scale number go down, but this time I'm not looking for the biggest loser numbers. I'm looking for small number that will add up to larger numbers in the end. Taken it one day at a time.... Report
I'm a microwave... who wants to be a crockpot. Seriously. I know I need to wait for it to happen... but sometimes when I get into "crockpot mentatlity" I wonder if I'm unplugged, because I don't seem to be going anywhere, and let's face it- seeing results is motivating. Not seeing, or even feeling results- is not, no matter how much change may be occuring. Report
I am neither. I have a crock pot, and have used it once or twice in five years. I use my microwave to heat coffee, or make popcorn. I am a stove, lol. Report
I love crockpot cooking, but I'm not a fan of leaving a heating appliance unattended all day long. If I'm home, its great - other than the aroma permeates the house and makes me hungry. But I just can't get over my fears of returning from work to find my home burned down from a faulty appliance. Report
I love being a crockpot! put it up before i go to bed , and wa la dinner for the next day Report
Love the crockpot. I use it every chance I get to preprare meals that I know I will be able to take to work for lunch. Report
I LOVE MY CROCKPOT! It saves time and the food tastes sooo good. I especially love it in the summer since it keeps the heat out of the kitchen. Report
I am a microwave learning to be a crockpot. Report
Right now I'm a microwave, but I aspire to be a crock pot. Mom and Dad would be so proud! ; ) Report
I'm a microwave. Report
I love the crock pot, but you can only use it for just so many things. I use the microwave for heating up leftovers and baking a potato, oh yes and popcorn. Report
im one of the really old crockpots, that u have to crank Report
Thanks, I am having a hard time and this is just what I needed. Report
Lately it feels like I'm a microwave, a crockpot, an oven and a stovetop with something cooking on all four burners. Part of me wants a quick fix, but I know it isn't healthy or realistic to expect that. I have a lot of real-life things going on right now that are distracting my focus on my nutrition and fitness goals, so I'm feeling a little bit like my efforts are all over the place, but nothing much is being accomplished.

I am trying really hard to remind myself that while I'm not releasing the excess pounds like I want to, at least I have stopped the upward out-of-control spiral of weight gain that has plagued me for years.

I guess I need to be thankful for the slow simmer that has brought me down 35 pounds from where I started and quit wishing I could zap off the 50 or so that seems so stuck on me. Report
When I was a teen I was a microwave, but as I got older more and more of my crockpot tendances became clearer.
now I watch my kids doing the same
A too slow crockpot ... that needs to be zapped occasionally to get moving. Report
I have just started listening to the talk show host mentioned in the blog. I have decided to become a crock pot for both financial and healthy lifestyle. I have tried and failed using the microwave for so long I realize there really is no choice if I want to be successful! Report
I am a crock pot - slow & steady! Report
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