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I'm running the Flying Pig Marathon this Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it. I've trained hard for the past four months and tried to develop a new attitude about running. This time I'm doing the race for the fun of it, not to try and prove anything to myself or others. There's just one small thing about it that I'm not so excited about: the weather. The forecast calls for a low of 56 degrees (which would ideally be the high temperature), a high of 74 degrees and a 70% chance of thunderstorms. I've done training runs in the rain, but I've never done a distance race in these kinds of conditions. Although I won't be one of them, I know at least a few people registered for the race won't show up if conditions are less than ideal. Would you be one of those people?

My friends think I'm crazy because I'll go for a walk or run in the rain (or snow). I could easily do my runs on the treadmill while staying dry and comfortable. But there's something about exercising outside that makes me look forward to it, regardless of the conditions. Although the race forecast is in the back of my mind, I'm trying not to focus on it. "The weather is what it is. You can't change it, so why worry about it?" said my running coach. I think that's good advice.

The most important thing is to dress properly. If you're going for a walk and it's raining, try wearing a water-proof or water-resistant jacket and a hat to keep the water out of your face. It's a good idea to get used to exercising outside in all conditions if you can- wet, dry, hot or cold. That way you have less of an excuse to stay inside on the couch when Mother Nature doesn't fully cooperate with your plans. My plan for Sunday is to have my family carry extra socks in case I want to change them. But other than that, I'll just try to treat this race like any other training run. As long as conditions are safe, you'll find me out there.

Would you skip a workout just because it's raining? Would you move your workout inside? Or (assuming conditions are safe), would you brave the elements?

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  • 160
    I admit to being a fair weather exerciser. I love to walk and hike outdoors, but when it's rainy or very cold, I stay indoors. That might change, but that's how it is right now. - 5/3/2011   7:26:40 AM
  • 159
    I am a fair weather exerciser and nature person. A little sprinkles no big deal. Torrential rain, not for me. I wouldn't say I would let it ruin my exercise for I would find something to do inside. For example, spark videos, the numerous exercise videos I own, the wii, or the bowflex. I don't see me becoming a hard core exerciser outside but maybe one day when I get back into running again. - 1/20/2011   8:26:20 AM
  • 158
    Well, I've run when it was 20 below zero--but you have to dress for it--- - 7/4/2010   7:50:09 PM
    I hate to admit it-but Oh Yeah! - 7/4/2010   6:57:26 AM
  • 156
    In my hometown the summer months are short and not always fair. Currently, snow has been falling regularly this May. Because of this, people around here have no choice but to brave the elements. I will see joggers in the dead of winter, in negative degree temperature. Very few people in Steamboat are fair weather exercisers. :-) - 5/9/2010   11:27:09 PM
    I rather walk in the cool weather. I walked a few days ago in 65 degree weather and it was actually too warm! Lightning, super strong winds and temps below 15 degrees are the only things that keep me indoors. - 5/5/2010   11:29:33 AM
  • 154
    I would consider myself a fair weather exerciser. I only walk for exercise if the temperature outside is below 80. If I have to go somewhere then since I ride the bus then I will take a raincoat and go anyway. - 5/5/2010   12:20:19 AM
  • 153
    I would move my regular workout indoors because of poor weather. Keep in mind, I live in Wyoming; it snowed just yesterday and has sub-zero temps for many months of the year. However, if I had planned (and paid) to run a half, I would run it, regardless. That's a big committment! Good for you! And good luck! - 5/4/2010   10:43:06 PM
  • 152
    70 some people are killed by lightening each year, so I'd not go out in the rain, but stay inside and do "Walk away the pounds." - 5/4/2010   5:23:54 PM
  • 151
    I've made a commitment to myself everyday to become fit and healthy, and I am sticking with it, no matter the weather. Contrary to what I think about myself I am not a "delicate flower" and I will not "melt in the rain" :) The only thing that keeps me from my schedule exercise is dangerous weather. Rain, wind and even light snow...you will find me out there walking if I can't run. - 5/4/2010   11:11:29 AM
  • 150
    If I commited to a marathon, I'd definitely show up no matter what the weather, but for my regular workouts, rain...snow...you'll find me working out inside! - 5/4/2010   10:24:24 AM
    Like Wescobar I'm out there in most weather. The only time I really don't go outside to exercise is when there is the threat or actual existence of lightning and when there are blizzard conditions. I wear glasses so the rain and snow on my glasses makes it hard to see and thus dangerous. I think it is one of the great things about being a runner, you can run just about anywhere. - 5/4/2010   10:03:20 AM
  • 148
    I tend not to workout outside if it is raining and cold......plus we get a lot of snow up here in maine....but I just recieved a stationary bike so I am going to use that when I have to come inside - 5/4/2010   9:20:18 AM
  • 147
    I have done a runs on a path that has been cleared of snow but slipped at least once. I also did one run when it was snowing. In both instances I don't think I would have done it without my running partner. I'm grateful for the committement that having a running partner has made for me. I'm in agreement with some of the other comments here - If there is a race I'm signed up for I'll make sure I train even with weather conditions. But I have to admit if I'm excercising by myself or not committed to a race I have been known to skip it or move it indoors if it is raining. - 5/4/2010   8:50:08 AM
  • 146
    I wont be caught running in the rain, snow or hot sun. My aim is to burn calories, running is only a means to an ends. I can burn calories in the gym. - 5/3/2010   10:24:43 PM
  • 145
    I would rather exercise outside unless it's really bad. - 5/3/2010   8:57:02 PM
  • 144
    I'm guilty of only exercising outside if it's nice weather but I have a bunch of great gym equipment I can use now indoors if it isn't nice so I'm fine with that option. - 5/3/2010   8:48:13 PM
  • 143
    I go out and exercise in all weather. I'm more consistent during poor weather. If its not raining, I should be out exercising. - 5/3/2010   4:01:48 PM
    I am definitely a fair weather exerciser. I even stopped exercising from november to April because of the cold. I am the only one working and cannot afford to get pneumonia.
    - 5/3/2010   3:45:41 PM
  • 141
    I'm definitely not a fair weather exerciser. I've run through wind, rain, snow, icy, heat, humidity, you name it. I've been out there when its 4 degrees and when it's 80. It is just something I do every day to make myself feel good. I love running in the cold...the heat not so much. - 5/3/2010   3:16:15 PM
  • 140
    One of the most fun 10k races I did was on a boiling hot summer evening. I was very tempted to not show up, especially since I also had a bit of a knee injury. But in the end we had extra water stations (and I carried the bottle with me so I could periodically douse myself with water in my face and back of my neck)... and there was a great atmosphere of solidarity and friendliness, of 'we're all in this together'. I found this to be true of races in rainy and muddy weather too. But I have to admit if I were feeling really unwell, coming down with a cold, and it's pouring with rain or icy cold outside, then I try to find an alternative work-out and leave the outdoors run for another day. - 5/3/2010   2:54:46 PM
    I am absolutely a fair weather exerciser. I am fortunate enough to have a bike and a treadmill in the basement, as well as weights and an exercise mat. I exercise nearly every day - outside when the weather is right, or inside if it will be more comfortable. - 5/3/2010   1:19:55 PM
  • 138
    Last summer here in Houston was unusually hot and I really don't like running in hot, humid weather, so I didn't run as much as in past summers. Hopefully, that won't be the case this summer. Ideally, for me running in 50s and 60s is perfect. - 5/3/2010   11:52:14 AM
  • 137
    Bad weather=Indoors for me!! Pretty funny reading this today. I signed up for a 5k yesterday and said I am not running if it rains:-) I will go to the gym instead! - 5/3/2010   10:55:04 AM
  • 136
    Great post! but honestly!! i have never walked in the rain... - 5/3/2010   10:46:16 AM
  • 135
    I ran a 10k last Saturday (4/24) and the forecast was chilly (upper 40s) and rainy. I was tempted to back out and not go but when I started running, all that went away and I think I enjoyed the run in the rain more than the training runs on the treadmill. I was wet and filthy at the end of it, but was exhilarated from the the fun of it all! - 5/3/2010   10:12:54 AM
  • 134
    I just ran my first 10K in the pouring rain. I'll admit I wanted to skip but I trained so hard for it and I didn't want all that training to be for nothing. I had never trained in the rain so it was tough, I didn't have on the right clothes, I was wringing water out of my shirt, I didn't have a hat and my Ipod speakers shorted out. I had never run without music either! I finished in 1 hr 2 min and it felt so great, I'm so glad I did it even though I was freezing after it was over! It was only 50 degrees and the rain felt so cold but the feeling of accomplishment has lasted for weeks. Not to mention it is a great story to tell. - 5/3/2010   9:14:03 AM
  • 133
    Lightening would scare me too. I don't exercise in bad weather at all. - 5/3/2010   8:19:51 AM
  • 132
    I will walk in any type of weather it can be really beautiful out there in the different seasons I love it when it is snowing. - 5/3/2010   8:09:05 AM
  • 131
    I'll still exercise if it's cool or cold, but not if it's too hot or lightning. I love thunderstorms and would find that more appealing, but once lightning comes, I'm outta there! LOL - 5/3/2010   4:04:51 AM
  • 130
    fair weather ... no need to prove anything or get injured... - 5/3/2010   1:01:12 AM
    I confess, I am a fair weather exerciser. I'm afraid of falling on ice and snow in winter and having difficulty getting up. But I do exercise indoors then. Rain doesn't interfere with exercising; I just put on my raincoat and keep on moving - 5/2/2010   11:15:12 PM
  • 128
    I don't care for the heat, it exhausts me...I do go out in any weather though, I just pick times early in the morning or later in the day....or both. - 5/2/2010   10:32:11 PM
  • 127
    Just got back from a 10 minute cross country with my faithful pooch. She loved it and it was very peaceful. I used an umbrella and my duck shoes and was quite comfortable. I even worked up a sweat. - 5/2/2010   8:08:38 PM
  • 126
    I have to admit tht I must be a fair weather exerciser. I have a variety of choices so if the weather turns bad, I just choose something else in place of my outdoor activity. - 5/2/2010   8:07:43 PM
    I exercise every day, rain or shine - 5/2/2010   7:13:36 PM
  • 124
    No way would I skip my daily 2 mile walk just because the weather's bad! I just finished fighting gale-force winds today & probably put in more effort walking into the wind than I usually get, but it was invigorating & I feel much better than if I'd skipped it & walked round & round the house to make up the steps. - 5/2/2010   6:04:12 PM
  • 123
    I am a fair weather exerciser who lives in Florida. I do most of my Mon-Fri exercise before work. I do most of my exercise with video's. I do try to walk one morning. If it's too cold in the winter or too hot the rest of the year, I just do another day of video's.
    My Saturday "exersise" are done with others. I do hiking, kayaking, or biking. I am less of a fair weather person for those events. It depends on how severe the weather as to wether or not I cancel.
    I also try to walk atleast one day during lunch. One thing that has stopped me is the pollen season. When my alergies kick up, the excema on my face blossoms. This year, the green tree pollen season has been worse than normal. However, I have finally come to a point where I am tired of letting that limit me. I have decided to enjoy the outside whenever I can no matter what the allergy season is. - 5/2/2010   5:52:59 PM
  • 122
    I am a fair weather exerciser. I will not walk in the rain, snow or ice. - 5/2/2010   5:05:41 PM
  • 121
    I walk in the rain and snow. I enjoy it if I am really working hard, it cools me off! I absolutely love walking in the snow and so does my dog. Actually I prefer xc skiing .My dog, Buddy hates the rain and I have to drag him out sometimes. but once he is out, he enjoys it! - 5/2/2010   2:11:43 PM
    Good point.
    I live in Alaska and if I waited for ideal conditions, I would only get to run out doors 3-4 days a year!
    I actually like running in drizzle because is cools you and you don't overheat... a problem with a long race! - 5/2/2010   2:10:07 PM
  • 119
    I live in the Pacific North West where it rains constantly during the winter. I will exercise outside in a slight drizzle, but I take it inside when it is a complete downpour. - 5/2/2010   1:13:00 PM
  • 118
    There was a time when I would totally NOT work out if the weather was inclement...meaning I would hit the snooze on the alarm and roll back over and go back to sleep. I mostly work out in a gym...so why let the weather dictate my work out...it was just an excuse.

    In the last year I have started doing some 5ks and introducing myself to outdoor cardio...I actually enjoy it and seem to push myself more...and the cool thing...I haven't let the weather deter me.

    In January I did a 5k in sleet and rain in freezing temps...and 6 layers of clothing. And more recently, I went for a jog to our local soccer fields (almost 3.5 miles) to watch my BFFs son play a game...and I did it in rain...I was soaked to the core but exhilarated that I didn't give in to the temptation to just drive down to the field...

    My point is that when I push myself out of my comfort zone there is a sense of accomplishment and victory that NO ONE can take away from me...the only person that has the control to take it away from me is ME...if I make the excuse and don't push myself to do it then I rob myself of the victory. - 5/2/2010   1:08:13 PM
  • 117
    I walk twice a day every day - my dog doesn't care what the weather is like she wants her walks. I have all the wet weather gear, and clothes for the cold and I think rain is good for the complexion! Don't have to worry too much about the heat in England! - 5/2/2010   12:38:09 PM
  • 116
    I have a serious heart condition and frigid weather can cause me to have frotsbite very easily. Even though I live in Texas cold conditions can be downright dangerous, so I try to exercise outside when I can, but I wont get myself hurt over it. I can see for most people though this is not a problem, and I kind of wish I could go out no matter what. - 5/2/2010   12:27:50 PM
    I have made running in what some would say is inclement weather an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a different way fro when it is sunny and warm. I found that how one frames the situation can make it pleasurable regardless of the weather conditions. - 5/2/2010   11:33:40 AM
  • 114
    I confess. I am a fair weather exerciser in some respects. I will play soccer no matter what, although I don't like wet slippery fields. Otherwise if it's raining I will take my exercise inside to the gym. After reading this article I might be more inclined to try walking in the rain. - 5/2/2010   11:26:53 AM
  • 113
    I have gone on my daily walks in a downpour of rain, just kept going. I did however learn that there are some nice people out there, I got offers for a ride home, they thought I got caught in the rain. Nope, no thanks, just out for my walk. - 5/2/2010   11:06:56 AM
    I work out 6 times per week (no matter what) and I travel a lot, so sometimes I don't have a back up plan to work out inside. If I can work out inside when it's not so nice outside, I do. If I can't... I work out outside.
    I've done races under the rain, I've eve run a 10 miler with fever! and that was my best personal time!
    I feel horrible if I don't work out. I just LOVE working out! - 5/2/2010   10:53:08 AM
  • 111
    I would work out outside as long as the temperature isn't below freezing. In the summer, I have to walk early since it gets in the 100s in Arizona. - 5/2/2010   10:09:47 AM

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