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Every month, SparkPeople employees take on a new challenge as part of our worksite wellness program. In the past, we've been challenged to exercise outdoors, meet our daily quota for calcium, and do an extra core workout each week. For October, our challenge is to drink no more than five servings of soda (diet or regular) each week.

We do this challenge every year, and I kind of love it. Not because I have a serious soda habit that I need to kick, but because I don't have anything that even resembles a soda habit. I get to coast by without doing anything extra—score! Why? I hate soda. Always have, actually. It's never something that I crave. I never want to drink it ever, and for that I am grateful! I know countless people who can't seem to kick their daily soda habit. Those extra calories can really add up and affect your weight. Even if you're choosing diet, you can still overdo it. Most nutrition experts recommend no more than two servings of these artificially sweetened drinks per day, although a lot of people exceed that recommendation.

This led me to wonder: Are there any "junk" foods that simply do not tempt you?

In addition to my distaste for soda, I've never liked potato chips (or most chips in general). The smell of movie theatre popcorn is a big turnoff for me (I don't like buttery popcorn) or salty foods. I realize that this is a fortunate position to be in, but don't get me wrong. I am not without my junk food vices! I love sweet, sugary junk foods: ice cream, Twizzlers, candy, you name it. I have a hard time turning down most sweets, but I try to only enjoy them only in moderation. I do like dark chocolate, and even the occasional piece of milk chocolate candy, but chocolate isn't a big temptation for me. I can take it or leave it. And although super butter popcorn isn't my thing, I really dig kettle corn and air-popped popcorn.

When you're trying to eat healthier, it can be tough to go from eating your favorite junk foods regularly to just occasionally. To keep them out of your shopping cart at the store, or off your plate at a party takes dedication—and will power! We all face these temptations, and yes, it can be challenging to always do the "right" thing: say no, enjoy just a small taste, and not go overboard. But when I am faced with my biggest temptations, I try to think about all the other ways that I do succeed, and I appreciate all the things that are NOT tempting to me, like soda or chips. When I appreciate the things I don't like, I remember that I successfully eat healthy a lot of the time, and as difficult as it can be to make the right food choices, it could always be harder!

So how about you? Are you lucky enough to not be tempted by certain junk foods like me? Take the poll below, then tell us more in the comments.

Which of the following junk foods is LEAST tempting for you?

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  • 166
    I hate soda and popcorn. I'm not even into cakes or candy now and if I have ice cream I make sure it's low fat. I can take or leave chocolate- when I do I only have a small amount and that's enough.
    I find my palate has totally changed over the past 3 years on Sparks, I eat far more healthily now! - 10/11/2010   4:29:24 AM
  • 165
    I don't care for soda or movie popcorn either (though I do like plain popcorn). I also can't stand mayonnaise or most other creamy spreads or dressings. Or really rich foods. And I can only handle deep fried things in very small portions. Sweet stuff like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, and candy are my biggest temptations. I crave sweets. I try to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit, but it doesn't always work. - 10/11/2010   12:44:09 AM
  • 164
    I am so proud that I am not tempted by soda anymore. I do drink an occassional diet soda but that is rarely. I used to keep soda in the house. My son doesn't drink as much at home. He may at work since they sell it and he does not have close to any type of weight problem lol Sweets are my worse temptation and that's why I have decided to buy dark chocolate and eat it slow. It works and curves my chocolate craving. It's hard but I can do it. Thanks Coach Nicole. - 10/11/2010   12:06:18 AM
  • 163
    Not a big sweets person either, most sweet things are too sweet for my tastebuds, (I water down apple juice). So not a big deal to pass on pop or sweets. - 10/10/2010   11:56:20 PM
  • 162
    I don't drink soda (regular or diet) and don't care for most junk food, especialy flavored chips/ crisps,etc. I like movie popcorm only once in a blue moon. However, dark chocolate is my downfall, especially at certain times of the month!
    - 10/10/2010   9:00:39 PM
  • 161
    I've never liked soda, folks didn't buy them when we were young so it never became a "thing", I guess. Dislike barbequed meats, wings, etc. Hard non chocolate candy does nada for me. I hate peanut butter too. Pure chocolate, creamy, mousse like, or cake is my biggest thing I need to keep control of, counting calories and allowing the low fat, no sugar added frozen treats into my daily fare is what keeps me going the most. - 10/10/2010   8:54:39 PM
  • 160
    I am fine without soda, popcorn and pretzels and most non-chocolate candy. But chocolate, ice cream and chocolate chip cookies are my downfall. - 10/10/2010   8:39:35 PM
  • 159
    Hard candy does nothing for me, but wave anything chocolate and nutty at me and I'm really tempted. Ice cream is not safe around me either. Just today I bought some sugar and fat-free stuff at WalMart. Haven't tasted that yet, so we'll see if it calls to me! I do have to have my Pepsi One daily...usually around 1-2 pm. I don't drink coffee and the Pepsi is the only caffeine I get all day. I droop in the afternoon without it. Store bought baked goods don't tempt me either but my, oh my, my homemade stuff calls my name. I can only bake when know I am going to give at least the majority of it away.  I have a gallery of ready recipients!
    - 10/10/2010   7:50:58 PM
  • 158
    I have never been tempted by non-chocolate candy, twizzlers, skittles, gummy bears, peppermints, Jolly Ranchers, etc. Simply don''t eat any of them. Same with doritos and that genre. I will eat an occasional potato or pita chip but none of the cheese flavored variety. The smell of Doritos is almost offensive. I once went on a bus trip with a bunch of 8th graders and as we pulled out of the parking lot at 6AM, crunch went the bags of Doritos, for sure not a good breakfast and I was almost gagging!! I rarely drink soda, jokingly telling folks that I only want one when I can't have a beer with my pizza! LOL. We do use Ginger Ale and Coke for medicinal purposes, nothing settles an upset stomach in our house like sipping on either, and Pepsi does not work, go figure. I can't remember the last donut I had. My weakness is cookies. Any kind! I like any kind of popcorn, try to stay away from the movie theatre variety and have an air popper with just a whisper of butter added. I like french fries but they don't like me so limit them to just a taste or two. Ice cream is kind of sporadic. I'll go on a Moose Tracks kick then I'll buy some and it goes bad in the freezer, no rhyme or reason there.
    Did I say I have a weakness for cookies?
    - 10/10/2010   6:31:00 PM
  • 157
    I used to like diet soda back in college. Recently I just haven't bought it much because I just didn't crave it, and the last time I had a diet coke I noticed that it made me a little dizzy. No desire to have one after that. The only exception is that I do occasionally enjoy Fresca. I also don't like Fritos. But I like potato chips, buttered popcorn and some sweets. - 10/10/2010   5:53:38 PM
  • 156
    I have always been a junk food junkie. If it was sweet, I'd eat it with few (if any) exceptions. Since I've been paying more attention to what I eat, I'm not really tempted by much along the line of sweets. Even though I still desire chocolate sometimes, I really can be satisfied with 1/2 of a plain Hershey bar. - 10/10/2010   5:29:36 PM
    I'm kind of like you, Nicole. I don't like sodas; they are way too sweet for my taste--they taste like I'm drinking syrup. I prefer either unsweetened iced tea or water. Nor do I care for chips. Also, I'm not a big fan of hamburgers, although it seems like 1 or 2 times a year, I decide I want a hamburger or cheeseburger. The first few bites taste pretty good, but then I start tasting the grease (I think) and I can only eat 1/2 of a regular-sized burger. My big weaknesses are dark chocolate and ice cream, although I am usually successful in being moderate in eating these and most often use one or the other as a "treat" to myself. - 10/10/2010   3:33:08 PM
  • 154
    I am thankful to have never really developed a sweet tooth. Candy and sweets are just not a huge temptation. I eat dark chocolate now and then, but I can stop at 1 or 2, never feel the need to keep eating. I don't like dairy foods and find ice cream just totally YUCK. It's way too sweet and has just a nasty texture. Does NOT feel good in my mouth. BUT chips and salsa?? Get out of my way !! - 10/10/2010   1:01:11 PM
    That sugary flavored bottled tea--yuck! Also "sports" drinks and "energy" drinks. It's all a ton of sugar and I hate the taste. On very rare occasions I have a soda because I like the tingle of the carbonation. For the bubbles, though, I'd really rather have champagne! - 10/10/2010   12:02:45 PM
  • 152
    I like all of these things, but prefer non-chocolate candy like Twizzlers and fruit snacks unless it's that time of the month. - 10/10/2010   11:47:05 AM
  • 151
    I too was a diet soda drinker, until two years ago when I decided that I needed to give it up. I now drink water all the time. Soda no longer sounds good to me at all. - 10/10/2010   11:45:03 AM
  • 150
    Soda - I used to drink several cans of Mt Dew a day and other sodas at random times but decided to stop four years ago. Now I can't stand the taste of any of them. One day, after switching mostly to water and milk, I also discovered that I had lost the taste for sweet tea.

    I have never been a fan of regular french fries though I do admit to an occasional craving for the thick cut potato wedges. I season mine and bake them in the oven. - 10/10/2010   10:03:30 AM
  • JAX1457
    I'm a a fan of candy, except Apple Jolly Ranchers; but things like Twizzlers...yuck! Used to love Krispy Kreme, but they used to rip my stomach to shreds. Had a Dunkin Donut the other day after not having one in a long time, and it wasn't as good as it used to be. I am discovering that I'm not a fan of artificial sugar, and the sugars in fruits taste so much better to me. - 10/10/2010   8:26:49 AM
  • 148
    I don't like doughnuts or french fries. The doughnuts smell delicious, but they never taste as good as they smell. - 10/10/2010   4:14:03 AM
  • 147
    OK, I'm totally with you on the hate soda thing, but to call chocolate "junk" food - sorry Nicole, I take offense! Dark chocolate has antioxidants, and is usually quite bitter, so you really couldn't go overboard. It really is a must for me at times. But - GREAT topic! - 10/10/2010   3:33:17 AM
  • 146
    While I love nice cold can of Coke, I have limited myself to no more than 3 cans per week, and as I love certain foods that tear up my stomach, and a coke seems to help me avoid the suffering, those are the days I get to have the soda, but very few other sodas appeal to me (unless I'm really sick, then out comes the ginger ale). I'm also not fond of salty snacks, especially corn chips like Fritos or corn nuts, except for plain tortilla chips with a ton of fresh salsa, and if it's spicy enough out comes the Coke :) - 10/10/2010   3:14:53 AM
  • 145
    Donuts... I seriously have no love for them. - 10/10/2010   2:40:25 AM
    licorice (not twizzlers), red laces and black jelly beans. eww. - 10/10/2010   2:32:33 AM
  • 143
    I am not fond of anything that is overly greasy or buttery. If you have to blot it before you eat it I won't like it. - 10/10/2010   1:46:16 AM
  • HRELLIS1987
    I don't like cake.

    with the exception of grandma's carrot cake of course, chocolate, vanilla etc, I just don't enjoy them at all. - 10/10/2010   1:35:20 AM
  • 141
    Fast food should have been on this list! Not only because I am pretty proud that I have given up drive-thrus completely, but because they are a lot more devistating to your health than a chocolate bar or ice cream. Fried grease, fat, preservatives, random animal parts, bugs, etc....BLAH! Fast food is the easiest (you do not even have to leave your car which is awesome when you live alone and are returning from a hard day at work) and most addicting of all junk foods! - 10/9/2010   10:35:48 PM
  • 140
    Certain versions of all of these foods appeal to me but I can definitely turn down things like barbecue flavored chips, ice cream with frozen fruit pieces in it, super "butter" soaked popcorn, etc. I wish I could say soda isn't tempting to me but it definitely is when it's readily available. - 10/9/2010   10:13:03 PM
  • 139
    I too am NOT a fan of over-buttered movie popcorn. I also don't really like ANYTHING too greasy or deep-fried. I totally don't get the appeal of funnel-cakes for instance....but give me a Reeses bar or a big bowl of ice cream....mmmmmmmm - 10/9/2010   10:05:43 PM
  • 138
    My biggest downfall was soda (two to three can of diet a day). As of June 1, 2010 I have not even had a sip. The others I can deal with because if I really have a craving I will have one piece of dark chocolate or 1/2 cup of ice cream. - 10/9/2010   9:15:25 PM
    very unfair list of items, and the last choice was ludicrious!!! Why not let us have several choices or change the wording of the last choice on YOUR list. Rediculous!! - 10/9/2010   9:12:47 PM
    Well, I wouldn't call dark chocolate, ice cream, and baked goods junk food if you select the ones with the best quality ingredients and have them only occasionally. I note no fast foods were listed--I've never eaten any that tasted like something worth wasting my appetite and calories on. - 10/9/2010   8:59:28 PM
  • 135
    oh, and I just want to say something about diet soda, too. I used to drink it and not care. I started to realize it was making me ill. I completely quit drinking diet soda and would instead have an occasional regular soda. Some time later, I thought I'd try some version of South Beach diet, which allows diet soda. I hated it so much, I tried using salt and vinegar mini rice cakes to nearly burn the taste buds off my tongue so I could handle the diet soda. So long, South Beach! :p It's not for me! LOL - 10/9/2010   8:46:02 PM
  • 134
    I'm fairly new to Krispy Kreme Donuts, and when I first discovered them, I nearly thought they were magical. We do not have the bakeries around here, so all I could get were the boxes of them that used to be available in Walmart. With each one that I ate, though, I'd notice more of the fatty greasy feeling left behind and less and less of the magic. One day I walked by them and all I could think was "headache". Maybe I'm not the only one who's no longer thrilled by them - they have disappeared from Walmart - maybe there was a reason for that? LOL No more thrill from a Krispy Kreme donut. :p - 10/9/2010   8:45:33 PM
  • 133
    soda--the real stuff Coca Cola... I hate diet soda is my main vice and the only junk food that I cannot survive the day without. I did cut back from 3 cans a day to one but I make sure I leave enough calories in my allotted amount for my can of soda. I like most junk food but have given up most of them except for the soda. Ice cream is probably my least favorite because I don't care for milk or any dairy products .
    I love chocolate and potato chips. I could live on Coke, chips and chocolate but have given up the chocolate and chips except for rare occasions.. - 10/9/2010   8:35:53 PM
    I'm like a goat. I'll pretty much eat anything. If it's bad for you, I probably will eat it! - 10/9/2010   7:44:55 PM
  • 131
    I can't stand soda, hate it with a passion! When I was a very little girl, I picked up what I THOUGHT was my ice water. It wasn't. It was 7-Up. The carbonation bubbles can be a bit overwhelming the first time, especially when you aren't expecting them. All I knew was that the bubbles burned my mouth. Maybe it's sense memory or something but I still find carbonation painful. So that means no soda, beer, seltzer, sparkling juice, icees, champagne . . . nothing with any kind of bubbles or fizz at all. In fact I drank white grape juice at my own wedding for the champagne toasts. - 10/9/2010   6:31:25 PM
  • 130
    I don't consider Cheetos "chips", so I voted for "not listed". I detest them, but LOVE corn chips! I used to really like Doritos, but now I find they overload my taste buds and I don't enjoy them. I've developed an allergy to milk protein, unfortunately, because I love milk...so cheese is considered "junk" food for me, a real big cheat.
    - 10/9/2010   5:10:16 PM
  • 129
    There are many junk foods that I like when I am not eating healthy. However, I have learned that if I am eating healthy, the only food I might desire is dark chocolate.
    I have a corn allergy so most commercial baked goods (pies, cakes, etc.), popcorn, sodas, most ice creams, most chips and mast candies are something I cannot eat. This used to be a problem, but not any more. I do occasionally enjoy junk food products that do not contain corn if it is something I really am craving. Sometimes it is a reward, but the amount is limited (I've learned just a tiny little bit helps to get rid of the craving or I am low in a specific vitamin or mineral or healthy oils/fats). - 10/9/2010   5:03:56 PM
  • 128
    I can live without ice cream except a couple of time a year when I like to stop at the local dairy whip and get a small ice cream sunday. I do like my low fat, low sodium chips or a few pretzels on occasion as well as home made popcorn. I don't like rich or real chocolaty deserts but I do like mild chocolate and my real downfall is cakes (which I try to make healthier) and pastries. I have been making nutritious breakfast muffins that I sometimes use as my desert, when I crave one. Haven't had a soft drink in 3 months. But when I did drink them I preferred the real thing...not diet. I wish I could learn to like viniger & oil dressing, vinegar anything, dairy products (I can tolerate them if mixed/cooked in a dish) hummus, vegetables other than the basics ie; corn, green beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower,carrots. I am pretty much a plain Jane type of girl. I am not a big eater and I find eating well and consuming enough calories very difficult. I am rarely hungry and have to force myself to eat. But I am still overweight and it is coming off so very slowly. 5lbs in 3 months. I am basically walking for exercise and using doing weight strengthening. I worry that even that is too much. I am trying so hard to do everything right and getting so discouraged. Any suggestions would be appreciated. - 10/9/2010   4:29:55 PM
  • SUSANGO123
    I would say any kind of custard and puddings. You will never ever get me to eat that crap if it were the last thing on earth! With regards to salty, I hate pretzels and pork rinds. It gets a big yuck! - 10/9/2010   4:16:17 PM
  • 126
    You can keep all the candy in the world and just let me have the salty snacks. - 10/9/2010   3:47:49 PM
    Unfortunately, there are few junk foods that don't tempt me. Among those that don't are: the "gummy" candies(to me, it is like chewing rubber), licorice, and meat jerky of any kind (too salty for my taste).
    I have had to learn to just not put most other junk foods into my grocery cart-then they don't get home with me. - 10/9/2010   3:01:19 PM
    The one "junk food" I have always hated is pie; any kind. I loath the crust in particular but the goo inside grosses me out too. I'm not too hot on cheesecake either. Its generally too rich and gives me a stomach ache.
    - 10/9/2010   2:26:02 PM
  • 123
    I grew up poor and never had a sweet tooth but I do have a salt tooth.
    I just love whole foods, nothing made with chemicals or refined Fruit vegetables and a nice steak now and then Pat in Maine. - 10/9/2010   2:05:54 PM
  • 122
    I can take or leave soda now since I went through a 45 day without it -- the first day I allowed myself a diet soda it tasted awful to me-- that makes me happy -- now if I could just do that with some of the other things that I think I can't do without-- worth exploring - 10/9/2010   1:53:38 PM
  • 121
    I am not a soda drinker. I was not a big water drinker but I would always choose water over a soda. I have come to be a water drinker thanks to Sparkpeople. Ice cream, chocolate, and candy are all things that I don't desire. My temptations are 1 hot out the oil Krispy Kreme doughnut and baked goods such as key lime pie, and white chocolate layer cake. But I can now drive or walk by Krispy Kremes and not be drawn to go inside and get one. I do not let my temptations drive me now. - 10/9/2010   1:31:14 PM
  • 120
    Generic BBQ chips...I'm in remission now. - 10/9/2010   1:25:45 PM
    I don't particularly care for chocolate cake, cookies or ice cream. Chocolate candy is another story altogether! Anything with pineapple is unappealing as well. Other than those, I pretty much like everything. Pound cake is especially tempting. - 10/9/2010   1:20:33 PM
  • 118
    Glazed donuts. I finally realized over 5 years ago that I just don't like the greasy coating that's left in my mouth after eating one. So I haven't had one since. I'd much rather spend my meals eating foods I adore in the proper portions for me. - 10/9/2010   1:12:32 PM
  • 117
    As far as candy, ice cream, and baked goods go - for me, if it's not chocolate (especiallly dark chocolate), it's not worth eating! :) So while I do have to watch myself when chocolate is in the menu, I'm pretty safe with most sweets. Though when I was younger, I was a lot less discriminating... I remember eating Captain Crunch with Crunchberries until the skin in the top of my mouth was peeling... I can't even stand the smell of that stuff anymore! - 10/9/2010   12:40:04 PM

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