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Every month, SparkPeople employees take on a new challenge as part of our worksite wellness program. In the past, we've been challenged to exercise outdoors, meet our daily quota for calcium, and do an extra core workout each week. For October, our challenge is to drink no more than five servings of soda (diet or regular) each week.

We do this challenge every year, and I kind of love it. Not because I have a serious soda habit that I need to kick, but because I don't have anything that even resembles a soda habit. I get to coast by without doing anything extra—score! Why? I hate soda. Always have, actually. It's never something that I crave. I never want to drink it ever, and for that I am grateful! I know countless people who can't seem to kick their daily soda habit. Those extra calories can really add up and affect your weight. Even if you're choosing diet, you can still overdo it. Most nutrition experts recommend no more than two servings of these artificially sweetened drinks per day, although a lot of people exceed that recommendation.

This led me to wonder: Are there any "junk" foods that simply do not tempt you?

In addition to my distaste for soda, I've never liked potato chips (or most chips in general). The smell of movie theatre popcorn is a big turnoff for me (I don't like buttery popcorn) or salty foods. I realize that this is a fortunate position to be in, but don't get me wrong. I am not without my junk food vices! I love sweet, sugary junk foods: ice cream, Twizzlers, candy, you name it. I have a hard time turning down most sweets, but I try to only enjoy them only in moderation. I do like dark chocolate, and even the occasional piece of milk chocolate candy, but chocolate isn't a big temptation for me. I can take it or leave it. And although super butter popcorn isn't my thing, I really dig kettle corn and air-popped popcorn.

When you're trying to eat healthier, it can be tough to go from eating your favorite junk foods regularly to just occasionally. To keep them out of your shopping cart at the store, or off your plate at a party takes dedication—and will power! We all face these temptations, and yes, it can be challenging to always do the "right" thing: say no, enjoy just a small taste, and not go overboard. But when I am faced with my biggest temptations, I try to think about all the other ways that I do succeed, and I appreciate all the things that are NOT tempting to me, like soda or chips. When I appreciate the things I don't like, I remember that I successfully eat healthy a lot of the time, and as difficult as it can be to make the right food choices, it could always be harder!

So how about you? Are you lucky enough to not be tempted by certain junk foods like me? Take the poll below, then tell us more in the comments.

Which of the following junk foods is LEAST tempting for you?

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  • 216
    Donuts and other fast food bakery doesn't tempt me at all. It smells good fresh out of the oven, but that's the only good part of them. Who knows what's in them. Want to quit eating store-bought ice cream? Read the label. Jet fuel. Propylene glycol, altho touted to be safe to consume by the FDA is also used to make jet fuel as well as ice cream and other confections and products we use on our bodies. Yuck!! - 1/23/2015   9:54:17 AM
    I can't stand anything flavored with "ranch" be it chips or popcorn or whatever. I remember when Hidden Valley first came out with ranch flavored salad dressing. I've never liked it. I know people who put it on everything -- from chicken wings to frozen vegetables. Another thing I don't care for is hard or crunchy cookies. To me, cookies have to be soft to be good. I don't drink soda except maybe once a month. And I no longer eat meat! - 7/11/2013   7:11:39 PM
  • 214
    I grew up in a soda household. Both of my parents were staunch soda (or pop, as we call it up north) drinkers, and I was raised on a healthy diet of Pepsi. The only time I drank water, was while at school, out of the fountain!! Through university, I lived on a healthy diet of regular soda, beer and chicken wings. I managed to kick the regular soda cravings (it now tastes like syrup to me!) and managed to shy away from diet soda for a long time...unfortunately I need to walk away from it again!! I periodically wonder if my soda-soaked upbringing isn't somehow correlated to my constant fixation on sugar (which I absolutely crave!). - 10/31/2012   1:04:01 AM
  • 213
    Most fast food, esp burger. I haven't had a fast food burger with meat in since Easter 1984 and even then someone else bought it for me so I felt I HAD to eat it. - 10/29/2012   3:24:34 PM
  • 212
    I can ignore pretzels, cake, non-homemade cookies (Except Oreos), lollipos, wine, and nachos with fake cheese. I really tried to like wine, but it mostly gives me a headache. Soda is a take it or leave it thing, unless you show me root beer. Marshmallows, and the creme thereof bleh. The most surprising thing I actively dislike are smores. - 10/28/2012   3:55:44 PM
  • 211
    I hate the smell of buttery popcorn when I occasionally go to the theaters I just skip the whole over priced food and head straight to my seat. I am not really a big soda drinker either, I don't buy it at home because my husband and roommate will drink the whole 12 pack in a day. I occasionally enjoy a big red or grape soda drink but if I get soda it's normally root beer or sprite (I may drink any soda maybe once a month). My guilty pleasure is ice cream and pastries and sweets. I was a huge fan of Reese's anything before I decided to change my life and have only had one bag of mini reese's cups since I started (@6 weeks) which is a huge change from a few times a week. - 10/27/2012   3:07:35 PM
  • 210
    I gave up a Diet Coke habit in the beginning. But 8 months later I was taking an occasional sip. Before long I was drinking the 16 oz. bottle. That became buying it by the case. I was up to 5,6 cans a day in no time. I am now trying to stay at 2. It's hard. I really like it. That's my only indulgence. When I want chips I count out the 14 allowed and that's it. Guess it could be worse. Don't like candy, ice cream, pop corn. - 10/27/2012   11:28:58 AM
  • 209
    I used to drink a lot of soda in college - the full sugar stuff. Then, thinking it would be healthier, I switched to diet soda. It took me a while to realize that the weird feeling in my teeth and the terrible stomach cramps I was getting were due to the artificial sweeteners in the soda, but once I figured it out, I quit soda for good! I will occasionally have a ginger ale, but that's it.
    I'm also pretty "take it or leave it" for chocolate. Every once in a while (like once every two or three months), I'll have a day where I really want chocolate, but then I eat it and it just leaves me feeling thirsty and blech. So I could probably give up chocolate and be okay. - 2/13/2012   11:38:37 AM
  • 208
    Soda - lost any taste for it I might have had when I worked Taco Bell and Jack in the Box grave shift and used it to stay awake.

    Fries - Again, flashbacks to grave shift Jack in the Box. Or my mom, who lives on spuds.

    Movie theater popcorn - I worked at Regal and saw what the "butter type substance" actually was. Dude, it looked like something more appropriate for Jiffy Lube. PASS!

    My landmine? Sweets. Unfortunately, I live near some great bakeries. - 2/10/2012   2:26:47 AM
  • 207
    I do not like the "buttery" popcorn served at theaters. I also don't like the bitter after-taste of diet foods like soda and candy with nutrisweet or sweet and low. There are a few brands with splenda that can be a occasionally treat. My husband is sensitive to splenda, so I have single packets to add it if needed. - 1/14/2012   11:29:38 PM
    Potato chips. Greasy and salty. I don't taste "spud." - 12/4/2011   9:38:00 AM
  • 205
    I hate Oreo cookies! I love anything Baked though and i try not to bake Cakes/bread/cookies from a package. I now make everything from scratch so I know what Is in it. - 11/9/2011   12:51:10 PM
    I used to LOVE (Hostess, Little Debbie, Drake, etc.) snack cakes when I was younger. Now that I'm an adult with a more refined palate, I find that they taste waxy and stale and are not worth the calories. If I'm going to blow calories eating pastry, I might as well have something that's fresh and made with real ingredients.

    I also find that microwave pizza, burgers, hot pockets, etc. aren't that great either. - 7/27/2011   12:18:58 PM
  • 203
    I don't eat thinks like twinkies, etc - they have absolutely nothing natural in them! LOL I can ignore milk chocolate and white chocolate is yukky! I like a good European 72% cacao dark chocolate - yum! I also will make a pan of Ghiardelli brownies and bring in one a week for work - they're rich enough that I won't get too crazy. ;) Movie popcorn (No xtra "butter" please!) is an occasional guilty pleasure and I love ice cream but can't eat much (lactose problems). I do have to watch it with the all natural cheetos puffs with white cheddar - I try to portion those out in a baggie and bring to work sometimes - but all in all try to keep that stuff out of my house. I like a good martini as well ;) - 6/19/2011   2:23:19 PM
  • 202
    any drink with a fizz makes me feel sick, sweet foods (I have to try and eat them now cause of low blood sugar) and its really hard to add sugar in my diet when I eat literally nothing with sugar in! chocolates a big no no (hurts my teeth) any drink thats not sugar free (and most of the time I don't even drink sugar free juice because its too sweet), any type of candy, especially if its chewy like caramel or toffee yukky!! I do indulge every now and then but Its probably much much less frequent than is even reccomended. I had almost a whole snickers today (very rare) and it took me tlast thursday and friday to eat a duo chocolate bar that I shared with my son and before that.... was easter, and that was possibly one of the first times this year
    I dont like chips, or fried foods lol but I have a real soft spot for crispy bacon mmmmm - 5/9/2011   4:18:34 PM
  • 201
    I don't have a sweet tooth - or a salty one either. Thank goodness. But don't let me anywhere some Jamaican sweets like plantain tarts, gizzadas, peanut brittle or pudding. I did have to cut off my Trader Joe's kettle corn habit the other day though. - 4/11/2011   10:22:04 PM
  • 200
    I have my mother 2 thank 4 hating soda really :) As a child my brother & i were only allowed to drink water or juice , preferably sugar-free or fresh.Even at visits or amusement parks or trips, she always had us properly hydrated so we wouldn't ask for a fizzy drink. As adults now we truly never ask for a frizzy drink at all. Even at fast food joints, we never ask for a "combo meal with a soda", we replace it with water or juice :) Thanx mommy! :):) - 1/27/2011   7:26:28 AM
  • 199
    I don't like chips or donuts. I don't drink soda and haven't for years. I could care less about french fries or fast food. I could eat ice cream at every meal! - 10/29/2010   9:36:26 PM
  • 198
    I enjoy almost any foods - love sweets, especially chocolate and icecream. Working on changing many habits. Coach Nicole mentioned still eating them, only occasionally, and in small amounts. Knew I loved Coach Nicole for a reason!!! - 10/23/2010   10:26:16 AM
  • 197
    I can take a pass on most sweet things - other than dark chocolate. Salty-fatty things are a completely different matter. Chips, french fries, crackers and cheese - those are my can't-help-myself foods. I can't digest dairy, but when I see a platter of cheese and crackers it's SO hard to resist. I've learned to think of omega-3 capsules as my secret weapon against the salty-fatty yummies. As long as I've taken my o-3, I can say no.
    - 10/19/2010   12:24:07 PM
  • 196
    Doritos. I've never liked them, which is probably a good thing, because I LOVE salt and a good crunch! - 10/18/2010   8:53:28 PM
    Havent had a soda in long time may have one maybe once a year and then not even drink it. Donuts to gresasy,fries too. I cant stand greasey of fried food anymore.My down fall is dark chocolate or just chocalate but I try to pick fairly good chooses and keep it moderation. - 10/18/2010   6:49:07 PM
  • 194
    I'm with a lot of you sparkers in that I do not like doughnuts! I NEVER crave them, NEVER want them, and when they are offered at school or work, people think I have a lot of will power bc I don't want any! haha! Also, anything sour, including candies, pickles, certain fruit pies, lemon goods, etc. If I am going to have a baked good, it needs to be high quality and rich, so I can enjoy it... Otherwise I will be angry that I wasted calories on it! haha! Foods that are obviously too fatty (fried meats, gravy, greasy fast food, etc) hold no appeal to me any more either! And, I gave up soda about 10 years ago, but every once in a while, the mood will strike and I'll have one (just one). The longer I am eating clean, the less desire I have for anything artificial, too sweet, or too salty! =) Love it! - 10/16/2010   12:23:49 PM
  • 193
    Lattes ... of any stripe ... even the skinny, half-caf, foreign-named-that-they-call-out-at
    the-top-of their-lungs-at-Starbucks-when-it's-
    ready type ...[done for maximum consumerist effect, no doubt!]
    Fried dough (even when I had been a non-dieting 215 pounds of mostly flab!), and not just because of its name!!
    Doughnuts -- I got tired of my reflux reaction to them ... used to really love them ... lol
    HOT Lifesavers or ultra-tangy hard candies ... yeesh ... in my day, we'd had Red Hots, and they had been enough ... do sometimes still like Jawbreakers
    Extreme-Flavor Doritos ...

    That's enough for starters ....

    - 10/15/2010   12:36:24 PM
  • 192
    I kicked my soda habit over 5 years ago, and though occasionally I will have one (usually no more than once a month, if that), I have found I have lost the taste for it. I have determined calories are too precious to waste on liquid drinks with empty nutrition. I stick to water (up to 10-12 glasses a day!) and soymilk, with the occasional juice or herbal tea. I just really need to kick my habit for bread - I love it, especially when it is fresh. Rice, pasta, potatoes are ok, but bread is my downfall and something I constantly work to cut back on, even the good whole wheat stuff. - 10/15/2010   12:22:40 PM
  • 191
    Any really just sugary candy I can say 'no' to, like nerds, laffy taffy, and sweettarts. Too sweet and the flavors tast wonky. Lately my favorite snack has been homemade Kettle Corn. I think because thats a fall time treat where I come from. Apple cider and kettle corn, yum! - 10/15/2010   9:27:32 AM
    I've always hated coke (pepsi and Coca Cola) and 5 years ago I cut out on ALL sugary fizzy drinks. I've never in my life drunk coffee; crisps I'm not that fond of in general (except plain Pringles); and though occasionally I crave the plastic taste of MC's or BK's burgers I somehow don't really like them. I live right next door by a McD's and it could be months in between my visits to these joints. Unfortunately I love plenty other 'no-no' food... - 10/15/2010   2:55:32 AM
    I am not a fan of OREO's.. You could sit 100 packages by me and I wouldn't eat one of those icky things - 10/14/2010   12:05:30 PM
  • 188
    The Soda Manufacturers are lucky if I drink 5 sodas a year!!! Now Seltzer or Peligrino is a whole other ball game:-) - 10/14/2010   10:58:54 AM
  • 187
    Hot dogs, corn dogs....any pork products like that just turn my stomach! - 10/14/2010   10:42:29 AM
    Pie. There's something about the texture and hardness of pie crust that I hate. I'm always safe with sweets on the holidays because pies are the only baked goods that my family seems to like. - 10/14/2010   8:11:31 AM
    I have given up soft drinks/soda, chips, cakes and candy for the most part but my Bryers ice cream that is my treat of choice! - 10/13/2010   8:48:12 PM
    When I was a kid (overseas) popcorn was sugarcoated and sold in bags. I was allowed one a week. (Small bag). As an adult, don't like fatty, salty, sugary foods. BUT - here it is - I like Dave's bread with spread, honey and cheese..... that's it - apart from really dark chocolate. Cheap milk chocolate- yuk. Even so, these things are calorie and fat laden. In moderation - oki. But 6 at a time? I think NOT!! - 10/13/2010   2:07:41 PM
  • 183
    Soda, especially dark colored ones, and sugary "fruit" drinks. For some reason, I can feel it eat away at my teeth and it bothers my gums!

    Popcorn is my biggest vice. I make my own now. - 10/13/2010   12:31:45 PM
    One thing I've never liked is fried food. It just grosses me out. My boyfriend has a weakness for fried chicken and carnival foods like those fried twinkies and funnel cakes and stuff. The greasiness is just so unappealing to me.

    Unfortunately I still have a weakness for chocolate...and salty foods!!! - 10/13/2010   5:46:42 AM
  • 181
    I am so glad I was never tempted by Movie Popcorn. It was not part of watching movies when I grew up.
    I will make Popcorn at home once in a while, but not with butter.

    I live mostly without Soda at the moment if I get 5 units a month it is a lot. But Chocolate & Icecream still tempt me. But I am happy to know I have learned to restrict myself to small portions. E.g. for Icecream I use a cup which is smaller then even your average Icecream cup (which is half a standard cup). - 10/13/2010   2:19:02 AM
  • 180
    I'm not huge on salty foods especially prepackaged vending machine stuff (cheap chips, crackers, pretzels and the least appetizing - PORK RINDS). I'm not into prebaked unnatural sweets like Twinkie's. These foods NEVER appealed to me :P - 10/12/2010   6:45:56 PM
    I have french fry intolerance. In fact, my tummy can't handle anything fried. I also can't eat the skin from poultry. I think it's because I had my gallbladder out and now my system just can't digest that much fat at one time. It makes me seriously not want to eat those foods. My husband can't understand it, when we're at a restaurant and I peel the skin off the chicken or duck. He says it's the best part but I think it's the worst. I've tried to explain to him how excruciating the effects of eating that food are, but he just can't imagine a world where someone would willingly leave the skin on the plate, or substitute a green salad for the fries. - 10/12/2010   11:29:32 AM
  • 178
    I can't stand whipped cream, or marshmallows. The smell, or the taste. Makes eating right at picnics a lot easier since most summer desserts have it in them. - 10/12/2010   9:29:01 AM
  • 177
    Liquid calories have always been the easiest for me to turn down. Also, people don't tend to push you as much for turning down a soda/juice/iced tea as they do if you 'just say no' to chewable calories like cake and cookies (are you SURE you don't want some?). - 10/12/2010   8:03:38 AM
  • 176
    I really like dr pepper but i know how bad the sugar can be, so if i drink it daily i measure 4oz and that seems to take care of the crave. I really couldn't handle straight from the can it gives me a headache. A good treat for me is the dp with a piece of lowfat cheese. - 10/12/2010   12:13:08 AM
  • LICIA119
    Another here who doesnt like gummy bears or jelly beans. Also, I have given up soda and I feel so much better! I dont even crave it anymore. - 10/11/2010   10:30:31 PM
  • JOANW1
    Three years ago when I started at SP I gave up soda with my meals so that I could taste the food better. I have only had 1 glass of soda since then, and I didn't like it. Now, soda no longer bothers me at all. Every one in the room can be drinking it and I won't even be tempted. - 10/11/2010   8:02:54 PM
  • 173
    I hate red Twizzlers - yuck! And in my part of the country people will go for ice cream all the time (all year). I just don't get it. I can truly take it or leave it. Was shocked when I moved here how "everyone" was into ice cream. - 10/11/2010   6:17:17 PM
  • 172
    I pretty much crave and have a problem with most "junk" food, except for gummy bears. Gummy candy is the only thing i can have around and not want in the least! Yuck! - 10/11/2010   5:22:42 PM
  • 171
    I've NEVER been tempted by those disgusting "gummybears" or "jellybean" types of candies! UGH! It doesn't matter what shape/color/name they come in - gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy brains, gummy whatever - or "orange slices" - or jelly beans, Jelly Belly (R)(Tm) - none of those thing. I must have crispier candies or they must be chocolatey or caramel and preferably nuts in them for me to like candies... I can tolerate a few pieces of salt water taffy but don't ask me how it is different from gummy bears etc. Maybe the mental connections?? heh. (like if I was really good girl, I got the chocolate candy, and if I'd been bad, all I was offered was jelly beans? I do not know. I don't have a formal memory that way, but I wouldn't be surprised!).

    Now, popcorn, chips, crispy cookies (I don't like chewy cookies!!!!), those kinds of things I like. Also ice cream - particularly what used to be called "ice milk" back in the day - nowadays called "low fat", but these days those cheap low-fat brands frequently have HFCS and/or artificial sweetener, and they don't even taste the same to me as the "ice milk" ice creams of my youth, that sort of thing I really like. The very rich premium ice creams are okay but I find myself craving the ice milks more often. Which is nice - they are cheaper in calories!!

    I used to drink a lot of soda pop once I started living on my own...but...I've had to give it up, even the DrPepper, and it's rare for me to have one now. - 10/11/2010   3:59:26 PM
    I love chocolate but it is really the only thing I can't resist... All the other stuff, chips, soda, cookies, cakes, etc. don't really hold much appeal for me.... especially when I can make healthier versions of them! LOL - 10/11/2010   12:52:01 PM
  • 169
    Any kind of "fruity" candy (Laffy Taffy, Swedish Fish, etc.) I can easily leave alone. To me their fake flavors taste like perfume or hairspray. - 10/11/2010   10:37:01 AM
  • 168
    I'm the exact opposite of Coach Nicole - I would rather have salty snacks than sweets any day. I can go months without ice cream, candy, cakes, cookies, etc. Fritos or Doritos or chips & salsa? I'm doomed. Popcorn I like but it gets in my teeth so I usually skip it. I used to have a big diet soda habit but have kicked it recently. - 10/11/2010   9:23:52 AM
  • 167
    I used to like many junk foods--fried foods, buttered movie theater popcorn, soda, ice cream, candy, etc. I slowly cut a lot of those things out of my diet, one by one, and now I find most of them pretty unappealing. On the rare occasion I'm tempted by one of them, I glance at the nutrition facts and that's usually enough to deter me. - 10/11/2010   5:26:23 AM

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