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Check out the latest cuts and colors. (As in, no more shopping blues!)

Colorful Jeans
Playful and surprisingly flattering, colored jeans are a fun addition to your denim wardrobe and this season's biggest trend. Avoid a junior feel by wearing with a shirt and shoes in neutral shades.
Jeans, Aéropostale, Aéropostale stores and, $27. Shirt, Old Navy,, $27. Sweater, Uniqlo, Uniqlo stores, $90. Shoes, Frye,, $158. Bag, Lodis, and 707-433-8189, $158. Necklace, Topshop,, $45. Bracelets, Ted Rossi,, (top to bottom) $94, $98, $98, $98.

DKNY Jeans, $69, Macy's, Lord & Taylor and Lord & Taylor
Bisou Bisou, JCPenney stores and, $20
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What is your favorite pair of jeans?

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  • 32
    LeviStrauss Low Rise Slim Bootcut Juniors Sz 9.......anybody know where I can find these. My old pair has started to actually wear through in spots. I know that's in style, but I'm in my fifties and it doesn't look quite as good on me! (Not to mention they frown on holes in your jeans at work) - 1/29/2012   4:04:09 PM
  • 31
    LeviStrauss Low Rise Slim Bootcut Juniors Sz 9.......anybody know where I can find these. My old pair has started to actually wear through in spots. I know that's in style, but I'm in my fifties and it doesn't look quite as good on me! (Not to mention they frown on holes in your jeans at work) - 1/29/2012   4:04:09 PM
  • 30
    The Right Fit jeans from Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug are the only jeans that I own. My overall height is average, but I have short legs. A lot of plus size jeans are made for what I call "saddlebag" hips/thighs and since I don't have those, most brands of jeans and pants in general just hang off my hips/thighs, way too baggy. Those Right Fit jeans come in petite and are cut straight down the leg. Truly they are the "right fit" for me! - 1/28/2012   11:45:54 PM
    I holding off on new clothes, since I losing weight! - 1/28/2012   4:51:30 AM
  • 28
    I like JCPenney St. John's Bay bootcut jeans. Just enough stretch to feel good. I would like some colored lightweight jeans for spring, but with my size they don't exist. Well, maybe they do exist, but I'm not paying $100 for a pair of jeans. That's absurd. - 1/27/2012   9:17:24 AM
    I prefer black, and I don't want to buy a pair of jeans and not be able to wear them in a year because they went out of "fashion" For me being yourself is more important then the latest trends. - 1/26/2012   2:31:16 PM
  • 26
    For those of us tall women here, I found that old navy is the best place for truly tall inseam lengths. unfortunately the tall is only available online, but you can try sizes in store for width and color at least. I also don't consider myself "old" but I hate the extreme low rise personally, I want jeans to be at my navel, and old navy came out with "retro high rise" which is perfect for me, if not what I consider high rise, remember the sailor style pants of the 50's? 2 rows of buttons on the fronts and came up midway between navel and the bottom of the bra? those are high rise... - 1/26/2012   2:17:08 AM
    Jc penny ANA jeans - 1/25/2012   8:43:31 PM
  • 24
    I'm funsized, 5'2" AKA petite and right now my favorite jeans are Lee. They make them low rise which I love plus just the right length. I'm not a fan of any color but blue, tradition. - 1/25/2012   6:34:30 PM
  • 23
    Thank you for the man's point of view Popeyetheturtle! Yes! I totally agree with you that the model in this picture is too thin to be healthy. I might not be my ideal weight yet but I know I could do more pushups than she could. My jeans are several sizes larger but they are on the move all day. - 1/25/2012   4:45:08 PM
    Blech, sorry if I won't brightly colored pants, I'll reach for thin corduroys, or cotton pants. Jeans look TERRIBLE in any other color than blue/black. - 1/25/2012   3:53:57 PM
  • 21
    This is from a guy's viewpoint, so I don't know if my comments will be booed off the page, or not.

    The color of ladies jeans, or those with little rhinestones on them, are pretty much a non-issue with me. and for my two adult sons. What gets our attention is how the jeans fit.

    The jeans on this model show that she is, in my opinion, too thin to really be healthy. She may be a marathon runner in real life, but I would have to get to know her to find out. I shared this article with my sons and their comment (both of them) was, "Why don't they show healthy women in their ads"?

    None of us mean fat, but if an hour walking in the woods and an hours horseback ride wipes them out, it doesn't matter one whit what color their jeans are.

    Her anorexic appearing arms would be a signal to me that this YL needs to see a therapist and get on Spark to help her understand that skinny isn't the real priority in life. - 1/25/2012   2:24:03 PM
  • 20
    I'm not a fan of colored jeans. I'll stick with black or blue; those never go out of style, and the darker colors are more flattering on those of us who weigh more than 90 pounds.

    I bought a pair of DKNY jeans a couple of weeks ago that I just love. They're a darker wash, they fit about 2 inches below the waist, and they have straight legs. I don't think they have spandex; if they do, it's not much. (My problem with spandex is, while they're comfortable when you first pull them on, they continue to stretch. By the end of the day, they're baggy!) - 1/25/2012   10:10:50 AM
  • 19
    The pair of jeans pictured at the beginning of the article look horribly uncomfortable. I like my jeans to come up to my waist and don't find "skinny" jeans attractive! I am probably showing my age here!! - 1/25/2012   9:21:38 AM
  • 18
    I find that the LEI and Arizona brand jeans gives me the best fit, and they are not too expensive. - 1/25/2012   8:30:23 AM
  • 17
    Cute for younger people. - 1/25/2012   7:40:20 AM
  • 16
    I,too, need long legs in trousers, and they are extremely hard to find! I am not a big girl, but I am long and have a horror of trousers at 'half mast'. - 1/25/2012   5:02:29 AM
  • 15
    I'm jealous of all the comments regarding the petite or short-sized jeans. I need talls, and they are soooo hard to find in my size. (In other words, if you have an ample waist, you must have short legs, but if you have long legs, you must be a bean pole.) When I find a pair of good-fitting long jeans, they are my instant favorites! - 1/25/2012   12:48:00 AM
  • 14
    With my Texas boots & a great 'leather & bling' belt, I love the classic stone-washed blue and/ or black bootcut 5-pocket jeans. J&M denim collection classic cut fits my middle-aged-droopy body best at this point. Also like velvet-feel jeans for the Christmas season - yes, I would LOVE to buy some bright red ones when I finally reach that goal weight. - MBG - 1/25/2012   12:12:28 AM
  • 13
    I love colored jeans but am extremely selective about which colors -- nothing too flashy, usually something semi-neutral. I have olive and brown as well as my favorite black. For spring and summer, I love pastel jeans -- pink, yellow, or lavendar are all cute, and Chadwicks of Boston ( offers my favorite jeans in a 35" inseam!!! Fantastic for us girls at nearly 6 ft! - 1/24/2012   9:14:35 PM
  • 12
    Cute for young hotties; but no thank you.... - 1/24/2012   4:47:18 PM
    I plan on buying some colorful jeans very soon. Something fun but not too flashy. - 1/24/2012   3:07:44 PM
  • 10
    Levis used to be my favorite. Now I just can't find anything. - 1/24/2012   3:03:00 PM
  • 9
    I love Lee's.
    - 1/24/2012   2:49:34 PM
  • 8
    Liz C. jeans in Petite fit me. - 1/24/2012   2:12:01 PM
  • 7
    I love dark colored jeans that are comfortable. I always have to get them hemmed because I am short hehe. - 1/24/2012   1:58:57 PM
  • 6
    I love Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ). They must be made with a little spandex because they feel oh so comfy while looking cute too. - 1/24/2012   1:36:07 PM
  • 5
    They are cute but I love my blue jeans. - 1/24/2012   1:02:31 PM
  • 4
    Brody jeans are my favourite for bootcut (REGULAR, not low rise, yet sexy) and Gap jeggings. - 1/24/2012   11:54:34 AM
  • 3
    I'm petite and have a hard time find jeans that fit AND look good on me. I don't have a favorite pair. - 1/24/2012   10:58:06 AM
  • 2
    Oh, I LOVE colored Jeans!!! I am looking for the "perfect" pair of Red Jeans even this week! Thanks for the uplifting article... frivoless and fun lifts the spirits! - 1/24/2012   10:52:05 AM
  • 1
    CUTE! But I wonder how well they'll blend into the current fashion a year or two from now... Just scared to buy many "trendy" articles of clothing... - 1/24/2012   10:45:59 AM

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