Our Favorite Low-Calorie Ice Cream


By: , – Megan Bingham and Allison Baker, Family Circle
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Go ahead and indulge with these better-for-you frozen treats.
Dreyer's Rich & Creamy Strawberry Shake
220 calories, 4g fat
Satisfies cravings with half the fat of a traditional shake. Just add milk, stir and enjoy.

Blue Bunny Personals Double Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
160 calories, 3.5g fat
Enjoy the perfect portion of delicious frozen yogurt in a cute package. It even comes with a spoon!

Want more light ice cream treats?

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What's your favorite light ice cream treat?

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  • 58
    I love Skinny Cow but find I cannot stop at one! It is best I make my own as I know what ingredients are in it. My grandkids love frozen apple juice and orange juice in the little juice cups. - 7/21/2011   3:32:48 PM
  • 57
    i will let you know how i like these if my local stores ever carry them, as it is, i have to go out of state to even find the vitamuffins, my local walmart is the worst for stocking new products. - 7/15/2011   7:26:14 PM
    Skip the fake ingredients in the Dryer's Shake, and make your own thick & rich smoothie. Simply use plain, fat-free Greek yogurt (I like Fage 0%), some strawberries or other favorite fruit, sweetener of choice - I like agave nectar. If the fruit is fresh, add some ice cubes, otherwise the frozen fruit will thicken the smoothie. Just put all the ingredients in the blender. It's healthy, no artificial colors or sweeteners. - 7/15/2011   4:55:09 PM
    I love Blue Bunny frozen yogurt. Our local stores do not carry the personals. My favorite flavors are Caramel Praline Crunch and Strawberry Cheesecake. They are heaven! - 7/15/2011   9:15:22 AM
  • 54
    gotta go with the popsicle fudge cicloes.. 60 cal and YUM - 7/14/2011   1:56:40 PM
  • 53
    I love the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches~vanilla (140 calories) or the Oreo(160)~ yum! - 7/14/2011   1:04:31 PM
  • 52
    Ice cream is definitely a weakness for me. I'm going to try the freezing the yogurt suggestion and see if that works as a substitution for me. - 7/13/2011   6:12:38 PM
  • 51
    Too many artificial sweeteners for me. Not only are they not good for me, they make me sick if I eat them :( - 7/13/2011   4:28:23 PM
  • 50
    I won't buy ANY ice cream until I can see the ingredients list!! Just because the FRONT of the container says "lowfat" or whatever selling point it has... it doesn't mean it's automatically a good choice. Many are made with hydrogenated oils and crappy ingredients like HFCS. READ YOUR LABELS and be aware of what you are eating. - 7/13/2011   4:08:24 PM
    I love Healthy Choice's fudge or mocha bars @ 80 to 90 calories but they seem harder and harder to find. - 7/13/2011   3:03:24 PM
    Ice cream is my weekness, I don't keep it in the house because I can't stop at one portion be individually packaged or measured. I will admit it is easier if individually pacaked but there's always eating just one more.

    Those of you who can stop at one container or one serving that's great. - 7/13/2011   1:15:58 PM
    Thank you very much for this great information. I will surely try it. - 7/13/2011   10:49:07 AM
    Try freezing Vanilla Bean Activa yogurt- 100 calories and makes a very creamy ice cream substitute. I freeze all of my favorite yogurts and then just set them out for a little bit to thaw (or zap with the microwave if I'm craving an instant treat) and then enjoy with a spoon. Built in portion control and a plethora of flavors, prices and brands to choose from! - 7/13/2011   9:44:52 AM
  • 45
    I like ice cream on a stick - I can't stand getting my fingers messy by holding onto an ice cream sandwich. I usually go for some Skinny Cow treats. I like the built in portion control. - 7/13/2011   9:27:11 AM
  • 44
    Interesting that 3 of the 7 weren't ice cream at all...and frozen yogurt is not the same, sorry! and the chemicals and waste is ridiculous when you can do your own portion control. - 7/13/2011   8:14:56 AM
  • 43
    Loving Skinny Cow Dulcet Leche ice cream cup. 150 Cal. 1 g fat and 4 g fiber - 7/13/2011   8:11:22 AM
    Turkey Hill makes a dynamite frozen yogurt. It's creamy, no fat and only 90-120 calories per serving. Weight Watchers treats are good too but pricey for what you get. - 7/13/2011   7:06:26 AM
  • 41
    I LOVE Edy's Slow-Churned ice creams!! I buy several different flavors at a time and forgo all other desserts. One of my favorite treats is no-bake cookie, so instead I will have a 1/2 cup serving of peanut butter cup ice cream. Or if I'm in the mood for chocolate mint, I will have chocolate mint chip ice cream. Fruit over vanilla bean ice cream is great, too! And all of the ice creams are around 100-140 calories per serving with 1/2 the fat of regular, premium ice cream. - 7/13/2011   6:25:16 AM
  • 40
    I love Skinny Cow!!! Even my husband and my son (who is actually trying to gain weight) enjoy them. My favorite is the mint truffle bars but I haven't met a Skinny Cow treat that I didn't like. As a whole I am not a fan of low calorie ice cream, but I do like Skinny Cow. - 7/12/2011   10:52:12 PM
  • 39
    They put a lot of air in those brands. - 7/12/2011   7:33:32 PM
    Edy's Slow Churned Vanilla is my favorite. - 7/12/2011   6:57:19 PM
  • 37
    i like the baskin robbins reduced fat ice creams, like the mint oreo for 150 cals and 4.5 grams fat for 2.5 oz. it has a really yummy flavor, creamy texture, and it's not sitting in my freezer begging for me to get a couple of extra scoops. :o)

    dragonlfy180.wordpress.com - 7/12/2011   6:19:51 PM
  • 36
    SKINNY COW for me! I like all the creamy flavors they have come out with. I buy only 2 of the single serves each week for portion control. YUM! - 7/12/2011   5:16:39 PM
  • 35
    My fave brands are Edys and Breyers. Good stuff! - 7/12/2011   5:08:05 PM
    I have read a lot of great comments on here. I, personally, like to puree a melon in a food processor (canteloupe, honeydew, watermelon) and pour that into some of those kids homemade juice pops containers and pop them in the freezer. Not only do I have a healthy, sweet, cold alternative but I don't feel so bad when my kid eats a couple of them in a row. - 7/12/2011   4:55:29 PM
  • 33
    So glad I decided to read this. I love ice cream/frozen yogurt but haven't had any for quite some time. After reading the comments, I'm going to check out Skinny Cow! - 7/12/2011   4:07:23 PM
  • 32
    Ice cream is probably my favorite treat, but instead of forking out money for forced portion control as is found in the small packs, I just plop the bowl on my handy-dandy food scale, turn it on so it reads "zero," and scoop out my 65 gram serving. The Edy's slow-churned cookie dough ice cream is only 130 calories for a serving, and the carton contains 12 servings--it lasts forever when eaten properly!

    My husband is well aware of this...every grocery trip we each get a carton of ice cream. I measure mine, he eats out of the carton. I usually enjoy ice cream over a week longer than he does! :-) - 7/12/2011   2:51:12 PM
  • 31
    220 calories is a lot.... i think i will stick with skinny cow they are a lot lower in calories but still taste great. - 7/12/2011   2:11:46 PM
  • 30
    Big Skinny Cow fan. Ice cream cups, bars and the ice cream sandwiches are to die for. - 7/12/2011   1:51:28 PM
  • 29
    I now make "ice cream" from a frozen banana, and add toppings. Much healthier imo. - 7/12/2011   1:50:48 PM
  • 28
    I almost always have 150 calorie varieties of skinny cow cups in my freezer. - 7/12/2011   1:06:56 PM
  • 27
    Healthy Choice has a chocolate ice cream bar that is tasty, low carb and even has some fiber in it. It's my favorite cold, sweet treat these days. - 7/12/2011   1:03:26 PM
  • 26
    Holy chemicals, Batman! Seriously, SP? - 7/12/2011   12:56:45 PM
  • 25
    The shake was on sale at Kroger last week but sadly I had no milk, so I skipped it without reading the back. I wonder if it will work with almond milk. - 7/12/2011   12:44:55 PM
  • 24
    I should have eaten breakfast before reading this... - 7/12/2011   12:30:46 PM
  • 23
    This has got to be a paid advertisement because those are some weak options. There are lots of better options than those! - 7/12/2011   12:18:35 PM
  • 22
    I love ice cream and have been trying to find a more healthy substitute. I will be looking for these! - 7/12/2011   12:15:42 PM
  • 21
    I'm with you all on the Skinny Cow!
    But that being said, I'm probably gonna try some of the home-made recipe's some of you have shared. I'm thinking they may work well with the kid juice-pop makers I have :) - 7/12/2011   12:13:46 PM
  • 20
    I like to freeze a banana, some chocolate almond milk, and eat that for my ice cream. I don't do good with ice cream. - 7/12/2011   12:08:39 PM
  • 19
    That shake thing looks delish! - 7/12/2011   12:06:17 PM
  • 18
    Personally, I'd just take a little chocolate syrup, some skim milk and a few frozen berries and whizz them up in the blender. I can control the fat and sugar content myself that way. - 7/12/2011   12:03:04 PM
  • 17
    I am a skinny cow fan myself! - 7/12/2011   12:00:38 PM
    I usually eat Skinny Cow. Haven't tried Weight Watchers icecream yet. I love Edy's also with fresh fruit. - 7/12/2011   11:52:31 AM
  • 15
    When the sweet tooth hits and I desire Ice Cream or a frozen treat I have a couple spoonfuls of Dreyers Vanilla or Strawberry Ice Cream -- have to watch my carbs so I don't indulge much. - 7/12/2011   11:49:33 AM
  • 14
    I don't consider any of those "better for me." Homemade ice cream or even "ice cream" (made from frozen bananas) is better as it will be made from real ingredients, not the weird chemicals in these ice creams. - 7/12/2011   11:39:58 AM
    Thanks for the ideas! Love Skinny Cow too... - 7/12/2011   11:26:22 AM
  • 12
    Weights Watchers frozen latte bars and strawberry smoothie bars. The best! - 7/12/2011   11:18:39 AM
  • 11
    when the sweet tooth won't be denied this sounds like a good way to keep it under control. thanks for the tip! - 7/12/2011   10:54:05 AM
    Skinny cow do really good product! - 7/12/2011   10:52:44 AM
  • 9
    Yum these sweet treats will be nice for once or twice a month. - 7/12/2011   10:48:35 AM

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