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Whether you telecommute or just need an organized space to pay bills and answer e-mails, a home office should feel as stylish and inviting as any other room in the house. New York City interior designer John Loecke, who transformed this attic nook into a brilliant workplace for New Jersey mom and graphic designer Andrea Amadio, suggests thinking big, even in a Post-it-size space. Here he incorporated an outsize desk and bulletin board that encourage spreading out, bold colors and patterns, and storage galore, including a cubby unit roomy enough for Andrea and daughters Ella, 8, and Kate, 5, to share. What was once a blank (albeit cluttered) slate is now a cheerful space that gets the job done. 

Short & Upbeat
Curtains can be a fun touch and less costly than customized shades for irregular-size windows. Loecke chose panels that extend only to the sill, which are less formal than longer styles. To make a squat window appear taller, mount drapes a few inches above the frame. 

DIY: Create no-sew curtains using iron-on adhesive like Stitch Witchery. 

Bright Spots
A tangerine chair that Andrea fell in love with at a garage sale inspired the vivid color scheme. "All the white keeps it from looking clownish," she says. To balance the chair's playful shape Loecke added bold, geometric touches like the carpet, lamp shade and curtains. 

DIY: Try modular carpet tiles in high-traffic areas. Opt for a pattern or dark color to camouflage stains and keep extra squares on hand so you can replace one if necessary.

Shelf Life
Make kids' art look more sophisticated by framing lots of their drawings, along with photographs and pieces of graphic wrapping paper or fabric, and displaying them on a shelf. "This is such a simple, inexpensive way to add color and personality to an office," says Loecke. 

John's Tip: Work supplies and furnishings don't have to come from the office-supply store. "This is a room in your home—it should look like you," says Loecke. Bring in a comfy side chair or love seat, make a mouse pad from a square of pretty fabric adhered to felt, and get creative with containers: Use a vase or mint julep cup to hold pens, and arrange paper clips and Post-its in antique teacups.

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How have you organized your home office?

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    Nowadays, with the massive increase in technologies, people are getting more and more opportunities to gain employment or for setting up a new business. They can add to their income by working for themselves from home at their own convenient time. And Your tips can actually make the work easier, but home office furniture plays a great role in converting a section of your home into a pleasing office space. Recently I converted a small home space into an office and it was a quite difficult task. I am so happy with my office furniture. My friend suggested me few companies like ,Steelcase and few more. Hope it is useful - 5/15/2017   3:20:53 AM
  • 17
    I don't really have a home office, I have a craft room that also proudly displays my collection of Disney items. I painted the walls a pale yellow with vibrant colored curtains. I have the desk right under the window for light while I'm scrapbooking. I love it in there, but I definitely need a better way to keep all of the little stuff off of the work area of my desk. - 3/27/2014   9:57:43 AM
  • 16
    Love it! It looks so clean and bright
    - 4/11/2012   11:07:45 PM
    I enjoyed your tips on organizing home office. Thanks for sharing.
    - 4/11/2012   10:56:55 PM
  • 14
    Am I the only one who sees (or thinks she does!) that the chair is just way too low to comfortably reach the keyboard? Looks downright uncomfortable to me. - 4/9/2012   2:37:58 PM
    I have space for my office but it all on my dining room table (ugh) - 4/7/2012   8:52:45 AM
  • 12
    what a nice space!! - 4/4/2012   9:37:26 PM
  • 11
    Love your look. - 4/4/2012   7:52:20 PM
  • 10
    Great blog! Love the look of the office, looks like a "piece of heaven" not a place I would "HAVE" to go! THANKS!

    : ) - 4/4/2012   10:58:52 AM
    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing. - 4/4/2012   10:12:10 AM
  • 8
    helpful...thanks! - 4/3/2012   12:44:13 PM
  • 7
    I've still got a lot of decluttering to do to make room for organization. - 4/3/2012   10:59:19 AM
  • 6
    I face my desk toward the door with my shelving unit behind me. That way I don't feel like I'm in a hole and can see into the house! Think "executive" office. Executives NEVER face the wall! - 4/3/2012   9:40:18 AM
  • 5
    I am redoing my office space right now with wood pieces and I secured my perfect desk and chair from craigslist for a song...Woohoo! - 4/3/2012   8:47:32 AM
  • 4
    I don't have a home office. Wait. Scratch that. Yes, I do. It's my bed! Every bill, magazine and piece of junk mail that comes in ends up on my bed...then eventually on the floor. My room is large enough for me to maybe dedicate a corner to a desk, chair and maybe a small bookcase, though.

    I think I've been inspired to get my room in order! Thanks! - 4/3/2012   8:31:41 AM
  • 3
    Thank for the info and inspiration !!! - 4/3/2012   8:31:20 AM
    This has motivated me to try to do something new with my office....I am in an apartment and use one bedroom for an office but it is so crowded and somewhat cluttered....going to try to organize things..maybe do some curtains too! - 4/3/2012   8:23:16 AM
  • 1
    My office doubles as my art studio (I'm a painter) - I have a long wood shelf unit (that was designed for a kitchen, but works for me because its modular and I can adjust the shelves to accommodate canvases) holding all my materials - and tubes of paint are stored by color in decorative ceramic flower pots - really brightens the room while being functional! - 4/3/2012   8:11:01 AM

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