Nutritious And Delicious Super Bowl Recipes


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Are you ready for some football? Just as the Giants and Patriots are preparing for the big game, time is running out to decide what serve to family and guests. At SparkPeople, we love to highlight recipes that are nutritious and taste great too. Here are my all time favorite Super Bowl recipes from SparkRecipes. 

Chef Meg's Spicy Sliders 

Chef Meg's Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili

Chef Meg's BLT-Potato 'Nachos'

Chef Meg's Chili Cheese Dog Makeover

Chef Meg’s Whole Wheat Pretzels 

Chef Meg's Hummus Pretzel Dipping Sauce

Chef Meg's Prosciutto Lettuce Bites

Chef Meg's Chicken Philly Cheese 

Chef Meg's Mini Taco Cups

Coach Nicole's Fresh Guacamole

15 minute Black Bean and Corn Salsa 

Easy Oriental Teriyaki Meatballs

Baked Chicken Egg Rolls: Un-Chained Recipe Contest

Honey-Mustard Chicken Wings

Yummy Baked Onion Dip

Chef Meg's Not-Fried Shrimp with Japanese Cocktail Sauce

Chef Meg's Super Speedy Sausage Rolls

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What will you eat during the Super Bowl? What is your favorite party recipe?

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  • 12
    Check out, Chef Meg's Grilled Zucchini with Feta and Pesto, on SparkRecipes for a great zucchini starter. - 2/3/2012   3:03:54 PM
  • 11
    I have the same question that ALICESAGE has.... what is that thing that looks like zucchini wrapped around something?

    And then I look further back in the photo and see something that looks like it was wrapped in bacon-

    Is this photo a true representation of these recipes or is it a stock photo that is working as a cruel teaser to my eyes??? - 2/3/2012   11:33:26 AM
  • 10
    These all look wonderful. Can't wait to try one or two or three. If not Sunday, maybe another special occasion to host a celebration. - 2/3/2012   11:30:16 AM
  • 9
    Not into Football, but I know lots of people are. - 2/2/2012   10:22:39 PM
    Great ideas! - 2/2/2012   11:30:01 AM
    A great recipe for a "Football field" inspired snack is to top a tasty bean dip with quacamole and low-fat mozzarrella cheese, then dip with (my personal favorite) Wasa cripsbread. I made a trial run already and I know it will be a big hit on Sunday. Anyone looking for more healthy snacking options, check out the Wasa Facebook page ( ) - 2/2/2012   11:02:13 AM
    I was looking at the recipes featured in the picture and was wondering where the recipe in the front row, second one over is? (Looks like something wrapped in zucchini or something) Maybe I skipped over the recipe and didn't realize it. - 2/2/2012   1:07:08 AM
  • 5
    Thanks for the healthier alternatives!!! - 2/1/2012   10:35:23 PM
  • 4
    I doubt I will even watch it not a fan of NFL football. - 2/1/2012   9:49:35 PM
  • 123ELAINE456
    These recipes sounds like they could be very tasty. Will have to try a couple to see how they are. They sounds great though. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. - 2/1/2012   6:51:55 PM
    looks great will give some of these recipes a try! - 2/1/2012   5:27:11 PM

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