Jawbone UP Now Syncs with SparkPeople


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6/9/2014 9:00 AM   :  30 comments   :  16,721 Views

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Jawbone UP, a popular activity and sleep tracker that wirelessly tracks your distance, steps, calories burned and more.

Sync Your Jawbone UP to Your SparkPeople Account
Many UP users have asked us how they can import all their data to SparkPeople. Now you can do exactly that—simply and wirelessly! If you have an UP that you want to connect to SparkPeople, visit this page for instructions. This process takes just a couple minutes. Once you connect, we will automatically bring in your steps, calories burned, distance, exercise minutes, and sleep data from your UP to your SparkPeople account. It's that easy!

Purchasing a Jawbone UP Helps SparkPeople
If you don't have an UP, you can learn more about the product and purchase one from amazon.com using this affiliate link and SparkPeople will earn a small percentage of the sales.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality! For a complete list of trackers that integrate with SparkPeople (including the Spark Activity Tracker and Fitbit), click here. You can disconnect or add trackers at any time by clicking the "Connected Devices" link at the bottom of your Fitness Tracker page.
We plan to integrate with more fitness devices and apps soon, so stay tuned for future announcements!
Do you use a fitness tracker or app that you'd love to connect with SparkPeople? Tell us about it below!

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  • 30
    I don't understand why the UP would work but the MOVE doesn't. They use the same Jawbone app. - 3/28/2015   10:54:40 PM
    I have the Up Move and it doesn't seem to sync with SP.
    - 2/26/2015   12:43:27 PM
  • 28
    My UP24 was synced and doing well but has suddenly stopped syncing to the Sparkpeople site. It was fine until 7pm EST yesterday. I even disconnected it and reconnected with the UP link on Sparkpeople with no luck. Hoping it fixes itself soon. The UP24 is still working everywhere else...just not here =( - 2/15/2015   8:54:17 PM
  • JRINGO2006
    I have the Jawbone UP 24 and it won't connect. Hope they will soon.
    - 2/13/2015   11:11:46 AM
  • 26
    Another vote for Garmin Vivofit! - 1/19/2015   2:57:08 PM
  • 25
    Garmin Vivofit would be great! - 1/7/2015   7:53:08 PM
    Garmin vivofit,please - 12/16/2014   11:29:04 AM
  • 23
    Now that Jawbone Up is compatible, does that mean the Jawbone UP 24 will also sync with Sparkpeople? - 8/31/2014   1:09:10 PM
  • 22
    I know there are so many devices out there, I just wish all of them could connect to spark! Personally, I would like to see some of the Polar products out there be able to connect. I use a Polar HR monitor and would also love it if their activity tracker the Polar Loop could connect to Spark! - 8/6/2014   11:02:19 PM
  • 21
    SPAT - 8/3/2014   11:08:41 PM
  • GOTHIC69
    I use a garmin swim to track my laps and would love for that data to sync. The tracker is not waterproof so I can't track my aquatic fitness class or kicking laps (the garmin only works on laps) I have to enter mannualy the time I participate in these activities. - 8/3/2014   3:04:07 PM
  • 19
    Would love for my mileage from RunKeeper to sync. But also looking to invest in a Garmin VivoFit someday! - 7/27/2014   12:59:55 PM
  • 18
    I, too, use the Spark Activity Tracker .... It works perfectly, I love my S.P.A.T.

    It would be great if it came is more stylish colors (lime green, orange, red, blue, leopard print) or a nice holder for it. - 7/18/2014   3:37:31 PM
  • 17
    Amazing site. Never boring, might finally have success. Thank you. - 7/17/2014   12:04:29 PM
  • 16
    I'd like to see the Garmin Vivofit integrate with Sparkpeople. - 6/29/2014   8:01:19 PM
    I had an UP and it worked for about three months and then - nothing. Amazon.com credited my account and all was well, but I was really disappointed with the performance of the UP.

    I go to Weight Watchers and use their ActiveLink. Will that be one of the items that will work with Spark in the future? - 6/11/2014   10:56:14 AM
    My spark people account is linked with my up but it's not showing any information...is anyone else having this problem? - 6/10/2014   8:29:19 PM
  • 13
    I currently have the SPAT, which I love. However, the uploading data can be a challenge at times. So happy to see this. Happy Sparker! - 6/10/2014   12:38:03 PM
  • 12
    I love the idea of this product and went looking at purchasing them. When I looked at the reviews though at Amazon, the jawbone I looked at had horrible reviews. Not sure what to think about it now. - 6/10/2014   8:38:11 AM
  • 11
    I use ActiveLink from Weight Watchers. It would be nice if that would link up to SparkPeople. - 6/9/2014   10:23:26 PM
  • 10
    I use the Spark Activity Tracker .... It works perfectly , I love my S.P.A.T ! - 6/9/2014   4:16:36 PM
  • 9
    My fit bit sync's perfectly. I sync it to fitbit first and then sp and it has never been off. - 6/9/2014   3:24:37 PM
  • 8
    I'm in the process of buying Nike fuel band se and it would be great to have it connected with sp. - 6/9/2014   2:09:23 PM
  • 7
    getting a tracker for my birthday but i'm not sure which one????? - 6/9/2014   12:24:38 PM
  • 6
    FITBIT ONE. Does that sync with SP? - 6/9/2014   12:11:17 PM
  • 5
    Got a fitbit flex, but I don't sync with SparkPeople. I've read too many stories of difficulties with calorie and mileage transfers, so I use the fitbit dashboard to get total mileage for a day and manually enter that into SparkPeople. - 6/9/2014   11:08:19 AM
  • 4
    I use Accupedo to track my steps. It's an Android app which I would love to see sync with Sparkpeople. - 6/9/2014   9:06:18 AM
  • 3
    I currently have the SPAT and fitbit zip. Love them both. - 6/9/2014   8:40:03 AM
  • 2
    It would be great if there was a device that tracked how many calories you ate also without having to actually track them! - 6/9/2014   8:27:10 AM
  • 1
    I use Map My Ride for tracking both walking and cycling. It would be very nice to link to this app. - 6/9/2014   7:00:44 AM

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