Inspirational Video: Running Down 120 Pounds


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Just when I was racking my brain for a new blog topic yesterday, one found me. SparkPeople member LIQUID11 contacted me to share a YouTube video that he said was "the most inspirational story ever."

Okay. I'm listening.

In the homemade video, a regular guy named Ben shares his struggle with increasing weight, depression, and a moment of clarity: deciding to change his life. I don't want to say too much more about it here. Just go ahead and watch it.

If you have trouble viewing the embedded video player below, watch it on YouTube.

Ben's video is more than a rah-rah story that makes you feel like you can do it, too. It also shows how there's more to exercise than burning calories and there's more to weight loss than simply looking better, landing a date, or donning a two piece. What a powerful way to help others "get" these concepts—ideas which often take a long time to discover on your own, no matter how far along you are in your own weight loss journey. So let's thank Ben for sharing his amazing story and congratulate him on running down his dreams.

There are 1,000 reasons to set big goals, lose weight, and commit to fitness. What are yours?

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  • 321
    Thank you for sharing! Your video moved me to tears and made me realize that we all have to start somewhere and it also caused me to stop feeling sorry for myself and keep moving. You are such an inspiration and it was nice to see that you had a great support system. After watching your video, I will try harder to be better. Be Blessed! - 4/1/2013   1:47:46 PM
  • 320
    Thank you so much for posting this. I was crying at the end of it...very inspirational and good to see you happy now Ben :) - 5/30/2012   10:37:51 AM
    I typed in inspirational running videos because, I want to do a marathon, and I found this page. I also found 2 more videos to get you off your butt. Enjoy!
    Run with Noah
    Running for My Existence
    Both on YouTube - 12/11/2011   9:41:04 PM
  • 318
    I have watched this video several times for inspiration. WTG.. Donna - 8/9/2011   5:56:28 AM
  • 317
    This was a wonderful and inspirational video! It would be hard not to be affected by it. I, too, am glad you are happy! Enjoy your life! - 4/6/2011   1:22:14 AM
    This was a great video! I found myself crying as he wrote the distances he was running. It is SO amazing what the human body can do once the head gets out of the way. - 4/1/2011   10:28:29 AM
  • 315
    You are such an inspiration. Awesome blog. - 4/1/2011   10:03:38 AM
  • 314
    Just plain WOW!
    Great job! - 3/19/2011   6:51:31 PM
  • 313
    Wow, what an inspiration and an outstanding young man. - 2/6/2011   2:48:51 PM
  • 312
    I should have had the kleenex handy.....THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! I am so happy for Ben! - 2/1/2011   11:12:57 PM
  • 311
    Ben is the son of one of my daughter's teachers. He is coming to their high school to give a 3 hour talk next week. I AM SO EXCITED. This is an AWESOME family, and are such inspirations!! - 1/24/2011   2:12:45 PM
  • 310
    What an insparational video! I was crying when I saw you cross the finish line with your father and brother. You give me hope that I too can run that first 5K without stopping to walk. Good luck in your life. - 1/8/2011   6:53:21 PM
    Ben, that was such an inspirational video. The song you chose fit it so perfectly. What an amazing journey you've had! - 10/28/2010   3:10:43 PM
  • 308
    Ben, that was simply amazing... and ty for making me cry .. lol - 10/16/2010   5:48:42 PM
  • 307
    Second time I have seen this. Still brings tears to my eyes. Way to go Ben. I'm glad your happy. You deserve it. - 10/14/2010   4:25:41 AM
    What an amazing video. I will use this everyday that I lack motivation to do what I plan to advance towards my goals. Running meant the world to me in the 80's and 90's. Kept me physically and mentally fit. Suffered an injury, and never got back to running. Now 80 #'s heavier, I have begun running again. Not as much fun as I remember, but I will get there one step at a time. Thanks for this video. - 10/13/2010   5:31:31 PM
  • 305
    OMG I loved this sooooo much :) I had tears. What an awesome story! - 10/10/2010   8:23:44 AM
  • 304
    I loved it and he is right if you want to do it JUST DO IT. - 10/8/2010   9:11:42 AM
  • 303
    I am crying! It was so inspirational. - 10/7/2010   5:17:06 AM
  • 302
    Wow what a story. Brought tears to my eyes. Ben you are an inspiration to all of us. Love and hugs.... - 10/6/2010   9:43:52 PM
  • 301
    Incredible! Thanks so much for sharing this. I will watch it in times of need...does anyone know the title/artist of the background music? - 10/6/2010   12:40:21 PM
  • 299
    A beautiful, touching, and well done inspirational clip. The hugs and smiles at the finish line are a perfect end. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey. Kudos to you, Ben! - 9/28/2010   4:20:36 AM
  • 298
    Thanks for posting this, VERY Inspirational!!! - 9/27/2010   6:37:52 PM
    wow, what a guy. love it - 9/27/2010   2:59:33 PM
  • 296
    What a wonderful, inspirational story. Go Ben!!!!!! - 9/27/2010   2:18:58 PM
  • 295
    WOW - this one deserves TWO WOWs!! - 9/27/2010   2:09:51 PM
  • 294
    You rock Ben!!! Way to go and thank you for sharing! Never give up. - 9/27/2010   2:08:18 PM
  • 293
    WOW - 9/27/2010   2:03:51 PM
    You are simply an amazing inspiration to us all! Tears are now rolling down my face in awe of your journey! - 9/27/2010   9:46:43 AM
  • 291
    WOW! I had a lump in my throat watching it!! - 9/26/2010   10:03:11 PM
  • 290
    Ben, you have truly inspired me to lose the 50 pounds that I need to. Thank you so much for posting your video. Blessings to you! - 9/26/2010   9:48:39 PM
    Nice - 9/26/2010   2:15:54 PM
    It was a great video showing that you can accomplish what you want if you want it bad enough. Thanks for sharing. - 9/26/2010   1:44:44 PM
  • 287
    Awesome thank you so much for sharing!!! Very inspirational, and joined others with the tears. I think this is so real for many of us and at times we feel that we are alone, yet this video shows we aren't alone and if you keep at it, changes will happen. I was going to take the day off from working out because I'm feeling lazy, but I think I've just been inspired to do my scheduled workout and more today! - 9/26/2010   9:49:42 AM
  • 286
    I am joining the good folks of Sparks who have tears, a smile and an inspired step to do it!! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey of yours. May you be blessed with good health; and it also looks like a new gal in your life too! Joy! Julia : ) - 9/25/2010   6:05:34 PM
  • 285
    Great video. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring us to keep on, keeping on. - 9/25/2010   4:56:52 PM
  • 284
    Amazing and inspirational! Thank you Ben for sharing your story. - 9/25/2010   4:29:13 PM
  • 283
    Pretty amazing. WTG Ben! - 9/25/2010   4:10:34 PM
    WOW!! This video brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing, very inspirational! - 9/25/2010   12:30:46 PM
    WOWZERS!! this is such a great clip. The music really spoke to me and it is very inspiring. It actually is making me think that I should 'just do it'!! I actually got goosebumps watching this and a few tears... Congrats to Ben! What a great model and inspiration for many of us! - 9/25/2010   11:04:16 AM
  • 280
    I love that at the end of the video he says all you have to do is DO IT! We are always telling our children that anything is possible, you just have to want it and go after it! So true, Ben and thank you Nicole and Liquid11 for sharing and posting this video! Just the right inspiration to start my day, I am going to share this with others.
    - 9/25/2010   8:26:05 AM
    Awesome - 9/24/2010   11:57:03 PM
  • 278
    All I can say is...........THANK YOU!
    Truly awesome! - 9/24/2010   10:59:14 PM
  • 277
    I love love love this. So inspirational! - 9/24/2010   9:58:45 PM
  • 276
    Extremely inspirational! - 9/24/2010   9:14:24 PM
  • 275
    Thank you. The warmth of your eyes and smile says it all. Congratulations. - 9/24/2010   8:45:26 PM
  • 274
    I just can't stop watching. Thanks again for posting this incredible story. I'm trying to share the link to this article to everyone I can think of. - 9/24/2010   8:27:59 PM
  • TRACYT236
    You are so inspirational!!! After seeing your video, I am going to put more effort into running. I ran some today and ran over a half mile straight which is the most I have ever ran at a time. I just took it slow and steady. Thank you for sharing your story! - 9/24/2010   7:05:34 PM
    I m inspired and hopefull .
    Thank you - 9/24/2010   5:24:53 PM

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