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I don't know about you, but I'm avoiding the crowds and lying low today. After a lovely, much-needed yoga session (both the larger-than-usual meal and the 10K I ran yesterday morning left me sore and ready to move), I'm hanging around the house, reading and spending time with friends and family.

If you're doing the same, take some time and read these stories: Soothing Stretches to Ease Digestion

"With Thanksgiving coming up, I'm sure many of you are looking forward to chowing down on some delicious foods. Most of us end up eating way more than usual, and since many of the dishes may be richer or sweeter than you're used to, it can cause some major discomfort in the tummy department. Here are some gentle stretches you can do to ease digestion."

10 Reasons to Overeat

"These hilarious quips come from The Art of Overeating - a hilarious book from psychologist Leslie Landis. The book takes reverse psychology to a new level. Instead of berating us to eat less we get advice like:
Be a good guest and offer to do the dishes. Alone. This way, you can lick each plate clean. If anyone catches you, say you are trying to be eco-conscious and save water.

A good laugh as we enter the season of gluttony..."

The Foods That Made America Fat

"In 1961 Americans consumed 2883 calories per person. By 2000 this had increased to 3817. Combine this with a decrease in physical activity and it's a no-brainer; in the space of 40 years people got fatter. Not only that - they also got sicker.

What foods made up this 935 calorie increase and what effect might those foods have had on overall health?

Are we eating a lot more animal-based protein? Red meat? Or is it the increase of saturated fats that have made us sicker?

The answers to these questions present a stunning contrast to traditional dietary dogma."

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe Round-Up

"Here are a few leftovers recipes that I shared last year…

This year, I thought I’d share some Thanksgiving leftovers recipes from friends around the blogosphere!"

Turkey Talk

"Last year, my hubby and I were on our own, so we went out for our turkey dinner. We thought that surely we’d come out ahead because we didn’t have leftovers from a bountiful feast tempting us for the entire day. Enter a four-course deluxe and delicious meal, and we waddled out of the restaurant miserable. This year I vow to wear my FBG pride a little more prominently upon my sleeve with these four tips."

The Flu Fighters—in Your Food

"While many people are still waiting for swine-flu vaccine to become available in their area, there is a lot they can do in their own kitchens to help fight off disease and build a strong immune system.

Scientists in the growing field of nutritional immunology are unveiling new evidence of the complex role that nutrition plays in fighting off infectious diseases like influenza. A diet rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, found in colorful fruits and vegetables, and zinc, found in seafood, nuts and whole grains, can provide the critical fuel the body needs to fight off disease, heal injuries, and survive illness when it does strike, experts say."

5 biggest Thanksgiving food myths debunked

"Does turkey make you sleepy? Should you use plastic pop-up thermometers? Is fresh pumpkin better than canned? Find out the answer as Bon Appétit dispels the biggest holiday food misconceptions."

Healthy Carrot Soufflé

"When my sister moved to Georgia a few years ago, I had the chance to spend Thanksgiving with her. Amongst all the dishes on the table was a Southern staple that I thought about for months after coming home — brown sugar and maple glazed carrots. I wanted to make this dish at my own Thanksgiving dinner this year, but was shocked to find out how much sugar and butter the recipe calls for. I decided to try and make my own healthy alternative to the dish and I think you'll be happy with the results."

Healthy and Scrumptious Thanksgiving Menu from the Biggest Loser Nutritionist

"I have received so many requests for this that we decided to upload an absolutely delicious feast of holiday recipes for you and your family. I prepared this menu with the BL contestants just a couple weeks ago while visiting the Ranch (and planning ahead for Thanksgiving!). The best part of all is that it contains no guilt!"

Now that I've enjoyed a bit of time vegetating on the couch, I'm off to be productive. I have friends coming over later for a welcome-home party for a friend who has been traveling the world since Jan. 1. How are you spending this post-holiday day? Did you work out or take a day of rest?

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I celebrate "Make Something Day" on the Friday after Thanksgiving (the positive spin on 'Buy Nothing Day') - and extended it to the entire weekend. :^) Report
I may just HAVE to find that book. It looks like so much fun! Report
I went shopping on Saturday and Sunday at 2 different malls. People were out en force, but I didn't find it to be too crazy. I picked up a few bargains, but I was shocked at the cost of some of the full-price items that were "on sale" for 40%, 50%, etc. off. Definitely some pre-sale mark-ups happening! Let's just say that there were plenty of people out there spending money this weekend. Vive le economie! Report
I did quite a bit of shopping this weekend as well as got all the Christmas decorations put up. Now it's Sunday night and I'm in need of a weekend. LOL I wouldn't know what to do with myself if there wasn't something that needed done. Report
I really enjoyed this blog. Sometimes, I just want to read something fun, and this was it tonight! Report
I've actually been working out everyday including Thanksgiving! Although I didn't have the meal at my house, I did have some minor surgery on my face on Tuesday (from a skin cancer removal) so I wasn't at my normal workout capacity for a few days but I had the greatest spin class today! My kids were home from college so that was fun too. Report
I knew a young woman who spent a year traveling the world as her mother worked for an airline. She spent $900 as she met and stayed with people everywhere, encluding 2 months on a Yacht off Italy that was owned by a German industrialist, who was seldom there but kept a crew. Report
I'm still reading many of the articles, but had to comment on the carrots. I was born and raised in Georgia by a Georgia native. I've never been to a Thanksgiving meal where carrots were served - sweet potatoes and butternut squash, yes, but carrots, no. And Maple Syrup? That is definitely not southern. In the south, you're more likely to use molasses or sorghum syrup. Report
The Bon Appetit article quoted Alton Brown, my culinary hero! :) Fun! Report
Okay, that article on the Art of Overeating was funny !

What have I been doing with myself ? I've been out searching for those great holiday bargains. So, where are they ? I'll tell you, the stores definitely have cut back on their stock. There really is less to choose from this year. However, I did find some great deals at Macys !! I bought my first Christmas gift of the season. WOO HOO !!!

Other than that, I plan a low key weekend.
Trolling the web for the foodie facts we need to know! Thanks again, Stepfanie! My fave - or most useful tidbit, really - was from the Bon Appétit article. So that's why I've had such lousy luck with pop-up poultry thermometers! I'll go the conventional-thermometer route next time... Report
Sorry to say I ate too much. But it was the only meal for the day except for a very small piece of sweet potato pie late in the evening. Yesterday I relaxed most of the day. Today I have some shopping to do. Hope it was a nice thanksgiving for everyone Report
Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. It seems there is too much of an emphasis on eating and not enough on giving thanks. My husband and I worked out at the gym before our thanksgiving dinner, and then took a 2+ hour bike ride yesterday in the gorgeous Colorado weather (almost 70 degrees in November - WOW!). We're heading off to the gym again today. Report
Wow, Kitt, you did great! I only got in a little strength training and I definitely overdid it on eating, so I was glad to see the link for stretching exercises that help with digestion. I'm going to try those right now! Report
I workedout both days , got a walk in on thanksgiving and even rode my bike for an extra work out Thanksgiving evening.....yahooooo I'm thankful I have the energy to do health is the most important thing Report
I done really well this Thanksgiving... in fact I can proudly say that for the first time ever I lost 1.8 pounds over this holiday..... and it is all thanks to spark people for educating me... thank you for this article... Report
I enjoyed the article and the links- what is FBG pride? Report
I live in Canada so our Thanksgiving happens in early October. This makes it much easier to stick with a healthy eating plan in the winter time. In October the weather is still nice enough to get outside for a long walk or a game of touch football avter indulging in turkey with the trimmings. Report
No thanksgiving in the EU, but I'm relating ... Congrats to allthose who choose wise and had a blast Report
For probably the first time ever, I enjoyed Thanksgiving wisely and not too well! I promised myself a day of sensible indulgence, enjoyed every minute of it, and am back on track with a good workout today and thorough nutritional tracking. I have one more pound to lose to get back to a healthy BMI, and I refuse to let a one-day holiday take me completely off track! Report
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