In the News: Peanut Butter Recall Spreads Again


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I really wish I had better news for you. This is the third time I've posted about the peanut butter recall. That poor, protein-packed legume!

The peanut butter/paste recall has been expanded (yet again) to include products produced up to two years ago.

Keep checking those pantries and cupboards! Eight deaths are being attributed to Salmonella linked to peanut butter products.

Some helpful links:
Searchable database for recalled products

Peanut products that are SAFE to eat

Have you changed your eating habits since the peanut butter recall started? Have you switched to another nut butter?

Reminder: Don't just trash your tainted foods. Return them to the store or contact the manufacturer to get your money back.

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  • 39
    who seriously still has food on their shelves that was produced/bought two years ago? Even if you DID get sick two years ago - there is no way you could backtrack/remember waht you had eaten the day before... seems like a waste of time and fear mongering to me. - 9/5/2009   9:28:43 PM
  • 38
    I was really sad when I heard about the scare. I love peanut butter and after looking at the recall; I had no idea that so many products had peanuts in them. Well, at this time I am not purchasing any products. - 2/8/2009   1:58:43 PM
  • 37
    I may print this list as a resource at school. It was good to reconfirm my Skippy, that's part of my daily routine - a T of the reduced fat w/ an apple! I had emailed the company two weeks ago and they said their supplier was not the one in question. - 2/3/2009   11:07:26 PM
    Thanks for letting me know about the Skippy! - 2/3/2009   7:46:43 PM
  • 35
    I agree that you should return the product. If they profit off the tainted food, what is to prevent them from letting tainted food get through again. There should be no reward for risking the health of so many people. - 2/3/2009   7:42:38 PM
  • 34
    We had a pre-recorded message from Shoprite today that their records indicated our having purchased Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. We were asked to bring it back for a refund due to the recall although, there has been no incidents. We finished eating the cookies long ago!!! We are both doing well and here to tell the story - hehehe! Sometimes, there is way too much ado over nothing!

    I used to work for CCE, the bottler until my disability in 2004. There is no way anything can get inside the soda can ~ only because its never exposed to air, people, etc. I have seen how a bottle and can is bottled. Everything is in a sealed container. Only thing I can think of is something on top of the can that may have fallen into the can while opening it. Mommagoose, sorry your son had to drink the debris and fall ill. Coke does conduct a lot of tours of their bottling factory - you can perhaps take your son and see for yourself. It can be an educational and fun trip! I remember in NY where I worked, a lot of schools brought their students. - 2/3/2009   6:47:10 PM
  • 33
    It is very frustrating that our government has not seen the error of their ways. The FDA allows a certain percentage of "foreign debris" in our packaged foods. Speaking from first hand experience. About 15 years ago my son was drinking a canned Cocoa Cola Classic and all of a sudden started gagging. He of course spit it out and their was a piece of something in with the soda. He began throwing up. After I calmed him down, went back to clean up and decided to save the thing he spit out(It was a pretty big piece). I knew it had come from the can of soda so I poured the remainder from the can into a strainer and there was another "something" in it. I immediately called the 1-800 number on the can. Not satisfied with their response I called the FDA. I was very angry to learn that manufacturers are allowed to have a percentage (don't remember the exact %) of unknown substance. I tried to the best of my limited budget to bring this to the attention of my local politicians who woulnd't touch it with a 10 ft. pole. Neither would the local news networks. I did have it analyzed at a lab and was told it was probably rodent fur. Contacted Coke again and (not kidding) they sent 2 men dressed in dark suits with dark sunglasses to my home. They wanted the foreign matter and offered me a bunch of coupons for free Coke products. They said since my son did not get really ill they did not need to do anything but thought as a goodwill gesture they would give us the coupons. I wish I could have afforded to bring a suit against them just to bring it to the publics attention.

    Well the point of this is I try very hard not to purchse things in cans & colored bottles. I began preparing my own preserves, sauces, and things like that. At least when you buy fresh you can wash the food and feel reasonably sure it is safe to consume. The old saying "Buyer Beware" is oh so true! - 2/3/2009   1:55:38 PM
  • 32
    Yes I have my husband love to eat aspoon on peanut butter in the morning before he goes and works out, but as soon as i heard about the recall went home and threw out a new jar,
    better safe then sorry, and i even told my daughter if you want school lunch
    never get a peaunt butter and jelly sandwich. - 2/3/2009   11:15:52 AM
  • 31
    I've been buying store-made peanut butter for a while now ... not only do they make it there in front of you, it has no additives and tastes great! Problem solved. - 2/3/2009   7:20:14 AM
  • 30
    I wonder if the foods that are now listed as "safe" will not be after all. - 2/3/2009   7:15:20 AM
  • 29
    We get our peanut butter from a store where you can turn a handle and it grinds the peanuts right there for you. We used to have our own little (electric) machine but something broke on it. However, one never knows where the peanuts come from, do they? So far so good. We also eat almond butter which is even better for you! - 2/3/2009   2:23:24 AM
  • 28
    I tossed out all the boxes that i had of the keebler peanut butter on crackers. The code on our peanut butter is not one of those recalled. So, no change but wwe have checked. - 2/2/2009   7:28:16 PM
  • 27
    Why aren't the stores refunding the money for recalled peanut butter? I diasgree with US, the customers, having to foot the bill for someone else's mistake. - 2/2/2009   5:14:55 PM
  • 26
    Yup. The ripple effects are now crossing the border. Canada now has a list of PB and products that are questionable. Fortunately, so far my favorite PB has not been on the list. - 2/2/2009   5:05:50 PM
    Oh, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez: if it is not the allergy nazis, it is something like this slamming my beloved PB!!!! - 2/2/2009   4:48:44 PM
  • 24
    thanks for the link. i got salmonella during the last outbreak. NOT something I ever want to experience again. - 2/2/2009   4:32:47 PM
  • 23
    This was cool because I had several jars of PB and things containing peanut butter. I put the UPC codes in and found none of them were affected. - 2/2/2009   4:05:46 PM
  • 22
    Just yesterday, while at WalMart I tried to purchase the Zone Perfect chocolate peanut butter protein bars, and the register alerted the cashier that they'd been recalled. Why is this stuff still on the shelves if it's been recalled?? It's made me a bit paranoid. If they recall PeterPan, we will be in big trouble since we have about 3 jars of it! - 2/2/2009   2:48:16 PM
  • 21
    BABYMAKESFIVE -- skippy brand is safe.. so don't worry about that one :)

    Yes, it is a little sad when something like this happens... Just be careful when buying products... I mean a while back ago is tomatoes now it's peanut butter.. before you know it, there's something else that would be recalled as well.. *sigh* - 2/2/2009   1:37:33 PM
    Just got a call from Schwan's (the ice cream delivery company) this morning letting me know about an ice cream I purchased many months ago. My kids consumed it within two weeks and suffered no ill effects, but I was pleased that the company made the effort to contact its customers directly to alert them to a possible problem with a food item we had purchased.

    I watch the recall lists and pay attention to articles such as this. So far we've not had to discard any peanut butter products nor have we gotten sick. - 2/2/2009   1:20:44 PM
    I don't see Skippy Natural PB on either site, and I can't find anything out on the I missing something? - 2/2/2009   1:13:07 PM
  • 18
    I signed up for email alerts from the FDA. It's pretty depressing, but better to be safe. I don't think dogs can get salmonella, but people can get it by handling the contaminated products. I was worried about my Trios bars made in China. They're safer than products made in the US. I worked at a turkey processing plant when I was in college. There were two different lines for products shipped to the US and those shipped to Europe. You wouldn't believe the difference. The stuff that was shipped to Europe had numerous safeguards, but not the US products. Capitalism has run amok in this country and it gets worse each year. We don't have many safeguards and what we do have is not enforced because it affects profits. In China, those responsible for the infant formula debacle got the death penalty. Here, we'd be lucky if they got a big fine. - 2/2/2009   1:00:14 PM
  • 17
    If I have had my peanut butter product for two years (opened and eaten) and it hasn't gotten me sick yet, why in Hades should it be tossed? I guess I can see someone buying a peanut butter product two years ago and never opening it, but... it does seem hard to believe. - 2/2/2009   12:52:31 PM
  • 16
    Two years ago?!? Wow... - 2/2/2009   12:49:53 PM
    Why is it people have to get sick or die before companies withdraw the food that is making us sick? We should have higher standards to prevent this. People trust that when they buy ANY food that it is safe. - 2/2/2009   12:39:43 PM
    Some of the "natural" items I found on the FDA's list:

    Trader Joe's - Sliced Green Apples With All Natural Peanut Butter
    All-Natural Appalachian Trail Mix
    Arico Natural Foods Company Peanut Butter Cookies

    It just goes to show you even when you might be paying more for what you think of as higher quality food, it actually all comes from the same plant in (fill in any state that manufacturers food).

    - 2/2/2009   12:32:10 PM
  • 13
    So far none of the products I have purchased have been on the recalled list so I haven't changed any of my eating habits. But I do keep watching for stories that the lists have been updated so I check again. - 2/2/2009   12:29:38 PM
    Rylorien - I'd be careful - a lot of peanut butter products labeled "Natural" have been recalled..."Natural" is not a regulated term and it is often misused. Check out the list. However, your definition of natural may be different, if so, I apologize.

    :) - 2/2/2009   12:27:51 PM
  • 11
    Thanks i checked all my stuff and i am safe so far.. I am very scared to eat any peanut butter ..I give it to me dogs and i will not even do that.. i do not want to make my dogs sick!!! - 2/2/2009   12:27:40 PM
    Cutting corners and greed are to blame for a lot of problems facing America. We need to strive for and insist on honesty and high standards throughout life, but in areas that effect our safety, health or economy especially. - 2/2/2009   12:07:22 PM
  • 9
    This is ridiculous. I'm with DOCBUTTERFLY on this one. They know this food is contaminated and big companies just don't care about us. It's really sad and frightening. - 2/2/2009   12:05:42 PM
    No wonder i been feeling sick!!!! Gaaah i looked on a safe list i found and i didnt see americas choice.

    - 2/2/2009   12:03:35 PM
  • 7
    This is just stupid. They knew about the bad product and did nothing about it. I hope that someone takes action - 2/2/2009   11:51:03 AM
    We buy natural peanut butter, which should mean we're safe. But I decided to err on the side of caution and got the stuff from the health food store where you grind your own peanut butter. My husband complains that it's not as creamy as the commercial natural peanut butters but he still eats it. My step son loves the Fiber One bars, kind of worried if they'll make the list. - 2/2/2009   11:49:39 AM
  • CAROL_
    So far Jif, Skippy, Peter Pan and Reese's have remained on the safe list. This time around, at least. - 2/2/2009   11:40:40 AM
  • 4
    I got away from eating a lot of bars when I started losing weight. Now all my nut butters come from jars, so they're all safe. - 2/2/2009   11:34:10 AM
  • 3
    Trashed my Clif Bars this weekend. - 2/2/2009   11:22:31 AM
  • 2
    Feeling good about the products I buy, so far Adam's peanut butter and Kraft's products have not shown up. The only thing better than Adam's peanut butter is making it myself! - 2/2/2009   11:10:08 AM
  • 1
    Don't forget Clif Bars... they have ALSO been recalled. (I don't see them on the list either) - 2/2/2009   11:01:10 AM

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