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11/14/2008 6:09 PM   :  71 comments

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This just makes me sad. And angry. And confused.
The cast of "Gossip Girl" has oft been criticized for being too thin. Now, 21-year-old co-star Blake Lively says that she felt her healthiest when she was playing a bulimic beauty queen.
As the audience for her popular show is teen girls and young adult women, what kind of message does this send?

Lively, who is already quite thin, shed "serious" weight by eating only grilled chicken and asparagus and broccoli. When we talked about this in the office, our resident nutrition expert Tanya said, "That's a healthy meal, but not a healthy lifestyle." Could you imagine eating nothing but that? Bo-ring!

She told W Magazine:
Lively shed serious weight from her “five nine and three-quarters” frame for Elvis and Anabelle. “I play a beauty queen who died of bulimia,” she says. “But beauty queens are still very toned. So I lost weight, but I got toned. It was the healthiest I’ve ever been. I just made chicken breasts from Whole Foods on a George Foreman Grill, with asparagus and broccoli.” Not an easy task for someone who describes food as “the No. 1 love of my life.”

Last time I checked, bulimic beauty queens were the opposite of health. What were you thinking, Blake?

I'm tired of anorexic starlets. How about you? Is there a celebrity whose body type you do think is healthy?

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  • 71
    Even a normal weight celebrity gets airbrushed. The young girl from the Office is on a cover of a magazine in a bikini and she looks thinner than she seems on the show and they really airbrushed her. - 10/20/2009   6:37:07 PM
  • 70
    So tired of and bored with stories of clebrities and thier diets. - 7/17/2009   7:56:39 PM
  • 69
    Catherine Zeta Jones...curvy and toned! - 7/15/2009   12:53:50 PM
    definitely sandra bullock (kudos to her), but a new one for me,kate winslet, is probably my fave. i don't keep up on the celebrity gossip or anything like that (trying to fill my head with intelligent stuff all i possibly can), but as far as being natural and a realistic person, i like her. thanks to her, i really like the movie "The Holiday", because the things she's going through in that movie could apply to anybody and i feel a bit of a kinship with her feelings and stuff. She really looked healthy and just normal, you could've met her anywhere, and i like people who can do that.

    (on the male side, even with his scruff lately, Jesse Spencer--my fave ever-so-adorable import--would be a good comparison. he's got confidence, is multi-talented, and constantly out and about playing ball and doing fun things, not being a glory-hound.)

    Okay, digressing a bit, but for short, I like the celebs that look like somebody you could hang out with for a day or just talk to, the ones that seem like real people you could connect with, even for a short time. Thanks to the gossip rags and stuff, celebs have to be torn to shreds before they are finally accessible to the general public. otherwise they're on pedestals. the healthiest bunch (overall health--mental and physical) seem to be the most approachable ones, and don't buy into the hollywood machine. They're themselves, and more power to them. - 4/22/2009   1:05:53 PM
  • 67
    I agree with the others who said her comments were taken out of context.

    "So I lost weight, but I got toned. It was the healthiest I’ve ever been."....I think she is referring here to losing weight and getting toned...not playing a bulimic.

    I read a quote by Sandra Bullock one time where she said she would never starve herself just to fit into a certain size jean....I thought that was a pretty bold statement given the uphill battle in Hollywood to fit into a certain mold....good for her! - 4/16/2009   11:22:45 AM
  • 66
    I think Christina Hendricks from Mad Men has a healthy body type. I always look at comedians, both male and female, because they rarely do anything to change their body type (Joe Piscapo and Rosanne Barr excepted and look what happened to their careers). - 12/4/2008   10:11:53 AM
  • 65
    What an inresponsible thing to say. Best examples of people in the public eye and health are the pro-dancers on Strictly and dancing with the stars, proper curves and very healthy and toned at the same time. - 11/25/2008   3:30:26 PM
  • 64
    No wondr my 18 year old sometimes has a negative image of herself! - 11/22/2008   4:14:00 AM
  • 63
    Not an actress but a singer/dancer that I think looks healthy is Shakira she still has a thickness to her and her ribs dont show from a mile away. - 11/19/2008   8:07:53 AM
  • 62
    I don't keep up with what celebritys are eating or doing, I have my own kids, life to worry about. - 11/18/2008   9:30:18 PM
    I'm old enough just to feel sad about this but not influenced. My heart goes out to our young people who are trying to create themselves and use unhealthy images as a guide. - 11/18/2008   4:56:45 PM
  • 60
    I agree with the author.....this kind of mentality absolutely sickens me. It just perpetuates and gives the wrong idea all the time. I have a cousin who is in to this stupid mentality hook, line and sinker. I remember her once telling me how fat she was and needed to go on a diet when she was about 5'6" and 115 lbs. - 11/18/2008   3:26:36 PM
  • 59
    There are so many beautiful people out there. Whether they are "skinny" or "normal" or even on the healthy side. These starlets are paid to be thin. That is what pays their bills. Yes, it's not healthy but if they are happy with themselves than more power to them. - 11/17/2008   6:45:00 PM
    I agree with PRETTYBLKGYRL. Smart lady. I'm not seeing the issue off of grilled chicken and veggies may not seem like your cup of tea or just plain unhealthy due to a severe lack of carbs or fat, but it is her body. And SHE wasn't the own sticking her finger down her throat in a bathroom stall.

    Sure, she's a celebrity and some girl may look up to her (then again, I've never even heard of this character), but what's stopping little girls everywhere from looking up to non-celebrity role models? We aren't following our kids to school and seeing what they see everyday? So why not lay off the celebrity gossip and focus on promoting some real positive messages? Attacking other people's personal choices isn't going to really solve anything.

    I've said it before. It all boils down to personal responsibility. And that includes education, good choices, and accountability of your own decisions. - 11/17/2008   2:33:02 PM
  • INFINITY1956
    I must have missed something in the article. It was my understanding that in her preparation to play the part she practice better eating habits, lost weight, and was very toned. She said she was and felt healthier than she has ever been. She did not [at least from my understanding] did not say bulemia was healthy or that she practice being bulemic and felt healthy.

    I also don't understand anyone blogging what the stars do or don't do to stay fit and healthy. Their live is full of PR. Many of them have bought their bodies in full or in parts. Its not important to our every day lives how what where or why they do what they do. Its important to work on ourselves for ourselves. To take a look at what we can do to improve our life as a whole which includes good health. As for teens its up to their families to provide them with good body images, healthy eating habits and the like. Just my opinon. - 11/17/2008   1:50:52 PM
    I would have to say it is a toss up Between Kate Winslet & Kate Beckingsale. they are both very goregous women & super talented.Kate W is very curvy and Kate B is very petite and toned for her frame. But that is just me. - 11/17/2008   10:13:14 AM
  • 55
    Cameron Diaz stays perpetually fit. She seems like the kind of girl who understands balance and moderation. (And obviously fab genetics! ;) - 11/17/2008   3:22:01 AM
  • 54
    Personally, I would kill to have America Ferrara's body. - 11/17/2008   1:20:03 AM
  • 53
    Catherine Zeta-Jones looks pretty healthy. She's "hollywood" slim yet curvy. She's gorgeous! - 11/16/2008   6:18:58 PM
  • 52
    I'm so glad we don't know what Adam & Eve's body measurements were when God created them! - 11/16/2008   2:54:00 PM
    Sara Ramirez! - 11/16/2008   2:03:54 PM
  • 50
    I think the actress was referring to eating more healthy foods and toning her body. I agree with all the names referred to as to healthy looking actresses. - 11/16/2008   1:27:58 PM
  • 49
    Renee O'Connor from Xena has been my role model for many years. She's my height and has always had a healthy, toned body. I'd never call her "skinny", but she's most certainly sexy. - 11/16/2008   11:29:50 AM
    I'm still trying to figure out why people look at actors and actors as role models. What about doctors, social workers, university professors, or other people who generally try to improve the world? - 11/16/2008   11:26:15 AM
  • 47
    While I agree that using the words "healthiest when I PLAYED a bulimic" were not the best choice, being she is a role model for so many..... I do think maybe it was taken out of context here. She admitts to loving ALL FOOD. So for a while she ate only chicken breast and aparagus and broccoli to lose weight to play this part. While doing so, she cleansed her body, so ofcourse she is going to feel healthy. When I started my new healthy life style, I felt wonderful! So much energy and weight was falling off. I felt my healthiest then as well. I was eating only chicken and fruits and vegetables for the most part as well. After eating junk food, greasy foods, chocolate, lots of sugar. So I do hope that what she ment was that eating healthy was what made her feel the healthiest. Not playing a bulimac. - 11/16/2008   8:07:50 AM
  • 46
    warped, indeed! - 11/16/2008   5:24:57 AM
  • 45
    I hope that Blake didn't mean how it sounded...

    Hillary Duff has always had a pretty healthy figure. For a recent photo of her and her sis go to:
    - 11/16/2008   12:15:44 AM
  • 44
    I think what she said was taken out of context.

    I have a feeling that she was talking about what she was eating, espeically since this article says that she loves food. I don't think it had to do with the role and the weight loss.

    Just my two cents. - 11/16/2008   12:05:45 AM
  • 43
    "There is a great deal of prejudice against fat people in the general public, but in Hollywood, there appears to be bias against normal sized people."--DLROSE51 (comment #41)

    DLROSE51, you are absolutely right. I'm studying to be an actress and at 213 pounds, being 5 feet-3 inches tall, I fear that I may never be able to get any work in acting, even with a degree. I am losing weight to be healthy, and personally I think that I can look damn good even now, but I hear young women in my classes complain all the time about how they need to lose 10 pounds, or five pounds, even when they're slim and gorgeous. Lively is a victim, as are many women, of this Hollywood mindset. I hope that we can change it, and I see so many women who are changing it, little by little, just like actresses like Helen Mirren (63) and Annette Bening (50) (two beautiful, healthy-looking women) are changing attitudes about age and beauty in the movies. - 11/15/2008   8:13:09 PM
  • 42
    She (like most young girls/women) needs some education in nutrition! - 11/15/2008   7:23:42 PM
  • 41
    IMHO, I think this girl is a victim, not a perpetrator of a unhealthy image. There is far more pressure on those in the public eye, well women in the public eye, anyway, to be thin. Look at how they vilified Kirstie Alley and Delta Burke, and before that Elizabeth Taylor, for gaining weight! These are stunning women and yet they were the objects of ridicule. One of the folks who commented on this blog stated that she (or he not sure which) didn’t think that a celebrity who was overweight would be criticized like Blake was being for being thin. Oh contraire! The media is merciless towards female celebrities who are overweight. This isn’t true of male celebrities however. The only male celebrity that I can recall being the brunt of a fat joke is the late Marlon Brando. Other plainly obese male celebrities are spared that. However, that is the same as with the general public, just to a lesser extent. I have heard men and other women, comment on a woman’s weight but not on a man’s weight who is even more overweight. I’ve have heard comments about how much weight a woman has put on and nothing is said about her husband who looks like he might be expecting triplets any minute!

    In a way, I feel sorry for these young celebrities. They are still unsure of who they are and there’s a great deal of pressure to look a certain way. There is a great deal of prejudice against fat people in the general public, but in Hollywood, there appears to be bias against normal sized people. Actors are judged nearly as much on their appearance as on their acting abilities and weight and age are two big obstacles in getting work. Hence the sometimes obsessive means to look young and thin.

    One positive trend I see in the industry is more Black and Hispanic women. Both these cultures have a much more realistic image of women. Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Sara Ramirez, and Eva Mendez were all mentioned more than once here. While Queen Latifah and Sara Ramirez are recognized as being attractive, Delta Burke was ridiculed and nearly fired for weighing less they either of them for her size!

    I highly doubt that Hollywood will change their warped image of beauty entirely in the immediate future. I think that rail thin with fake boobs will continue to be the Hollywood ideal for some time to come. However, I do hope that this trend will continue and little by little, there will be acceptance that beauty is not restricted exclusively to the ridiculously thin and that women of any color can be beautiful at a truly healthy weight. - 11/15/2008   2:54:41 PM
  • 40
    I read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16. My mother said that clothes sizes were a little different at that time, however, people's perception of what a healthy weight is has definitely changed.

    I agree that Queen Latifah and Drew Barrimore are definitely gorgeous. But don't forget Minnie Driver. She may have been considered a bit overweight in her role in "Phantom of the Opera," but I thought she looked awesome. - 11/15/2008   2:43:42 PM
  • 39
    I wonder who told her she was the healthiest she's ever been in her life. - 11/15/2008   2:29:19 PM
  • 38
    Drew Barrymore SHE IS BEAUTIFUL . - 11/15/2008   10:44:56 AM
  • 37
    I've always thought Drew Barrymore was gorgeous. I would love to have her body. Even when she lost weight, she didn't get down to some tiny ridiculous size. I also think Catherine Zeta Jones is gorgeous. She's defnitely got the curves going on. - 11/15/2008   10:30:09 AM
    In my opinion, Drew Barrymore is beautiful... she is a healthy weight... with...gasp!! curves!!! - 11/15/2008   9:50:50 AM
  • 35
    I love Sara Ramirez, the girl that plays Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to look exactly like her! - 11/15/2008   9:49:09 AM
    You think maybe there's a reason people get afraid of losing weight? Because they will then be attacked for having eating disorders and promoting unhealthy lifestyles. How much worse is chicken & broccoli than some of the repetitive meal plans on SP?

    People on-camera have different requirements for how they look. STOP COMPARING THE TWO. Let it go and worry about your own health. - 11/15/2008   8:03:32 AM
  • 33
    I agree with prettyblkgyrl. All she said she was the healthiest she has ever been and she was more referring to being toned. Her diet may have been boring but it was a healthy meal. We are all different and we may not go at something the same way but we can not take anger that we have for something and transfer it to something else. She probably ate that most of the time but I honestly doubt she ate that every day for every meal. We all exaggerate sometimes. I have not heard any stories of her falling out or purging. I think it was a comment that was missunderstood. - 11/15/2008   5:36:51 AM
    I agree with you. PRETTYBLKGRYL. The only other thing I will say is stars do the most outragous things to there boddies for a movie roll. That itself is not healthy. - 11/15/2008   5:11:36 AM
  • 31
    I don't understand the problem. She didn't say PLAYING that character made her feel healthy. She said the process she went through to prepare for the role made her feel healthier. She said she was toned - not frail & emaciated. & not once did she say she was actively practicing bulimia (in preparation for the role).

    I guess I look for real reasons to be outraged - like the economy. This "story" is a non-issue. Clearly a streeeeetch.... *YAWN* - 11/15/2008   3:12:30 AM
  • 30
    these celeb blogs are NOT helpful to me.... we have no idea what these celebs are doing to get the bodies that they have.. but they have a lot of time and money to shape themselves.......if i "go there", its really unhealthy for me and just makes me frustrated... - 11/15/2008   3:10:23 AM
  • 29
    I'll admit that I look up to Hollywood role models; my top two are Kate Winslet and Queen Latifah. They seem to exude such an air of confidence and self-esteem that I really admire. And, in case anyone hasn't noticed, the tabloids and fashion critics don't seem to have too much negative to say about them.

    I also love Jennifer Garner! She just seems to be so "real", the type of person that would treat you like a life-long friend 10 minutes after meeting. And, she's ok hanging on to the post-baby fat for a little while before getting back into the super-spy physique! I don't think I would ever want to meet her, though. What if I met her and she WASN'T my best friend instantly? I'd be devastated! LOL! - 11/15/2008   2:07:44 AM
  • 28
    I agree with SEPPIESUSAN.. unreal - 11/15/2008   1:32:24 AM
    Blake's character dies in the movie ... did that feel healthy? - 11/15/2008   1:20:48 AM
  • 26
    Grilled chicken, asparagus and broccoli is one of my fave healthy meals that makes me feel quite full and satisfied with happiness hours after. So I guess I don't find it weird that she could feel her healthiest when making that a daily habit. But, yes, I agree that Hollywood is the worst at promoting a distorted ideal for the female body.

    I think Beyonce looks healthy and vibrant in that "Single Ladies" video along with her other dancers. They all have ample meat on their bones, but look amazingly fit and beautiful. I also think Eva Mendez is gorgeous with her feminine lines without looking rail thin. - 11/15/2008   12:33:25 AM
  • 25
    When one of your best friends dies of anorexia at the age of 59, you stop and take note. - 11/14/2008   11:45:33 PM
  • 24
    She probably meant that what she was eating to lose weight was healthier and cleaner than what she usually eats - and it didn't come off right. Media loves to twist things to have the shocking headlines..I think Fergie has the best body and she's curvy too. - 11/14/2008   11:37:17 PM
  • SHERI1969
    Definitely not a good role model, but the sad part is some will follow her example. I don't think celebrities should be able to comment on diet, exercise and so on because they influence so many people, especially young people. I think they should refrain from any opinion about weight permanently. - 11/14/2008   11:30:17 PM
  • 22
    Oh, Tina Turner is so right on the money. She looks great and she's rocks the socks off of any 20-something artist prancing around today. Beyonce and Janet Jackson both look good too, although I am going to be generous and only suspect that they have all had some teeny amount of cosmetic surgery here and there throughout the years. Oddly enough I couldn't come up with one white actress that I thought looked good these days. Seems like there's a lot of stringy celebrities out there. - 11/14/2008   11:00:21 PM

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