In the News: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Weight Loss

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In the new US Weekly, Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off a slimmer physique. "18 pounds in 10 weeks," the cover boasts. She looks thinner and happier than her before pictures, and her trainer told the magazine that it wasn't a matter of wanting "to look good in that dress." However, her weight loss came after a barrage of negative publicity about her appearance.

Late last year, Jennifer Love Hewitt was a tabloid favorite after the paparazzi snapped shots of her on the beach in a bikini. While Hewitt wasn't as thin as the average celebrity (and what a welcome change, to see a "real" woman), she wasn't fat. Still, tabloids and websites skewered her, just as they had previously done to Tyra Banks. (Remember that infamous rant when Tyra stood up for real women everywhere?)

After the negative comments about her body, Hewitt wrote about how much she loved her curves: "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong," she said on her blog. Now she's on a magazine cover showing off her slim body. She had previously said that she was a size 2, and that a size 2 wasn't fatů presumably she's now a size zero. Hewitt spoke about loving her curves in TV commercials as a spokeswoman for full-coverage bras by Hanes.

What kind of message do you think her cover story sends? What do you think about the before and after pictures?

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I apologize for this comment, but I thought she was pretty hot before and didn't need to do anything except maintain what she had. Why lose weight if she was healthy?

The reasons for this "garbage" are two-fold. Many media outlets love bad news and, if there isn't enough, they create it. Let's face it, controversy sells papers. What's worse, the American public seems to want more of that. It's a vicious cycle of citizens of the US buying the paper because of this "news", so the paper "finds" more similar "news" because "It's what the people want." The only way to stop this nonsense is to stop celebrity worship. Who's with me? Report
I'm convinced all she did was turn her hips. Classic tabloid move. Report
I think she looks great either way. She's a beauty and if she wants to lose weight healthily, then she's no different than any of us. In my opinion, I think she still has curves. Report
Oh how I wish for the days when Marilyn Monroe was hot, hot hot...and weighed 135 at her smallest. The public doesn't realize how teeny, tiny and starved this new generation of starlets are, until you compare them to a "normal" size adult, or a full-sized dog.
I am so thankful that I am not "forced" into losing weight, that my job doesn't depend on my size, and that I have a super fabulous man who loves me no matter what my size is. Report
She looks good in the before picture. It's not healthy for a woman to not carry a "little" fat. Out bodies were engineered to do so. She had a small pudge, but good lord that was attractive!! Now she looks like a famine victim.
But you know what - it all depends on how she felt. If she didn't have any energy or was constantly dragging before, then it wasn't a healthy weight. If she had plenty of energy and felt good, she should be left alone. Report
I think the pressure on celebrities to be unnaturally thin is outrageous. It's not just Jennifer Love Hewitt. Look at what the press did to Jessica Simpson. Neither of them was remotely overweight. They were criticized for not being perfect i.e. having a body with no cellulite.

No, JLH caved into the pressure to be thin and I feel bad. She may say she feels better, but that's only because the press isn't calling her names. it really is a shame that a woman's worth is still based on her looks.
How disappointing... how can she boast about being curvy, then loose weight! She looked healthy before! Now shes no better then the other twig celebs that are out there! Report
I understand how she would bow under the immense pressure to be rail-thin. But I am disappointed, too. Report
At least she still looks healthy unlike some clebs that are sticks. So hopefully she still is okay with people having boobs, hips, curves and what not. On the other hand even at a size two she was never big, over weight or fat. It is hard for a lot of people to hear YEA for Curves and hips and what not from a girl who at her biggest moment may have been a size 3. That was just the cleb news at its best. Just like Jessica simpson. They are calling her that.... is she going to go loose it too? Report
One thing I noticed right away is the difference in the way the "before" and "after" pictures were taken. The "before" seem to be natural, unposed, they way she might look heading out to run the errands. She's even frowning in one, which instantly makes *anyone* less attractive! For the "after" picture she is all dolled up and smiling. I can't help but wonder if the 18 lbs. would be all that noticeable if we were shown either a natural before and after, or a model-like before and after. My guess is that anyone will look slimmer if they have professionals choosing their wardrobe, doing their hair and makeup for the photo, not to mention airbrushing the photos! Report
i have mixed feelings. congrats to losing the weight in a healthy manner. but i'm disappointed because she didn't lose the weight for herself. i think often the media sets standards and goals that are unattaintable to the average person. Report
i think that a majority of what we're seeing in the media is based on a calculated perspective of those who are in charge of writing the articles. reporters have a certain rubric to follow for what they need to produce and there are people whose jobs it is to evaluate what sells and to perpetuate certain social ideals/standards based on that. the media has a control on what information we get and we have to wonder what it is that the people in charge want us to know or think about our world. who are those people?

i think we each have a share of the responsibility to create a healthy image of our world for ourselves and each other and that in order to do that we need to question everything. just because it is in the tabloids or newspapers or magazines doesn't mean it's true or true for everyone. Report
I think what is refreshing to see is that she didn't loose the 18lb in a couple of weeks it was over a 10 week period so..... she didn't loose more than a couple of pounds a week which is healthy weight loss. Report
Some "stars" don't walk the talk. They come out with these so-called diet "secrets", when their only secrets are liquid fasting diets, and those body-cleansing diets where you have to practically starve yourself to death. They don't always exercise they way that say that they do. They say that they use diets such as, Jenny Craig, NutraSystem, and Weight Watchers to lose weight. They use other methods like pills, surgery, and liquid diets to lose weight fast. There are no diet "secrets". Report
Hey, what about those great curves? So why lose 18 lbs?

I reminded someone the other day that Elle McPherson is strange in the model world. She's a size 7, isn't she?

I love Tyra's attitude! Go, Real Women with Real Curves! Report
I think it's great that she said what she said, but if she really felt that way...why did she lose 18 pounds to go to a size 0? Report
I think she looks great!! Before and after ~ Her personality and her attitude is wonderful. She is a great role model for women every where... Report
I think Jennifer looks great, before and after. If she's happier after then let her be! Besides, it is in her job description to be thin and beautiful. Personally I'm glad I don't get paid based on my looks (at least, not overtly). Report
She caved!!! Too bad........(sigh)..... Report
The scale should not be the only way we value ours. Being healthy is far better than being a certain size. Report
I think she looked better before.I mean are you kidding me, she hardly had any over weight. I mean are you kidding me? spark has taught me that it is all about being healthy.and that should be our model. Report
I can't judge her because she works in an industry that judges women by their body first, sexuality second and talent last! The fact that she was a size 2 before and had to defend that as not being "Fat" highlights a problem in the whole entertainment culture. The fact that she had to become a 0 highlights a struggle that women in media have to DEAL with and that everyday women and especially impressionable girls have to SUFFER from. Hewitt,Tyra,Simpson, and any female (funny how it's mostly females huh?) that have been attacked are victims of a media culture that expects women to be defined by their bodies and unrealistically so.
It breaks my heart to see how absurd the beauty standards are for women in entertainment. It disgusts me to see how ridiculous the overal culture (advertisers, modeling agencies, reporters) are towards women in the business. They are not ashamed to emphasize the fact that these women's bodies matter more than how good they are at their craft and especially that they are expected to uphold unrealistic and often undesireable standards.
Sorry to ramble, but this topic is dear to my heart. Because Hewitt may lose the weight and be slightly offset by media. But millioins of little girls and teens watching this are thinking "omg I'm a size 8, 9, 16, 4..I'm TOO FAT..." It's saddening.
She would have to have nerves of steel to withstand that kind of scrutiny and constant discouragement and not do anything about it.
But also worth thinking about; I know I feel less great when I see I look a little heavy in a picture, and there aren't that many pictures of me taken on a daily basis. And more so, pictures of me are not all over the internet, tabloids or national TV (yikes). And nobody EVER says anything about my weight in those pictures. Holy smokes, I know how I feel when I see what the scales tell me, never mind a barrage of comments by people I don't know.
She's not the one who needs to change, it's the way we talk about people we don't know that needs to change. Not matter if we are anonymous bloggers or journalists, we need to be nicer, more helpful and less snarky.
Hopefully she'll stay healthy. She looks great, and I hope she knows it in her heart of hearts. Report
She'll never be good enough for the tabloids - she'll either be too heavy (ooh a whopping size 8) or too thin (a size 00). She looked healthier with meat on her bones. There is nothing beautiful about a skeleton - why can't people see that??? Report
I love Jennifer and I congratulate her for accomplishing what she has. I just hope she did for the right reasons for herself. I thought she was beautiful BEFORE and would've been thrilled to look like her but as we all do she had her reasons. Report
i agree with what someone blogged here already...that jennifer love hewitt was probably defensive about the comments of the picture in her bikini, where, in fact she DID show some lumps & bumps, although i wouldn't have considered her "fat" back then. however, i don't consider myself fat either, but i would like to be a bit more toned before i get into my bathing suit this, i get that EVERYONE has something about themselves that they are not comfortable with...but, the difference between us & the celebs is that our lumps & bumps are not splattered all over the tabloids!!! i believe her message is this: "yes, I defended my pictures where everyone commented on my obvious body fat, but i chose to be in the public eye for a living, so here you are...i did something about it, & now you can comment on how great i look, & i won't have to defend a thng". Report
I think she looks great and if she had 18 lbs more she still would look great. It only matters what she thinks. In her line of work it would be harder than ever to gain a oz. and the pressure of the cameras following her would make you want to eat everthing. Report
Because she is in the spotlight, she is held to a different standard than we are. But her self-image is hers alone. She could very well believe that she didn't look bad as a size 2, but maybe took a look at her lifestyle & decided she wanted to be healthier. Maybe she went from eating too little and all empty calories and never working out, to eating healthy meals and getting her work outs in. Just because she lost weight doesn't mean that she still doesn't believe that everyone SHOULD be proud of who and where they are. Weight is a hard thing to deal with for anyone as we all pring so many issues to the table with us when we sit down and eat. Just because we feel like celebrities should be used to it since they take the barrage more often, doesn't mean that they still don't have their insecurities to bring to the table. Report
I'm Jealous.Seriously though...
We are all here to lose weight or to maintain our weight. We know how difficult that can be without someone holding us acocountable (if we don't hold ourselves accountable) for bad decisions. Who knows? Maybe Jennifer thought she loved the way she was and defended it (just like most of us would if we gained weight or did some binging for a week) just to go home and realize that she had let herself go more than she thought she did. Maybe she thought she looked better than that but then after seeing the pictures and really looking at herself she had an "Oh my gosh" moment then got herself back in the gym and back on track. Maybe she needed the push to get back in the shape she was before the gain because she didn't realize how much she had really gained.
It is a gradual thing that happens and if you don't have someone there to let you know that "Hey, you are looking a little plumper than usual" then it is so easy to go overboard and find yourself 10, 20 or 50 pounds overweight.
I don't think she is too thin. I don't think she is a bad roel model. I don't like people judging others and I don't think it is right for anyone to judge if she is right or wrong for losing 18 pounds.
I haven't seen the pictures of her when she was allegedly fat; but, this picture looks like someone who needs to get to Swensen's for a Turtle Fudge Sundae STAT! It's really kind of gross to look at! Not healthy looking at all! Report
I think the story definitely sends a mixed message, but I don't blame Jennifer for that. I can't even imagine the pressure she must feel being a celebrity. I think she is beautiful with her curves! It's sad that we put this pressure on each other and ourselves. The media plays a huge part, but they also work off of what sells, which shows that we aren't helping the matter. I am even guilty of being a hypocrit when it comes to people's looks on TV, I am sad to say. My husband is British and their TV shows have normal people. He is always commenting how people have to look perfect on TV in the US and everyone has cloned, perfect bleached white teeth. He doesn't mind a girl with some imperfections, which is perfect for me! ;) Report
Hollywood is shallow and idiotic...if we're being realistic about Jennifer though she was fat for her height and petite build. She may be a bit too thin now, but thats wanna play u gotta pay......the average?...what does that mean?..the majorityof children in this country are overweight bcause people have gone completely the other way in conemning skinny people....too skinny is unhealthy and so is too fat...we need to be healthy and "size" damned. Report
I just think it's annoying that her weight, or any celebrities weight, is up for discussion (as I post a comment discussing her weight..heh). I mean, honestly, most people have had some sort of fluctuation in weight during their lifetimes and thank goodness it wasn't thrust out into the public eye. Plus, it's concerning on an entirely different level, in that we are more concerned with how much celebrities weight than current events and/or even our own health. Report
I just have one thing to say

"The average woman is a size 14 - who wants to be below average" Report
I hate it when people attack celebs about their weight. Good grief can you imagine if there was a camera outside your house to document your weekend weight gain!!! She looked great before and she looks great now. I just hope she was not forced to lose the weight and that she did it for herself and not anyone else. Report
She's a bit too skinny now. Plus I am sort of dissapointed. First she says Hey I love the way I am...then does everything in her power to become a twig... bOO Report
I think she looked better with a little more meat on her, my husband thought so too, she is too skinny. She was perfect before. My husband loves watching the show because he loves Jennifer Love Hewitt, He loves her look and her clothes. He often comments about how perfect she is. Does this piss me off, yea just a tad but the point is she did look better with a extra pounds more curvy and feminine. I do have to admit she has great clothes and she is as cute as a button, she has nothing to worry about, she is beautiful just the way she is. Report
She's a super talented actress and has to look good on her show. I love that she's a normal person who wants to be healthy! This week the tabloids are picking on Jessica Simpson. They should mind their own business! Report
It's crap like this that put young girls in the hospital for throwing up all their food. The model who is a size 5 is the fat one. Report
Being a model, I know how hard it is to be under the pressure of not only your contract but your peers aswell. If your contract holder finds someone who is younger, thinnner and more attractive they can and WILL drop you without even so much as even a phone call.
In the world of acting and modeling and pure public view you ened to look the bestand be the best, you can't let it show that you have a weakness at all. chances are half of them don't even want to walk to red carpet to parties an premieres tey go to, but its part of their contract, they gotta do it it a smile or lose everthing. Report
First of all let me say I am a huge fan of Jennifer's. I religiously watch Ghost Whisper every week. I've always thought she was exceptionally beautiful. However I will be superficial enough say I think she looks fabulous now. But I though so when she was 18lbs heavier too. Either way I just hope she's happy and doing it for herself not because of what other people say! Report
No surprise! Everytime the press slams an actress for their weight they always lose weight. It is horrible what they are doing to Jessica Simpson. I was standing at the grocery store and plastered on every magazine was pictures of Jessica Simpson after gaining weight. Honestly, she is at a healthy weight now and that is what really matters. Report
She always looks very pretty and healthy, but I have to say the media always portrays women so badly regardless of them being skinny, normal or overweight. Instead of saying she's lost weight, why don't they talk about how she's started a healthy lifestyle or maybe she's training for something or maybe she's into running or yoga or something other than depriving herself of food? Instead, they make it sound like she's ashamed of her body and what it was and who she was before she lost weight, which makes every other female in the world question themself and their motives for losing weight.
(Ahh.. sorry for the rant, I've worked with young females for some time about their body image and the media single-handedly makes females have such low self-esteem..) Report
Given her choice of profession, she needs to be at her absolute best, but I think as a role model, she was a better one when she was a little bit heavier. Celebrities are not always a true representation of what healthy looks like. I think that all of us who have a weight issue should find a healthier goal than just looking thin. Having said that, she does look fit which is the important thing. Report
Who is Jennifer L Hewit? Report
I think she's an adorable girl. It's a shame that all these Hollywood actresses are scrutinized for every little flaw. She was probably a size 4 where she used to be a 2 when they were criticizing her weight gain. =( Report
Hollywood presents an unhealthy image, and in the before pictures, she's wearing unflattering clothes which present a bigger image, and who knows how much she was photoshopped in the after pictures. Report
of course she looks better in the after pictures, in the before pictures she is wearing an ill fitted skirt, no make up and hair in a ponytail. When I get ready to take my before pictures I am going to put on a nice workout outfit, do my hair and apply a little make up and also SMILE. Before pictures always look bad. Report
First of all I just think Jennifer Love Hewitt is the cutest young lady. However, how can you be a size zero? Zero is nothing... nadda. It shouldn't even exist as a size for crying out loud! How ridiculous. Report
So she was a little "hippy" what! I'm hippy, and that doesn't mean I'm gonna worry about what people say. She looks fine, and shouldn't worry about what the media says. I would hate having the papparazzi follow me around though, I'd get into trouble from kickin their butts!! Report
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