In the News: Jennifer Love Hewitt's Weight Loss

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In the new US Weekly, Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off a slimmer physique. "18 pounds in 10 weeks," the cover boasts. She looks thinner and happier than her before pictures, and her trainer told the magazine that it wasn't a matter of wanting "to look good in that dress." However, her weight loss came after a barrage of negative publicity about her appearance.

Late last year, Jennifer Love Hewitt was a tabloid favorite after the paparazzi snapped shots of her on the beach in a bikini. While Hewitt wasn't as thin as the average celebrity (and what a welcome change, to see a "real" woman), she wasn't fat. Still, tabloids and websites skewered her, just as they had previously done to Tyra Banks. (Remember that infamous rant when Tyra stood up for real women everywhere?)

After the negative comments about her body, Hewitt wrote about how much she loved her curves: "To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong," she said on her blog. Now she's on a magazine cover showing off her slim body. She had previously said that she was a size 2, and that a size 2 wasn't fat… presumably she's now a size zero. Hewitt spoke about loving her curves in TV commercials as a spokeswoman for full-coverage bras by Hanes.

What kind of message do you think her cover story sends? What do you think about the before and after pictures?

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AUNA_VISTA 3/18/2017
I wouldn't know what to think, because I don't know her BMI, or if she's got a small frame, or if her blood shows she's getting the right amount of nutrients for her age. You know, I'm not her doctor. Report
I believe in eating and exercising to be healthy - being a stick insect is neither healthy or attractive! Maybe it is our fault for buying those magazines! Report
Lossing weight to get below a size 2?!!! That's rediculous! If I can get down to a size 12 or 14 I'll be happy! Report
I can't imagine the pressure that these actresses are under in order to maintain their image. I thought her body looked great before. Like a real woman. Report
She may have loved her curves, but she is under an enormous amount of pressure by the media to look a certain way. She's not "scary skinny" now, and probably feels better having the "fat pressure" off of her. I don't fault her for losing weight even if she was healthy to begin with. I feel sorry that she felt it was necessary, and only regular people like us can change that. We (I mean the collective "we" as in American society not necessarily the SP we) are the ones who buy the magazines and watch the celebrity news and secretly many relish the thought of these skinny high paid people getting fat. If we stop buying into what the media feeds us they will have to change. Report
Actresses are criticized for gaining weight then they are criticized for losing weight. Isn't that hypocritical? It's their journey, not their critics'. Report
Great idea on the reality show. It's one that I might actually watch! I do watch her show and appreciate her curves. Don't read tabloids & never will. The fact that she made the evening news as being fat at a size 2 really angered and disgusted me towards the idiots that decide what we are suppose to consider news. Report
I don't watch her show, and I've never bought a tabloid of any kind in my life, so shouldn't comment, except to chuckle over the whole nonsense factor of it all. Time to get the tabloid photographers and editors and have them whipped until THEY are all a size 0, how about that?? Reality show, our culture is looking for more of those too. Dumbing down of America friends, watch it slide. Report
I seriously think that photos don't always show the true picture. If they're taken at a strange angle, it can make anyone look fat as well as wearing something that isn't as flattering. Being fat in a size 2 is just as ridiculous as when Jessica Simpson was called fat in those "mom jeans" at a size 6. She just didn't pick the most flattering thing that day and they got it on film (in a shot that is taken from down below) so she looked a lot bigger. I never read any celebrity magazines, but obviously hear about certain things occasionally and I see them at the store. I think if she felt she was unhealthy and decided to change for herself, then fine, just like if anyone else did it, but I also think it could send a bad message to younger people who might not get the right message. They could see that she was a size 2 and was called fat--what would that make a young girl in a size 6 or 8 think? Report
I haven't seen either the before or after pics of JennLove; so I can't base my comments on them...might look at the grocery store to see if I can find it. All I can say is...thank God for Queen Latifah and Oprah...two very public show-biz celebrities who manage to be successful without fitting the teeny-weeny mold. Report
I believe that the TV and movie industry decisions about weight of stars are motivated by what the American people want to see. We, the majority of TV and movie watchers of these shows, are the ones who want to see stars at a "certain weight" We need to let our voices be heard above those who are calling for our stars to be thinner. Money is the greatest motivator in any business and TV and movies are no different. Jennifer was probably responding to threats to her career and salary issues that made her decide to lose weight. Thank God she was able to shed that weight. If it had been me I would have had to lose my job or take less money to keep doing what I loved to do. I won't be the one to judge her. Report
It's sad...she was in shape and now she's even in more shape. Her industry is a tough one and well it seems that the pressure was too much. I guess it was easier to lose the weight than to deal with the constant nagging and unflattering photos that surely would have continued to plague the check-out aisle at the grocer's. Report
Unfortunately, Jennifer works in an industry where a great deal of importance is placed on a person's being unrealistically thin. I won't judge her. Losing the weight may have been a career decision. I could not handle that kind of pressure. Report
I have to take issue with the ridiculous "real woman" comment.

Not all women are curvy or heavy. I'm not. Does that make me less of a woman? Please stop defining women by their particular shape or size. Report
I am happy for her if she lost the weight because she wanted to, not because the darn media said it was necessary!

We have over the years accepted the media version of the perfect woman way too much. We are all different people, and if our bodies are different, that reflects who we are, not in a bad way, or even a good way, but so we can have our own voice in the matter.

It needs to be our choice because of health, or well being, not because someone else thinks you look like crap in a bikini! Report
I just love Jennifer. I just hope she lost the weight for herself and not the pressure from the media. She is beautiful at the size she was and is still beautiful. Report
I am puzzled. Message? We should be really starting to get out messages from vehicles other that glossy magazines! I don't buy Vogue or Glamour for "messages", I buy them because I want to see pretty clothes and make up, not someone talking about their butts. Report
Hey, She looks like Barbie, not like a real person....
Congrats, but not for real...............................
............... Report
I am a faithful watcher of Ghost whisperer as well and did not know of the issues she went threw but I think you need to be happy with you , and not fall under any pressure. Sisterchick1965 I agree I HATE shopping for new clothes especially pants right now. But I know that will soon change. Report
I don't think she should have caved under presser, she was fine at a size 2. Report
Size 2 and FAT???? Our society is INSANE. How ridiculous. And she lost 18 pounds, so now she weighs...what...95 pounds? Can't be much more. RIDICULOUS!! INSANE!!! UNREAL!!! I really don't have to words to express exactly what I mean, but that comes close. Report
I don't understand why we aren't celebrating her ability to get back into the shape she wants to be, like we would do for anyone on SparkPeople. My ideal is 120 because I have been there and that was when I bought most of my clothes, so that's where I need to be for them to fit correctly and I know I like how I look at that weight. Does that mean that I'm lying if I say that I think I looked good at 144, too? No, I thought I looked pretty doggone good. And I was happy. But I don't want to allow myself to put on 10 lb/year for the rest of my life--thus I am working to return to my ideal weight. That doesn't make me a sell out any more than it makes her one. We all get to decide there we want our weight to be. Report
I think if Jennifer wants to be "healthy" thin and goes about it the right way, then what everyone else says doesn't matter, but trying to be too thin because that's what people expect is a deception to everyone, including herself. Report

I think just said loved her body to send a good message but secretly it was killing her inside because of all the media comments. Or it could have been her boss telling her to drop a few. Who the hell knows theses days. I think it sent a bad message, oh I look great the way I am so that is why I lost 18 pounds. Right. Report
How is 18lbs the difference between one size? Anyway, Hollywood loses and gains weight so you keep buying the magazines to see what happened and then what they did to lose the weight. It's all tied together. You see, it only took her 10 weeks to lose it, which is about 2 issues of magazines. So you bought her "curve loving" cover story and now you'll love her "how I lost it" cover story. I guess at size 2 she wasn't making enough money or buzz. Stop feeling sorry for these people, they're making millions. Report
It's her life and her body. Report
She may have put on a strong-face to mask her disappointment. She may have been sincere in her statements, both pre and post weight loss - only she knows with certainty. Either way, the decision(s) was (were) hers and hers alone. Is the writer of this article any the less culpable for scrutinizing her now being thin, contrasting her new figure to the previous year’s ''real woman'' figure, than the paparazzi and tabloids for slighting her curves last year? I can’t help but feel there is some measure of judgment in the comparisons.

In the end, my only question would be, ''Why does it matter?'' It's what you honestly think of yourself that should be of importance, not someone else's biased view of whom and what you should be. Report
I agree with most of the post here... why comment on how she loves her curves and then loose them? If there's an obvious standard on how much an actress should weigh or she's got some kinda contract that says she can't gain weight... then why even bother to make a statement that she knew she would eventually go back on anyway. I think it's all for publicity... like politicians, celebrities are on a different plane of existence than that rest of us. Report
I think she looked better when she had her curves. I think the imagine of the stick people (most hollywood girls) needs to be changed. It's not healthy or natural for most people to be that thin. But Hollywood right now likes twigs. Report
I thought she really caved to the pressure. Don't issue a statement about how you love your body and real women should love their bodies and then go off and lose the weight you're being chastised about!! If she hadn't made that statement, it would've been fine in my opinion but to me it sent the message that "oh hey 'every woman', you should love your body but I'm going to cave in to social pressure but you stay 'curvy' and fight the good fight mmmkay?" Were her hips a little bigger, yes but so what!? Jennifer Lopez and that Kardashian hack celebrate their hips, why couldn't she?? Her bosses weren't breathing down her neck saying she needed to lose weight so I don't buy the people who say she "had" to look good. She DID look good...her bikini shots proved she had cellulite like 90% of women...oh the horror!

This is the hubby's fave actress and he thinks she looks gross and emaciated now. She used to have a gorgeous bust and now they're gone. The thrill has deflated for him. :-) Report
If she wasn't a celebrity would anyone think it was wrong that she wanted to lose a little extra weight? Probably not. Her in business body image does count to some extent...Good for her! Report
woah. she was huge! Report
I think there's nothing wrong with her losing weight. If that's what she wants to do, then fine. I'm not overweight either, but I still have 20-25 pounds that I'd like to lose. And, really, she's an actress! She *has* too look good according to Hollywood standards or she won't get work. Report
You know...I have to agree with a big majority of all these replies. Unfortunately a lot of people are missing out on the big picture. Jennifer did not lose the weight to make us feel bad about having a few extra pounds,. she did not cave under pressure persay but what happened was she realized being an actress is her job and in order to keep getting jobs/movies or keeping the series Ghost Whisperer alive she probably had to follow a clause in a contract that was pointed out to her "will not go above size ? or weigh more than ?? during the term of this contract." All I am saying is let us not be mad at Jennifer yet embrace her in the fold and assure her we know you think it is ok to have curves but the powers that be have decided otherwise for her. Afterall she is considered a comodity to the execs in Hollywierd! Report
She is one of my fav. people in entertainment. This blog makes me sad for her. It just looks like she caved to the preasure. She is beautiful at eather size, I just think it sends a really bad message! Report
I think these kind of stories are annoying. This happens to so many female celebrities that are criticized for being overweight (it doesn't matter if they truly are overweight or aren't) - they "embrace" their bodies and love their curves and make no apologies for their size. A month later they're skinnier than ever! I think it's good to keep healthy, and if you lose weight while keeping up with healthy eating and exercise habits, great! But most of these women were tiny to begin with, meaning their newly trimmed bodies would be more a result of crash dieting, (possibly) starvation, or obsessively working out - not from healthy lifestyles. Report
Wonder what size the people who criticized her wear? I think we need to look at ourselves before we start pointing at what we consider imperfections in others. Report
She obviously did what she wanted. She looks great either way. It goes with the territory, unfortunately. I think she looks beautiful and perhaps she wanted to look and feel better. Sorry, but she does. She doesn't look too thin to me and if she feels well...healthy and happy at her present weight, that's all that should matter. I don't see her weight change as a reason to say she "caved under the pressure". Not fair to assume that. Report
No wonder we have an epidemic of eating disorders in this country. Young girls are starving themselves and throwing up to look like the stars. I remember Twiggy and how we knew she was not a normal size. Now if you're not a zero, your nothing. Ridiculous......I am more than the size I wear..... Report
This pisses me off. She was not fat!!! Ugghhhh. This is ridiculous. Report
I was very proud of Jennifer when she spoke up for herself on to do a 360 and give into the pressure of HOLLYWOOD. She didn't have to lose weight, just tone up. She's still one of my favorites though. Report
how can anyone consider her a role model . . . she gave in to the pressure of the "hollyworld" Very sad!! Report
My heart ached for her last year when the tabloids went after her like flies on cowpoop. She is beautiful... was, and will continue to be. She reminds me of old Hollywood... so classic, gracious and beautifully feminine. I have watched her movies and Ghost Whisperer since it started. I wish her well and hope that she is happy with her decision to lose weight.. that it was for her and not anyone else. Report
Does no one take into account that the size numbering system is not consistent? That every person has a different body? My yoga instructor is 5'9" and wears a junior's 3 or 5. I am the same height but wear a junior's 7 (a 4 in ordinary womens' sizes). I have friends who wear size 1 in juniors--but are barely over 5' tall. Shorter people typically have a smaller frame, thus needing smaller sizes. JLH is just that sort of person. I hate when people get irate about her wearing a 2 or 0. She is small. She can't help being short. Report
I've watched her show Ghost Whisperer for 2 years now and I have never thought she was fat. She's beautiful. Report
It does look like part of the effect is from the hip turn. If I were in her line of work, under the pressure of Hollywood, and surrounded by tiny people, I'd probably try to go from a size 2 to a size 0 too. She's gorgeous either way. Report
Jennifer is another one of the Hollywood actresses who sucumb to society and the invented image of ideal bodies. Letting society dictate what we should look like is worst that carrying a little bit of weight. Report
The public and the media often hound celebrities without mercy...I feel sorry for them. She was beautiful before, but I can imagine how it must feel to be publicly humiliated because someone thinks you weigh too much...must be horrible! Report
I think that this shows that body confidence doesn't really have to do with how you look - its a mental game. I just read a blog by Nicole on this topic!

No matter how famous or attractive you are - you have to believe it and be confident or you'll be affected by others comments. Also, in the field she works in - her body is part of the deal. How you look determines what parts yo can audition for.

Over it. Report
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