In the News: Is the Western Diet Going to Kill Us?


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The week's top healthy living stories, gathered by our editors.

Following a Western Style Diet May Lead to Greater Risk of Premature Death
Step away from the doughnut (and the steak, the white bread, and the whole milk)… they might be killing us, according to a new study. From Science Daily

10 Ways To Be Healthier In 10 Minutes Or Less
Who has time to spend hours figuring out how to get healthy? SparkPeople loves quick tips for healthy living--don't miss these. From Huffington Post Healthy Living

Don’t Fear the Fish: 7 Easy Ways to Cook Stuff With Fins
Even seasoned home cooks can feel like a fish out of water when cooking seafood. Dive right in and overcome your fear! From Fit Bottomed Girls

F.D.A. Issues Warning on Workout Supplement
If you take dietary supplements for weight loss or fat burning, read the labels (and reconsider!). The FDA is warning that some ingredients in certain products carry serious health hazards. From

Study finds Americans sacrifice exercise time for food-prep time
The good news: We're spending more time cooking and prepping food. The bad news: We're using the time we should be spending on exercise in the kitchen. From HealthDay News

Dove ad urges women to see themselves as others do

When asked to describe themselves, many women underestimate their beauty, according to a thought-provoking new ad campaign. From

Get Lean While You Clean

A new book tells you how you can multi-task: clean your home while squeezing in exercise. (Could this be the antidote to our "cooking-instead-of-exercising" problem?) From

150-Calorie, On-the-Go Office Snacks

Need a bite to eat in the afternoon that won't leave you feeling bloated or tired? Try one of these calorie-conscious snacks. From

Vertical Abs Workout: 6 Standing Moves for a Six-Pack

Get on your feet--and work out your abs while you're at it! From

Study Points to New Culprit in Heart Disease

Meat itself might not be to blame for heart disease. A new study suggests it's a chemical that bacteria in your intestines produces after you eat red meat. From

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