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Looking good is a big part of feeling good, right? Too often, the companies who sell us products to make us feel and look better use scrawny 20-year-old models in their advertising. It makes me so happy when I see positive role models in the media. Not every woman is a size 2, and not every woman is in her 20s. I like to see companies (beauty companies in particular) use real women in their ads.

Cover Girl has named 50-year-old comedienne Ellen DeGeneres as its new spokeswoman. She will start appearing in its cosmetics ads starting in 2009.

Christie Brinkley was the original Cover Girl, but since then, the spokesmodels have been more diverse. Queen Latifah, Brandy, Molly Sims, Faith Hill, Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore and the winners of America's Next Top Model are among the company's former spokeswomen.

Recently, U.S. gymnasts Shawn Johnson, Alicia Sacramone and Nastia Liukin were named the first athletes to represent the cosmetics giant.

We love seeing all shapes, sizes and ages of bodies in the media. U.S. swimmer Dara Torres recently walked the catwalk at Fashion Week, 62-year-old Diane Keaton is a face of L'Oreal, and America Ferrera is showing up on magazine covers.

Now if only we could get magazines to stop photoshopping cover modelsÖ

Which celebrity do you consider to be a positive body image role model?

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  • 91
    love Ellen and have always found her to be so beautiful. Her personality only makes her prettier. Rosie O'Donnell, take notes. - 5/15/2010   2:38:18 PM
  • 90
    Ive always had a big crush on Ellen and Queen Latifah too, Yay for them!!!!!!! - 3/22/2010   7:14:51 PM
  • 89
    Go, Ellen!
    You are awesome and one of my role models! - 1/10/2010   12:35:40 AM
  • 88
    WOW! A lot of support for Ellen and a bit of judgemental venom thrown in to keep us diverse! I love the Ellen commercials. She's a beautiful woman. But what about role models? Most celebrities make their living to some degree with their appearance and thus they have a more vested interest in keeping lean. I'm pretty sure that with a personal trainer, a personal assistant and additional staff, I could look good too! I think we all agree that a certain BMI range is optimum. I prefer to look to people more for what they do, not how they look to be a role model. Patrick Swayze stood out! - 12/18/2009   6:45:29 PM
  • 87
    It just blows my mind how negative some of you people are! We are all here on SP to become better people (at least I think) and to work on changing ourselves to become better people inside and out, but yet I am reading things like:

    "Oh I am going to avoid buying Cover Girl"


    "How can she be a role model she is gay."

    So if youíre gay you shouldnít be able to have a positive influence on people? She canít change who she loves and if you are narrow minded and canít look past that than thatís your own problem. You don't have to like her, to buy the product. She is who she is and you are who you are. Judging some one by their sexual preference is just as wrong as being judged for being heavy set! There is only person who can judge us and thatís the Lord himself.

    Letís be positive and cut the negativity and the bigotry comments. Yes, we are entitled to our own opinions but you don't have to be cruel about it to get your point across. We are not perfect people, as we ALL are on SP for a reason. Again this is just in my opinion.
    - 9/22/2009   10:35:07 AM
  • 86
    Yikes! If I used this product I would boycott it. - 9/20/2009   8:49:36 PM
  • 85
    This is huge because Ellen is older than the standard models for cosmetics, has the celebrity for sell-ability, has an average woman's build, and best of all, represents the GLBT community. Hooray for CoverGirl!! - 7/18/2009   4:29:28 PM
  • 84
    Good for Cover Girl and Ellen, she looks great! - 4/28/2009   4:39:10 PM
  • 83
    Good for Cover Girl! I wear make-up so that I can be the best possible ME I can be, not because I want to look like a star, but I'm tired of magazines always putting rail thin, young cuties on their covers. Ellen works for me! - 4/26/2009   2:07:37 PM
  • 82
    Who do you think is a positive role model for WOMEN?
    Would that be EVE in the show we can think for ourselves and yes we make booboos? not perfect. Or would that be the Virgin Mary? Who said " I hear ya God, I know what you're saying, but I want more options because I have issues". I did not hear about their weight issues, breast not big or too big, nor how they shaved their legs or underarms. In yet these women have been role models since Oh Yeah! before America was discovered. (for the young ones).
    Barbie a role model for women ? she has no vagina, no nipples, no body hair...anywhere except for her head, and she live a fantasy life, yet she has been a role model since the 50's..wake up people!
    As for Ellen?...she dances DISCO! so you know she's " Got To Be Real "
    Pre senior citizen - 4/20/2009   10:00:42 AM
  • 81
    OMG...If you are without sin...then cast the first judgement. If you think Barbie is a live person think again. If you think being 50 is old you haven't lived. If you think only beautiful people are skinny, plactic surgeried, lipo sucked you are in the wrong forum.
    Real live people have personalities, fobias, skeletons in the closet, (litterally for some) love handles, cottage cheese thighs, blemishes, scars, moles, warts, hair in places you wouldn't think about.

    The real role models are those who share their experiences in life,motivate, respect, teach us to be proud of who we are and the journey WE are taking, is not to be judged by other people, magazines, young people who haven't a clue in what life is really about, etc. If our purpose in this life is to be insulting to others because they do not meet Hollywood magazine standards then we are all lost sheep.
    - 4/20/2009   9:13:26 AM
    I'm with TVTORI. First, I have never thought of Ellen as particulary funny; I think she's quite boring. Second, I think it's rather odd that CoverGirl would choose someone like this to be a "role model" for the rest of us. Prophecy teaches us that in the end times, everything good will be labeled bad, and everything bad will be labeled good. Those of us who are sexually straight and in monogamous legal marriages are looked at as if there's something WRONG with us. Not only do I refuse this individual as a role model, I will avoid this brand at all costs. - 4/19/2009   5:25:11 PM
  • 79
    First of all, if you look closely at Ellen, you see crow's feet, laugh lines(fantastic!) undereye puffiness. What you see is what you get, as with all of us that are secure enough to be (no pun intended) "OUT THERE" for everybody to see. "let he who casts the first stone...."
    I have been an Ellen fan since she was in her 20's leaving New Orleans, starting out doing standup in little clubs. She has taken steps to go where she needs to be in her life,(not plastic surgery) been true to herself, and is up there, going for the gusto! She is not hurting anyone, not stealing, lying, cheating, murdering;is very open about things in her life. If you think about another huge star that is true to herself and others, Dolly Parton, there are many similarities. Not in makeup, dress, etc, but in their candid, honest sharing life. Ellen is not doing these things to impress anyone. She exudes zest, caring, everyday people's values. How many people can say that they are doing what they love, bared their life to the world and held their head up and made the right choices for themselves?
    I think other people that care nothing for the whole "model" look are Meryl Streep and Teri Garr. This site is about helping ourselves and each other, and changing what we can about ourselves, therefore these models are a moot point to those who are mature and secure enough to finally be comfortable with their God-given features!
    We are all beautiful! - 4/18/2009   10:26:37 AM
  • 78
    For those thinking she is an unfit role model b/c of age, sexual orientation, or her "masculinity" as one member put it, is completely judgemental and unfair. All of us joined this site for similar look better, feel better, be healthier. There are also a great number of us that have struggled being overweight and have probably been teased at least once in life. So to get on her is stepping in the shoes of those who judged us. You GO ELLEN! - 4/17/2009   4:44:01 PM
  • 77
    the response has generally been quite positive to cover girl's selection of ellen with which i wholeheartedly agree and for which i am grateful. ellen took a huge risk when she came out as lesbian. i am pleased to see that it did not adversely affect her career. her humor, warmth, sensitivity, and understanding of the human condition are things to which many people can relate and appreciate. generally speaking, i believe that america is getting more tolerant of diversity in all ways. we are all threads in the same tapestry. what ever happened to that melting pot analogy? remember when america was referred to as a mosaic? gay marriage and equal rights have been long-supported in various european countries and canada, so we have some catching up to do. i'm not a celebrity-follower and believe that (but for their status and the importance we as a society place on their deeds and/or performances) each human is worthy of the same recognition and respect. i find it disturbing that people still feel the need to belittle, speak badly about, talk down to, or otherwise demean people who are different from them and who do not share their value system. there is room for everybody in our great country. mutual respect should be the keystone, not a feeling of moral superiority, contempt, or disdain. moral repugnancy is found in many ways, some of which are measured by intolerance, insecurity, and perceived threats. what's the bottom line here, anyway? cover girl wants to be a successful business, make money, sell products, and gain profit. not only did ellen take a risk when she came out, but cover girl took a risk by using her as a model. it works both ways. - 4/15/2009   8:39:52 AM
  • 76
    Give me a break -- one of the most masculine women on TV as a "role model" for women?! What's next....RuPaul for Tampax? Nice job CoverGirl....or Guy....or whatever... - 4/3/2009   10:25:54 AM
  • 75
    A little over a year ago, two of my spark buddies and I were invited to appear on ELLEN. She was lovely and supportive. She definitely had a grasp of the struggle involved in losing weight. I am not a "star-struck" kind of person, but when people ask what she is like, I can't help commenting that she is even prettier in person than on television. She has gorgeous bright eyes and energy that radiates a positive attitude toward life. What can be more beautiful?I say, "Dance on, Ellen--you're a fabulous cover girl!" - 3/9/2009   6:47:50 PM
  • 74
    Geeze... I'm new here. I just read the comments on the page about Ellen. Young, Old, Plastic surgery or not, gay , straight... who cares. She is a decent humanitarian and I dout seriously if she would pass this kind of judgement on any of us on here. Considering none of us actyually know this woman personally. I think she is beautiful and her show is great. I don't care how she lives her personal life. Don't judge people. Not one of us is perfect. We just need to be good to each other. Support each other even if there is a difference of opinion every now and then. It's to easy to pick things apart and see the ugly and flawed. Put in an effort and find the good in things. - 2/26/2009   10:00:11 PM
  • 73
    While Ellen is a very attractive, funny woman, she is a professed lesbian. I don't consider her as a positive role model for our women. - 2/17/2009   10:21:24 AM
  • 72
    She is a lovely woman with natural beauty - what isn't to love? She is healthy, and shows beauty at any age. I think it's a great idea - but let's be honest here. The goal of the ad is to sell more products, right? So let's enjoy the ads, but realize that our own sense of beauty must be inward, not based on outward things. - 12/17/2008   4:39:14 PM
  • 71
    I think Ellen is a great choice. I have been a loyal fan for years and will continue to be one. - 10/16/2008   4:18:31 PM
  • 70
    I love Ellen and I'm glad to see they chose a real woman as spokesperson! - 10/9/2008   10:46:20 PM
    Referring to thin women as "scrawny", "skeletal", etc is something that has bothered me for a long time and I am shocked to see it on a blog at SparkPeople. It seems to have become so socially acceptable to give names to those who fit society's "ideal" rude names such as scrawny that nobody even blinks twice when it is about if you called an overweight woman a comparable name? Would that fly? - 9/29/2008   9:37:20 AM
  • 68
    I also would like to add, you probably will be seeing more cosmetic companies jumping on the bandwagon of using real women, note I said using real women.......but it was dove who took the huge risk, walks the walk and actually gives back to women. Go to there site to learn about the good they are doing for preteen and teen girls with workshops, mentors etc ......

    As I said, CG is just following the baby boomers money not actually trying to make a difference. - 9/28/2008   4:49:27 AM
  • 67
    I suppose better late than never CG.....Dove's real women campaign is really having a possitive effect....go Dove! - 9/28/2008   4:40:12 AM
  • SYLVIE_22
    This made me so happy when i read it...i love Ellen! I hate watching beauty commercials because most of the products have some young, beautiful, unrealistic woman talking about how she hates her wrinkles...what the heck! My boyfriend laughs at all the women on them- particularly the one with Sara Jessica Parker...he says she looks like a skeleton. I happen to like her. lol - 9/27/2008   1:04:08 PM
  • 65
    I think it is great they choose Ellen!! She is a true person, not the best dancer though..LOL but she sure tries....I hope CG has her dancing in their ads...or maybe they have her on Dancing w/ the stars!! Yeah for Ellen!! 50 is Beautiful!! and I know many 50 yr olds that don't look their age!! - 9/27/2008   9:56:11 AM
    Ellen's face has changed over the years as she went from vegetarian to vegan...plastic surgery? NO! Being a vegan automiatically means lean proteins ... and usually weight loss ... and weight loss always shows in the face first.

    (wonder if she supports PETA now with their breast-mil ice cream forum?) - 9/26/2008   7:11:17 PM
  • 63
    Ellen glows with good will, genuineness, and sincerity and will always be beautiful, and the same for Jamie Lee and Sally Field. - 9/26/2008   11:59:53 AM
    I love Ellen.....I am glad to see that she is the new covergirl. Its much better to see a realistic rollmodel than a super skinny one. - 9/26/2008   10:15:58 AM
  • 61
    I think CG made a great decision to have Ellen as a spokeswoman. - 9/26/2008   12:36:39 AM
    Fine - I don't know for a fact that she's had work done, I THINK she's had cosmetic surgery because her face has changed - it looks like it's been pulled back. It has relaxed some and doesn't look as dramatic as it did a couple of years ago when it was really noticeable. Also, I never said there was anything wrong with it per se, I just think a better role model is someone that doesn't have it done. Just my opinion - I didn't realize I had to have the same opinion as everyone else or I'd be called "judgemental" or my statements "pathetic" or "snotty". And I never said anything bad about her as a person - in fact I did the opposite. Basically I would like it if women felt good about aging instead of wishing they looked younger - it is my opinion that when celebrities get cosmetic surgery they perpetuate the idea that youth is better. I didn't realize I had said so something soooo controversial that people would get their nose out of joint.

    By the way - most of us are here looking to be supportive and get support while we try to improve ourselves and our lives. It's a difficult journey we're all on. I didn't insult anyone here and I don't appreciate being insulted simply because my opinion is not the popular one.

    Thank you and have a nice day. - 9/25/2008   10:46:34 PM
  • 59
    OOPS!!! lol!!! I meant "...INSPIRATION to be our own best...," NOT "aspiration"! ; )

    Jen - 9/25/2008   10:01:18 PM
  • 58
    Ellen is the perfect role model. Yippee, Ellen! She is obviously very healthy. Haven't we all seen her "Shake (Her) Groove Thing" repeatedly with such zest? What about how she's always smiling and laughing? Then, it's apparent she works out with weights as she likes to slowly lower herself into her chair with her legs in the air --- all body weight being supported by her arms. Great physical and emotional role model.

    It's about time that some companies take note that *real women* are more appealing to the vast majority of women than those who are simply too perfect-looking and maybe even a bit too thin. From women like Ellen, we can all derive aspiration to our own best and be satisfied and happy with ourselves. : )

    Jen - 9/25/2008   9:58:50 PM
  • 57
    I think Ellen is great. She's true to herself and I like the way she dances. She's a good size and most of the time there is a smile on her facs. Go Girl be your own person and I think it's geat CG chose her. - 9/25/2008   7:20:57 PM
  • 56
    I consider Jamie Lee Curtis to be a positive body image role model. =) - 9/25/2008   6:00:44 PM
  • 55
    Isn't CG promoting outward beauty? Ellen is that.. A Great Smile and Sparkling Eyes; Smooth Skin and a Lively Countanance! Next year it will be someone else too, remember, so let's look at the direction advertising is going, and congratulate CG for a good choice - a woman that has the *image* of natural beauty. I hope in the future that the tables will continue to turn, and some 'unknowns' will be picked off the street, and given the due to them: there are millions of us "older women" who are taking care of ourselves! - 9/25/2008   11:02:37 AM
  • 54
    I just love how some people know everything based on a woman who doesn't look her age, such as KNOWING she has had cosmetic surgery. Tell me, are you THAT judgmental of ALL women who don't look their age or just this one/celebrities??! My Mother In Law is 61 and doesn't look a day over 40 and she's never had cosmetic surgery, botox or any of the other treatments available, but I'm guessing if you saw her you'd pass the same judgment. Truly a sad testament to the type of person each of you are (those who posted those pathetic statements). BTW, it takes more than cosmetics or cosmetic surgery to make a beautiful woman/ takes beauty on the inside as well and I'd say all those passing judgment and making snotty statements have a long way to go before they reach the level of beauty Ellen possesses. - 9/25/2008   10:38:20 AM
  • 53
    I am so happy to see Ellen as the spokeswoman for Cover Girl. I agree with PP, how can you tell she has had surgery? I am 52yrs old, no cosmetic surgery or botox, and still must convince people I am over 50. If you stay out of the sun, take care of your skin and inherit some decent genes we all can look great at 50 and beyond.


    Mary - 9/25/2008   8:41:50 AM
  • 52
    Way to go Ellen!!! - 9/24/2008   11:45:40 PM
  • 51
    How can some people tell that Ellen has had a cosmetic surgery? Forgive me, but my Mom is 59 and looks almost as good as Ellen, and she never had a surgery for sure. It all depends on how everyone ages. And what is wrong with the face lift if one thinks she should have it and can afford it? I'm all for it :) Way to go, Ellen! - 9/24/2008   10:09:05 PM
    True - she is not a size 2. True - she is not in her 20s. But she is someone who's obviously had some kind of cosmetic surgery. Of COURSE she looks good for someone in her 50s - She has the money for cosmetic surgery and stylists and who knows what else! She has every right to what she needs/wants to do to stay in her business, and to feel like an attractive woman. But the best role model would be someone that could show us how to age gracefully WITHOUT surgically altering our faces!

    I like Ellen. I think she is smart and funny and I have nothing against her but let's not raise her to be something more than she is. She is funny, she is groundbreaking as far as coming out of the closet and I respect her. Really I do. But I am really disappointed with her about the facework. Sorry - just my opinion. - 9/24/2008   9:49:16 PM
    Just look at that gorgeous smile! What a beautiful woman. Thanks for letting us know! - 9/24/2008   9:38:01 PM
  • 48
    i love ellen! - 9/24/2008   8:16:21 PM
  • 47
    I think this is wonderful! :-)

    Regardless of what you say about "following the famous".... they are still what most of society bases a lot of the general concepts of appearance and beauty on. Clearly not every woman is an (unhealthy) 5'9" 100lbs blonde -- which is generally how a model is depicted -- diversity, however minor, is wonderful to see in this aspect of media. Age, Race, Weight, Shape should not be a factor for female "ideals"... men already have that luxury in the celebrity world so women deserve it too. - 9/24/2008   5:10:34 PM
  • 46
    I think it's great! She is pretty without trying too hard, and she's not trying to look perfect or like a model, and she is at a healthy looking weight also. - 9/24/2008   3:36:22 PM
    I agree that we don't need to follow the famous. However I think it is also important to have imperfect cover girls, showing us that we can look good without being perfect. That said Ellen makes a good role model here. I also like her ;-) - 9/24/2008   2:24:22 PM
  • 44
    I think that great. I am not a fan of her talk show, mostly I hate the dancing she does, but think she is a real women and thats so good for us mature women. I can't wait to see the ads come out in 09.
    You go Ellen , your a very funny lady who deserves the best....

    Kitt - 9/24/2008   1:50:28 PM
  • 43
    I love Ellen and think that she is so beautiful, they really picked the right person this time.
    I wish her all the best. - 9/24/2008   1:31:16 PM
  • 42
    I think Ellen is a wonderful choice. She is a natural beauty not a phony made up one. Her make-up seems to be very light when I watch her show. She never has to show extra skin to be a beautiful woman. What a natural.

    I also followed the link in the post: photoshopping cover models... Very interesting what the magazines will do to sell the idea of what a woman should look like. How tragic for women. Unless magazines publishers stop the deceitful portrayal of models, ordinary women will continue to be viewed as less than beautiful when they don't look like the models. - 9/24/2008   1:17:14 PM

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