In the News: Are Baby Carrots Soaked in Chlorine?


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A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week.

Are Baby Carrots Soaked in Chlorine?
Have you seen the stories that say baby carrots are doused in chlorine? Turns out that's not exactly true. Watch/read this before you crunch.

Study: Fish oil's work against heart attacks limited
Bye-bye fish burps! A large study in Italy found that when it comes to heart health, fish is more effective than fish oil capsules, at least for those already on medications to prevent heart problems.

Bike Share Program Bars Overweight Riders In New York?
Should a bike share program be open to everyone--regardless of weight?  The NY community bike program bans riders over a certain weight because they say the bikes can only handle a certain amount. Do you think that's fair?

Adults consume 13% of calories from added sugars
More than 1 in 10 calories adults consume come from added sugars. That's 335 calories for men and 239 for women. How much sugar do you consume each day?

EWG's 2013 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce
See the new Dirty Dozen (foods you should buy organic) and the Clean Fifteen (foods you can buy conventional) lists. Do you adhere to this list?

Would you like 2 hours of exercise with that?
What if restaurant menus shared the amount of time you'd need to work out to burn off a food rather than the number of calories in a dish? Would if affect your food choices? A study says it might.

College binge drinking raises risk of heart disease
Put down that drink, college students! Even four years of heavy drinking between the ages of 18 and 25 could be enough to permanently increase a person's risk of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis, according to a new study. 

Eggs, Too, May Provoke Bacteria to Raise Heart Risk
A recent study found that red meat's affect on bacteria in the gut might be what triggers heart disease. Now, researchers say lecithin, found in egg yolks, can do the same thing. Will this affect your food choices?

Which stories topped your "must-read" list this week?

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  • 8
    When I went to the article about the Mediterranean diet it took me to a different link. Boo! - 5/15/2013   7:09:09 AM
  • 7
    The new list of fruits and vegetables on the high and low pesticide list. I try to buy organic when I can like baby carrots. My hope is to one day grow my own. I normally buy frozen. I'm so glad my sweet potatoes are on the 15 clean list. Regardless you should wash your vegetables anyway. - 5/12/2013   6:59:32 PM
  • 6
    Learned something new about the carrots: to hydrate them when they start to turn
    white. Didn't know that. I was throwing them away. - 5/12/2013   4:21:56 PM
  • 5
    "Food Babe" recommends organic due to the the residual pesticides in conventional carrots. Since the "baby" carrots are pared down from regular carrots, how does this affect the amount of remaining pesticides? - 5/12/2013   2:34:28 PM
  • 4
    They are not "baby" carrots. They are cut and shaped from very large carrots in the processing plant, to yield small, convenient "babies" for the consumer from the big carrots that most people would not buy. Another convenience veggie, like pre-cut broccoli and cauliflower,etc. - 5/12/2013   6:42:32 AM
  • 3
    Binge drinking is a serious problem and a shame. My sons weren't "drinkers' in college, but did drink, but we talked a lot about the problem of alcohol on the college campus. - 5/12/2013   12:21:20 AM
  • 2
    Baby Carrots because my daughter loves them! - 5/11/2013   10:26:28 PM
  • 1
    "Food Babe?" Seriously? - 5/11/2013   7:02:34 PM

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