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Usually I call these reviews "We Ate It" but this time, I was the only one who tried the product. I had heard about these Quaker True Delights bars on other food blogs, so I did a bit of research. They are offering free samples of these bars.

I ordered one and it came last Monday, along with a $1 off coupon. Needless to say, I barely had time to photograph my chocolate-raspberry bar before devouring it. Sorry, guys. There was only one. You'll have to order your own!

What they say:
"Quaker urges you to indulge wholesomely. And what better way to dive into responsible decadence than with our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Quaker True Delights? With the surprisingly rich flavor combination of dark chocolate chunks, luscious raspberries and whole almonds, you might not be able to stop yourself."

What I say:
These come in three flavors: Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond, and Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut. I tried the raspberry-chocolate.

I liked this. It was the size and texture of a Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, but it was a little more grown-up in flavor. The chocolate and almond bits were embedded in the top, but the raspberry flavor was throughout.

The raspberry flavor tasted natural, but there was a slightly odd sweet aftertaste. (I think that was corn syrup.) I would eat this again. I liked that the chocolate chunks were sizable and on top of the bar. I got to taste each little bit of chocolate! This is definitely a step above the average granola bar. It feels more like a dessert than a snack.


$3.49/box (5 bars)

Where to buy? Click here to find the product near you.

Have you tried these? Would you?

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    Corn syrup.. or dextrose sorbitol or malt extract.. that odd sweet flavor could be from a few things. - 5/11/2015   10:05:39 AM
  • 170
    These sound delicious. Can't wait to try them. although I usually buy for fiber or protein. These have 2g Protein and 3g fiber and 8g sugar. I love dark chocolate and I really really love raspberries and almonds. These will make a nice snack! :D Thanks so much! - 5/10/2015   10:21:02 AM
  • SZNN4570
    The berry and coconut flavors, sound good! I will look for them when I go shopping this weekend. - 8/7/2009   4:39:15 AM
    I purchased the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut this past weekend and ate my first one as a snack at work yesterday. It was really good! I find the regular Quaker granola bars too sweet and this one had just enough sweetness to it. As for the price, my local Food Lion (Moore County, NC) had $1.00 off coupons which I was able to use. I plan on going back this week to puchase another box. - 6/23/2009   3:44:34 PM
    I've tried the raspberry, but the Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut is my favorite between the two. But, I'm sticking with the Kashi TLC Fruit and Nut bars - better ingredients, more fiber. - 6/3/2009   2:03:51 PM
    Just had my free sample of dark chocolate, raspberry, & almond bar. Not great. Way too sweet, my GERD was acting up even before I finished it, and with only 3g of fiber- I think I'll stick to my Fiber One bars. Thanks anyway, Quaker. - 4/21/2009   2:22:30 PM
  • 165
    Evidently they are no longer offering a sample, so without being able to try it to see if I like it (I am picky when it comes to bars!) I don't think I can justify spending $4 on a box. - 4/19/2009   2:56:27 PM
  • 164
    I was unimpressed but then again I am not the biggest fan of bar shaped foods. Yes, better than a regular granola bar with tiny pieces of things but I think that they could have done away with some of the sweetness and still retained an indulgent flavor. - 4/19/2009   8:31:50 AM
  • TONE92393
    Good Day to all,
    I'm new to Spark. I'm currently taking a Marketing class which eventually lead me to this site. Well here is my dilemma, I need some demographics of those who have tried the new product true delights. I would greatly appreciate your feed back on these set of questions , for those who have tried it. 1. What does the name sound to you 2. Quality taste 3. How does it make you feel 4. What do you think 5. What comes to mind when you first look at it 6. On a rating scale 1-5, how would you rate the overall product 7. After sampling the product, would you buy it again 8. What store sold them to you 9. Who would you recommend the product to 10. Does the ilustration catch your eye 11. Age (for demographics) 12. What changes would you make 13. Why would you buy the product (appeal) 14. Where does the product fit in (snack or fitness) 15. Ethnicity (this is for demographics only)

    This would be a great help in completing my college project. My marketing team does not have available funds to buy the product that's why I'm on the internet. It would mean a whole lot to my team to accomplish this task, without this task we cannot move on to the next step in the project. I thank you and appreciate the feedback (survey, questionaire). - 4/17/2009   1:02:48 PM
  • 162
    Got a free sample last week - loved it!!! It's nice to see WHOLE foods in a granola bar, I like to see what I'm eating, and not always have it chopped and processed! - 4/10/2009   7:34:56 PM
  • 161
    They were delightful! - 4/10/2009   10:55:38 AM
  • 160
    I sent for my free sample but got one when I picked up a Quaker 100 Calorie product. My 17 year old got to it before me and he loved it. I will definitely buy these. - 4/4/2009   11:38:50 PM
  • 159
    Just sent away for my free sample. I didn't see the fiber content in the photo, and the fact that there is corn syrup in it has me concerned. But a little splurge every now and then won't kill me...Just clipped a coupon for these...what a co-inky-dink! - 4/4/2009   3:28:26 PM
    Waaay too sweet for me. I've finally conceded to making my own loose and bar granola, cutting the sugar to 1/3 or 1/2 of most recipes. Ten years ago these would have tasted great! I suppose losing the sweetness is an acquired taste. - 4/4/2009   3:10:19 PM
    I tried them and love them, except the banana macadamia ones. Those I don't like. - 4/4/2009   1:21:37 PM
  • 156
    I tried a sample also. The combination of flavors is great, but it is too sweet for my taste. - 4/4/2009   11:48:40 AM
  • 155
    These are VERY good! - 4/4/2009   9:51:36 AM
  • TWINSMOM0429
    I tried only because I had a $1.00 off coupon. I was not impressed and probably not buy them again. No biggie ladies! - 4/3/2009   2:54:11 PM
  • 153
    I will try the free sample but usually stay away from these bars because of the expense. - 4/3/2009   11:13:44 AM
  • 152
    I just signed up for my free sample, too. I suspect I won't like it, though. This one sounds way too sweet--corn syrup as the 2nd ingredient + honey + brown sugar + sugar in the chocolate..... Usually, if I'm craving chocolate, I'd rather just have plain ol' chocolate (a good quality one & only a small piece, of course). But, I'm willing to try it if they're willing to send it to me for free. - 4/3/2009   1:45:26 AM
  • 151
    I got the sample chocolate/raspberry, too, and it is a product I would not buy. Beware the hype! The sugary quality is suspicious and if you look at the label, see all those forms of sugar? A perfect way to binge. Nope, not for me to be hoodwinked into thinking this is nutritious. - 4/2/2009   8:17:44 PM
  • 150
    I don't buy the Quaker bars/products except for the plain oatmeal because all of the ones I've looked at in the past have high fructose corn syrup in them. I didn't see it in the list of ingredients here so maybe they're trying to be as healthy for us as they like to present themselves to be. - 4/2/2009   5:49:16 PM
  • 149
    Tried it and loved them!! There are a bit on the expensive side, though, so they are a very occasional treat. - 4/2/2009   5:08:02 PM
  • 148
    the coconut banana flavor is the best granola bar i've ever had! definatley a step above your regular snack. - 4/2/2009   3:38:55 PM
  • 147
    These bars are truly delightful, I just bought the toasted coconut, I can't wait to try it!! - 4/2/2009   3:07:06 PM
  • 146
    Thank you for giving us the information but I try to stay away from these things. They don't do enough to reduce my hunger. I find apple or tangelo are fewer calories and tend to help the hunger issue. - 4/2/2009   2:52:34 PM
    Love them. My local store has them on sale right now for $2 a box. I also have several $1 coupons. - 4/2/2009   1:42:16 PM
  • 144
    Thank you for the feedback...and the link! - 4/2/2009   12:59:00 PM
  • 143
    One of these bars actually satisfied a Snicker's bar craving the other day, saving me lots of calories and fat. I was quite impressed. - 4/2/2009   12:39:07 PM
  • 142
    Excellent timing! I saw these at the Price Chopper on a day trip to the States last weekend. I was intrigued, but hesitant to pick some up (the price for something good vs. unknown taste factor). I'll definitely give them a go next time I'm there! - 4/2/2009   11:50:17 AM
  • 141
    I also received my free sample of the Chocolate Raspberry. They were good, I like Kashi bars better. I love their flavors! I would like to try the banana macadamia nut (love coconut). I like trying samples and get alot of coupons and watch for sales, to get the good deals on these pricey items. - 4/2/2009   9:14:20 AM
  • 140
    Wow that sounds delicious. Too bad we don't have that here yet, sighs and looks away with deep sadness LOL - 4/2/2009   8:59:40 AM
  • 139
    I've eaten these and agree that they are more like a dessert than just a granola bar. They are quite tasty. - 4/2/2009   6:07:12 AM
  • 138
    How come they never give us free samples in Canada...NOT FAIR! - 4/2/2009   12:42:05 AM
  • 137
    Tried it. Loved it! So like a candy bar. The choclate raspberry. I bit pricey for a box of 5 but had coupon. - 4/2/2009   12:18:12 AM
  • 136
    Shame there's nuts in every one, since I'm allergic - 4/1/2009   11:14:01 PM
    Just sent off for mine! - 4/1/2009   10:53:39 PM
  • 134
    hey Stepfanie:) I love this kind of blog from you for the review that closely matches my own taste buds, where to get the free product info, considering how I never get any freebies . Keep them coming! LOL

    Love the coupons too..... now that DH retires, my being disabled, we could use the coupons. Thank You! - 4/1/2009   10:31:14 PM
  • 133
    I like them... have had the rasp. and cherry flavors.. on sale and with a coupon! They taste good but the cashews fall off. Yu ca'nt taste the nuts too much but the chocolate is good :D - 4/1/2009   10:10:53 PM
  • 132
    I have had the banana coconut macadamia nut and loved it! I have only bought one box because I try not to eat granola bars very often, but every once in a while I get a sweet tooth and these are a very satisfying solution. I will definitely buy them again. - 4/1/2009   10:01:55 PM
  • 131
    I sent off for my free sample. I am anxious to try it. - 4/1/2009   9:55:01 PM
    So I too just received my sample of the Quaker Oats Raspberry Chocolate bar - but I was very disappointed because I didn't get a coupon with mine!! However, the bar itself was absolutely delicious and I would've loved a coupon because it is too expensive to pay full price for these. - 4/1/2009   9:03:03 PM
  • 129
    I have not tried these yet, but will add it to my grocery list. The dark chocolate raspberry sounds good to me! - 4/1/2009   8:42:04 PM
  • 128
    Alrighty, so I work at Kroger and I finally remembered to check these out. Everyone keeps asking about the fiber. :) Dietary fiber is 3gm. I am not sure about oats, I have never cared for oats before, but I am willing to try this. If I don't like them, I know my Viking eat them. What I like is the 23gm of carbs. I have been having difficulty reaching my daily carb amount. - 4/1/2009   8:22:53 PM
  • 127
    I love these bars! I have a box in my car. I grab one for a snack! It's better then a candy bar. - 4/1/2009   7:11:46 PM
  • 126
    I got my free sample a few weeks ago. I tried the same one, it was soo good. I want to use the coupon I got but I haven't seen them at my grocery store. But I will be hunting for them! - 4/1/2009   5:35:39 PM
    Sounds good but not enough protein for the amount of calories. Couldn't eat them very often. - 4/1/2009   5:25:04 PM
  • 124
    I saw the free offer in a magazine. I always request free items. - 4/1/2009   5:06:53 PM
  • 123
    Have not tried them; probably won't. - 4/1/2009   4:41:50 PM
  • 122
    I have tried 3 times to sign up to get my free sample and the page won't open. I LOVE Raspberry and would love to try it. - 4/1/2009   4:33:04 PM

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