I Ate It: Fruit2Day Chewable, Drinkable Fruit

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We're continuing a popular new feature on the dailySpark: food reviews written by you, our loyal readers!

Jessica Dudley aka MRSDUDLEY first wrote about the food that gave bread the boot in her house! Now's she's back to write about how she's adding more fruit to her day.

By Jessica Dudley

What is the product called? Fruit2Day

Where did you buy it? Shop-n-Save, Collinsville, IL; it is located in the refrigerated case in the produce aisle.

How much did it cost? The product is packaged with two 6.75 oz bottles of juice and it retails at $3.68. However, I'm a coupon mom! I printed two seperate coupons for $1 off from the manufacturer's website. I then combined those two coupons with an in-store coupon I received during last week's shopping trip for $5 off my next purchase. So, I purchased two packages, and after tax I paid 44 cents for four 6.75 oz. bottles of Fruit2Day. Wow....that is less than 6 cents per piece of "fruit"! Not bad, huh? (By the way, the packaging also has another coupon inside for 55 cents off my next package, and the store printed me a $1 off my next purchase of two 2-pks.)

Nutrition: These have less fiber than the fruit they replace, but they have a bit more fiber than juice.

How did you eat it? As their packaging says "You'll sip. You'll chew. You'll see." And they were right. You take a sip and the little bits of real fruit are there so you chew. Honestly, it is a little hard to describe, but it really is like drinking juice and eating fresh fruit at the same time. It was good. I tried two different flavors, the Mango Peach and the Cherry Grape.

In the store they also had Pineapple Banana, and on their website they also show a Strawberry Orange. The Cherry Grape flavor had more of a pear flavor and the consistency of the fruit was more gritty/starchy like a pear. After reading the ingredient label it made sense because the third ingredient listed is in fact pear pieces. While the Cherry Grape flavor was good, it didn't provide the actual cherry and grape flavor I was looking for.

I really enjoyed the Mango Peach flavor, and while this too had pear pieces within the ingredient listing, the peach pieces and the mango puree shined through, providing the taste that I was expecting.

Why did you like it? Don't get me wrong--I'm a fresh fruit lover, but driving to work and trying to eat a fresh peach or peel an orange probably isn't the safest idea. Fruit2Day is a convenient and healthy way to quickly incorporate two fruits into your meal plan. Also, I think because of the little pieces of real fruit, it gave me more of a "full" feeling than a normal glass of juice would. With the coupons that the manufacturer is providing the Fruit2Day juice drink is just as cost effective as buying fresh produce and I look forward to having them again.

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The pineapple bananna is my favorite, I keep them in the Fridge at work, for when I really need a quick pick me up in the afternoon. Don't care to much for the Cherry Grape, to hard on my stomach. Have not tried the other two. Report
I tired it recently at the supermarket. It was odd. The flavor was fine but funky hard chunkies of pineapple in your juice will throw you for a loop . I guess I expected it to be more pulpy not something I had to chew or choke.. I think I'll stick to regular juice and eat my fruit chunks separately. And the cost was not so great either. Report
I think I would rather have fresh fruit. If I want it ran through a blender I can do that myself. Report
I stick to my V8 Fusion Report
Sounds like the old funky juice stuff they made years ago- Orbits or something like that? A sugary juice with little gel-like balls floating in it?? It was weird- juice you can chew. An odd sensation, for sure.

But judging from the amount of sugar you get in these Fruit2Day drinks, and little fiber, and NO protein... I'd rather spend more and have my Shakeology from Beachbody. With that, I can mix in fresh fruit or use juice- and get half as much sugar (that would depend on what juice I used, too- obviously). And over twice as much fiber, and about 15g of protein. Along with many of the daily vitamins as well.... and so very filling and tasty!!!

I love the chocolate Skakeology too- for a dessert-like experience if I'm not in the mood for fruit. And still get my daily requirements of fruits/veggies. :-) The healthiest meal of the day!!

Don't stop posting these blogs that try out new things though- I find them VERY interesting and the labels are great for comparing with other products, too. More info is never a bad thing. :-)

Honestly... that sounds gross. Report
If I saw it in the store I would definitely give it a try. Drink it on a daily basis I don't think so. Report
I'll pass for myself, but for my hubby, who refuses to give up his juice, it might be a viable option. I's prefer him to eat instead of drink his fruit, but he insists he needs his fruit juice in the morning. This option would have more fiber than the juice. As for the amount of sugar, I see no added sugar of any type. Fruit has a lot of natural sugar, so whether you buy this product or not, the fruit you eat will have just as much or even more sugar. Report
Great review...I may just give this a try...but let me make sure I get this....this drink counts as 2 servings of fruit? Report
No thanks - I prefer to keep as unprocessed as possible - besides, I don't even drink fruit juice. I prefer to make smoothies with fresh/frozen fruit or just wait until I'm at work to eat my fruit - but I have a very short commute. I don't think I would like the idea of "chewing" my juice, either - it's just too odd. Report
TOO MUCH SUGAR!!! If I am going to get that much I want to EAT it, and get MORE fiber to boot!
AND a big PLUS for me, is knowing how much Potassium is in the product as well. THIS neglects to list that important information! Report
I would not buy these. I juice at home (fruits & veggies) and use my blender to make fruit smoothies with protein powder and fiber powder...much cheaper and healthier. Report
It's sounds good, but IDK if I would buy it it has to many carbs and too much surgar. Report
Need something convenient and portable, but cheap? Try an apple. I have a cooler in the car that I stock up with fresh fruits and veggies, daily. Quick, easy, cheap and healthy. This product? Not-so-much. It sounds like a waste of time and resources for the "convenience" misnomer. The cooler-in-the-car method has saved me from these so-called healthy and mindless "convenience" items. Report
I probably wouldn't buy these because I eat plenty of fresh fruit and 120 calories is a bit steep. Report
I do not think I would try this. I try to stay away from foods that have a lot of sugar and not a lot of fiber. Mostly everything I eat that is a CHO needs to have at least 4 gms of fiber. Besides, eating a banana in a car, peeling an orange before you leave and putting the sections in a baggie, eating grapes in a car are all easy alternatives to "drinking" your fruit. Report
I am not a juice person.. I need all the fiber from the real fruit.. However, I may try if I get a chance.. Report
I tried these a few months ago and found them ok if you like swallowing chucks with your liquid. I would rather eat the fruit or drink the juice. To each there own. I would not go out of my way to buy them. Report
This product sounds really good and I'd love to try it. Unfortunately it's not available where I live. It seems that the company producing it was founded in Switzerland - let's hope they make this snack-drink international! Report
I had been waiting for this to arrive in my grocer's shelves to utilize in a pinch when I needed a boost on a crazy work day, wherein time was of the essence, and lunch perhaps skipped, and blood sugar level was so low, that the off the chart sugar content didn't matter to me. I found it. I bought it. I swilled it and I gagged. I had anticipated a pulp-like texture, as texture has always been the "make or break" factor for me since I was a child. I would prefer to have low-blood sugar, if this were the only other option available. It felt just chunky enough, to feel, well, as if it had already been digested. I appreciate your reviews though. I do love the Arnold Select Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins, and the creative ideas you shared! Report
Thanks for the review. I, too, will pass. I never have liked pulp in orange juice, so the idea of chewy pieces of fruit does not appeal to me. I will stay with fresh fruit! Report
I'm sorry but the words "chewable, drinkable fruit" really turns me off, but then again, I can't stand pulp in my orange juice either. I think I'll pass. Report
Thank you for this. I went to the manufacturer's website and got my coupon!! My daughter and I have been wanting to try this! Report
I'd try these. Thanks for sharing! Report
I actually have tried this. We've gone to several events where this has been handed out for free. I tried the Peach Mango, and thought it was yummy. However, the grocery store price is prohibitive, so unless I have major coupons or there's a major sale, it's not going to be on our grocery list. I'm not a juice person, but this was really different from normal juice. It's a great concept - just needs to have a lower price. Report
I'm not certain that everyone who mentions the sugar content of these products knows how much sugar is in real fruit. When you eat a fresh apple, for approx the same number of calories, you will eat ~20-21 grams of sugar, according to http://www.sugarstacks.com/fruits.h
. For one serving, the amount in this doesn't sound out-of-line to me. As long as it's on sale and I have a coupon, I will definitely try this. Report
To much sugar. I preffer fresh fruit. Report
I had a coupon for a free two-pack or I never would have paid $2.99 for these. They are small and taste fine, but nutritional info aside, not worth the price. Report
We discovered these about a month ago and LOVE them. My husband is not fruit friendly and usually will not eat fruit but he actually likes these and will request them when he knows I'm going shopping! Report
I'd rather crunch an apple! I prefer food in it's natural state when possible. Report
I think that i will stay with fruit.. it has a lot of sugar in them also as so many have said already Report
way too much sugar Report
This looks a lot like the chunky smoothies (there's an oxymoron!) that I make in my blender at home, so I might be inclined to buy this product when I'm away from home.

For more fiber, I might shake in a spoonful of psyllium powder. Report
Sugar is way off the mark. 22-24 grms per serving, I think not. Report
Sound good BUT did anyone notice the 22g to 24g of Sugar per container? That is about 5.7 teaspoons of sugar!!! Report
these sound OK, but I would rather plan ahead of time and take along fruit already cut up into bite size pieces. I would have to check the back of the package to see what all is in it. Report
Great review Mrs Dudley, I tried the Mango Peach and the Cherry Grape and agree with you on both points, I did like the Mango Peach better and found that the Cherry Grape had a bit too much of a pear taste for me. I will try the Pineapple Bananna next. Report
Well done review, but no thanks - I'd rather have a piece of unprocessed fruit (preferably local and in season) and save on the packaging. Report
Thanks Ms Dudley. You do a good review and I trust your opinion. Report
The ingredient list in this product is wonderful! It gives me hope that food manufacturers are actually listening to what the public wants.

Still, I would probably not purchase and try this product. I would prefer to eat my fruit whole. I don't even drink 100% fruit juice, mainly because I'm post-op gastric bypass, and the high sugar content in concentrated fruit juice is enough to make me "dump" (chills, sweat, the shakes, nausea, etc.). Report
I did not really care for this product. The flavors were off and i did not like the pieces of fruit chuncks. I would of prefered it to be completely smooth. Report
Yes, the sugar content is high. Fruit has lots of natural sugar. If you read the ingredient list, there's no added sugar. Report
I prefer to eat fresh fruit, but in an emergency...this product sounds interesting. Report
I will be looking for it in the store......... sounds like something I need to try to add to my nutrition...... more convenient when on the run. Report
I tried these B4 - They had a sample at the store. I don't like OJ with pulp - Juice should be just that - I have texture issues and this really turned me off. But, I love my fresh fruit so I'm good LOL ^..^

Great Idea though for those that do like it. Report
The sugar content does seem awful high but "flush it thru" with 16 oz of water. To my thinking, you're adding to your H2O goal and rinsing your mouth of sugar. Sounds gross, right? Report
Since I wont touch a fruit or veggie... you can imagine I have a pretty big struggle trying to meet my daily fruit goals. I am always looking for a way to eat my fruits with out actually "eating" them for say. hehehe. I know that is awful, but just maybe these could put me a step in the right direction! Thanks for the review! I will for sure have to try it! Report
Ummm, sounds pretty good. I will have to try them. Wondering about the sugar content though. The carbs seem great... since I have a hard time eating enough carbs. Thanks Stephanie. Report
Thanks for reviewing this. I'll have to look for it. I'm always up for trying new things! Report
I've got one better. If you have never heard of MONA VIE, look it up. It is 19 fruits, has all the nutrients of 13 fruits a day. ALL you drink is 2 ounces in the morning and 2 oz. before bed. Its a total of 120 calories a day and you get ALL your fruit and can still choose some other snack to fill your belly. you get all kinds of energy and at night sleep like a baby. Go to my very first blog and see what it can do. AWESOME product, but a bit expensive. More then worth it though..

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