Contest Closed: 1 Lucky Person Won a Wii and Wii Fit!


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Thank you for entering the dailySpark Holiday Giveaway. The contests are now closed.

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  • 8851
    Ohh I got a Wii for my wedding gift, I soo want the wii fat - 2/1/2009   9:42:53 AM
    Don't waste your money on the Jillian Michaels Wii game. I got it for Christmas and it is really bad. Check out the comments on Amazon. Nobody liked it. There is another Wii fitness game that is supposed to be a lot better. - 1/12/2009   3:22:56 PM
  • 8849
    I'm all in!! - 1/11/2009   11:01:32 PM
    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME for the WI - 1/8/2009   7:25:05 PM
    I have a WII fit and it is fun for about 2 weeks then you master the game and then it becomes boring, I do want to try the Jillian Micheals game for it, that looks like fun. - 1/7/2009   4:29:08 PM
  • 8846
    I really want an Wii Fit... ;-( - 1/7/2009   2:14:03 PM
  • 8845
    I hope the winner enjoys their Wii. I could really use the camcoeder to record the results from boot camp lol - 1/7/2009   1:19:06 PM
  • 8844
    so, who won? - 1/7/2009   1:04:20 AM
  • 8843
    Congrats to the winner, and a big cheer for SP! - 1/6/2009   11:20:43 PM
  • 8842
    I'm sad I missed the deadline to enter :( - 1/6/2009   6:54:10 PM
  • 8841
    I would love this!!!!! I think my kids would too! - 1/6/2009   5:40:07 PM
  • 8840
    Yes yes yes I would love to win this, I have always wanted the wii fit. - 1/6/2009   12:08:45 PM
  • 8839
    Sure wish I could win this Wii Fit! I have been wanting one. My friends have one and it was fun! - 1/6/2009   8:39:18 AM
  • 8838
    Wish I would have seen this earlier - 1/6/2009   1:22:55 AM
    I would love this. With Wii I wouldn't even know I was working out. Yet I'd be getting a great workout. - 1/5/2009   8:01:50 PM
  • 8836
    WOW what an awesome win this would be. - 1/5/2009   7:28:07 PM
  • KAS1990
    new year, new me ... back on track to a healthy lifestyle! - 1/5/2009   3:46:51 PM
  • 8834
    I'm excited about getting back to exercise and losing those holiday pounds! - 1/5/2009   1:39:25 PM
  • 8833
    I lover the WII they have been sold out everywhere around here, thanks for offering such a great incentive.....the WII Fit would really jump start my progress.....Happy New Year Everyone - 1/5/2009   12:45:07 PM
  • PEPPER03
    I love the wii - so glad they came out with a game system where you MOVE. I would be so happy if I won one! - 1/5/2009   12:41:18 PM
  • 8831
    I want this machine bad!!! - 1/5/2009   12:38:53 PM
  • 8830
    I have a 7 year old son. He and I love to go out in the up our back hill and slide down it. It's very cold this winter in Upstate NY and we live far from most thing. It would be cool to play video games and exercise at the same time. I'm sure it'd help my soon to be hubby too. Thanks! - 1/5/2009   12:38:39 PM
  • 8829
    My boss and his wife got this for Christmas last year and they LOVE it. I have a 16 year old son that likes to play video games and this would be great for the two of us to loose weight and get fit. - 1/5/2009   12:38:03 PM
    I know I don't have a chance on winning this but this would be great for me. My fitness is important to me and I live in an area where there is no gym and no safe place to walk so this would be a great prize for me cause I will put it to good use. It will make my excersing safe and fun. Thanks Spark People for giving these wonderful prizes away - 1/5/2009   12:31:26 PM
  • CDIXON359
    Everytime we've seen an ad for Wii Fit, it has been out of stock - even had trouble so far online! My family needs a fun way to do indoor fitness during the cold winter. I especially need it to keep my diabetes in check. What a fantastic prize!! Whoever wins it... ENJOY!!! - 1/5/2009   12:24:17 PM
    I like to switch up my routine. When I'm on the treadmill, I like to play dance type of music and sing and do small moves. Or watch tv. I also LOVE to do aerobics on DVD. I think switching up DVD's keeps it interesting and fun! - 1/5/2009   12:21:27 PM
  • 8825
    Pick me!!!
    I love Wii and would love to win WiiFit. - 1/5/2009   11:52:36 AM
    I make a weekly trip to the children's hospital to play twister, some variation of tag, or some other activity. - 1/5/2009   11:43:48 AM
  • 8823
    Would love to win. have heard really great things about the Wii fit. - 1/5/2009   11:25:46 AM
  • 8822
    I just recently started using my indoor trampoline again. It is soooo much fun and really gives me a great workout. I do jumping jacks, jump rope (without the rope) and running in place. Winning a Wii Fit would add to another fun workout! - 1/5/2009   10:47:56 AM
    It would be a dream to win. Here's wishing and hoping. Good luck to all. - 1/5/2009   10:21:42 AM
    If the Wii Fit is as much fun as the games, bring it on! I would love to add this to my very small game collection for more fitness fun. - 1/5/2009   10:03:50 AM

    The Wii Fit is first on my list of most wanted items!!! - 1/5/2009   9:49:02 AM
  • 8818
    I would love to have the Wii Fit but it is way too certainly sounds like a fun way to exercise. Thanks for all the contests. - 1/5/2009   9:39:10 AM
    In winter, my husband and I love to ski. Just carrying around the skis from car to the lift is great aerobic AND strength training. In the summer, I try to swim a mile every other day at the club before I head to work. I always sleep really well that night. - 1/5/2009   9:34:33 AM
  • NINA198
    This ia the time I need to get healthy. Caring for a disabled husband with major spinal problems and me with fibromyalgia. I don't want to wait any longer. I need to get healthy not only for me but also to be the best caregiver I can be. We are young (both 49) so I have a lot of years to go. This is my year!!!! - 1/5/2009   9:34:16 AM
  • 8815
    I keep exercising fun by making it into a game and working out with my little brothers and their friends. Keeps me from feeling like i have to exercise on days i really dont and helps keeps the kids active and out of mom and dads way for a bit. - 1/5/2009   9:24:23 AM
  • 8814
    By doing fun 10 dance cardio from the 10 minute solutions video series! You start out planning on 10 mins, and sometimes do the whole thing because it is such a blast! - 1/5/2009   9:21:12 AM
    Exercising to music gives more engery than doing it without it. Keeping yourself activity helps your cardio and your strength. - 1/5/2009   9:08:31 AM
  • LINDAB225
    Looking forward to the new year and working out with my lovely husband ... we are in this together for better or for worse. My husband had a bad year for sickness ... a new year for both of us - 1/5/2009   8:41:32 AM
    My kids and I have a WII we have wanted to try WII Fit but it is sold out. So my kids and I have rented the Wee Cheer video, it is a great family activity and we do it for hours on end, we have fun and keep moving, nothing better than 4 girls cheering their hearts out on a Sunday afternoon. - 1/5/2009   8:35:03 AM
    Walking with my husband gives us one on one time! and that is always fun!!! - 1/5/2009   7:49:36 AM
    I would love to have a Wii so I could combine fun with fitness. As it is the only real exercise I get is from normal daily activities - mainly house cleaning. No Fun!! - 1/5/2009   7:14:08 AM
    I combine fun and fitness by taking my 2 year old on long bike rides to the park. We bypass 3 parks on the way but in the end we both reach our goals...for her fun time at the park with mommy, for me, precious quality time with my baby and one more step to increasing my fitness and loosing weight! - 1/5/2009   6:57:24 AM
  • 8807
    I wanted this for Christmas and Santa forgot me, maybe Spark will be my santa - 1/5/2009   6:50:14 AM
    This would so get my daughter up, exercisong and forming healthy habits, now. Since she is developmentally disabled she does not fully understand the reasoning behind what goes in has to be burned off......the Wii and Wii Fit would be an absolute motivator for her and it would provide me with an outlet when life is hectic and getting my exercise with her would fantastic. - 1/5/2009   3:01:49 AM
  • 8805
    I started out with small amounts of exercise doing different types of activities to keep it interesting and fun. - 1/4/2009   11:43:59 PM
  • LIZBETH660
    My fiance holds my feet while I do sit-ups ... he keeps count and encourages me. - 1/4/2009   11:19:49 PM
    My seven year old has wanted one and have looked everywhere. Hard to get a hold of.
    - 1/4/2009   11:11:56 PM
  • 8802
    My girlfriend and I just started commiting ourselves to eating healthier and excercising to lose weight, mostly through walking (something which we would hardly do before) and it's great to have each other there to support each other, to talk and have a great time. If we win the Wii, her and I as well as her son would really use it well on the days we are unable to get out to walk far due to bad weather. My cousin has one and when we go there to visit the first thing we all want to do is bowl, play tennis or some other sport activity game she has for it. It really is a workout and loads of fun!!!! - 1/4/2009   10:15:43 PM

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