Healthy Headlines: Will Chewing Gum Help or Harm Weight Loss?


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A roundup of the healthy living stories making headlines this week.

Minty chewing gums may not help people lose weight
Live Science says that chomping on gum might backfire if you're trying to shed a few pounds. The minty breath fresheners make fruits and veggies taste awful, which can lead you to eat other, unhealthy foods instead.

Study links 180,000 global deaths to sugary drinks
(Big) Gulp. USA Today reports that sipping on sweetened juice, sports drinks, and soda leads to an estimated 25,000 deaths in the US alone each year, with Mexico topping the list for fatalies related to sugary beverages.

The Best Types of Salt for Cooking
Sure, we all need to limit the amount of salt we consume. That's why it matters which type we use. DailySpark contributor Bryn Mooth spills which salts are best for cooking, baking, and finishing dishes on her blog, Writes4Food.

Forget the Fryer! 7 Alternatives to Greasy Favorites
FitSugar rounded up tasty, lower-fat versions of all your favorite pub grub, from onion rings to cheese sticks. Yum!

Benefits of a 10-Minute Meditation Practice
Stress, pain, anxiety, even heart disease can all be ameliorated with a short, regular meditation practice, says Mind Body Green.

Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America's Bottom Line
Speaking of meditation, Arianna Huffington is speaking out in favor of the stress-relief practice on Huffington Post Healthy Living.Stress costs US businesses $300 billion a year--and that's rising.

Things That Make You Break Out
Beyond stress and diet, there are plenty of things that can wreak havoc on your skin, the body's largest organ, says SELF.

Jillian Michaels' New Balancing Act
Fans of this celebrity trainer won't want to miss her interview with Fitness magazine about how being a mom has changed her workouts and healthy habits.

Scared into Shape: Training for a 545-Mile Bike Ride
Shape shares an inspiring story of how one woman used fear as a motivator to get fit and reach her goals.

Doctors Urge F.D.A. to Restrict Caffeine in Energy Drinks
If you sip on caffeinated beverages to stay alert, you'll want to read why doctors are asking for new restrictions, in this NYT Well blog post.
Chickpea flatbread, packed with protein
Looking for a gluten-free, higher-protein bread swap? You might like this Washington Post recipe for chickpea flatbread, a variation on the Mediterranean bread called socca. I love making it with loads of fresh rosemary and onions.
Which story piqued your interest this week? Are there any other top stories we missed?

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