We Tried It: Plus-Size Activewear by AdoraOm!

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Spring has officially sprung and it's time to celebrate by taking your workout outdoors! What better way to ring in the warmer weather than with a cute and comfortable workout outfit? We're giving away one outfit (top and bottom of your choice) from AdoraOm™, a clothing company that makes ''activewear for the full figured fashionista.''

AdoraOm™ was founded by three women who wanted to provide plus-size ladies with flattering, functional activewear. We love the fun vibe of the clothes as much as we love the philosophy of the company:

''Everybody needs encouragement to embark on a healthy track. What you wear, like a good hair day, can make a huge difference. We want to provide you with activewear that will make you look and feel special.

AdoraOm™ apparel is exclusively for the plus size gal. Our activewear is made with high quality fabrics that will smooth and flatter your curves. Our styles were designed and fitted on women just like you. Our Our logo, the "Triskillion," is an ancient symbol that represents our circle. Three women coming together to encourage, inspire and motivate you. We hope you will join our circle…There's Room for Every Body!™''

AdoraOm™ sells a variety of separate tops and bottoms. One of our favorite outfit combinations is the All About Me Capri with the Make My Day Tee.

Here's what AdoraOm™ has to say about the All About Me Capri:

''Take a walk on the wild side in our reversible mid-rise, calf-skimming Capri with 20" inseam. Our Capri smoothes & compresses your body like never before."

Other Stats:
  • Reversible
  • Mid-rise and calf skimming fit
  • Flattens midsection and lifts behind
  • Internal pocket fits change/key
  • Imported Supplex®Lycra that holds its shape
  • Manages moisture, breathable, long lasting
  • Wind, stain and fade resistant
  • Black Lycra for no shine effect and no see thru when stretched
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang dry
And here's what AdoraOm™ has to say about the Make My Day Tee:

''It's time to throw away the boring men's oversized tee and put on your "Make My Day" short sleeve top. Anything is possible wearing this. Don't sweat the small stuff, we've placed mesh panels in all the right places."

Other Stats:
  • V-Neck
  • Mesh short sleeves
  • Comfortable fit
  • Side and back mesh panels
  • Imported Supplex®Lycra that holds its shape
  • Light weight, manages moisture, breathable, long lasting, wind, stain and fade resistant
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang dry
We asked SparkPeople member Shelli Mosteller (MOSTMOM1) to put this AdoraOm™ apparel to the test, and she gladly rose to the challenge.

Shelli says:

''Their stuff is so cute, I had a hard time choosing an outfit to review! This outfit makes me feel like an action figure. A middle-aged action figure. LOL. (That's a fun thing, by the way.)''

Check out Shelli's (epic!) vlog where she shares her opinions on the All About Me Capri and the Make My Day Tee.

What's your favorite piece of activewear you own?

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So. $158 for one outfit. No thanks. For those that can spend the money though, the item are Made in the USA which is nice (and very unusual). Report
Glad to see companies that are women-owned focusing on what plus-sized women want. Can't tell you how many times I walk pass the Lulu Lemons and Nike stores and see the women's athletic wear in colors, fabrics and styles that I'd love to wear. Usually the best I can fit is the sweatbands and sneakers. So finding cute work out wear that actually supports me where I need it, is a win win! I enjoy wearing clothes that are figure flattering and stylish because they make me feel more confident. And athletic wear (for me) is no exception. My favorite workout item is a tie-dye trapeeze tunic top that I love to wear to Zumba! Be Well. Report
I love my yoga pants! Report
My favorite workout gear are 2 pair of capri pants that I purchased at Walmart a couple of years ago. They're ready to be put out to pasture! Hope I win! Report
Cute workout clothes and I'm happy to see that the pants are in different lengths, 28", 30" & 34", not forgetting that there are LOTS of short plus sized women out there - myself included.
I like to feel good about what I'm wearing, but these workout clothes aren't in my budget.

I have two pair of bike shorts (Pear Izumi & shebeest) which I'd say are my favorite workout pieces. Report
I agree with everyone else...ok to win it...but can't afford to buy it. (Shelli looks great it them though!!!!) I found my most comfy, light weight workout pants on the sale rack at Target!!! Report
I only have two workout pants I can get in now and neither fit very well, so I don't really have a favorite. My favorite was my sweats from the hospital gift shop, but the other day I noticed I looked like I weighed twice what I do in them. I would really like to win something like these. Meanwhile, I am going to try the Goodwill and see if I can find something for around $3 because I can't afford anything more. Report
Outfit pictured above is uber cute and the designs are placed in just the right places to flatter any figure! I'm always on the look out for cute, stylish plus size workout gear! Report
How great that there is something out there for the plus sized woman! What a great prize for someone...I hope it's me! lol! Report
Would love to win Report
too expensive for me. If I win great but otherwise I'll get my gear at other places for 1/4 of the price. I have found good deals even at Goodwill. Report
I wear Just My Size French terry running suits with short-sleeved or sleeveless tops. They wear well, and are comfortable . . . and they cost about a tenth of these outfits. As others have said--I can't afford that much for a suit to wear for work--let alone to work out! Report
Ha! I liked Shelli's comment about looking like a middle-aged action figure... in my case, I'm BatWings Woman!! ;-P

I liked the fact that the pants were in 28" length (short) as well as the taller (regular and tall) - I have bought my sizes online from other places like Old Navy and they're like 6-8" too long!! But I don't like wearing capris either because my lower legs and ankles are NOT the pretty parts of my body (I've seen tree trunks that are far more attractive!!), and don't want to have to hem every time I buy pants.

Buuuttt I'm not sure $98 is the price I want to pay. I'll wait until they discover 6-8 months from now and they don't sell and they go into the "outlet" and then I might consider buying them. That's how I do with the Junonia.com clothing which is also outrageously priced. Report
my fave workout capris are surprisingly from Kmart! i love their activewear section :) Report
That's insanely expensive!! Company should do a market survey before deciding the price! I agree I had not even heard of this company before "Most mom" reviewed it. Report
I agree with RD03875 that $89 for the pants and $69 for the Top is way to much for me, but others can spend what they want. I just laugh since I'm frugal and I get all my work out clothes at thrift shops and yard sales. Report
My favorite active wear is my shorts. I get terribly hot but dont produce alot of sweat so I love when I can wear shorts! Report
It is quite expensive for workout wear. I hit the sales racks at Old Navy over the weekend and their compression pants were on sale for 50% off and I had a coupon. I dont usually buy myself clothes because I am trying to shrink back into the boxes and boxes of clothes that are about a year old!

I also wonder about the reversible thing. Do people use the same clothes the next day that they already sweat in? Report
I love the outfit. I just can't afford to buy something like that for myself. TOO much money. Report
To win it yes to buy it no to much money. Report
I love my sweat pants and a t-shirt to workout in. Report
Hmmm...$158 for a workout outfit? Let me think...No. I'd put on old sweats & a t-shirt first and spend that money on something important...like bills, groceries, gas for my car...I could go on. What's the point of cute & fashionable workout wear if it's not affordable? Report
My favorite workout piece is a sports bra. I never owned one until a couple of years ago, and it makes all the difference in my ability to move better and longer. I love the outfit and the pics of a real spark model! Thank you! Report
My favorite piece of acive wear is a some thing that fits!! Report
My favorite piece of acive wear is a white sleeveless champion workout shirt from target. Love it b/c it doesn't ride up my belly, matches everything & wasn't too expensive. Report
About time there were "plus size" exercise clothes available. Would love to win a set. Report
Love The clothes very much. Awesome Vbog!!! God bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Report
Love the outfit! Report
wtg shelli, so cute, great free shwag! Report
Shelli, You are becomming quite famous here on Sparks!!!!!! You look great in the clothes!

I don't own any work out clothes. I just wear my everyday t-shirts and cotton pants. I could never afford to buy these cute workout outfits but winning one would be great! Report
WooHoo Shelli You look awesome in that outfit :) Report
I love them. They sure beat old t-shirts and cut off sweats. Report
I don't own any workout clothes. Finacially cant't afford to buy any. If i could win this cute outfit if would go along way to help me be motaveted for excersie. Report
The outfit IS super cute! Makes me want to get out and walk! Maybe I do need one! Report
That outfit is cute I would love to have it to work out in. Good luck to everyone and happy exercising. Report
So hard to find plus sized work out clothing, but I really can't afford those prices. :( Back to hubby's t-shirt and my crappy runners. Report

You LOOK AWESOME!!!!! Love the shoes for sure. Report
Ooooh! Love the clothes. Love the company. (Cute shoes as well.) Crossing my fingers.... ( ; Report
Love the photos! This is the way to sell the clothes! I am fan of the capris but the whole outfit is awesome and I love the colors! Report
The pants and top really look cute but they are a tad expensive. Report
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