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This contest is officially closed! The winners are:

BodyMedia CORE Armband:


BodyMedia LINK Armband:


You may have recently seen on SparkPeople's staff blog that you can now connect your BodyMedia FIT device to your SparkPeople account. This means that you can wirelessly track your sleep patterns, activity minutes, steps taken and calories burned, and then seamlessly load your data directly to your Fitness Tracker—so cool! (You can learn more about the science behind BodyMedia FIT devices here.) We're excited to be able to offer this functionality on our site; it's just one more way we're trying to make healthy living easier for more of you!

We think the feedback from BodyMedia FIT devices can be extremely helpful for anyone trying to reach health and fitness goals. Plus, seeing your daily progress right in front of you can be a huge motivator (especially if you're into data and numbers like we are). Says Chris ''SparkGuy'' Downie (SparkPeople's CEO): ''The BodyMedia FIT armband is a great way to track all activities throughout the day to make sure you get the most out of every effort—from a dedicated 30-minute run to simply taking the stairs at the office. Combined with our food and calorie-tracking tools, it’s never been easier to stay motivated and keep on track with your weight-loss or healthy-living goals.''

Does this sound like something that would help you on your road to weight loss? You're in luck: BodyMedia is giving away 3 LINK (Bluetooth-enabled) armbands and 3 CORE armbands, all with a 12-month subscription to the BodyMedia Activity Manager! (Click here to see how the LINK and CORE armbands compare.)

We love how easy it is to track calorie data with our new BodyMedia integration, and we think you will, too. Enter our giveaway today for a chance to start automatically and accurately tracking your activity and calorie burn like the contestants on The Biggest Loser®!

To enter, click here! Don't forget to read the rules. This contest will end one week from today.

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  • 109
    Rats---contest's closed! - 2/27/2013   8:52:26 AM
    Just started on this weight loss/fitness journey 4 weeks ago. I have a loooong way to go. This would be a great boost and help motivate me to exercise more. Hope I'm lucky enough to win one:) - 2/14/2013   7:59:54 PM
  • 107
    Would LOVE to win this! What an awesome give away! - 2/14/2013   4:38:58 PM
  • 106
    Still hoping (praying) to win one! - 2/12/2013   3:41:52 PM
  • 105
    Like the rest of the free world, I have made it my New Year's Resolution to get fit and finally lose this weight for good. And also like the rest of the free world, two months into this wonderful New Year, I am struggling to find the motivation because this wonderful thing called LIFE keeps getting in the way!

    With five kids ranging in age from 17 all the way down to 3, it is hard to keep up with what they are doing every day, much less try to fit in some "me" time. Let's not even go there when it comes to being able to afford one of these bad boys with 5 kids all wanting dinner every night and clothes to wear, etc (LOL)! This would be the kick in the a$$ I need to get my life back on track! - 2/12/2013   11:10:22 AM
    Baby, Baby this mama that needs to get her sexy back and wants to be involved in her kids life needs one of these...This would be a life saver and keep this mom on track.. As many people it is super hard to have $1??.?? to put toward something like this when you are on a budget and have two small children to think about... I am so happy that a friend shared this group with me.. It is the best.... Thank you for the chance to win a Body Media Fit and also thanks for a great group!! - 2/11/2013   11:15:45 PM
    Would love to win one of these ...i have over 50 pounds I need to lose and it would be perfect for me ...I love Sparks people ..Have used their site before... they have some great ideas to help lose weight! - 2/11/2013   9:05:11 PM
  • 102
    I would definitely love to win this. I have been wanting this for several years & the money has just not been there since there are other things needed that are more important. - 2/11/2013   7:28:45 PM
  • 101
    I'm just told my Hubby I wanted something like this for V-day. This would be so cool to win! - 2/11/2013   6:36:28 PM
  • 100
    This would be awsome! Hope I win one. - 2/11/2013   3:33:00 PM
  • KAT2010
    This would be such a motivational boost to help me keep moving!
    Thank you for the chance to win one! - 2/11/2013   2:15:59 PM
  • 98
    I really can't get over how amazing Sparkpeople are! It's things like this that make them stand out and made me want to be a part of this amazing community. Even if I don't win one of these, just the opportunity makes me want to reach even higher! Thank you!! - 2/11/2013   1:26:40 PM
  • 97
    How delightful to be poised to win such a valuable tool! - 2/11/2013   12:01:18 PM
  • 96
    Who Wouldn't love to have this wonderful gadget..and I am a gadget GIRL.. I would really USE it. :) - 2/11/2013   11:30:45 AM
  • 95
    Boy, would I Love, LOVE, LOVE to win one of these!!! I have lost 80 pounds, using all the tools SP has to offer on their site, but this would help me, get OVER THIS HURDLE, and reach my "LIFESTYLE CHANGES Winner's LINE" with a great big smile on my face!!! I love being a great EXAMPLE to my family! - 2/11/2013   11:08:37 AM
    LOVE it - I am totally in the market for one of these right now! - 2/11/2013   11:06:31 AM
  • 93
    I so need one of these. - 2/11/2013   10:58:51 AM
  • 92
    This would be such a motivational boost to help me keep moving this winter! Thank you for the chance! - 2/11/2013   10:54:33 AM
  • 91
    Wonderful prize. Thanks. - 2/11/2013   8:47:19 AM
  • 90
    I would love to have this! - 2/11/2013   8:03:56 AM
  • 89
    Winning this would be awesome.I would never be able to afford one of these on my own. - 2/11/2013   7:49:18 AM
  • 88
    It would be AWESOME to win one of these! It would definitely make things easier to keep up with :-) - 2/11/2013   12:41:59 AM
  • 87
    I would so love to win this. It would be great inspiration, and maybe I can finally just do it~! Been three years since my divorce started, it has been a hard road.........a lot of ups and downs in emotion and weight........time to bet busy and get strong again! - 2/10/2013   2:14:35 PM
    I would really like to win this. Thank this would really help me with my tracking and it would help me know is I am getting enough calories or enough excersice. I cannot afford to buy one, so I would love to win it. Really trying hard to lose weight, but it has been long and slow and hard. - 2/10/2013   12:59:01 PM
  • 85
    Ive checked this out and totally want one. It is just not in the money cards now or the near future. I would use this everyday, and it would just make it amazing to get this as an early birthday present for me, the best one ever actually. - 2/10/2013   1:26:18 AM
  • BOBBBI_97
    this would be so awesome for me to have...I am on a budget right now and we,
    are barley making it now and money is just not and option for me wishin that I
    could really use one of these and so I will just have to hope and pray that I get one. - 2/9/2013   11:49:12 AM
    I would live to have to help me with my weight loss maybe having this would help me to better ad be countable - 2/8/2013   7:01:28 PM
  • 82
    Oh, please, please. This appears to be a great idea. I could use more help. - 2/8/2013   12:21:08 PM
  • 81
    Wish all could win, what a great prize! I threw my name in the hat :) - 2/8/2013   12:27:40 AM
  • 80
    I had been looking at these for a while. Read an article on them and checked out online but just cannot afford one. So this would be great! - 2/7/2013   11:17:31 PM
  • 79
    This would be awesome to have! I think it's on my Amazon wish list - but I never expect to fulfill this "wish" because it's pretty spendy.
    Thanks SparkPeople! - 2/7/2013   10:05:06 PM
  • 78
    I'm Super Excited!!!!! Been looking into these but was afraid to spend money on it and not know if I like it. Hoping if I win it will encourage my husband to get one too! Good Luck to all who entered!! - 2/7/2013   9:01:49 PM
  • 77
    I really would love to win one. It would really help me keep on track and to know really how many calories I am burning in 24hrs. Working nights sleeping in snatches during the day you really don't know what your body is doing. It would be a big help. - 2/7/2013   7:50:11 PM
  • 76
    Oh, my goodness! I would love to get one of these. I've looked into it before since Michelle Dozoise uses them at her gym, but it has always been a little too outside of my price range. Just hoping and praying to win one! - 2/7/2013   6:54:43 PM
  • 75
    It would be so nice to win this. I need all the help I can get! - 2/7/2013   11:49:00 AM
  • 74
    OMG, crazy excited, LOL. Fingers crossed I'll get lucky :) - 2/7/2013   9:57:40 AM
  • 73
    Just started looking into one of these...I have been feeling tired lately and wondered if tracking my sleep might giver some insight. - 2/7/2013   8:43:15 AM
  • 72
    I would love one! - 2/7/2013   7:40:54 AM
  • 71
    Now u come up this? I have mine on the way already! I expect it to be delivered this Friday, February 8th. Timing! - 2/7/2013   12:38:27 AM
    Who wouldn't want to win one. Would be wonderful on a tight budget. - 2/6/2013   10:47:15 PM
  • 69
    I'd love to win this. I think it could be the daily motivation that I need.
    They are way to expensive for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win - 2/6/2013   10:24:58 PM
    I am trying to get back on track - back surgery last year. Depressed about weight and getting back into walking. Really need one of these - 2/6/2013   8:18:22 PM
    I would love to win one of these, money is tight for me and I just cant afford to buy one, I'm on my feet all day but am not able to track all I need to track to make a difference. Thank you for considering me. - 2/6/2013   7:23:01 PM
  • 66
    Have wanted one of these since I saw it on t.v. but they are so expensive. Thanks for giving me the chance to win onel - 2/6/2013   7:08:53 PM
    Have been wanting one of these for awhile--this would definately help in the weight loss journey - 2/6/2013   6:57:50 PM
  • 64
    I'd love to have one of these - they are all expensive! - 2/6/2013   6:43:18 PM
  • 63
    I don't need one. - 2/6/2013   5:48:37 PM
  • 62
    I would love to have one of these! I have trouble staying on track long enough to make any significant progress. And I think it's great that it can track how well you can sleep also. I use a c=pap machine and I really wonder about it's effectiveness. - 2/6/2013   5:44:39 PM
    I work 24 hour shifts as a paramedic. It's hard to track my work activity because I'm more focused in patient care. This would be a great addition to my fitness routine. - 2/6/2013   5:18:21 PM
  • 60
    This would be a fantastic addition to my fitness gear; it's already on my "to get someday" list. - 2/6/2013   5:09:14 PM

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