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A cool new company contacted us recently, hoping we'd test their product and offer a giveaway. It's called Healthy Surprise, and right from the outset, I loved this idea.
Healthy Surprise is a subscription-based service that ships a box of healthy, natural, gluten-free and vegan snacks right to your door each month. In lieu of a subscription, you can also give yourself (or a friend) a one-time gift shipment, which is a really thoughtful and fun idea for the healthy eaters in your life. They offer four different packages that vary in size and price, starting at just $33/month (plus shipping) for the smallest package (which includes 16-20 snack servings) and goes all the way up to $333/month (free shipping) for the largest package of 200+ snacks, which might be more fitting for a club or workplace than an individual's home. You don't get to pick and choose what goes into your box, which is part of the fun—hence the "surprise" part, but as a bonus, you'll end up trying foods you never knew you liked and bring the fun back to snacking!
Healthy Surprise sent SparkPeople two "healthy" packages ($79 value), which contained dozens of snacks that everyone in the office had a chance to try (that's one of our boxes, pictured above). Few of the items our box contained were from mainstream brands you'd recognize unless you frequent natural foods stores, but that doesn't mean they weren't delicious.  Overall, it was a lot of healthy high-quality stuff. We tried crunchy, freeze-dried apples and pineapples, deliciously moist and perfectly sweet Bobo's Oat Bars, all-natural ginger cookies by Go Raw, as well as chocolate-flavored espresso beans from Kopali Organics (my personal favorite), flavored roasted almonds, crunchy sesame strips from Mrs. May's Naturals, fruit leathers, raw food bars (including a tasty chocolate-coconut flavor) by Raw Revolution and so much more.
Overall, we all liked the food (with the exception of some raw kale chips) and it was minimally processed and included natural ingredients you could actually recognize and pronounce. A large majority of the foods were "raw" in addition to being gluten-free and natural. Most of the snacks came in individually wrapped servings, but a few snacks were larger and contained multiple servings per package, which means you'd have to work on the portion control yourself.

We asked the founder Joseph Winke, Healthy Surprise's founder and "Chief Snackologist" a few questions to learn more.

Q | How did you come up with the idea for Healthy Surprise?
A | I found myself driving around town, going to boutique health food stores and restaurants looking for healthy food and snacks. The snacks were all so foreign, and pricey. I didn't want to buy something that didn't taste good for $6. I wanted a personal shopper for my healthy snacks! I wished I had a good friend I could call and ask for advice! So I developed the latest in snack technology: Healthy Surprise. The best possible food both in taste and nutrition. It changes every month so it doesn't get old, and its fun receiving it every month.
Q | Do you taste all the snacks that are offered in your packages?
A | Yes, as the Chief Snackologist, I taste everything. My COO and fellow snackologist, Tiffany Paralta also tries everything. We work out of a coworking space in Santa Monica, the Coloft, and many of the members are clients. We let many of them try things as well and get a general sense of whether the snack will have appeal and as a perk to them. We rate all of the snacks and take notes on them, and then put them up on in our snack library where we keep all of our snack wrappers.

Q | What are the benefits of eating these kinds of snacks?
A | I have a strategy for how I "use" Healthy Surprise. I eat very consciously. In this country it's difficult to have all of the food you consume be good for you and the planet. You have to plan. You have to cook. You can't just leave it to whimsy, because the convenient foods available are processed garbage. Gas stations, airports, drive-thrus--all horrible food. I try to plan my meals, but its not always possible with our busy lives. I like to use Healthy Surprise as a fun way to supplement my diet. I always grab a couple snacks and throw them in my day bag, so whenever I'm out and I'm hungry and I can't find something wholesome and delicious. I never have to sacrifice. In fact I look forward to my snacks because not only are they healthy and delicious, I don't "feel guilty" when I eat them. The fact that we have such a great, changing variety just makes it all that much better.

Healthy Surprise is sponsoring a giveaway of three "Healthy" boxes that contain up to 40 snacks and are valued at $79 each!
To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email.
Would you be excited to try a surprise assortment of snacks each month or do you prefer to pick your own snacks?

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hello! Report
Healthy Suprise is bookmark worthy - this will make great gifts for people throughout the year! Report
ams04161 this sound so good would love to try these healthy snack not able find any of these snack here in mass. love to win one Report
This sounds good, this sounds fun, good + fun = perfect!!! Report
I am not a picky eater; and I like surprises, and variety, and snacks, and healthy food... so it would be a perfect prize!
I'm bound to win eventually, right?! Report
What a great idea. Boutique manufacturers get exposure of their products and we get snacks without the temptations of the grocery or big box store!

For those that get items they don't like, they can always do what we do with Halloween candy - put it in the break room at work and take it to the local food bank.
What a great idea!! Report
This is something to really think about and look into. I love my almonds and air-pop-popcorn, but it does get a little boring. :D Report
Gosh, this sounds like a fantastic way to incorporate new healthier snacks. I would worry about spending money on items I do not like but i could always trade healthy snacks with a friend?! Report
I love the surprise idea. I spend a lot of money on healthy snacks and this would be great for myself and my family. I am going to look into this as an alternative to going to several different stores. Report
this sounds like a great way to take care of myself on the go. Report
Great question - because it's hard to answer. I guess I need to get this snack pack and then I can answer the question :-) Report
I'd love the surprise and I like trying new things, but I wonder if it would be worth it to spend the money when I'm not sure I'd like the stuff. Report
I would love to win this. I would like to incorporate more healthy snacks into my diet, but it can be hard to find good ones with out the pricy trial and error. I can't afford to buy a 3-4$ "snack" and find out that it is terrible, and I often don't have the time to run around all over town looking for the few I do like. This would be a great way to introduce me to some new snacks without hurting my wallet.
It would be great to win this prize. I "reward" my fitness students with a door prize each month. They enter their name into a drawing each time they come to class and then I draw a name each month. Usually the prize is a non-food item, but some healthy snacks would be welcome! Report
This would be a dream come true for me - healthy snacks I could eat for over a month without having to increase my credit card debt! And I would totally look forward to the day when I could again afford to subscribe to something like this. In the past, I bought NutriSystem and other healthy things by subscription. (When my husband and I both had an income.) I PRAY that God knows how desperately I need this now. God bless SparkPeople for giving me a chance at good food! Report
If I win this package, it is going to work to show my co-workers what a vending machine should have available. Report
Healthy, convenient and the guess work is taken out. Awesome! I'd love to try the package. Report
Sounds yummy. I'm always open to try new things. Would possibly like the idea of choosing what I liked rather than risking getting things I didn't again. Report
I hope I win. Report
I am not totally against the surprise part perse, but I would like to perhaps see an option to tailor the boxes to your needs. For instance I am allergic to peanuts so I would not want to receive a surprise box that contained peanuts! Report
I see some super-tasty treats in that box...
Also, ummm, if anyone here is looking to hire a Chief Snackologist, I'm willing to relocate! Report
Would save me a lot of gas driving around to the various health food stores that currently sell my favorite snacks (and i recognized some of the brands, yippee!). Sounds like a win-win to me! Report
I would love to try this :) looks really interesting and yummy! Report
I like the idea of a surprise for the first time, however, there are several things I don't like that are frequently included in "healthy" snacks. So, after a time, I'd like the idea to pick from a list and let the surprise not include things I don't like (I'm sorry, but I hate raisins and they are frequently part of "healthy" snacks). I'm up for trying new things, but your staffers didn't really care for raw kale chips so what a joy to continue to receive a snack you don't like -- on a regular basis no less. I like the idea, but I wouldn't subscribe. I'll stick with my plan to learn to make my own. Report
That would really be great as I train constantly. Report
This would be great to try. I love trying new things!! Report
I love the idea! However, as on so many of the pre-paid healthy meals, I find them a bit pricey. I am surviving on a fixed income, and I am not able to do everything the way I would like. Report
I'm not really sure. I think maybe having one or two surprises would be nice, especially if they were a gift and didn't cost me anything. It would give me a chance to try new stuff without wasting my money on anything I didn't like.

I think after maybe two surprise assortments, I'd like the opportunity to choose my own snacks from among the ones I had the chance to sample. I wouldn't want to keep getting snacks that I didn't like. Report
This sounds like a fun way to try new and different snacks! Report
i would love to try an assortment!!! Report
wow this would be an awesome help! After a health scare early this week I decided it was really time to lose weight and I can and will this time. Report
WOW-I'd love to win this one...lots of healthy snacks to try! Simply wonderful! Report
This sounds like a great idea. Healthy snacks right at your finger tips, what could be better? Report
This is an awesome idea and I hope I'm the lucky winner! Report
What a cool concept! I'm getting married in less than three months and have been looking for healthy snack ideas to leave for my guests staying at the hotel and/or favors. Definitely going to check these guys out. Thanks for this! Report
Sounds like a great idea! Report
This is a unique and wonderful idea. Would love to be one of the lucky winners. Report
Generally I prefer to pick my own snacks - I have quite a variety of regulars. That said, a free assortment of things I might not try on my own would be a fun experiment at least once and maybe give me a couple of new options. Report
It's always a chore trying to decipher the ingredients of supposely "healthy" snacks. I love the idea of having a package on healthy snacks delivered every month. It would be my reward for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Report
Yummm!!!! Report
What an interesting and unique idea Report
I think this is a pretty good idea. I know I am getting pretty tired of the same old, same old anytime I want a treat! I'm going to look into this! Report
Congratulation to the winner. Report
I think this this is a great idea.. and takes the guess work out of choosing a healthy snack when sometimes you might not have in the house. Report
I would love to receive a surprise package of snacks every month! Report
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