We Tried It: Plus-Size Activewear from Taffy

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Here at SparkPeople, we love the feeling of putting on brand new workout clothes. There's just something so empowering about a piece of clothing that makes you look and feel good while you get fit! Sometimes, all you need to re-ignite a dwindling workout spark is a good-quality exercise outfit.

Taffy specializes in stylish, functional, plus-size activewear. You asked for more plus-size giveaways, and we think Taffy fits the bill for high-quality products that will take your workouts to the next level.
About Taffy:
Fitness trainer and longtime athlete Katie Kozloff is the Founder and CEO of Taffy, a line of stylish activewear made just for women size 14 – 24.

Katie came up with the idea for Taffy while she was working as a personal trainer at a local Philadelphia gym. She noticed some women who frequented the gym were bigger than size 10 or 12. She also noticed that these women tended to wear baggy t-shirts and unflattering sweatpants to work out. Katie did some research and found there are some options for workout clothing for plus-size women, but much of what was available was not stylish, flattering or attractive. Katie realized there was a need for stylish activewear for curvier women.

As a result, Katie created Taffy, a new line of yoga and activewear designed specifically for women size 14 – 24. Taffy is a line of stylish sweats, flattering tops and versatile yoga pants that women can wear to the gym or anytime. Jackets and tops are longer in length, and all pieces are cut to fit and flatter curvier shapes. Taffy features sweat suits with jackets and pants, yoga pants and several tops. Taffy activewear is offered in sizes 14/16, 18/20, and 22/24. Made of cotton and spandex blend, all pieces are comfortable yet hold their shape. The clothing coordinates, so women have lots of options to add to their workout wardrobe.

While developing the line, Katie realized a strong emotional connection between looking good, feeling comfortable, and actually being more motivated to be active and healthy. Katie’s goal is to help plus-size women feel confident about the way they look in activewear, so that whatever their goal, they will lead healthier, more active lives.

Here is what EUPHRATES, ~INDYGIRL, and MOSTMOM1 had to say about Taffy workout gear:

Taffy Slammin' Slim Capris
''I wasn't sure if I was going to like these. They're really shiny and form-fitting, more so than what I'm used to. I was afraid I was going to look like a sausage, but my husband said they were actually very flattering. They're compression pants and they do a good job of holding everything in place, so to speak. The waistband doesn't roll down, but the bottom of the leggings crept up a bit. I wore these to hoop class, on the elliptical and while doing the BootCamp DVD. They were very comfortable during all my workouts. The moisture wicking fabric did a good job of helping me stay cool. They held up great in the laundry. I'm still not crazy about the shiny fabric, but the non-roll waistband, wicking material and comfortable fit are great pluses." --MOSTMOM1
''I am now wearing a size 16 in some pants, so I was a little afraid that the size 18/20 capris might be too loose for a vigorous work out. I needn't have worried - these pants have a LOT of stretch to them and pretty much fit me like a glove. That makes me think they may in general be sized a bit small for the numbers, but honestly that's a bonus in work out gear. I suspect I could continue wearing these even as I drop a few sizes (and could probably do so even longer with a smaller size to start with). Considering the amount of stretch and give, the pants were VERY comfortable to work out in - I suspect there wouldn't be any binding nor would there be any issues that would limit range of motion in the most challenging of yoga classes. Even when I took them off covered in sweat, they didn't seem stretched out in the least - the pants snapped back to their original size just like that." --EUPHRATES

Taffy Tight Booty Exercise Pants
''I only found 2 issues that might keep me from purchasing Taffy Activewear. One is simply a stylistic preference - I prefer having pockets in my work out pants so I don't have to wear an arm-band in order to carry my MP3 player on days I do strength and cross training. The other drawback that would preclude me buying these have nothing to do with the fit or performance, but the pricing. I went on the website and was hit by sticker-shock pretty hard. There is no way I'd pay over $30 for a shirt to work out in, no matter how stylish it might be. I go to the gym to sweat - I don't expect to be stylish. I might be more likely to spend the money on pants though, as those are tougher to fit for me (most work out clothing manufacturers don't take height into account the way most jeans-makers do these days, and having 2-3 extra inches of leg to trip over doesn't make working out easy). If the pants had pockets, I'd DEFINITELY buy them." --EUPHRATES (that's her in the photo)
Taffy Zip and Zoom Hoodie
''I have a hard time finding hoodies that fit at the size I am right now. They just don't seem roomy enough in the shoulders and are hard to zip. I love this hoodie! It's cut so great for curvy chicks. It has a pleated back that seems to give more room in the shoulders. The pockets are nice and deep. It has a cool collar, so it doesn't look like a hoodie from the front, but the hood is practical, with a drawstring. It's a mid-weight hoodie, great for when you need a jacket but not a coat. It has a flattering fit, even when zipped, with some simple stitching on the front. This is a casual hoodie that manages to look kind of classy at the same time. It held up great in the laundry."

Taffy Race You to the Top Tank
''The Taffy top is compressing, but mildly stretchy. It feels cool on the skin through the whole workout and wicks sweat away well. I personally thought it was beautifully designed as well as feminine.  It has a shelf bra that REALLY WORKS, even on heavy or larger cup sizes." --~INDYGIRL
Want to try these products for yourself (or anything else you like that ActivewearUSA.com sells)? Each time we review products sold on ActivewearUSA.com, we'll be giving away two $50 gift cards to two lucky readers! To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today!

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RKEY14011 6/19/2017
Until they show models that are over 200#'s, I would not purchase these clothes. Then and only then would I check and see if they carried pants for short people (I'm 5'2"). rkey Report
would love enter this contest. I need new clothes nothing fits :( Report
I would love to enter this contest, I need more clothing to work out in but I don't see a link to enter. :( Report
I don't want to buy black. I don't look good in it being a Spring in the color charts. I would need more of a chocolate brown or some shade of grey. Report
"Since we're all about helping you take that extra step to reach your goals, we're giving away two $50 gift cards for Taffy workout gear via ActivewearUSA! " Ummmm I may be missing something but I don't see the link to click to ENTER this give away? How is that done?? It's not immediately clear from either of the two links... Report
I think I would love the Slammin Slim Capris...but a little color on top would be preferred. How about Periwinkle or Dusty Rose! Report
But why so bland---the other sizes have colors---just because I am working out does not mean I want to just wear black---and just because I am big does not mean that I don't want to have color in my life? Report
So neat active wear for people who really need active wear. Report
Hey, that's ME! :) Report
Thanks for info, but a lil limited Report
Would sooo love either of those pants, but in fact the cost is prohibitive! My clothes are either baggy or feel restrictive, which I know isn't helpful to exercise. To have comfortable pants (not to mention tops!) for walks and exercising would make moving so much ...more fluid! Would be a joy. Yes, as others said, more options would be nice (like a 3/4 length sleeve or ... colors) but... any color would be nice to just have that ease of movement. Report
It is great to see cute looking workout clothes for larger women! Would be nice to win...I'm getting tired of wearing the same 3 sweats to the gym!! lol Report
I do applaud Spark for finally offering some Plus size workout clothing....like others I am a bit disappointed in the lack of selection with this company and the prices (yikes). I do have to say that when I was a size 20 I did find a pair of below the knee compression exercise pants on Old Navy.com in an XL that were perfect, love these pants! They were on sale and I paid $18.00 for them. They wear like iron, wash up wonderfully, keep their shape and the legs don't ride up (which drives me crazy). Yes, they are black and I can live with that as long as I have a bright and colorful top to wear with them! I'm now a size 16 and am having some issues with the pants not wanting to stay up when I do Step Aerobics....gonna need a smaller size I guess. But, check out OldNavy online (they offer quite a few exercise clothes in their Plus sizes). Old Navy Plus Activewear has sizes up to 4X. Report
First of all, I do think spark people is a great website and they are working to help motivate their members in so many ways - so thank you. Also, it's nice there are plus size workout clothes but still no extended plus size - I started out in size 34 and even then would have liked to have workout clothes but nothing comes in the bigger sizes. There are quite a few sparkies out here who are extended plus size and it would be nice if there were stuff on the market for them. But, for whoever enters the contest and wins - congrats!! New clothes are always nice! Report
I was going to enter until I checked out the site.. They only have 4 plus size items. Wow... 4 whole items to choose from. That's a shame! Report
Yes! I love to wear fitness clothing but so hard to find in plus sizes.....they want us to work out but not look cute or feel comfy in the clothing....I'm gonna have to check this site out! Report
SAKENN has a cute cat. Report
Another contest for chicks only. Sexist :) Report
I think this is fabulous...I wish more clothing designers would get on this particular bandwagon. Finding cute, stylish clothes in plus sizes is so difficult unless you're ready to dish out quite a bit of $$$ Great blog! Report
Very nice, stylish looking clothing. America wants us big girls to lose weight and exercise, but don't want us to have stylish, flattering (yes flattering), activewear. I feel good in fitted activewear, enjoy how I look, and feel better exercising in them. Wearing this type of clothing makes you want to move, be active and work out.

You don't have to be tiny to feel good about yourself and your workout wear! Report
and you can get any color you like - - as long as it's black.
Because of course, that's the only color that fat people should wear...
:^( Report
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