CONTEST CLOSED: Mobility Issues? Enter to Win a Resistance Chair

By , Melinda Hershey, SparkPeople Editorial Staff
The contest might be closed, but you can get a great deal on your own VQ ActionCare Resistance Chair! Use the code ship4free to get free shipping, and type the word "Spark" in the comments at checkout, and you will get two free DVDs to go with your exercise chair!

CONTEST CLOSED! The winner is:



These days, there is more rehabilitative exercise equipment on the market than ever before. Whether you have mobility issues, chronic pain, or are recovering from an illness or injury, it is possible to get and stay fit under these constraints. We were lucky enough to be able to test out a piece of equipment that helps many people with specific health conditions keep exercise a part of their lives—and one of YOU will be lucky enough to win it!
VQ ActionCare's The Resistance Chair® Exercise and Rehabilitation System is an effective exercise solution for those who require low-impact, yet effective exercise. We had our very own SparkPeople member, ~INDYGIRL, test the chair out herself so she could share her thoughts with you. Read her review to see if this chair might be an appropriate solution for you, and then enter our giveaway at the bottom of the screen for your chance to win one!
What they say:
The Resistance Chair®  Exercise and Rehabilitation System: Everything You Need for a Complete Chair Exercise Program!
  • Recommended and utilized by health professionals
  • Low-impact and smooth resistance
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Safe and very easy to use
  • Great for many post-op rehab uses
  • Comes ready to use; no assembly required!
  • Lightweight and stores easily
  • Ideal for anyone with limited mobility
  • Improves strength, flexibility & balance
The World’s Most Convenient Home Gym: The Resistance Chair® exercise system allows you to do a full body workout from a safe,comfortable seated position. Because you remain seated, you maintain balance and stability as you exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, abdomen, back, and legs. The patented Resistance Anchor Cable™ system offers a wide range of upper body and lower body exercises and provides smooth, low-impact resistance without use of heavy weights. The Resistance Chair system is made of very strong, commercial-grade construction with thick-wall steel tubing. It’s built to withstand frequent use in gyms and rehab centers and has been tested to easily hold up to 400 pounds.

What ~INDYGIRL says:
My husband took one look at the Resistance Chair® and said "It's a folding chair." I laughed and told him to give it a chance. After we both tested it out, he thought the resistance level was too easy, but as someone with mobility and pain issues, I thought it was just right. Neither one of us understood why the weight limit is only up to 400 pounds--  people above this weight could benefit so much from this system!

I found the Resistance Chair®  to be extremely user-friendly. It folds easily into a free-standing folding chair, and also has wheels for transporting it that stay put while the chair is in use. It's very light-weight and easy to move around.

The chair comes with 3 sets of belts to give you a choice of resistance levels.  There is a posture bar that helps keep your spine aligned properly to achieve the best possible form.  It also comes with an extra step that can be used for different exercise variations and modifications.

Another particularly neat feature is the variety of chair accessories available for purchase. You can customize your chair workout with a bicycle attachment, or with a pole to suspend bands above your head for more workout options.

As someone with many mobility issues, I thought the chair was very easy to use.  The different strength bands for arm and leg workouts are simple to change.  I have arthritis in my hands, so that says a lot. The different colored bands adjusted to my specific needs, and you can easily change out lighter resistance bands for higher resistance bands and vice versa.  I immediately noted the potential for strength training.  My friend BB_4_Me came over to test it as well.  She has bad knees and feet, and was amazed at the ease of movement and lack of impact that the chair offered.  She agreed that this system is a great one for those suffering from any mobility issue.
To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email.

Would the Resistance Chair be useful to you? If "yes", explain why in the comments!

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This chair would be very beneficial for me IF it had arms. I use a wheelchair and TRY to use resistance bands but find them awkward within the confines of my chair. Bands and accessories that are part of the 'machine' would probably make them more usable. Not having arms makes it difficult and unsafe for me to transfer into for use, though. Report
I am in constant pain with my osteoarthritis in my knees, plus with my heart problems, I can't do alot of aerobic excercises so this would let me get a full body workout with alot less pain. Report
With in this last year I have had three knee surgeries. I am unable to exercise because of the pain in my knee. This might be something that would work for me. Report
I spino cerebellar degeneration so I am losing my mobility. This would be great. Report
I agree with Franceshd, that since I am relatively mobile, I am choosing not to enter the contest. I have congestive heart failure and have a implanted pacemaker, so the chair sounds interesting to me - I will do research on it. Report
I think something like this might be beneficial to so many of us with mobility limitations. I have arthritis in my knees, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders. I try to go out walking regularly and I'm working my way up to some strength training, but some days are better than others. Something low/no impact would be wonderful!

There was no mention of cost for something like this...and INDYGIRL did mention accessories that were available for additional purchase. About how much are we talking here? I mean, there's only one chair to giveaway, but it sounds like something that so many could really use. Additional info would be great...please & thank you! Report
This would be an perfect solution for me as I was in a car accident which caused spinal cord injury to my back in 6 places. Fortunately I was able to learn to walk again but I have paralysis in several muscles in my legs, ankles, and feet. I am not able to do standing exercises at all or many floor exercises. Plus it is very difficult to get up and down from the floor. Walking is difficult to do as exercise as I require a cane or crutches on uneven ground and I go too slow to get a workout. This looks like it would help me a lot. Report
As it is right now I have pain in my left knee that prevents me from getting up off the floor. Because of the heart failure that I went into my body has become weak all over. I need something to help strengthen my muscles without me having to pay expenses for a gym on my low disability check. Report
This chair would be perfect for my 14 year old special needs son. He has multiple handicaps and limited mobility! We have a difficult time trying to figure out ways for him to strengthen his body with limited use of his left side! He could sit and strengthen his arms, legs, chest, and abdomen at home with less difficulty! This would be a great piece of equipment for him as well as our entire family! Report
I have a sister in law, a dear friend and a mother who could all use this device. The first two have mobility issues combined with obesity. My mother has knee pain and is somewhat overweight plus has high blood pressure so should be doing aerobic exercise regularly. Report
Excellent addition to a 'home gym' especially if you have limited space for equipment. Report
My younger brother has suffered at least 2 strokes, but is still mobile. He's now been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the resistance chair would provide a safer workout environment for him. He is motivated to workout, and has recently gained a lot of weight from being sedentary. He is unable to go to a gym and work with a trainer. The resistance chair would provide him with the support and workout he so desperately needs. Report
This chair would be IDEAL! Like the post said it's the best "home gym" for people like us (with limited mobility). I have been working out at a Silver Sneakers class for three years but some of their stuff I can't do--like the balance and leg stretching. WONDERFUL! Thank you! Report
Wow, what a great idea! I have RA and have also had two back surgeries that make bending and twisting exercises painful. This chair would be a great alternative!! Where can I get one?!? (Winning one would be even better) Report
This chair is just perfect for me. I weight a lot and on top of that I had an ankle surgery where several bones where replaced and I am not allow to do aerobics or to jump on my right leg. It would be perfect to help me start loosing alll this excess weight, so maybe in that way I will go back to have a normal life, running, biking and doing aerobics on my own feet. Report
I've never seen anything like this! VQ is a trusted vendor in my book; I have a few of their items for my rehab. This would be a fabulous addition for my rehab; I can do excercises at home too. After multiple injured body parts and four surgeries, there's days I find it difficult to stand to do any fitness. But this resistance chair looks to be the solution. I wonder why my rehab center doesn't know about it?!?! Report
More for my Mom, I see her getting weaker and weaker since she can't get around so well. I'd love to win this for her! Report
I would use this for rehab for my Gramma. She lives with my parents and I stay with her during the day when they're working (since I'm out of work right now). She was in the hospital for two months, so now her legs are very weak. Since we worry about her falling, this would be perfect for her. Plus, my parents have never been big exercisers, so maybe they would use it too. Report
I had herniated discs operated on in 2010 but still have some back issues. This chair would give me the appropriate support to continue to exercise and strengthen my core. Also, I live in an apartment, so that the machine folds makes it an ideal piece of equipment! Report
My boyfriend and I both have a lot of back issues from recent accidents so somehting like this will make exercising and strengthening our backs so much easier. Report
I have been Sparking for two years now and while I have lost and maintained my weight loss and healthier living, my sister's health has continued to decline. Finally, I have convinced her to eat healthier and whe was even able to do some physical therapy (light) for a couple months, but insurance wore out and due to fibromyalgia, and a replaced hip, two knees and a MAJOR spinal fusion with two rods and seventeen screws and osteoporosis, she is VERY limited to what she can do physically. This resistence chair is just whats she needs to continue living healthier. Report
I have mild cerebral palsy and while I enjoy the low impact aerobics and yoga that I can do at home this chair would probably be better for my bad knee than traditional free weight and standing resistance band workouts. The trick with traditional floor aerobics and free weights is that it's very easy to focus on using my dominant side and not get as much balance as I need in my workouts. In fact, I've created a chronic injury in my right (dominant) side by asking it to do more of the work to make up for my weaker left side. The pain combined with the risk of making the injury worse adds to the challenge of finding suitable low impact workouts.

Very often standing exercises present an extra challenge when I'm trying to maintain my balance and proper form at the same time which would be a non-issue with the chair.

The chair is a much better option than a home gym system because of it's small size and the fact that it folds up so I could store it much the way I would a regular folding chair and bring it out on the days I want to use it rather than having to create a designated space in my tiny apartment. The pedal attachment in particular appeals to me. I can't use a traditional upright stationary bike because my left knee turns in and hits the center bar, and because of my scoleosis I much prefer a recumbant bike which the chair would basically be with the back support of the chair. Report
What a gem of a chair! I am on oxygen 24/7 and have difficulty moving enough to call it exercise and sustain good quality breathing. This would definitely help with increasing the muscle mass and making it possible to lose some of the weight I've put on in the last 5 years. Once the breathing was compromised the effort to exercise became almost impossible. This would certainly help get me back in gear. Report
This chair would be great. We have weights in our shop, but there isn't heat or air out there. In the winter it is too cold and the summer gets too hot to work out in it.

That said... yes, I would like to have the chair so I can work out in the house, but there are others here who need it more than me. Report
With a DH with alzheimers anything I can do to keep him active is a plus for him and me Love him dearly and want to share many more years with him
One day at a time Report
I am a person who needs help exercising. I have osteoarthritis in the knees, ankles, right hip, multiple schlerosis and diabetes. Much advice says to walk but I cannot walk or stand for more than 10 to 15 minutes. I would really like this. Report
This would help my 12 year old son with the therapies he has to do after losing strength on his right side resulting from the removal of a brain tumor. Report
I'd find it very useful because of joint problems and limited vision, but it would be a Godsend for my 90 yr old mom who has already broken one hip and has serious osteoporosis in the other. She's also legally blind, so getting resistance bands properly anchored is a problem. The chair would be a blessing. Report
I have arthritis and a collagen disorder. I also am the caretaker for my mother and grandmother which has challenges especially with my own health issues. This chair would be great to help keep me functional for myself and my mother and grandmother. Report
this chair would be a God send. I have had both knees replaced and just had my right hip replaced, I have severe back problems, Lupus, and several other health issues. This would be wonderful to win. Report
ams04161 I would love to win one my I have a back problem and i can do only a limit amount of excise and this resistance chair will come in handy this will make me very happy and this might help my bad back. thanks!!!!!! Report
I have already entered. I have back disc problems and DH has foot problems. Almost all of these people need it way more than we do. If it is a chance drawing I too will give it to HUNNY BUNNY to make it easier for her. Pat in Maine Report
it is lovely to see someone care about the disabled realising they need exercise as well if not more than the able bodied. I have a condition which causes my bones to degenerate so hips and back are worst affected but through using crutches to get about my wrists and sholders are now affected. Thank you to the person who cared!!!!!!!!! Report
it is lovely to see someone care about the disabled realising they need exercise as well if not more than the able bodied. I have a condition which causes my bones to degenerate so hips and back are worst affected but through using crutches to get about my wrists and sholders are now affected. Thank you to the person who cared!!!!!!!!! Report
I have arthritis in my shoulders,hips,legs,knees,and spine.I can't afford exercise equpitment so haveing something like this would be great.I wish eveyone the best of luck! Report
I started with only being able to do chair exercises. While I can now get up and walk around more, I still have balance issues which keep me from even attempting some types of exercise.
200+ pounds lost has left me with a lot of excess tissue that needs to be removed, that plus a large lyphoedema have kept me from joining a gym and subject public gawking. Having a specialized, safe apparatus that one could use in their own private home would be ideal. One day, I would promise to pass it along to the next super morbid obese person looking to improve their health. Report
I have arthritis and diabetes. Both would benefit from the regular exercise I could get with such a device. Have been going to Physical therapy for neck pain and I could use this for that. I have arthritis in my foot so even putting on shoes is extremely painful so walking is often very limited. Report
Both my wife and I are disabled, she has crones, and is obese (her doctors words, not mine) Mine to manny operations on my left knee, jumped out of to many aircraft, and pounded to much ground after 30 yrs in the Army. Both kees bad (wear braces as needed) use a cane. The only saving factor in our lives have been sparks people. Lori rides her bike when she can, and I'm trying to live the sparks life, better eating, more exercise, and changing alot of bad habit's in to better ones, or just dropping the bad. I think Lori and I could make great use of this chair. Report
Both my feet are injured, I have limited space and cannot afford a gym membership. This chair would be helpful until/if I get back on my feet and even beyond that. Report
me and my son could benefit from such a chair. He was diagnosed last year with rapid Rheumatoid artritisis . most of hjs days are bad and he cant get out to do any exercise something he needs or will end up in a wheelchair for life. This year I was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease and i am having difficulty being stable because of the disease on my feet ,shackiness in my hands make many hand exercise a challenge fatigue is a major factor so if i had this chair with my limited exercise would help build me up giving me a better quality of life. Report
As other posts show, there are many people who would find this an empowering tool in a journey complicated by limitations. I'm just one among the many. Having this chair would make a world of difference to me by increasing my options so that I could exercise without having the movement result in pain. Since I'm disabled, it's just not in the budget, but nice to know it does exist for those who can acquire it. Report
My DH's increasing immobility from an encroaching, and not reversible, upper motor neuron condition has made his usual means of exercise more and more impossible as he deteriorates. This might extend his independence a little longer. Report
Sometimes my knees and hips hurt too much to get out walking, but I could still get some exercise in with this chair. Also, since most the exercises are below shoulder level I would be able to use it even with my bad shoulder. Report
I could use this as I roke me back and i am still trying to get back to where I was pre-accident. Report
Cheers SP for offering a prize for people with mobility issues! While I have no personal use for this chair right now, it would've been great a few years ago.... However, I entered the contest b/c my mom needs this chair sooo much! She can't move hardly at all and is afraid to try much in the way of exercise and continues to gain weight and lose strength. I'm o so proud of SP to continue to address the needs of members with various mobility issues and challenges by offfering prizes like this chair and many more seated workouts! Thank you Spark! Report
I have arthritis in both my knees and in my wrist plus I have had 2 ankle surgeries on the same ankle. I think the chair would work great for me. Report
Rheumatoid Disease and Fibro, along with living in a very small town = not many options for me! Report
Yes, it would be nice but I have a very small house and really don't have the room. Report
Because of chronic pain I'm beginning to have mobility problems and before it gets worse I would like this to assist my exercising so I could regain and keep some level of mobility. Report
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