CONTEST CLOSED: Naturally More Nut Butters!


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Because you guys seemed to like our Naturally More review so much, we decided to offer a giveaway!

We're giving away three jars of the almond and three jars of the peanut varieties, for a total of SIX winners!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling how you like to eat nut butter (and specify whether you'd want almond or peanut butter).

You have between now and 6 a.m. EST on Saturday, June 27 to enter!

As always, the rules apply!

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    I LOVE nut buters and when it's just PURE nuts, even better. The almond would be great in oatmel with raspberries!!! Or maybe on High Fiber whole grain toast with sliced peaches.....have to find almond butter, now!! - 6/26/2009   10:21:20 PM
  • 1862
    I've never had almond butter but I sure love almonds. I'd love to try it on bananas! - 6/26/2009   10:09:07 PM
  • 1861
    Almond butter. It would be great on graham crackers, celery and apples. It makes a good snack to bring to the pool with the kids. - 6/26/2009   9:09:27 PM
    I'm always up for trying something new! - 6/26/2009   7:38:27 PM
    The peanut butter. My nephew once asked if I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one food, what would it be--and I said peanut butter. It is the ultimate food. I love trying new kinds--I can't wait to try this one. Going to WalMart tonight to see if they have it. Hopefully I'll win a jar too--can never have too much peanut butter. - 6/26/2009   7:00:17 PM
  • JAY75REY
    Peanut butter, please! I like it on sliced apples, whole wheat toast, and celery. - 6/26/2009   6:34:40 PM
  • 1857
    As much as I love peanut butter, I've always wanted to try almond butter. Bring it on! - 6/26/2009   6:21:25 PM
  • 1856
    My all time favorite is still old fashioned peanut butter. - 6/26/2009   5:57:48 PM
  • 1855
    Bring on the Almond Butter! I'd like to try it on some very tiny, thin pretzel sticks. Mmmmm. - 6/26/2009   4:53:39 PM
    I would love to try the Almond butter. My parents really enjoy the peanut butter. - 6/26/2009   4:05:38 PM
  • 1853
    I'd like to try the almond. I'm old fashioned when it comes to peanut butter. I LOVE it with Jelly on white or whole wheat! Sometimes - toasted.

    Crossing my fingers for a win! - 6/26/2009   4:02:50 PM
  • 1852
    I would love to try either one, as I love peanut butter and would like to compare, however I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find it. I will keep looking as I do not like to give up. - 6/26/2009   3:56:10 PM
  • 1851
    I love peanut and almond butters but I never buy them processed. Instead, I head over to Whole Foods, where they have a nut grinder, and make my own. The result is a fresh, delicious butter with absolutely nothing added. In moderation, it's a great snack, sauce base or even a quick meal. - 6/26/2009   3:14:12 PM
  • 1850
    I've never tried almond butter and I've never seen this brand. I'd love to try either one! Peanut butter is a big hit at my house, we'll use it to tide us over before meals when we're hungry and put it on bread, celery, or crackers. - 6/26/2009   2:51:33 PM
  • MEMR28
    I would love to try the almond butter but I haven't been able to find it at the many stores that I go to. I love any nut butter in a banana that has been sliced in half. - 6/26/2009   2:45:31 PM
    Hi I would love to try the Almond butter. I love the peanut butter on carrots w/ raisins. A healthy sweet snack. - 6/26/2009   2:25:57 PM
  • 1847
    I love the idea of almond nut butter, but haven't found it yet at my local grocery stores - 6/26/2009   2:13:12 PM
    I like to eat almond butter on a slilce of Ezekiel 4:8 toasted bread and would love to try this product!!! mmmmm - 6/26/2009   1:33:59 PM
    I love Naturally More's peanut butter and like to eat it right out of the jar or on unsalted saltine crakers, and would love to try the almond butter! - 6/26/2009   12:59:47 PM
    I would I to try the almond butter. - 6/26/2009   12:49:59 PM
    I just joined SparkPeople and I am excited that I may be able to start my journey to a healthier life with Almond Butter - Talk about getting your diet off to a great start! - 6/26/2009   12:22:38 PM
    I have not tried this brand but would like to do so. Peanut butter is a favorite but I have eaten almond butter too so either would be great to try in this brand. Thanks for the opportunity to win! - 6/26/2009   12:21:59 PM
  • 1841
    I would love to try either one. I have a child with a rare disorder and we have to watch everything she eats, mainly sodium counting is the biggest issue since she already has kidney stone. I am always looking for a low calorie and low sodium in the same product is hard to find. Plus wanting to buy something new but afraid that your not going to like it.
    So I would love to try the Peanut Butter or Almond Butter they both sound wonderful! I like good surprises so you surprise me on which on! - 6/26/2009   12:05:16 PM
  • 1840
    ooh...almond! Either would be fabulous - 6/26/2009   11:46:54 AM
  • 1839
    I would love to try either one, but especially the Almond Butter! I've never tried that before. - 6/26/2009   11:34:06 AM
  • 1838
    Mmm, sounds good. I've never tried these. - 6/26/2009   11:29:11 AM
  • 1837
    I'd love to try this product! - 6/26/2009   10:53:56 AM
  • 1836
    I love Almond Butter! On apple slices, on a warm toasted slice of bread or English Muffin, with a Banana and even in my pasta and/or salad dressing! :-) - 6/26/2009   10:49:44 AM
  • 1835
    I eat this peanut butter (or almond butter!) every day! My staple is to use a tablespoon with some celery or an apple, but my ultimate favourite treat is to spread a tablespoon of the peanut butter with some honey on a flat-out whole wheat pita bread, roll it up and eat it as a snack -- SO tasty!! - 6/26/2009   10:42:18 AM
  • 1834
    I love both almond and peanut butter so either would be wonderful. I mostly use the peanut butter for sandwiches but sometimes put the almond butter into protein shakes! - 6/26/2009   10:19:13 AM
  • GEROC215
    I eat chunky peanut butter with just a fork, straight up. I've never tried almond butter, but the thought stimulates my taste buds. - 6/26/2009   10:08:07 AM
    Mostly I eat peanut butter mixed with salsa and lime juice and used to slow cook chicken. Yum. I've never tried almond butter but I'd really like to! - 6/26/2009   9:59:29 AM
  • 1831
    I have not yet tried Naturally More, but I love peanut butter. Here's hoping I win a sample!!!
    thanks for offering - 6/26/2009   9:47:38 AM
  • 1830
    I love peanut butter on toast. - 6/26/2009   9:35:46 AM
  • 1829
    I'd love either one! I eat peanut butter almost every day as a way to up my protein. We used to have Walnut Acres Organic Foods near my hometown with their great, natural nut butters, but they were bought up and closed down (except for the label, haha) - such a shame. - 6/26/2009   9:20:19 AM
  • 1828
    I would love to try almond butter! I've never had it before. I love peanut butter and the last time I ate it was spread on slices of apples. I also love the ubiquitous PB&J. Yum!! - 6/26/2009   9:17:12 AM
  • 1827
    I am such a peanut butter addict, I loveeeeeee peanut butter :) - 6/26/2009   8:49:36 AM
  • 1826
    Actually I have 2 favorite ways to eat peanut butter. One is a pb and jelly sandwich, the jelly being my grandmother's homemade freezer jam. Two being pb on celery with raisins. - 6/26/2009   8:28:20 AM
  • 1825
    I switched to natural peanut butter in bulk from my local grocery store half a year ago and have never looked back. Why did I ever think adding sugar was needed? My favorite will always be peanut butter and orange marmalade sandwiches. - 6/26/2009   8:15:47 AM
  • 1824
    Peanut butter is one of my favorite treats. A healthy one that tastes good would make my day!!! - 6/26/2009   8:11:31 AM
  • 1823
    I love peanut butter but most have so much sugar. I would love to try this one.
    Thanks for the offer! - 6/26/2009   8:00:56 AM
  • 1822
    MmmMmmMMM~!! I'd love to try the Almond butter *crosses fingers*, but would just be as happy with the peanut butter~! - 6/26/2009   7:13:05 AM
  • 1821
    Peanut butter for me! I love it! - 6/26/2009   6:37:25 AM
  • 1820
    Ooooooooooo....Almond Butter! Never tried it, but it sounds DIVINE!! - 6/26/2009   3:20:06 AM
  • 1819
    This one sounds yummy.. I'd like to have one ;) - 6/26/2009   3:10:16 AM
    I love peanut butter so many different ways but my favorite is on whole wheat toast. I would love the peanut butter. - 6/26/2009   1:32:55 AM
  • 1817
    I love the naturalpeanut butter from trader joe's or the fresh ground from the supermarket, this sounds just as good and healthier! - 6/26/2009   12:02:40 AM
  • 1816
    I've never tried almond butter, so I'd like a chance to give it a try. Natural no sugar added peanut butter and banana on whole grain (or whole wheat) bread is a frequent lunch for me. - 6/25/2009   11:30:25 PM
    I love to eat nut butters any which way! I eat them with fresh fruit, eat them on sandwiches, or right out of the jar! I'd love to try the almond butter! - 6/25/2009   11:12:31 PM
    Peanut butter and banana is a pleasure for me.
    I would like to try Almond Butter. - 6/25/2009   11:07:01 PM

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