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My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary earlier this week and I thought it was a great time to share some active date ideas with you. While we haven't had a chance to actually celebrate our anniversary just yet, we will be doing something active and fun when we do. We both enjoy a good movie and dinner, but that can be costly not only for our wallets, but our waistline as well.

Some of my favorite active dates that I like to go on include bowling, hiking or walking (sometimes we bring the dogs too), biking, and staying home to play games on the Wii (golf and bowling are both fun). The way we see it is that we are not only having fun on these types of dates, but it keeps us from sitting around more than we already do during the workday. Honestly, I find having more active dates like that to be more fun overall and allows us to enjoy each others company more than just the typical dinner and a movie date. We also get some exercise in at the same time and usually spend far less money with our active dates compared to going to the movies and a restaurant. Win-win situation, right?

If you would like some active date ideas for you and your significant other, please click here!


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What are your favorite active dates?

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  • 18
    anything outdoors - 7/11/2017   10:13:42 AM
  • 17
    My SO and I love dancing and hiking or running together. I have also recently bought a groupon for canoeing that I am hoping to use for a date soon - 8/17/2012   11:53:35 AM
  • 16
    My wife and I live in Dunedin, Fl by the Gulf. For our 15th Anniversary in November, we are doing the Space Coast Half Marathon and having fun in Cocoa Beach. That's how we roll now in our healthy lifestyle! - 8/13/2012   8:36:47 AM
  • 15
    For date nights at home, my boyfriend and I cook a piece of steak and prepare some salad (with vinaigrette and not thousand island dressing, of course). He is also teaching me how to skate. - 8/13/2012   1:11:45 AM
    We like to go golfing together in the summer. In the winter we go bowling. In the winter, we buy a membership at the local pool and go swimming 2-3 nights a week. - 8/12/2012   7:50:40 PM
  • 13
    I love going dancing with my husband. It's fun and active! - 8/10/2012   12:58:35 PM
  • 12
    Bowling ball in the pic definitely looks like a watermelon!

    DH and I like to park at one end of town in the early evening, then take a mile (or so) walk to one of the restaurants he likes at the other end of town. We then get another mile or so walk back to the car after dinner. Great in the summer when the afternoon is too hot for walking outside! - 8/10/2012   10:21:51 AM
  • 11
    My husband and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary this fall by participating in the Space Coast half marathon in Cocoa Beach, FL - something I never would have done (let alone considered as "celebrating") before I joined SparkPeople 2 years ago. - 8/10/2012   5:41:54 AM
  • 10
    My boyfriend is a sailing coach so many of our summer activities involve sailing. We also like to walk/hike, and have found that a short 1/2 hour walk after work together is a nice way to reconnect. Last night we took a short walk just to view the gorgeous sunset. Next week we're going to a free concert; we'll probably end up working in some walking as it's in Boston and there's limited parking nearby. - 8/9/2012   1:52:31 PM
  • 9
    Some great ideas here and in the slideshow. Thanks & happy anniversary! - 8/9/2012   1:34:36 PM
    A friend and I love going on really long walks along the river or even an occasional hike. - 8/9/2012   12:37:50 PM
    Living in DC is perfect for walking. You can't go too far without finding something to do. - 8/9/2012   11:36:48 AM
  • 6
    We like to go ice skating and play laser tag! :) - 8/9/2012   11:26:58 AM
  • 5
    Bowling with a watermelon would certainly provide conversation on a first date. - 8/9/2012   9:21:40 AM
  • 4
    We are lucky to live by Lake Michigan and a walk along the beach and pier is pretty awesome. - 8/9/2012   9:02:53 AM
  • 3
    We love to go mini golfing. I think we're tied on wins. And plus, there's lots of flirting opportunities when you're mini golfing. :)

    And I think her bowling ball looks like a watermelon, too!

    - 8/9/2012   8:14:52 AM
    Last week my wife and I celebrated our 41st anniversary! They've been very good years filled with adventure! We hike, bike, kayak, canoe, play outdoor games like badmitten and top toss. An anniversary trip is more likely a hike up Mt. Washington than a cruise. (never done one). Our goal is to hike, bike or paddle in all 50 states. We're well on our way. So your 14 years is a good start, but hopefully the adventures have just begun.
    Life is good!
    Woodheat - 8/9/2012   7:59:38 AM
  • 1
    Is it just me, or does her bowling ball look like a watermelon with holes? - 8/9/2012   7:05:11 AM

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