10 Fast Food Frozen Treats Under 200 Calories


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This is another installment in our ongoing Food on the Run series.

Summer has arrived and for many families that means a trip out for ice cream on a hot summer evening. Where can you go for a guilt free treat?

Here are 10 fast food sweet treat options under 200 calories that won't break your calorie bank.

  1. McDonald's Kiddie Cone – 1 oz serving
    Calories – 45
    Fat – 1 gram
    Carbohydrates – 8 grams
  2. DQ Fudge Bar – no sugar added
    Calories – 50
    Fat – 0 grams
    Carbohydrates – 13 grams
  3. DQ Vanilla Orange Bar – no sugar added
    Calories – 60
    Fat – 0 grams
    Carbohydrates – 18 grams
  4. Dairy Queen StarKiss
    Calories – 80
    Fat – 0 grams
    Carbohydrates – 21 grams
  5. Dairy Queen Soft Serve Ice Cream – 4 oz serving
    Calories – 150
    Fat – 5 grams
    Carbohydrates – 22 grams
  6. McDonald's Reduced Fat Vanilla Ice Cream Cone – 3 oz serving
    Calories – 150
    Fat – 3.5 grams
    Carbohydrates – 24 grams
  7. Chick-Fil-A IceDream Cone – 5 oz serving
    Calories – 160
    Fat – 4 grams
    Carbohydrates – 28 grams
  8. Wendy's Junior Frosty – 4 oz serving
    Calories – 160
    Fat – 4 grams
    Carbohydrates – 26 grams
  9. Sonic Vanilla Cone – 4.6 oz serving
    Calories – 180
    Fat – 6 grams
    Carbohydrates – 30 grams
  10. Dairy Queen DQ Sandwich
    Calories – 190
    Fat – 5 grams
    Carbohydrates – 32 grams

What are your favorite low calorie summer treats?

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    Pineapples - 12/14/2017   1:26:48 PM
  • 122
    frozen grapes - 9/13/2016   8:58:58 AM
  • 121
    I wouldn't advertise any of these. They are fast food and are what made me gain weight. I cannot have these in the house (along with other other trigger foods). They call to me and create a love/hate relationship. I would rather indulge in a small cup if I go out......or find a healthy alternative....and there are plenty! - 8/6/2012   11:36:56 AM
    Skinny cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches or the mint. will try some of these other ideas, thank you all! - 8/4/2012   4:04:08 PM
  • 119
    I'm a bit sad to see items like these being promoted. They might be low in calories, but are probably loaded with HFCS, soy, and/or artificial sweeteners. :( So many better options out there. - 4/7/2011   12:33:57 PM
  • 118
    I just love Schwan's Trim Creations Fudge Sticks or their Strawberry fruit bars! They are both delicious and 50 calories for the fudge and I think 25 for the strawberry! I have to admit that I usually save enough calories for 2 :) - 7/7/2010   12:11:44 AM
  • 117
    Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches!! - 5/14/2010   11:30:23 AM
  • 116
    I just wish i knew more than McDonalds... no articles about UK chains. =) - 4/29/2010   9:47:40 AM
  • 115
    I am so glad to find this thread. I wrote down all these ideas in my notebook and will have in the car with me when we travel. That way I can remember what I can get when I want something. Thanks for posting. - 7/27/2009   9:38:21 PM
  • 114
    Mayfield Snow Cream Stix - at 60 calories and 1.5 g fat, it satisfies my craving for ice cream without blowing my diet. Also frozen grapes and icy cold watermelon. - 7/4/2009   8:50:49 AM
  • 113
    I found that Crystal Light makes some fruit flavored popsicles that are pretty tasty, but always help to have a handy lists of desserts from fast food places because my husbands is always wanting to go out to eat! - 6/30/2009   8:17:15 PM
  • 112
    I make my own Root Beer Floats with 1/2 C. Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt and diet Root Beer. Grandkids and husbands enjoy them too. - 6/28/2009   10:06:21 PM
  • 111
    I just recently purchased a new blender and am having great fun making different kinds of yummy low cal smoothies. - 6/27/2009   12:48:54 AM
    Skinny Cow Truffle Bar- chocolate yummy! - 6/26/2009   9:45:13 AM
  • 109
    Skinny Cow! Oh, yum! - 6/25/2009   8:20:27 AM
    sugar free Popsicle -- 15 calories, 0 g fat, 4 g carbs - 6/24/2009   9:17:56 PM
    I love either a Sonic diet Cherry Lime-aid or a cherry Lime Slush. - 6/24/2009   8:27:13 PM
    Favourite: take an individual container of low/no fat yogurt, put a popsicle stick into the top (leave foil on), turn upside down (stick sticks up), place in freeze. Whne you want one, just rip off the top, and go at it like an ice cream cone.
    Or...'homemade popsicle' - take fruit juice mixed with a little geletine, pour into individual containers, put a stick into it and freeze. The geletine keeps the juice from dripping as you enjoy in the heat.
    (sorry cannot give the nuturient list as it depends on what you are using)
    Enjoy! :) - 6/24/2009   2:52:26 PM
  • 105
    Culver's has a yummy Lemon Ice that has no fat and 130 calories for the two scoop version. - 6/24/2009   2:49:38 PM
  • 104
    I like the Blue Bell Sugar-Free Moo Bars (100 calories) and Sugar-Free Fudgesicles (45 calories). Can't beat Blue Bell. - 6/24/2009   11:14:56 AM
    DQ Fudge Bar, although they're not for everyone. They're not quite fudgesicles, but they are healthier (plenty of fiber instead of sugars). - 6/24/2009   10:04:23 AM


    Q. How many grams of fat per fluid ounce are there in Golden Spoon frozen yogurt?

    Answer: Zero, None, Not a One (in non-fat flavors). Ok, so there is one exception to the rule - Heath Bar contains 1% fat.

    Q. What are the health benefits of Golden Spoon frozen yogurt?

    Answer:low in calories and fat, high in calcium, high in protien, and it aids digestion.

    Q. How is Golden Spoon yogurt sweetened?

    Answer: Golden spoon yogurt is sweetened with a small amount of plain white sugar, corn syrup and/or fructose. Of the 14 grams found within a 4 oz. cup, 6 grams come from the milk and 8 grams come from the added sugar.

    Non-Fat Flavors mini cup 3 15 0 1.5 68
    Non-Fat Flavors small cup 6 30 0 3 136
    Non-Fat Flavors regular cup 8 36 0 3.5 170
    Non-Fat Flavors large cup 9 45 0 4.5 204
    Non-Fat Flavors pint 12 60 0 5.5 272
    Heath®Bar Flavor-99% Fat-free mini cup 3 21 1 2 90
    Heath®Bar Flavor-99% Fat-free small cup 6 42 2 4 180
    Heath®Bar Flavor-99% Fat-free regular cup 8 53 2 5 225
    Heath®Bar Flavor-99% Fat-free large cup 9 63 3 6 270
    Heath®Bar Flavor-99% Fat-free pint 12 84 4 8 360
    - 6/24/2009   12:04:55 AM
  • 101
    Who eats just 4 oz of a Wendy's Frosty? - 6/23/2009   11:25:05 PM
  • 100
    Thanks! I personally love parfaits and Popsicles when I am home, but get cravings for sweets when I am out. These are all pretty good and would satisfy that urge. - 6/23/2009   11:17:22 PM
    i love the skinny cow ice cream treats.
    i am glad this article listed kiddie size treats. Sometimes i forget that we adults can order those yummy treats. - 6/23/2009   10:07:22 PM
  • 98
    my mid afternoon break includes large hot white tea and a dish of mixed frozen fruit. if i have yogurt add a spoonful (found Cabot Greek style yogurt in Pubix it is delicious alone or with fruit. - 6/23/2009   8:53:20 PM
  • 97
    I LOVE Island Way Sorbet. 40-70 cals depending on the flavor, and they come in single serving containers (which is actually the skin of the fruit) VERY yummy! - 6/23/2009   6:49:47 PM
  • 96
    I love the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I get my ice cream and some chocolate for approx. 100 calories - 6/23/2009   2:16:11 PM
  • JMLEE509
    Any of Skinny Cow's ice cream bars! They're 30 to 100 cals. Dreyer's No Sugar Added fruit popsicles are 30 cals. - 6/23/2009   2:07:34 PM
  • 94
    my hot weather favs include pretty much anything by skinny cow, tofutti and weightwatchers. - 6/23/2009   1:42:13 PM
  • 93
    Be careful with "Light" treats like cool whip and even some desserts from WW; yogurts, etc. because even though they are light on fat and sugar, they do have High Fructose Corn Syrup in their list of ingredients to make them taste good....

    When I want a dessert, I use fresh fruit (berries, apple, banana, orange) topped with plain yogurt... - 6/23/2009   12:52:34 PM
    I love to cut up a few fresh strawberries and a banana, put in bowl with 1/2 cup fresh blueberries, then mix in 1 serving of Lite Cool Whip!! Yum!!! Also like really cold grapes on a hot day. - 6/23/2009   11:46:55 AM
    I have switched all my ice creasm buying to the Weight Watchers Smart Ones and they are terrific. The other night I offered one to my son-in-law, who doesn't care at all for anything like that and he loved it and has one every night since. I didn't think I'd like them either, but they are EXCELLENT!!! - 6/23/2009   11:09:00 AM
  • 90
    I don't go near fast food restaurants, but we keep some Trader Joe's ice cream in the fridge at all times for dessert nights - Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday. I try to buy flavors that I don't like, so the temptation is lessened.... - 6/23/2009   10:56:31 AM
  • 89
    thanks for this information have a grandchild visiting who is overweight and nice to give her treat that are within the guidelines of being acceptable - 6/23/2009   10:53:09 AM
    Good list. I loved DQ Dilly bars growing up. Do they still have them? - 6/23/2009   10:41:05 AM
    Thank you so much for this handy list! I LOVE my ice cream treats! Hmmm...maybe that's what got me into this mess! :) lol

    Anyways, I have a few favorites for here at home. I had to tell Sparkers about the brand new one I just tried. It just came out and it was SO DELICIOUS, I was in heaven!

    It's put out by Weight Watchers and it's called the candy bar ice cream bar. It's a much healthier version of the snickers ice cream bar but just as good!!

    Peanut butter ice cream topped with caramel, peanuts then dipped in chocolate. Who could ask for more? And I'm not talking bite size either. All this for 150 calories or equivalent to 3 WW points. WORTH EVERY calorie/point and guilt free! - 6/23/2009   10:34:01 AM
  • 86
    Tanya, I love this blog! I also love that you included some No Sugar Added selections. Would it be possible next time to include the sugar content? I have to watch my sugar intake, and I LOVE ice cream!

    Some of my favs are

    Slim-A-Bear 100-calorie ice cream bar
    Slim-A-Bear No Sugar Added Krunch Bar (170 calories)
    Turkey Hill No Sugar Added, Low-fat Double Chocolate Ice Cream - 6/23/2009   10:12:16 AM
  • 85
    Blue Bunny Raspberry Vanilla Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars
    150 Calories - 6/23/2009   10:01:47 AM
  • 84
    Wendy's Jr. Frosty, they are cheap. - 6/23/2009   9:43:46 AM
  • 83
    I like homemade fruit smoothies made with fruit, yogurt, skim milk, and ice. I also like fat free frozen yogurt (100 calories per 1/2 cup) and I like various fat-free or sugar-free popsicles. - 6/23/2009   9:15:28 AM
  • 82
    I was pleased to see the carbs listed as that's what I have to count so I know how much insulin to use. I printed the list and plan to leave it in my car just in case I get a craving! - 6/23/2009   9:01:19 AM
  • 81
    Thanks for this list. I am an ice cream fiend!! - 6/23/2009   8:51:11 AM
  • 80
    Skinny Cow fudgesicle minis (50 calories per), Freezer Pops (20 calories per), small DQ cone, and mocha smoothies that I make at home with lots of ice. - 6/23/2009   8:29:30 AM
    Frozen Grapes are wonderful - 6/23/2009   8:15:22 AM
  • 77
    i must confess...i like ice cream, even though i know it's not the best thing i could spend my calories on. that having been said, it's coming into "the dogdays of summer," and when that rolls around, i love fresh, local, and U.S.-grown fruit of almost all kinds. to me, nothing is as sweet and makes me feel more like a kid again, than when i bite into a big, juicy, sweet nectarine or peach, and some of the juice dribbles down my chin....TMI? nancy - 6/23/2009   8:06:55 AM
  • 76
    Frozen grapes are a great treat when dealing with the heat. - 6/23/2009   7:36:58 AM
  • 75
    Fresh strawberries right from the garden! - 6/23/2009   6:36:39 AM
  • 74
    Thanks for sharing this! I am babysitting two girls this summer who love McDonald's! I was dreading taking them there, but for a 45 calories kiddie cone, I may have to walk there with them :) - 6/23/2009   5:01:50 AM

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