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In our ongoing Food on the Run series, we have previously reviewed healthier options offered at Subway restaurants.

Most of the 23,000 Subway restaurants across the nation began serving a breakfast menu earlier this week. Patrons can build a better breakfast with basic ingredients such as eggs or egg whites, cheese, ham, bacon, steak or sausage and standard veggie topping options. Enjoy your creation on a choice of a light wheat English muffin, flatbread, or traditional Subway sub roll. Add a cup of Seattle's Best Coffee or a bottle of Minute Maid Orange Juice to complete your meal.

So how do these breakfast sandwiches stack up nutritionally?

  • Selecting sandwich options on a light wheat English muffin (calories – 90) will provide you with the lowest calorie breakfast sandwich. The nutritional information can increase greatly depending on the bread options selected. Flatbread (240 calories/5 grams fat/480 mg sodium) will be your highest calorie choice with the standard white sub bread (200 calories/ 2 grams fat/390 mg sodium) not far behind.
  • Overall sodium content can be quite high with some breakfast sandwiches such as the Sausage Egg & Cheese sandwich on 9-grain whole wheat bread containing more than 1500 mg sodium per serving. Your lowest sodium breakfast sandwich choice would be an Egg white & Cheese on a light wheat English muffin (140 calories/3.5 grams fat/420 mg sodium. This is also the lowest fat option as well.
  • Avoid most of the omelet sandwiches because they are over 400 calories due to the sub bread. The only exception would be the Egg White & Cheese Omelet Sandwich (140 calories/3.5 grams fat/ 420 mg sodium).
  • Experiment with new tastes and textures on your breakfast sandwich by including low calorie, nutrient rich vegetables such as onions, green peppers, olives or hot peppers.
Here are some specific sandwiches that would be your lowest calorie and fat options.

Western Egg & Cheese Muffin with green pepper and onion on a light wheat English muffin

Calories – 180

Fat – 7 grams

Sodium – 650 mg

Carbohydrates – 18 grams

Fiber -5 grams

Protein – 15 grams

Steak, Egg White & Cheese on light wheat English muffin

Calories – 170

Fat – 4.5 grams

Sodium – 570 mg

Carbohydrates – 19 grams

Fiber – 5 grams

Protein – 16 grams

Although this may not be the most diverse breakfast menu, Subway provides a nutrient rich and calorie wise option when you need to eat on the run.

Did you know Subway was now serving breakfast? How do you think their menu compares with other fast food breakfast options?

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  • 121
    Can't wait to try an egg white sandwich! - 1/23/2011   9:39:26 AM
  • TIGGER679
    I've liked Subway's breakfast sandwiches when I've had them. Esp. with olives and spinach (which I've discovered can be hard to find at Subways, for some reason? Not all of them have spinach as an option, but it's so much better than that nasty lettuce they have.) I don't usually think of Subway when I'm out in the morning, though, partly because of the inconsistencies and that I don't like the coffee. I do like the option of having veggies on my breakfast sandwich - McD's, maybe you could try offering a breakfast sandwich with some veg? Spinach or good tomato at least? - 1/20/2011   1:35:04 PM
  • 119
    I agree with others. This was a HUGE let down. Healthy does not have to equal disgusting! A pre-made foam-looking egg white patty (that taste like foam to) without a lick of seasoning does not cut it. That "toaster" that they have simply serves to dry out the food they put in it. I don't like most things from subway, so maybe my opinion is tainted. - 1/19/2011   10:35:43 AM
  • 118
    Subway breakfast doesn't taste like Drive Thru food! I noticed some people complained about poor preparation of the product. Don't give up on their product because someone prepared it incorrectly! Try a different Subway, cuz this really IS a "better breakast"! - 1/17/2011   2:32:02 PM
  • 117
    Probably a good option when in a pinch. Too bad you cant get them later in the day too. - 1/17/2011   12:17:03 PM
    I finally found one that served breakfast and I was sorely disappointed. They pulled out this pre-made white circle and cut it in half. I realized that the circle was the egg white. They placed one small piece of ham on it, put it between a muffin and microwaved it. Then they sprinkled it with peppers and onions.

    Result: soggy bread, bland to the point of inedible 'egg whites' and cold veggies that made the sandwich almost impossible to keep together while you were eating it. I didn't even finish it. It was gross and I'll never go back for breakfast. - 7/22/2010   11:00:43 AM
  • KEEZY21
    I get the sausage, egg white, and cheese on the light english muffin 2-3 times a week. I think its delicious and happy its healthy and low-calorie. Its worth the $2. - 7/19/2010   5:29:57 PM
  • 114
    There is a Subway right next to the bus stop I had to grab to take to work, and right next to the bus stop that I got off at, so I've had a few of these and I really think that they're better at some Subways than others. I wonder why that is. I generally find their sandwiches consistent, but have had the same sandwich (the egg and ham one) multiple times and each time it tastes different (I always get it with tomato, spinach, olives, and red onion). Sometimes I think it is very, very worth the $2, and other times I wish I had skipped it. Their coffee, however, seems to be universally terrible. - 6/18/2010   3:39:28 PM
    I tried the Egg white on flat bread with no cheese and absolutely loved it. I should have done the english muffin instead though
    - 4/30/2010   6:42:38 AM
    had the english muffin, ham, egg and cheese this morning! Topped it with cucumbers for crunch and flavor! Yummy - and 1/2 the calories of indulging at my usual spot when I'm running behind! - 4/29/2010   2:14:43 PM
  • 111
    It's good to know I have a choice where I am more in control of what I am served. I like the idea of being able to get fresh veggies included in an egg and cheese sandwich, and have that also made with egg whites (which I've often done at home). It's nice to know that I can sometimes have that hot breakfast out, instead of having to do the prep work at home. - 4/28/2010   8:39:15 AM
  • 110
    it's not the best option out there, but definitely good to know for those road trips... - 4/16/2010   6:41:56 PM
  • 109
    The local Subway's in town have been serving breakfast for almost a year. Due to my schedule, I've never tried their breakfast. - 4/14/2010   3:36:10 AM
  • 108
    First, the one here doesn't open until 8 a.m. so I am not sure who they're targeting because most people including students have to be at their destination by 8 a.m.

    Secondly, I tried the steak, egg, and cheese because I love steak (yum).

    Third, it was horrible. It was all I could do to choke it down. The bun was not hearty enough for the meat. Ewww.

    Fourth, I tried a little of my hunny's ham and egg.

    Fifth, it was horrible because it was salty. However, the bun on this was better.

    Sixth, Subway should just stick with subs. If this is suppose to be healthy and it tastes this horrible then count me out. I will count my calories elsewhere. - 4/13/2010   6:32:21 PM
    I've tried the current $2.50 special with egg white, provolone & ham on an English Muffin with coffee and found it very tasty and satisfying. - 4/13/2010   4:45:30 PM
    Hope they will add turkey sausage. - 4/13/2010   2:41:45 PM
    My boss had the Western Egg & Cheese Muffin a week or so ago, and said it was very good. - 4/12/2010   11:54:43 AM
  • 104
    It's nice to know that there are starting to be healthier choices for Breakfast. - 4/12/2010   10:32:58 AM
  • 103
    Good for Subway. It'd be nice if they did this in the UK. It's good they're trying harder than most to give a healthier option though. - 4/12/2010   5:23:37 AM
    I love Subway. The calorie count is not bad, compared to McDonald's and Burger King. I just found out about the breakfast Saturday. I'll try the egg muffin to see if it taste as good as the sandwichs. - 4/11/2010   11:08:26 PM
    I once had a subway years ago and I S T I L L recall how vile the roll was.

    I like crispy, crunchy granary bread/rolls/baguettes - 4/11/2010   4:21:29 PM
  • 100
    I also tried the western..Very tasty added the peppers. For people on the go it is good to know that this option is available much better than Mcdonalds or Burger KIng . Please don't be so sceptical - 4/11/2010   1:40:30 PM
  • 99
    I hadn't heard of it til now. I don't plan on eating there for breakfast though. - 4/11/2010   12:07:36 AM
    Yes, I would try it and I am glad for the options. I prefer not to eat out unless absolutely necessary. I think it was a good idea for Subway to offer this option. Any place that offers fresh veggies and your choice to make it as you like it is great with me. - 4/10/2010   3:01:32 PM
    I was so excited after stopping by one afternoon to check the nutritional content. However, I stopped at 2 Subways, at 7:07 a.m. and 7:20 a.m. the next morning and neither were any where near ready to serve a sandwich OR coffee. I was not happy. If you say 7 a.m. why don't you mean 7 a.m.? - 4/10/2010   1:21:24 PM
  • 96
    Yes, I knew that Subway was now serving Breakfast. Glad to have the figures for some of them, so I know what to order when I try it. - 4/10/2010   12:47:22 PM
  • 95
    Found out accidentally they served breakfast after my hubbys CT scan one day. We had time to spare before his chemo & hospital had a Subway so we tried their veggie omelet (we shared it, portion was rather large) and it was very good. Very well priced less than $2.00 - 4/10/2010   11:38:45 AM
  • 94
    Aw, I thought this article was going to say that the subways (as in the transport systems) were serving breatkfast. That would be GREAT. - 4/10/2010   11:32:38 AM
  • 93
    Now if we could get a popular restaurant like this to add a tofu scramble to the menu I'd be a happy camper! - 4/10/2010   11:17:17 AM
  • 92
    I don't eat out much at all (including fast food). When we were in Washington, D.C. last year we had to find options for not only a some-what healthy breakfast but also an economical one since breakfast was around $15 per person at our hotel. Luckily we had a Subway nearby so that was our breakfast for most mornings. I always got the egg with protein meat (I think it was bacon) on an English muffin. It wasn't bad although I would have preferred a whole wheat English muffin, but they didn't offer that. - 4/10/2010   11:11:13 AM
  • 91
    Actually tried one of these once, with the English Muffin, whole egg, roast beef, and I skipped the cheese because process cheese, unlike whole eggs, isn't worth the calories. Added some veggies to it and it was a tasty sandwich. - 4/10/2010   8:58:23 AM
  • 90
    YAY for Jared and the Subway marketers for offering healthy & low-cal options for food on the run!!! (no matter if it's breakfast or otherwise) A big fat BOO on the grease "sandwich" KFC came up with. How could they do that after their last GOOD addition of the "grilled chicken"? - 4/10/2010   8:07:53 AM
  • JAY75REY
    I have to hand it to Subway, A for effort. I will be checking out the price as well as the ingredients, but I think I would try this if I were to need a fast food breakfast.
    I have tried a couple of the Starbucks new breakfast sandwiches which are quite good. There is one with egg white, cheese and turkey bacon on a whole wheat muffin...sounds similar to the Subway version.
    I like eating whole grain cereal like oatmeal for breakfast, but also like eggs sometimes.
    It's always better to eat at home or bring your food, but on-the-run, I am happy to find something healthy to buy...better than skipping breakfast or getting a donut! - 4/10/2010   1:04:38 AM
  • 88
    My neighbor is a Subway mgr. and the options other than the light wheat muffin really don't appeal. The cooking method is not appealing to me and the idea of breakfast on a sub roll is totally unappealing to me! However if I need breakfast on the run, the light muffin with egg white with some peppers and such would work for me! - 4/9/2010   10:32:46 PM
  • 87
    I had to laugh. I went in there to order the steak and cheese one, at 8:00 am....and they charged me for the lunch menu...saying they didn't know I wanted breakfast. *sad grin* Anyway....I am a little wiser to let them know now that I want "breakfast" at 8:00 am. - 4/9/2010   9:16:20 PM
  • 86
    I'm sticking with Dunkin Doughnuts flat bread turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. - 4/9/2010   8:35:16 PM
  • 85
    Didn't know they had started doing this yet but I had heard about it. I guess if I was in a hurry for breakfast and since I don't do MickyDee's I would give one of the lower calories items a try. The eggwhite and cheese omelet sounds good at 140 Cal I might add some bell pepper, onion and salsa to it. Also the Western egg and cheese muffins sound interesting. - 4/9/2010   8:02:47 PM
  • 84
    First I ever heard of Subway serving breakfast. Looks like they may have a good thing going. I may consider trying a Subway Brkfst sandwich. I get tired of looking at the other fast food morning menus. The process of elimination can go on for minutes. "No, thats not a good choice." or "That has way to many calories." and "That biscuit is going to kill me." - 4/9/2010   7:46:29 PM
  • 83
    I like making my own breakfast but if traveling I might try it. - 4/9/2010   7:37:18 PM
    Sounds to me like a healthier breakfast option than you can get "on-the-run" at a lot of places. The key would be to choose your ingredients wisely. - 4/9/2010   6:18:28 PM
  • 81

    No thanks I rather eat at home... - 4/9/2010   5:08:17 PM
  • 80
    I subscribe to the Eat This, Not That emails, and I think I read a review from them about Subway's breakfast sandwiches. They seemed to think it was a goo option out there, as long as you're selective in what you're ordering, just like any fast food place or any sandwich at Subway for that matter. It's good to have more options out there! - 4/9/2010   3:22:25 PM
  • 79
    If I was traveling I might try them, but I prefer to make my meals at home. I do love all their veggies. - 4/9/2010   3:10:55 PM
  • 78
    They've done this for some time at truck stops...certain ones that is. Quiznos also. IF you watch what you order they're both good. Being on the road 3 wks at a time makes losing or even maintaining a challenge anyway. - 4/9/2010   1:42:59 PM
    HFCS is in Subway's bread- wonder if it is in the breakfast bread as well? - 4/9/2010   1:41:13 PM
  • 76
    My dd just stopped working at SUBWAY and they had a LOT of business for breakfast. People even came in and got their LUNCH and took it on with them to work. If a person learns to eat with portion control, it isn't a problem. - 4/9/2010   12:35:00 PM
  • 75
    No thanks! I'd rather cook at home. - 4/9/2010   12:18:09 PM
    Yuck. No thanks. - 4/9/2010   11:26:26 AM
    I tasted one of the Subway breakfast sandwiches on flat bread. It wsnt too bad but seemed "greasy" to me. I'l stick with making my own breakfast. - 4/9/2010   11:18:14 AM
    I didn't know Subway made breakfasts. I will watch for this on our travels, when we don't have lots of time to eat breakfast. It sounds interesting to put fresh veggies on eggs - like an omelet. - 4/9/2010   11:05:41 AM

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