Food on the Run Is KFC Becoming KGC?


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Move over fried chicken because starting today, April 27th, KFC introduces Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

We previously reviewed KFC in our ongoing Food on the Run series. However, the new grilled chicken offers a healthier chicken option while still maintaining the finger lickin' good flavor and we wanted to take another look.

Is the new chicken really that much better nutritionally?

The new Kentucky Grilled Chicken has its own special recipe and is slow roasted to juicy perfection in new franchise custom designed ovens. The grilled secret recipe is a blend of six herbs and spices compared to the Original Recipe's 11 herbs and spices originally developed by chain founder Colonel Sanders. The new grilled chicken provides fewer calories, few fat grams and less sodium than Original Recipe counterparts.

KFC has tried non-fried chicken options before but they were not on the menu for long. In the early 1990's, a rotisserie-style chicken was introduced and a tender roast product shortly after that. Long cooking times and equipment problems caused both of those efforts to fail shortly after introduction. This time, KFC leaders feel they have found the right non-fried product. The grilled chicken will cost the same as the Original Recipe trademark fried chicken which should make it a great additional alternative to sit next to the Extra Crispy as an alternative to Original Recipe.

KFC Grilled Chicken Nutrition Data

Calories - 80
Fat - 4 grams
Sodium - 160 mg
Protein - 10 grams

Calories - 180
Fat - 4 grams
Sodium - 440 mg
Protein - 35 grams

Calories - 70
Fat - 4 grams
Sodium - 200 mg
Protein - 10 grams

Calories - 140
Fat - 9 grams
Sodium - 320 mg
Protein - 15 grams

Healthy Meal Ideas

Grilled Chicken Breast with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Calories 330
Fat 8 grams
Sodium 1370 mg
Carbohydrates 25 grams
Fiber 3 grams
Protein 38 grams

Grilled Whole Wing and Drumstick with a small corn on the cob, mean greens and a biscuit
Calories 430
Fat 17 grams
Sodium 1290 mg
Carbohydrates 43 grams
Fiber 5 grams
Protein 29 grams

You can give the new grilled chicken a try for free on April 27th at participating KFC restaurants. The offer is limited to one free piece per person and the selection is the manager's choice and may vary by location.

Tell us what you think about the new grilled addition to KFC. Is this a good addition? Will you give it a try?

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  • 215
    I will try it, I have low blood pressure 80/50 and was advised by my hospital,Dr. and pharmacist to include lots of high salt food in my diet to raise it. So I find I have to add a teaspoon of salt daily on top of the high salt foods to raise my blood pressure to 100,so I can exercise. I also have cholesterol below the minimum needed to be healthy,so advised to also include high cholesterol foods. So, I am too healthy? - 3/19/2017   2:44:13 PM
  • 214
    I heard that they inject the grilled chicken with chicken fat to add more flavor while 'grilling'. Saw that on MSNBC? - 10/5/2011   2:33:43 PM
  • 213
    Now if they could just lower the alt content... I could eat a breast, but would have to really watch my salt the rest of my day. - 6/14/2011   7:40:25 AM
  • 212
    It will always be faster and healthier for me to cook at home. By the time I waste expensive gas to drive to KFC and stand in line, I will have grilled my own piece of chicken that hasn't been pumped full of unknown stuff and sodium, topped it on my own greens and eaten it with gusto :) Giving up fast food in ALL of it's guises has allowed me to keep this 85lb loss for almost 3 years now. - 6/6/2011   1:14:52 PM
  • LYNBR812
    A little late, but I have enjoyed the new KGC for several months! It's a great way to stay on track w/fast food. Great in an emergency! - 2/16/2011   12:07:01 PM
    I hope they bring that to the UK soon. It's the only thing that would get me to venture into a fast food restaurant again. - 9/22/2010   11:44:09 AM
  • 209
    Dude, KFC can go to hell. - 7/8/2010   10:03:39 PM
    I don't mean to offend anyone, but I would advise possibly changing the article to include this link:

    The PCRM found substantial levels of carcinogens in KFC grilled chicken. All samples tested were found to contain PhiP (a type of HCA - no safe level of it is known, and has been linked to several types of cancer), along with other heterocyclic amines. While it might seem to be a healthier option, to be frank, food containing these substances could certainly cause far more harm than good. - 3/22/2010   5:19:21 PM
    The chicken is pretty good, a lot depends on which KFC you buy it from. The sodium content is high though, this can be a meal breaker for me. - 3/22/2010   9:11:44 AM
  • 206
    To STORMY11221 - we can post what we feel like. It is a blog and I actually know a lot about the conditions of the chickens from KFC - I have done tons of research and I also volunteer at an animal safe haven. I used to eat meat but once I opened my eyes to the conditions that animals have to live in for us to stuff our face - is ridiculous!! I have a right to blog how I feel and I don't want SparkPeople posting stuff about a chain restaurant that participates in the animal cruelty like KFC does. I'm not a vegan but everyday I decide what I want to put in my mouth and make a strong effort to stay away from companies like KFC. - 3/18/2010   9:12:59 AM
  • STORMY11221
    I LOVE KFC. As a matter of fact, I bought from there tonight, even before I read this article. I really enjoy the grilled chicken, it has a wonderful flavor. I really don't want to preach, but to those of you commenting on the chicken conditions, you are either vegans, or you just don't know how your food is processed. Unfortunately, there is very little humane about the processing of our food. If we all dwelled on it, no one would eat any type of meat, fish, or poultry. Please keep these type of comments to yourself. I don't want to read about them here. - 3/18/2010   2:54:16 AM
  • 204
    I hate all the talk about KFC - I know that this is a diet website but it is also about personal goals and becoming a better you and KFC is the worst place for animal advocates like me. An undercover investigator that worked at a plant where KFC raises the chickens said that is was some of the worst animal cruelty he had ever saw. It makes me sick hearing about people eating from KFC and posting blogs discussing eating there. Don't eat at KFC!! - 3/17/2010   9:19:51 AM
  • 203
    Love KFC. - 1/18/2010   11:34:49 AM
  • 202
    Not a KFC fan, but those are some relatively balanced meal options and the chicken is lower sodium than I would have suspected. - 1/17/2010   7:54:49 PM
  • 201
    I've tried and i love. i will eat it again. - 1/15/2010   7:48:02 AM
  • 200
    I won't eat at KFC either. I like to know where the meat is coming from, what it looked like raw and how it was cooked.
    - 1/11/2010   6:30:24 PM
  • 199
    I'll give it a try, I don't go there bcz of the high salt content, but sounds like the grilled chicken is better. - 1/8/2010   11:43:50 AM
  • 198
    I tried the grilled thigh once and it was very dry. I hate to think what the breast would have been like. I was very disappointed. But from reading other posts, maybe I just got a bad batch. Maybe I'll try it again. - 1/7/2010   2:22:16 PM
  • 197
    I have tried a couple of times and it is definitely worth remembering for an easy meal. - 12/7/2009   1:43:47 PM
  • 196
    Has to be an improvement. The last two times I ate fried chicken there the grease was so thick (and old?) it stuck the bottom of my tongue to my mouth, and tasted really bad. Maybe the grease needed changed or something. Never went back and wont unless part of a group that's going. Then I might try the grilled chicken there. That was really strange though, I have eaten alot of fried chicken in my time and have never had that bad of an experience anywhere else... My friend that was with me didn't notice it. Maybe it was just me... still twice is my limit. - 11/30/2009   11:12:37 AM
    I've tried the KGC twice..... The first time it was pretty good, salty, but it was a nice substitution to the fried chicken. The second time it really did look like a pigeon wing! The pieces were itty, bitty and hard. I think it really depends on which restaraunt you go to. Either way its better than the greasy fried chicken i've been eating. - 9/8/2009   8:45:53 PM
  • 194
    I was really excited to see this new addition...then I bought it. I swear the legs came from pigeons. All the pieces were small. The legs and wings were dry and tough. One thigh was so dry that I swear it was deep fried, not grilled. I complained and the manager said she didn't know what to do about how small the pieces were after they were grilled. Well, if the bone is 3" after it was was 3" long BEFORE it was grilled. - 9/1/2009   3:35:34 PM
  • 193
    won't eat at KFC. - 8/31/2009   12:39:53 PM
  • 192
    Great! I have NEVER enjoyed fried foods so this is great news! This will definitely be one of my pit stops when I go visiting Canada. - 8/31/2009   8:15:54 AM
  • 191
    I tried it and loved it. I had the thighs and mine were huge! My hubby asked, "Is that a thigh or a breast? LOL I had the mashed potatoes and gravy with one biscuit, but we were sharing a 9 pc. bucket with my grandkids, so therey were not big portions of the potatoes. Very yummy--I will remeber this, when I am traveling in Europe, since have noticed they ARE over there. Great for a quick meal when traveling, yet healthier than most other 'quick meals'. - 8/24/2009   5:02:13 PM
  • 190
    I have tried it and it was good but DH didn't. So he gets his fried and I get mine grilled. It still works out for both of us. - 8/24/2009   12:45:07 PM
  • SDP6550
    I will try the new grilled chicken--sounds good to me! I have seen the commercials, but just havne't gotten there yet. I am also afraid I would blow it by eating their delicious biscuits..... - 8/24/2009   11:43:36 AM
  • 188
    I tried it and found that it was dry. Maybe it was the KFC I went to. - 8/17/2009   12:05:53 PM
  • 187
    I can't wait to try it. May even do so this weekend! - 8/15/2009   11:28:41 AM
  • 186
    I have to say... When they first came out- the ten piece bucket over flowing... (PICTURED IN THEIR AD AND ON THEIR WINDOW) I purchased 2 buckets for family helping to move another family into a new home... The bucket was 1/2 full each and the pieces were more like a cornish game hen, I was very disappointed. It was also very dry. I complained about it and they were getting ready to close, they told me it was freshly cooked chicken but they still had problems keeping it from drying out. They would replace 1 bucket but not that night because they were cleaning up. I went back 2 days later and they did NOT honor their coment to replace the 1 bucket... I have been waiting to get that off my chest. I won't go back. Maybe they have worked out some kinks but they can't advertise a full bucket and end up giving you a half..... - 8/7/2009   6:17:51 PM
  • 185
    Loved KFC's chicken breast and drumstick and am so pleased - it's not nearly as bad as I was scared it was goign to be when I went to their nutrition sight. Yum yum. it's my new substitute for non-subway days. - 7/29/2009   11:37:13 AM
  • 184
    I dont like to use the word never, because it is only true that God will never leave us of forsake us and He will never stop loving us, but I will this time: I will never eat KFC again. by my choice. - 6/23/2009   9:43:58 PM
  • 183
    YUM! I've had the Kentucky Grilled Chicken and it was GREAT! It was similar to a very nice, moist rotisserie chicken- the breast had only 150 calories. Because the meal is 2 pieces, plus sides, I was able to use it as lunch AND dinner and not feel cheated.
    I would definitely do KFC again for this meal. They have it for $3.99 right now! - 6/22/2009   9:37:45 AM
  • 182
    Sorry. I boy-cotted KFC after watching the PETA video showing the chicken farms and the techniques they use. I can NOT in good conscious eat from any establishment by this name. It's THAT bad. AND whats worse.. they dont care! Their practises are practicually inhuman and barbaric, and heart-wrenchingly abusive. Do they really NEED to burn out the eyes of the chicken with their ciggarette? Really? NO. So I refuse to eat there! Sorry. - 6/8/2009   8:28:29 AM
  • 181
    Nope. Even if I did eat meat, I'd never eat at KFC. They have absolutely horrible animal welfare practices. Google it, you'll see what I mean. - 6/7/2009   2:35:32 PM
    I have tried the grilled chicken breast and it was great. I am so glad to see a healthy choice on their menu. - 5/31/2009   7:20:34 AM
  • 179
    Sure - I'll try it - anything is better than their regular stuff! - 5/25/2009   11:52:43 PM
  • 178
    I did not like the nutritional feel of the chicken. I picked up two grilled breast to put on a salad when I got home. I used three papertowels to get the grease off and the box was full of where the grease leaked out. It was very yummy. I was sharing the breast with my mom. I will not go again. I like chik fil a better - 5/21/2009   1:16:59 PM
    Wow, those meal options are awsome. For some reason even though I knew it wasnt fried I still thought it was going to be WAY bad for me. I can (maybe) finally return to KGC. - 5/11/2009   3:34:51 PM
  • 176
    I had the grilled breast with corn-on-the-cob and mashed potatoes and gravy. Was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful it was! Glad to have a new, healthier, fast food choice :) - 5/6/2009   7:47:31 PM
    I tried the breast wing meal, it was good, but it was no original recipe. My fav;o) - 5/4/2009   6:48:47 AM
  • S.TAYLOR2728
    I had it for lunch. It was good I really liked it. My only complaint is the pieces were so tiny. I'm not used to having pieces that are twice as small than ones I buy from the supermarket. I felt like I was eating a pigeon or something - 5/1/2009   4:37:00 PM
  • 173
    Hmmm. I ordered a leg and thigh meal and was given a wing and breast. The breast meat was dry and the wing was scrawny. I'll give 'em one more try, 'cos maybe that was a fluke. - 5/1/2009   10:08:30 AM
  • 172
    I tried it and love it. Best part is I don't feel guilty afterwords! - 5/1/2009   9:39:33 AM
  • 171
    I love KFC and I'm so glad that they added to there menu GRILLED CHICKEN can wait to try it on SATURDAY, it's take out night, And i enjoy it cuz i don't have to cook...WOOHOO!!! - 5/1/2009   12:32:43 AM
  • 170
    I tried the breast, corn, and mashed potatoes meal and it was pretty good! I did go all out and have a biscuit though... how can you not?!? - 4/30/2009   10:13:14 PM
  • 169
    It sounds good...I think I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow! - 4/30/2009   9:23:55 PM
  • 168
    I think its about time. I'm glad they decided to make the change. I'm excited to try their grilled chicken. - 4/30/2009   4:50:36 PM
  • 167
    I'm not usually a big KFC person in the first place, but when I heard about this I thought I might like to try it soon. I'm glad it is receiving such good reviews :) - 4/30/2009   2:20:27 PM
  • 166
    I usually get the 3 wing meal, so I tried 3 grilled wings, greenbeans, small corn, and a biscuit. I loved it! I actually only at 2 wings and the vegetables, because my son ate the rest. - 4/30/2009   1:07:35 PM

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