Fall Vegetable Recipes


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Freshly picked veggies -- think squash, eggplant and plum tomatoes -- make dinner flavorful and oh so satisfying.
Deep-Dish Veggie and Pepperoni Pizza
Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 15 minutes
Bake: 1 hour at 450 degrees F. 
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Not-Stuffed Cabbage

Makes: 4 servings
Prep: 15 minutes
Bake: 15 minutes at 350 degrees F.
Cook: 23 minutes
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What is your favorite fall vegetable? Which recipe will you try?

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  • 4
    The cabbage and meatballs looks really good! - 11/1/2011   1:37:58 PM
  • 3
    I like the cabbage and meatballs. I don't like to make cabbage rolls using the leaves. It always comes apart or something. This sounds easier and just as good. - 11/1/2011   12:59:49 PM
  • 2
    I love love love butternut squash, but I order it more than I make it. I think this fall I'll start roasting and pureeing my own. - 11/1/2011   11:14:42 AM
    I'm a Family Circle subscriber, so saw these recipes in the latest issue. I'm looking forward to trying the Not-Stuffed Cabbage. We eat lots of veggies; last night we had home-made escarole and white bean stew/soup. There's a nice butternut squash on the counter - half for soup and half to be mixed with walnuts for a topping for spaghetti. Bowtie pasta with a veggie mix of zucchini, broccoli, asparagus is also on the menu for this week. Yummy. - 11/1/2011   10:02:27 AM

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