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More evidence linking sugar to heart disease

The Sit/Stand Desk: Would You Buy One?

Magda Runs a Marathon--on the Treadmill

Six Kitchen-Based Weight Loss Tweaks Any Guy Can Do

15 Fiber-Packed Snacks

Fit Tip: Wash Your Sports Bra in the Shower With You

Healthy Recipe: Thai Edamame Pasta

Breakfast at Your Desk: First Came Flax, Then Came ... Salba (Chia)

Coconut Carrot Cake Muffins

In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers

The Best Gyms in America for Every Workout

Chicken, Kale and Sweet Pepper Wrap

Shrimp & Bean Barley Salad

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  • 14
    Go Magda. - 5/4/2010   5:31:00 PM
  • 13
    Thank you so much for the continuing blogs with the great links. - 5/4/2010   10:45:14 AM
  • 12
    Totally going to wash my sports bras in the shower! Can't believe that I didn't think of that already. I was just complaining last night that I was almost out of clean ones since I didn't get to do laundry over the busy weekend.
    - 5/4/2010   8:10:58 AM
  • 11
    We have a couple of "stand-up" desks at work, and I always feel better standing than sitting. Of course I'm on my feet all day, but I like them better anyway! - 5/3/2010   7:21:08 PM
  • 10
    What a great round-up of articles! I love Oh She Glow's blogs!

    I'll have to check back with glamour's article. I keep trying to click on it, but they are doing some sort of update. - 5/3/2010   1:48:32 PM
    Congratulations! - 5/3/2010   12:25:31 PM
    The sports bra tip is handy, something I will definitely use while on vacation! - 5/3/2010   11:40:55 AM
  • 7
    Love the tip about the sports bra. If only my workouts were at home during the week! Might have to think on that one. - 5/3/2010   10:15:54 AM
  • 6

    ND has the added sugar limit at 1.5 tsp in one blog, 6 tsp in another.

    Sit/Stand desk a great idea, but too expensive. Great idea for art work.

    Kitchen tweaks common sense.

    Shampoo works well for bras, too.

    Wrap recipe reminds me that the grape leaves will be ready soon! - 5/3/2010   10:01:28 AM
    "Magda"? You mean it's not Stepfanie after all? Great articles, as always! I was dismayed to learn about sugar and the heart...dismayed, but not surprised, as triglycerides, when elevated, are strongly linked to atherosclerosis, and as someone who's trying to lower hers, I was told to avoid sugary, starchy foods. - 5/3/2010   8:24:43 AM
  • 4
    Nice! - 5/2/2010   11:58:25 PM
    Excellent - 5/2/2010   7:16:30 PM
  • 2
    magda... you are becoming a one named celeb around here! congrats again. i like the idea about washing your sport bra in your shower. i will do that for sure! - 5/2/2010   6:54:02 PM
  • 1
    GOOOOOOOOOOOO Magda!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/2/2010   5:31:33 PM

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