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Thanks for supporting the Kashi and dailySpark protein survey; it was a great success.

Kashi is showing gratitude by giving away $100 in protein-packed Go Lean products to one lucky winner; two runners-up will win $20 in Go Lean goodies.

You have from now until 6 p.m. EST on Thursday, Nov. 18, to enter. The usual rules apply.

Click here to enter.

Do you track your protein intake? Do you get too much, not enough, or just the right amount?

This winners are: LIANKA919 (grand prize), CHRISTINA543425, and SANDYVEE

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I've been tracking my protein regularly since Jan. 2009. It's probably the most important nutritient I make sure to meet each day. Report
Track my protein daily, and I have trouble meeting it. I am working on it. It's like me, a work in progress. Report
I never really thought about protein until I joined SP. Now I log in 70-90 grams a day on most days and even have hit 100 a few times! Report
I use the Nutrition Tracker to track all my foods, but protein in particular. If I don't plan my meals, then I don't get enough protein. I love Kashi products, esp. the Go-Lean cereals. I met with a nutritionist and after that found it was much easier to meet my protein goals by adding Greek yogurt or low fat cottage cheese as my morning or afternoon snacks. And instead of just a vegetable salad at lunch, I make sure I add a couple of ounces of tuna, chicken breast or other lean meat. And if I'm coming up short, I'll mix a protein shake to hit the mark. Report
I track my protein daily. Many days I am low. Report
very good article, thanks:) Report
very interesting Report
I have to be honest and say that I don't, but am now realizing that I should. I keep a more general tab on what I eat, like did I get protein, fruits, vegetables, oil, fiber, exercise... in for the day. Report
I track my protein - more in the morning means I'm mentally sharper and less likely to indulge in the office donuts. Report
LOVE Kashi, I track my proteins & fiber all the time it is a very important part of a healthy life style!! Report
When I track my foods I find watching the protein very important ... if the protein is too low, then I'm more hungry!!!! This is very helpful, but too often I don't take the time to track my food. Report
I track and I'm fine. Report
yes I track protein just as I do calories (and MANY other nutrients) I feel that it is important to keep all nutrients in range! Report
I've been hitting my protein target for the last two weeks. I try to get a good start with breakfast. Greek yogurt is a great source and sometimes I make protein shakes in the afternoon. Report
I track my protein and find that I am usually on the low end or sometimes below my goal. It would be nice to find an easy way to get extra protein in my diet. Cottage cheese is great for that...would love to find other high-protein quick foods. Report
I do track my protein very closely. I don't always hit it between my numbers, but I almost always get my low end of protein allowed. I love Kashi. It makes it easy to get your protein with their yummy foods! Report
I do track protein and I have been just under. I find that when I am on a restricted calorie regimen I have a hard time getting the protein in. The calorie restriction was requested by the cardiologist so I am trying to be compliant. Anyone have any ideas how to do both better? Report
I use the Spark Nutrition Tracker and I have been falling short of my protein intake but I am going to take care of that. Protein is very important and I understand that I need it. Thanks for the blog! Report
I do track my protein and have no problems getting enough. I am usually in the mid to high range. Now for carbs and fat......another story. Can't seem to get enough unless it is pizza night! LOL Report
I don't track my protein, but do think I get enough. I am a meat eater, eggs, milk, cheese, beans etc. I don't find protein a problem, I have more trouble with fruit. Report
I track my protein and I'm usually just under. Report
I track my protein, but most days I'm on the low end or just below my goal. Report
I do track my protein. I get a little less than I'd like compared to my fat and carbs, but since I don't eat meat, can't eat gluten and can only handle limited dairy most of my protein comes from nuts and beans! Report
I have Type2 Diabetes and use SparkPeople Nutrition tracker to track Carbs, Calories, Protein and Fat. Report
I track my protein and am usually over which I'm fine with. For past posters the way I increase protein and reduce fat is the magical food - beans! Such variety, so many ways to cook, eat and enjoy. Unfortunately there's so much harmful things in animal proteins...and organic is expensive. So I opt for low cost, high fiber, high protein, low fat BEANS:) You can cook yourself or thoroughly rinse canned versions to reduce the sodium. Report
I usually end up with too much according to SparkPeople, which is hard to reconcile with my meal delivery plan that supposedly does "all my tracking for me"! Report
I do pretty well getting my protein in but do slack at times. I love the Kashi GoLean crunch it's my favorite one! I think its wonderful to be able to get fiber and protein in with your cereals. (I eat this one with or without milk) The tracker makes it so much easier to know exactly what I'm eating where I need to increase or decrease. Report
I try to get my protein in every day. I have lost 66 lbs Report
I have had a problem getting enough protein in for most of my adult life--when I have tracked or journaled. I do better if I get dairy in, and I am trying to do so. I just saw another magazine today with a headline explaining the great value in yogurt and I think I am going to try to increase my intake of yogurt again. When I used t have yogurt and fruit for lunch, it did seem to satisfy me better. (I think I'm boring you all with this thinking because this is an important topic that has been on my mind.) Report
I have lived my whole life on a dairy farm, so getting enough meat and dairy are not a problem for me; but now trying to balance what I eat according to Spark guidelines, it is challenging to get enough protein without going over in fat. Even my favorite nuts are high in fat. Thanks to Kashi for their great tasting snacks! Kashi makes my tracking easier, now we just need to get more Kashi products in our rural stores! Report
I track, and I am not getting enough. Working on it, though. Report
I have been tracking I am for over 60 grams.. a day Report
I am on a high protein diet as I am trying to gain lean muscle. I typically get more than the recommended value. GoLean crunch is on my plan and I love it! Report
I do track my protein most of the time. I usually get the right amount. Report
yes, I track my protein with the Sparkpeople Nutrition Tracker and protein is the first nutrient that gets in the correct range almost every day. My problem is getting enough fat and calories. Report
I am still working on this. I never seem to get enough. Report
I have to think about getting enough protein. I do eat some nuts and some peanut butter. And also low-fat, low-sodium swiss cheese and some skimmed milk. And some poultry and seafood. I still find that I'm usually near the bottom of my required amount. Honey-roasted soy beans make a good snack, and they're complete protein. Report
I also struggle with getting enough protein. I am not a big meat eater and I am allergic to nuts. So, I really work hard at meeting the minimum amount each day. Report
I adore Kashi products. Thank you for this giveaway!!!! Report
Kashi products help those of us who are cautioned to limit animal products to consume enough protein. Thank you, Kashi. Report
Protein is something I tend to struggle with--before coming to sparks I thought I was getting way more protein than I needed (most Americans do, I'd read) but in reality I was only getting about half of what I needed. So now I tend to run either on the low end of the acceptable range or just under that--not great but better than I used to. Report
I ususally clock in within acceptable range on my protein, but towards the low side. Report
I am another one who struggles to get all my protein every day Report
I started tracking protein since I started Sparkpeople. I don't eat enough protein so every little bit helps. I try and hit the high side since I am hypo. Report
Same with me... protein is hard for me to get up to range. Report
I track my protein everyday. But I do struggle to get my needed amount. Report
I track my protein intake to make sure I am getting enough for the day & the workouts I am doing for that day. Report
Since I started tracking nutrients, I consciously make sure I am getting enough protein. Report
For the last two weeks I've tracked, I noticed that, accept for one day, I was not hitting my protein minimum goal. I could not figure out why I kept missing the mark. I WILL get better! Report
I pay attention to my protein on my Nutrition Tracker. I am usually a little short though. I just can't seem to get enough! I have started eating Kashi goLEAN Crunch most mornings for breakfast, and that helps up my intake a bit. I'm a work in progress! Report
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