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DVD Review: Work Out One-on-One Training with Jackie

By , SparkPeople Blogger
You may have heard of Bravo's show "Work Out," which features Jackie Warner, a $400-per-hour personal trainer and owner of Sky Sport & Spa in Beverly Hills. But what you might not know is that Jackie released a workout DVD by the same name that lets you train with her in your own home for less than $15. I recently tried out this DVD myself, and I'm happy to report that Jackie really delivers! "Work Out" is one of the best DVDs I've tried in a long time. Want to find out why?

"Work Out" contains three 20-minute routines: one workout each for upper body, lower body and core. You can use the DVD menu to choose a single routine, any two routines or all three. I did all three for what turned out to be an excellent 60-minute workout. Each 20-minute segment includes a unique warm-up (for the joints and muscles you're about to use), the routine itself (which alternates between 30 to 60-second intervals of strengthening exercises and simple cardio moves), and a few stretches for the muscles you just worked at the end. I liked the variety of exercises within each workout, and that it included strength, cardio and flexibility in one. I especially liked that Jackie clearly explained how to modify each move to make it easier and how to step it up and make it harder. Because of that, this one DVD provides ample exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers, and it's one that you can "grow" with as you get fit over time.

Jackie leads you though the moves along with one other trainer at a time, similar to a personal training session. While she spends most of her time talking instead of doing the moves, I didn't find that to be weird at all. She focuses on describing the exercises very clearly, cueing for both safety and form (which many DVDs tend to gloss over), and encouraging you to continue. And I really liked her. I felt like she was rooting for me. She wasn't the annoyingly peppy "aerobics instructor" and she wasn't cliché. She was truly motivational and helpful, always encouraging me to go at my own pace, slow down, or modify if I needed, but pushing me to keep going all the same.

You'll need a pair of dumbbells to do these workouts, and you'll probably also want a mat if your floor isn't carpeted or cushioned enough for a few floor exercises. As for weight, I would actually encourage a bit of a lighter weight since there are so many repetitions of each exercise. I used my 10-pound dumbbells, but they proved to be way too challenging for some of the high-rep moves (like shoulder work and other upper body exercises) but too easy for others (like chest presses). That would probably be my only complaint, but I'd say it's a minor one.

Overall, this "Work Out" DVD is a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend it to men and women of all fitness levels. You can't beat the quality of workouts for the price ($8.99 from, and you'll definitely see good results if you make it a regular part of your healthy eating and exercising routine. I know I'm going to!

Are you a fan of Jackie Warner or her show on Bravo? Would you try this workout DVD?

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Yes, based on your review, I will try this one. Thank you! Report
I actually own this one, I love it, love her she is fantastic! Report
Based on the reviews here I'm going to try this DVD. I think I'll do like several others mention and rent it from Netflix and try it out. I have all of JM video except her newest. Will give thus one a try and let you know what I think. Report
I love Jackie Warner DVDs I have all of hers, including her new one. I am also a Jilliam Michael fan but I found Jackie got me cut and defined more than JM did, though I do both of their DVDs b/c I get bored really easy. Report
I found her DVD at a yardsale in January, $4 !! Report
Thanks for the imput...I seen this dvd @ costco wholesale for $7.99...& wasn't sure about it...never heard of her. Now I'm gonna go & pick it up. Thanks! BTW, what is comcast on demand? I'm gonna check out my cable to see it we have that...I know I have the Bravo that the same? hmmm? Report
I really love Jackie Warner... she is my favorite trainer! Report
This morning I did this on the (On Demand Cable Channel) I liked it did both one's also her (core workout) it was great, the ones I was unable to do I just jogged in place. Report
I've never seen her show (No cable TV in our house) but I'm always looking for new DVD's.
I think I'll give this a try. Report
I found this DVD in a $3 bin at a consignment shop and was excited. I have recently been doing Jackie Warner's newer workout (Total Body Circuit) on Comcast On Demand, and LOVE it! I love that you're getting cardio in while doing some major strength training (cardio-centric DVDs bore me). I have one minor complaint about both of her DVDs: in order to get the most from them, you might have to have multiple the review says, when working some of the smaller muscle groups, you might tire out, but with the chest/back, I always want more weight. All in all, it's definatley worth adding to your collection. Report
I just got this from Netflix and have completed the entire DVD twice. I really enjoy it! The 60 minutes fly by and I never find myself looking at the clock! The moves are intense but do-able. By rotating through four different exercisers, the instruction is constantly changing. Great circuit video and you can't beat the quality especially for the price! Report
I think this is one I'd like to try.

I love her reality show, and I saw the episode where they were filming this dvd. She's so in shape and so are her trainers, I think the dvd would give good results to anyone who used it consistently. Report
My last comment was 11-5-2008. I haven't touched that DVD since the first or second use. I don't like her style. She came across as being a "know-it-all" with undertones of being gay. I discovered Kettlebellls and couldn't be happier. Report
LOVE this DVD. Really a challenge, and I like that it is broken into three areas of concentration; core, uppper and lower body. Yep, need hand weights. I've never seen her show on Bravo, just saw her on Exercise TV and "googled" her. The DVD was cheap, and if I didn't like it I could sell it. Its now a permanent part of my collection. I recommend it Report
I like Jackie. I am going to have to try this video. I love her total body circuit workout with is available on-demand this month. So I know I will probably like this video as well. I hope to get it soon. Report
I, too, own this video -- recently purchased it for $9.00 at Wal-Mart. It's great and I love the segments. Report
I have this dvd and I luv it! If I want a short workout, I know that one of these 10 min segments will do it. If I want an intense full body workout, I do the total body one. Raise the difficulty by increasing weight. Great sculpting video! Report
I've been wanting to find a review for this, and am so glad I did! I'm buying one! Will be great when the roads are too bad to go to the gym... Report
May take a peek at you tube before I buy..... Report
Interesting. I may check this one out. Report
I got this DVD from Netflix after reading this review and I have to say that it is a good workout. It gave me some great ideas for exercises I have not done before. The flooor cardio in the core segment was particularly hard for me though. I felt like a real klutz in that part. The other segments were more doable and I enjoyed the one on one aspect. You can focus on one person which is a nice change. Less distractions. Report
I'm glad to see a good review on this. I wasn't going to buy it because I didn't like Jackie's interactions with her employees on the show. This review might change my mind. Report
I got this DVD on this blog's recommendation and I love it. It is challanging, but there are lots of modifications if you need them to make it easier. I would suggest this to anyone. Report
I ordered this yesturday...Can't wait to get it!! Report
Thanks for the review! I bought the DVD based on this and I LOVE it. As somebody else mentioned, I get bored a lot and those 20 minutes segments are perfect for me. Before I know it, it's over and my muscles really hurt. I also think those cardio segments to get your heart rate up are a nice touch. Report
HATE her show, but this is the ONLY exercise video I've EVER liked. It's great that you can customize it: upper; lower and core; or a combination, IN THE ORDER that you want!!
I'm pretty uncoordinated, so most exercise dvds are too "dancy, schmancy" for me -- I like her cardio, and her exercises are different from the usual, but not so difficult that you can't do them. I like the fact that it can be challenging depending on the weights, etc. And except for a few interchanges, I appreciate it that there's not a lot of cutesy talk -- that can get really old really fast, when you're playing the same dvd over and over.

I have a low threshold for boredom, so I appreciate that you only do one type of exercise for 60 seconds then move on. Report
Thanks, I just rented this video from Netflix, It will be shipped tomorrom,,,I just can't wait,,,Thanks for the info.... Report
Didn't Jillian Michaels formerly own the studio with her? I think that Jackie is her former partner. Report
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see her show, but I'll be looking for this DVD whenever I go back to the US..... thanx for the introduction ;-) Report
After reading this review, I went on Netflix and added the DVD to the top of my list ... if I like it, I may buy it, but I'll have to wait until it gets here. :) Report
I read this review, and purchased the DVD. I consider myself in pretty good shape, and this video took some getting used too (in other words, it left me sore) BUT, I loveeee it! I have been doing it for a month about 3 days a week, and I am a huge fan! The short 20 minutes segments leave me with no excuse not to work out, and once you get going you don't want to stop (at least I don't :) Report
I always liked her show on Bravo, and am glad to see that she has come out with a DVD. You can't beat the price! I can't wait to try it out! Report
I bought this DVD a while back and I really like it. I have incorporated it into my weekly workouts and I can tell the difference. My sister "borrowed" my first copy so I had to buy another! Report
I have this dvd and did it yesterday - all three segments - abs were the most challenging and I need to add more weights, but I would recommend it. Report
I have done this workout using Comcast on-demand and I love her!!! I have found that I quickly get bored with workout DVD's but have been switching between this one and Jillian Micheals 30 day shred (both on-demand in my area) for about 3 months now. Report
I bought this DVD based on the comments on this blog. I'm glad I did - it's certainly a challenge for this 54 year old body! I thought my walking routine and self-developed strength program were keeping me fit, but after doing this video, I have lots of work to do!!! Report
I tried this workout when comcast had it on on demand and loved it. Something about doing an exercise for a minute (or 30 seconds, depending) just clicked with me. It's very effective, too! My muscles were "good sore" for a day or so after doing the DVD. Report
Good price! I was sort of hot & cold about her show so lets see what the video is like! Report
WoW!..YES! I want to try it. Report
I just ordered this yesterday after reading it was the DVD of the month in Oxygen Magazine. I can't wait! Report
Thanks for the review! I like the show Workout, and Jackie seems like she would be a great motivator. Thanks GREENCHRYSALIS for mentioning Netflix; I never thought about getting exercise videos! Report
I think this would be a great to add to my collection of workouts, adding variety and challenge helps a llot. Report
I love the show and Jackie. I'm definitely going to be looking for this DVD. Report
I really like the show and have had the DVD since it came out. Since I'm not very fit right now, I alternate between the different sections of the video on different days of the week. Although I can't quite do everything on the show at Jackie's level, I do what I can and at a speed I can handle. I feel wonderful afterwards! The lower body portion of the video really kicks my butt. I feel it for days! If someone as overweight as me can really get into this, then I think most people would enjoy it :) Report
definitely interested Report
I'll definitely look for this one. I really like this kind of DVD where you can select a series of modules to customize your workout. I have the 10 minute Solution Dance it Off & Tone it up DVD which also works this way. I find it helps combat burnout when you can mix it up a little. Report
I am adding this to my Christmas List - I love Jackie and the show although I have not seen it in a while.. : (
But I want this Video! Maybe it will get me off my butt and working out. Report
I have tried all three of her workouts(upper,core and lower) and i love it. the time does goes fast,if u like her workouts ,try Jullian Michaels 30day shred,The 30day shred,u can get at walmart or target. Report
I've actually never heard of Bravo, so I haven't seen the show, but it sounds like a great DVD! Report
Wow and I thought paying 45 bucks an hour at the gym was expensive! I love Jackie and the show so maybe I'll give it a try since I like working out at home. Report
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