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Way back in the day, I used to not only be a dancer, but I used to think that I'd be a professional dancer—it was my dream as a young girl to be on Broadway. But things got in the way, as they often do, and other things took priority in my life—school work, competitive athletics, and social activities throughout my teens meant that dancing lessons and performances hit the back burner. But my love of dancing in general has never waned!

I recently heard about a fairly recent workout DVD release: Jamie King's Rock Your Body ($14.99 on amazon.com) and was intrigued. Although it's been years since I've danced formally, taken a class, or learned a routine, I knew I'd have to check this one out. Want to hear what I thought about it?

I have to say, I'm a pretty big fan!

This DVD is one of the better dancing workouts that I've seen. It's hip, has great music, and is moderately challenging—by that I mean that I, as a person with some dance experience, was still challenged, but not the point that it was impossible. In fact, what I like about this challenge (pace of instruction and difficulty of choreography), is that it keeps me coming back to this DVD so I can practice and perfect the steps.

Jamie King is a choreographer to several well-known dancers and performers, including Madonna. In this DVD, you start with about a 10-minute warm up, which is easy to follow and fun! Then Jamie breaks down an entire dance for you into easily-digestible segments: starting slowly, then practicing it a few times a half speed, and then practicing a few times at full speed. Because it's on DVD, you can easily go back to review the steps if you need to. By the time you master these moves, you're ready for the performance—which is really fun! The dancers come out on stage, complete in their costumes and with a crowd cheering them on. Then you do the whole dance at full speed, several times in a row.

I wore my heart rate monitor during this workout DVD. The warm-up definitely got my heart rate up to the low aerobic zone (about 55% to 65% MHR). The instructional dance segments were up and down, but mostly near the 60% to 70% range. I haven't yet mastered the moves to try the performance, but I can predict that the performance speed and intensity will get my heart rate well up to the top of my aerobic range.

I highly recommend this DVD to people who like a bit of a challenge—you have to mentally focus and work hard to do these moves. It's best suited for people who do have some dancing experience or at least a natural talent for it. It's great fun, and even though I might not have looked as coordinated as the pro dancers in the video (I like to imagine I did though!), I really felt like one.

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  • 12
    Dance DVDs are always hard for me, I just don't have the coordination! But I'm still so tempted to try! - 12/20/2009   12:45:15 PM
  • 11
    This sounds like something I would like to try. I took some community night school dance classes a couple of years ago, and it was soooooo much fun. I forgot I was working out. This sounds a lot like those classes. - 9/19/2008   1:38:23 PM
  • 10
    I am not too much a dance but I often curious about those dancing exercise DVD such as Turbo Jams. It's good to know someone actually enjoyed it. - 8/27/2008   6:18:07 PM
  • 9
    I saw one of those "dance workout" episodes on TV. I even tried to keep up with the moves and the beat. Now, that was fun and funny! I'm going to get Jamie King's Rock Your Body DVD. Thanks much for the great review -- I'm Sparked. - 8/19/2008   10:33:59 PM
    sounds good! I would give it a try - 8/19/2008   9:26:45 PM
  • 7
    Every helpful review. Thanks for the info. - 8/19/2008   9:35:41 AM
  • 6
    Thanks for the review! I am going to be looking for this! - 8/19/2008   6:42:17 AM
  • 5
    I'm always looking for a DVD with good music and dancing. I will add this to my list of items to purchase! - 8/18/2008   7:30:42 PM
    Thanks for the review. I wish there had been such an honest review available online of the last dance/exercise DVD I bought. Had that been the case, I wouldn't have $20 worth of program gathering dust because I can't even keep up with the warm-up.

    Based on your review of Rock Your Body, I'm thinking I need to go back to the store and get this. I'm looking for "challenging, but not impossible." What I have now is just "impossible." - 8/18/2008   1:55:03 PM
  • 3
    This was a good review. LOL I'm giving a review of a review. Anyway, I like the fact that you told us about your HRM reading. It really inspires me to get one of those things so I can share with others how effective a DVD workout is. I mean you can love a workout all you want, but if it's not getting your heart rate up, what's the point? - 8/16/2008   10:30:48 PM
  • 2
    Thanks for the review!! Hope we'll see more reviews like this. I'm never sure if I should try some of them.. I'm afraid they'll either be too slow & boring or too fast & complicated & I won't be able to keep up! - 8/16/2008   2:48:39 PM

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