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If you are looking for a fun and effective yoga workout, then look no further! Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout will challenge you in just the right way. With this DVD, you will work your muscles in ways that you never knew you could. There is a mix of simple and difficult poses in this workout, but no matter what level you are at, you'll really feel your muscles working. The great thing about this workout though, is that you can modify as needed, and between Bethenny and Mike McArdle, the yoga teacher who leads the workout along with Bethenny, you'll see different variations for all the poses. Also, Bethenny reminds you throughout the DVD that you should go at your own pace and do what you can, but not to give up, which I found to be encouraging and genuine. Learn more about what the DVD is like!
From the DVD cover:

“Life is hectic – some days I have 30 minutes to work out, other days I have 45, and sometimes I only have 15. That’s why I designed the Skinnygirl Workout with three quick yoga segments that tone the entire body. You can squeeze in a segment every day, or do a couple several times a week – the most important thing is that you enjoy it."

"I don’t believe in expensive trainers. I don’t believe in people yelling at you. I believe in realistic, sustainable fitness plans. This practice will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and toned. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced yogi, this is your workout – for every day or any day."

"Welcome to the Skinnygirl Workout. Make it your own, be consistent, and have fun!”

Some of you may recognize Bethenny from "The Real Housewives of New York City" or from some of her other Skinnygirl products. Even though the name of this DVD is Skinnygirl, you do not have to be skinny (or thin) to do it, and it doesn’t make any promises that you will become "skinny" from doing it either. "Skinnygirl" really refers to Bethenny's brand, which she defines as feeling good about yourself, no matter what your size. Bethenny says that being a "Skinnygirl" means accepting who and where you are now, making realistic health changes, and trusting, loving and enjoying yourself.

What you will find is that the workout routines on this DVD can easily be added to your day (there are 3 short workout segments: one 20-minute routine and two 15-minute workouts). You can do just one or two segments or all three—the choice is yours. Each segment is slightly different. The DVD also features a bonus 12-minute stretching routine, which feels really great!

Mike McArdle leads the workout with Bethenny, and each shows a different variation of the poses. Mike is certified in Bikram yoga and Pilates, but also has trained in vinyasa and power yoga. As he leads the workout, he not only does the poses himself, but he also makes sure Bethenny is doing them correctly. Bethenny and Mike talk with one another throughout the workout, but this is actually a good thing as you learn more about the pose technique, what muscles you should be feeling during a pose, simple ways to improve or perfect the form, and more. This is actually helpful with the poses since you are at home and may not be quite sure if you have the correct form of the pose. Their discussions may help you work out some of the details and proper form, along with where you should be feeling your muscles engage.

Overall, this DVD is a great addition to your weekly workouts. Bethenny keeps it real and what I really like about her in this DVD is that you see that she is a real person. Sometimes she doesn’t do all the poses perfectly, but Mike is there to help remind her (and therefore the viewer at home) how to keep proper form. Bethenny reminds you that you don’t have to go the furthest point to benefit from the pose. The important thing about yoga poses is to do what you are able to do without compromising form and this is emphasized many times throughout the DVD. There are some days that you are going to do certain yoga poses better than other days and Bethenny reminds you that is going to happen—and that it is okay. This DVD is a great reminder of all those things, which is empowering and motivating.
You can find a preview of "Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout DVD" on YouTube or purchase it at amazon.com (currently $15.99) or Acacia’s website (currently $14.44).


Are you a fan of Bethenny Frankel’s other workout DVD? Will you try this Skinnygirl Workout DVD?

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  • 35
    I first tried this yoga dvd from my library, and loved it. Mike McArdle gives great instruction, and I find his conversation with Bethenny helpful as they explore all sorts of variations / modifications within each pose, and flow from one post to the next.

    That said, I am a bit disappointed with Spark People choosing to do a "sponsored blog" rather than a full product review here. This is a great yoga dvd, and it deserved to be reviewed with the full pros and cons that you give to your other product reviews. This review only quotes the marketing material -- it doesn't give us a sense of why this DVD is awesome. I feel that is a disservice to your readers, since many of them will steer clear of sponsored blogs and dismiss them out of hand.

    So... Here's what *I* think of this DVD:


    1) It is really challenging. While none of the poses are advanced yoga, I would call this a high-intermediate yoga. Lots of interesting, unique moves, many of which I have not seen before.

    2) Mike McArdle was an awesome instructor -- a laidback personality combined with encouragement to stretch your limits. He and Bethenny offered lots of modifications / variations to make this a doable yoga session, and I learned a lot of new stuff even in the most familiar poses.

    3) I liked that the sub workouts varied in length between 15-20 minutes. That's a great length of time that you can squeeze between other activities.


    1) Bethenny is not for everyone. I've never watched her show, but I did not mind her. However, I've done yoga with a lot of goofy people. This reminded me of some of my yoga classes when my friends and I would banter through tough moves and discuss what we were doing while we were doing it. I found her funny and helpful, but I am aware that there is a significant portion of the population that finds her annoying.

    2) The people who programmed this DVD messed up. If you try to just play workout 1, it will go straight into workout 2 and then 3. If you just want to do one workout (unless it is number 3) you have to stop manually. It does not annoy me a lot, but I would have rather been able to select how many segments I wish to do the way I can with other DVDs.

    3) If you are looking for fast moving cardio, this is not it. It does not leave me coated in sweat like the way I get with Shiva Rea and Jillian Michaels. On the other hand, I can do this before going into work and I don't have to shower first.

    I hope this helps others decide whether they want to purchase this DVD. - 3/11/2014   9:03:30 PM
  • 34
    I finally ordered Bethenny's Skinnygirl Workout (having previewed it via Netflix--viewing - not doing). After reading this article (I am a former subscriber to Health) www.health.com/health/article/0,,20
    00.html, she stated she does not do yoga or actual dedicated exercise, for that matter at this point in time... and noting that the price of the DVD had dropped (and it may not be in DVD-R form, but something far more non-deteriable) ... I am excited to try this ... there is less yakkity-yak from Bethenny on this one. I already own and have done, Body by Bethenny, her previous yoga DVD, which I picked up at B&N ... of course they had a spot sale on certain DVDs that day.

    If Bethenny and her exercise video shtick does not remind me of Kathie Lee Gifford's patter in another place, time and modality, not to mention technological delivery mode--nothing does. To wit: www.amazon.com/Feel-Fit-Fabulous-Wo


    I had done that one very sparingly. The VHS player I have does not work as well as its DVD function, which in turn; works even better on my laptop ...
    - 1/26/2014   12:27:40 PM
  • 33
    I would like to try it out, but the last exercise DVD I bought mysteriously disappeared. It may have been stolen by my brother's girlfriend. So I don't see buying anymore. - 6/5/2012   6:05:23 PM
  • 32
    Have to admit, I was hesitant but after viewing the previews, I will be ordering the DVD to add to my collection. After all, I can always have a DVD exchange party one of these days :0) - 5/17/2012   10:32:04 PM
    This was a helpful review. Thank you. I do not watch her shows, but did see her on The Apprentice. Sometimes I would try a video because I liked the person. In this case I have neutral feelings about her, but am excited to try the videos. I can take the personal out of it.
    I do like her philosophy and the idea of her products, although I have not researched them yet. - 2/23/2012   12:09:23 AM
  • 30
    HUGE Bethenny Frankel FAN! She is hilarious - I will def be trying yoga finally - 1/28/2012   1:45:39 PM
  • 29
    I really don't care for Bethany, but I'm happy that I can try this DVD from my local library. I love stretching and yoga. With the short segments, this might motivate me to get into exercising at home. - 1/18/2012   10:09:42 AM
    I can't even lie... I'm just really put off by the name. Maybe that's judging a book (or dvd) by it's cover, but that's how I feel. - 1/11/2012   7:14:08 PM
    You know, if it wasn't her workout, I would love to be doing it. I don't care for her much as a TV persona. I don't believe that she's never had a personal trainer or even perhaps some "work done". She has ebough money to do all of those things.....I also just don't like her TV shows lol so I cant imagine taking workout advice from her...but that is totally just my opinon - 1/10/2012   12:20:46 PM
  • 26
    I have purchased this DVD The Skinnygirl Workout and am enjoying it. The instructor is good telling you what to do next and if you want to take it up a level or stay at beginning and Bethenny gives an option. I like that they are NOT very difficult, that beginners can do the workouts and I feel much better after the workout, Thanks - 1/10/2012   9:00:17 AM
  • 25
    After watching the clip, I think I might try it. Like the fact that you can choose shorter workout options. - 1/10/2012   6:46:47 AM
  • 24
    Love it, I have her first yoga dvd and it was a tough workout but at an hour it was a bit too long for my schedule, will definitely get this one. - 1/7/2012   12:48:49 AM
  • 23
    While I usually steer clear of celebrity stuff, I am interested in the fact that this has shorter yoga workouts. I never have a full hour to spend on yoga, so I like that. Hopefully I can find this at the library at some point, since I don't see myself paying for it. - 1/4/2012   5:31:35 PM
  • 22
    To people complaining about the credibility of a "sponsored blog." How can you criticize sparkpeople when the services and site is FREE!?!

    Sparkpeople is a BUSINESS with EMPLOYEES and other costs. They need to generate REVENUE in order to continue to provide such an awesome site.

    Ads can be anything from the banner ads at the top of the page to sponsored content such as this. Quit complaining and enjoy the FREE site! Jeez! - 1/4/2012   2:18:57 PM
  • 21
    Nope, I'm not going to buy a product from a 'reality show star' - 1/4/2012   10:34:02 AM
  • 20
    I agree with winklepots. I don't like 'celebrities' from reality shows and buying this dvd will just further that false spotlight. However, it is refreshing to see a professional at least leading and correcting her when needed. - 1/3/2012   8:36:26 PM
  • 19
    Looks like a very good workout for every level. I like how he is helping her do it correctly too. - 1/3/2012   7:19:41 PM
  • 18
    Chris3874, yoga isn't a religion. While some practices do focus on Hindu deities (such as Anusara yoga), not all of them do--in fact, many American yoga practices don't have anything to do with religion or gods. In America, yoga is practiced primarily for health reasons. - 1/3/2012   3:39:44 PM
  • 17
    I enjoy yoga and based on the preview, it looks like a nice yoga workout. I would try it. - 1/2/2012   8:14:25 PM
  • 16
    I don't like yoga as I am a Christian. - 1/2/2012   12:07:01 PM
    I enjoy yoga, however, I am not a big fan of most reality shows, and Real Housewives is no exception. I'm tired of seeing drama queens (and the apparent appeal to the masses) and the idea of trying to meditate and relax with one makes my skin crawl. I'll pass, thanks. - 1/2/2012   11:20:50 AM
    What an awesome DVD! I will order this DVD. Bethenny, thank you!!! - 1/2/2012   10:26:03 AM
  • 13
    She is on the Real housewives of New York, Bethenny getting Married, Bethenny Ever After, competed on Apprentice: Martha Stewart, has her own line of liquer, which includes the calories on the back, this is the only one I ever heard of that actually has the calorie content on it, maybe I just don't pay atrtention. A bit of a fan myself, I find she has an interesting sense of humour. - 1/2/2012   8:34:47 AM
  • 12
    I'd never heard of her...after viewing the segment, think I'll pass. Not a fan of celebrity workouts. - 1/2/2012   8:16:10 AM
  • 123ELAINE456
    This is my first time seening her. The DVD is very good. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. - 1/2/2012   2:35:48 AM
  • 10
    Not a fan - 1/1/2012   5:27:36 PM
  • 9
    After watching the clip - I love her even more! LOL! - 1/1/2012   5:26:21 PM
  • 8
    I love Bethenny and her book "Naturally Thin" made sense and it was as refreshing and honest as she is. I also tried her workout DVD, which had really good exercises. What I liked about it was that she made it simple and doable for all fitness levels. I'm happy to see such a great endorsement of this yoga DVD and I may try it - the older I get, the more stretching I think I should do... - 1/1/2012   5:19:29 PM
  • 7
    No fan. - 1/1/2012   3:53:46 PM
  • 6
    Although Bethanny is pretty slim, the video has an authentic quality to it. You don't feel like you need to compare yourself to her. Also, I like how they stretch throughout the moves (at least they do in the sample). This looks very doable. I will definitely consider purchasing it. - 1/1/2012   3:23:31 PM
  • 5
    I saw this dvd at my local Target yesterday (when I was looking for the Spark People Boot Camp workout dvd, which wasn't there). I may go back and purchase this dvd based on this recommendation. - 1/1/2012   2:34:57 PM
  • JDDAVIS-098
    I think this looks like a great DVD. - 1/1/2012   1:09:02 PM
  • 3
    Review makes it sound great. I will definitely try this. I did not know who Bethenny was so I didn't know she had other DVDs out. - 1/1/2012   11:35:09 AM
  • 2
    I'm not a big fan of yoga....I have tried several times to acquire a taste for yoga but find that belly dancing is just as relaxing for me! But sounds like this is a good DVD choice for those who enjoy this workout! - 1/1/2012   8:43:44 AM
    I am the first to comment-great. Love you, Bethenny and I will purchase DVD. I like the 3 fifteen minute segments. - 1/1/2012   12:39:57 AM

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