DVD Review: A Workout for the Everyday Woman

By , SparkPeople Staff
Is it just us, or are workouts getting more and more intense lately? It seems like you can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without hearing about the latest ''extreme'' workout fad that promises to get you six-pack abs and boundless energy. Although those type of workouts might appeal to some people, they’re definitely not for everyone. What ever happened to sane, safe exercise programs for the average person just trying to stay healthy and fit?

Enter Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman. Lisa Whelchel is a busy mom of three, an author, motivational speaker, and former TV star from The Facts of Life. As an average woman who struggles to fit exercise into her busy days, Lisa’s DVD is a breath of fresh air for any woman trying to start a reasonable and sustainable fitness routine—or for any woman who just wants to mix things up a bit! You can learn more about what to expect from the DVD in the YouTube video below:

What They Say (from the DVD cover):
I’m an everyday woman when it comes to fitness. I know exercise is key for my health and well-being, but I don’t always enjoy doing it. And as a busy working mom, I have had a hard time fitting workouts into my schedule. 

But I’ve learned that having fun with exercise can make all the difference. So I’ve teamed up with my friend and trainer Janice Clark to demonstrate two safe, sane, and effective workouts for women of all shapes and sizes. Two more friends join us so we can show three options for each move: beginner (and those with physical limitations), a step up, and challenging. 

If you’re an everyday woman who wants to be healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have a looser waistband, follow us and have some fun! 

What We Say
Over Thanksgiving, I did Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman together with my mother, who is in her 50s and a regular moderate exerciser. She and I both loved the DVD! The workout is broken into two different segments (a 15-minute segment and a 20-minute segment), and you can choose to do both or just one if you’re short on time.

Both workouts include strength components with small bursts of cardio throughout. All of the strength movements include a beginner, intermediate, and advanced modification level (all demonstrated by different women), so it’s easy to customize the workout to fit your fitness level. There is also quite a bit of balance training thrown into the mix as well, which is crucial for women to work on as they age. My mom appreciated that all of the women performing the moves looked like they were having fun, and that they had very realistic-looking bodies. She said, ''These women actually look like me. I like that!''

Throughout the DVD, most of the strength movements start out with one smaller movement (like a dumbbell curl), which later gets built upon to create a compound movement (like a dumbbell curl with a squat added). My mom liked how the exercises were broken down into steps and that the instructions were easy to follow. Additionally, she mentioned that she never knows what to do with the hand weights she has at home, and that the moves on the DVD gave her some ideas to help spice up her regular routine. She also appreciated that most of the moves can be done within a small area, since her living room floor space is pretty limited.

As a personal trainer, I thought the DVD featured a wide variety of moves to work the whole body. Additionally, I found the cueing throughout the DVD to be extremely well done and helpful. The instructor would even tell you things that you shouldn’t be feeling during a particular exercise to help you self-correct poor form. Good cueing is often overlooked in a lot of fitness DVDs, so this was a welcome addition.

The Bottom Line
We found this DVD to be very approachable for beginners, while still being versatile enough to appeal to more advanced exercisers due to multiple difficulty levels for each move. Anyone could get a great workout from this DVD! We also liked the option to do one or both segments (hey, sometimes you’re just too busy to do it all). As a bonus, the lead instructor was gentle and encouraging, and gave excellent cueing for the moves. The one downside we saw is that the moves tend to incorporate a lot of squats, as well as some plyometric moves, so this might not be the best DVD for someone who has knee problems. But if you’re an average woman looking to stay healthy and fit with a sensible exercise program, then this full-body workout would be perfect for you!

Lisa Whelchel’s Everyday Workout for the Everyday Woman is available from amazon.com.

Does this DVD seem like a good fit for you and your lifestyle? What’s your take on “extreme” exercise DVDs?

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Sounds like a great DVD. I love working out at home. This seems to be at a good level and have a lot of different options for modifications. Report
From the sound of it, this would be something worth looking into. Most of the workout videos are at a level that my body just cannot handle (including those on Sparkpeople). Report
Yes, I think I might look into this. Although I am fairly fit for a 60-something, my body simply can't perform like a 25 (or 40) year old! I finally gave up my subscriptions to magazines like "Health" and "Fitness" because the moves in their "shape your booty" (or whatever) exercises were beyond what I would be comfortable and able to be doing. This DVD sounds like a real possibility. Good review! Report
This one sounds good. I'll have to look into it! The extreme workouts can be "too much" for some of us as we age--I need a workout--not something that will kill me! LOL Report
I think that I just might try this one. Report
I agree that workouts are getting more and more insane. I went to a "boot camp" type workout at my health club for awhile--it was challenging, but I figured if I kept going eventually I would be able to do it. The problem was that it just kept getting more and more difficult, and I *always* felt like I was just barely making it through the class. It's no fun to feel like you're always bad at something. At some point I need to feel like I'm succeeding, getting more competent, or else I'll do exactly what I did--quit going. So, I love the idea of this DVD, although since I'm new to sparkpeople, I don't think I need it yet. There are plenty of free workouts here for me to try! nice review. Report
I might add this to my mix of DVDs, always looking for good workouts for those times when I can't get to the fitness center or the weather is too bad to exercise outdoors. Report
Nice to see different levels, as well as women of different shapes and sizes included in this workout. Report
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