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By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer

Exercise is a part of your life. A good sweat session has the power to boost your energy level, make you feel healthy and create a lasting sense of confidence and success. To achieve these benefits, you want your workouts to be easy to find and reference, individualized, trackable, abundant and fun. We do, too! That's why we created SparkPeople.TV. Using the platform's intuitive Workout Finder, anyone can easily choose from more than 500 free video workouts ranging from cardio and strength to yoga and meditation. 

In partnership with Acacia, SparkPeople.TV offers five- to 15-minute videos created by certified trainers such as Kristin McGee, Kristi Yamaguchi, Bethenny Frankel, Amanda Young and Shiva Rea--not some overly enthusiastic double dutch champion. Here's a quick look at what we have in store for you:


With just a few clicks, you will be able to narrow down your search criteria to find the perfect workout in seconds. Filter exercises by duration, exercise type, equipment needed, trainer, goals and more, or browse the entire library to discover something new. Then, save all your favorite workouts to your profile for easy access to them at any time. All workouts can be accessed online from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It's also easier than ever to keep track of your fitness minutes right from SparkPeople.TV. After your workout, SparkPeople members can log the exercise performed and calories burned with the push of a button. Plus, SparkPoints are added automatically.

With workouts this easy and accessible--what are you waiting for? Create your personalized workout at SparkPeople.TV today!

Have you had a chance to visit SparkPeople.TV yet? What kinds of workouts are you most looking forward to enjoying?

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SELVINAN 12/22/2017
you can watch all latest movies & TV shows for free on your Android and iOS devices using Report
CHERYLHURT 8/13/2017
Great Report
QUEENGLORY1 6/16/2017
super Report
QUEENGLORY1 6/16/2017
super Report
SSWALTER411 6/5/2017
How do you find a workout for your skill level and interest? Report
JRBMOMMY3 5/6/2017
Great workouts and motivators with Spark TV Report
LOVE Spark TV! The title of this blog just sums up what it does for me. I can pick the workout I want when I want it - spontaneity is my middle name and I'm more encouraged to workout every morning because of this addition to Spark. Report
I love Sparkpeople.TV
I've been using it for my daily workouts since I joined SP.
It allows me to try and mix up my workouts. Report
Awesome! Thank you for this resource! Report
Love this ! Such a variety of choices...from cardio to yoga & pilates! Report
Although Stephanie is in wonderful shape, I was very disappointed to see such a slim & fit person showing the Limited Mobility Arthritis exercises. Please use people WITH limited mobility issues, which will better us visualize getting our bodies into those positions. Report
That photo up top of the page shows it working on a flat screen TV. It doesn't. I have a Samsung Smart TV and I can navigate to the website but the videos will NOT play. Using a laptop for these workouts is too small. Now I have to buy another HDMI cable to hook my laptop to my TV. Can't they fix this buffering/memory issue for smart TVs???? I have a sneaking suspicion it's due to all the advertising that keeps Sparkpeople free. Report
I like getting my Spark fitness points by using the link, but the one to get my 3 or 5 video points doesn't work. :o( Report
Awesome! I need this! All the other fitness channels are too hard for my level. Spark People videos are the only ones that cater to my fitness needs! Thank you! Report
It seems that exersize is geared to women. However men have trouble exersizing too. There are many men with huge pots that are cranky and miserable. I would like to incourage men out there to get up and exersize. Report
Thank you so much - loving this! Report
This is a nice site and very easy to use. My only complaint is that I have to log in again to use it. I wish that I could stay logged in on the main site and be able to seamlessly go to SparkTv. Report
Thanks for this, easy to use. I've been doing the same exercises for so long that they've been feeling stale. This is more incentive to keep moving. Only suggestion is for more chair exercises. Also a SP'er with foot and knee problems. Some additional chair exercises would be a bonus. But I'm happy for this bonus. It's great. Report
I kept seeing the buzzwords "easy" and "accessible" throughout the copy and thought, "Uh-oh, sounds like it might be a subscription-service." And it's FREE! SP really needs to hit this point - it's FREE! Thank you very much for this!!! Report
I'm always looking for chair exercises that I can do with ouchy feet and aching knees. I can't get down on the floor! I do Coach Nicole's seated videos and some that I found on Utube. Report
Love this! Thanks so much! Report
I love the fitness videos. It makes it easy to get some exercise in and find what works for you. Report
I love the fitness videos. It makes it easy to get some exercise in and find what works for you. Report
I've wanted some way to find videos easily. Can't wait to check it out. Report
I can't save to my workouts, it keeps wanting me to log in, and I keep going in circles. Report
Kind of sad the Lazy Day video is gone. Was looking forward to doing that today.
Guess I gotta find something else.... Report
Doesn't look like the Save To My Workouts button actually works. Bummer. Report
awesome Report
This is a great addition. I have set this as a bookmark! Report
I found this last night and was so excited that I put it on my status. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, did I say Thank You! Report
I just checked this out and added a bunch of workouts to my favorites. Love this idea! Report
amazing tool and for it to be free too! I will always spread the word about this wonderful website. Report
This is fantastic! Thank you so much for offering this service. Report
Thank you SP, Thank you, thank you! What an awesome resource! I already sent out invitations to friends on Facebook and I've pinned it on my Pinterest Page under "Every home can be a gym". No more excuses for missing a workout! Report
I absolutely love this new change that SP has done for us. Report
Way awesome! Report
I'm also excited about this!!! Thanks for adding this and a YouTube channel. Report
MAMMILLER, you have to go to Or, if you have a TV that connects to the internet or a game console like a Playstation 3 or 4, you can go to the SparkPeopleTV Youtube channel. Hope this helps :) Report
Excited about this ... but, search feature not working well. Coach Nicole's Seated Core Workout does not come up with core selected. I initially saw it. But, when I searched again, I have not been able to get the workout to come up again. Even choosing Coach Nicole, did not filter for it. I'll keep working with it. Thank you for this addition! Report
Can anyone tell me how to get this to show up on my tv? Report
So excited for this! We cancelled cable recently and the ONLY thing I miss is the Acacia fitness channel, lol! Thanks SP! Report
Great idea, but can we stop the automatic loading of the video? Report
Excellent. Report
Such a fantastic idea, something for everyone Thank you. Report
LOVE THIS!!! Perfect! Thank you so much! Report
This is just right for me. I'm kind of a slacker when I do exercises on my own; I do best when I can follow video instruction. And being able to click the completed workout into sparkpeople fitness tracker is very convenient! Report
Thank you! This is a great addition to the SP website. Makes it easy to find the type of workout I'm looking for. Thanks! Report
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