Diet Friendly Dining: Bob Evans Fit from the Farm

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It has been a while since we highlighted Bob Evans in our ongoing Diet Friendly Dining series.

A recent visit to our local Bob Evans revealed new menus. Not only did I find calories listed on the menu, there was also a focus on new Fit from the Farm items. Many items in this portion of the menu will help you meet our recommended meal guidelines. We encourage you to aim for a complete meal that is 500 calories and 15-20 grams of fat or less. For many people that will be about one third of their daily calorie allowance.

Here are the items from the Fit from the Farm portion of the menu that you might want to keep in mind for the next time you visit Bob Evans for farm-fresh goodness.


Be Fit Breakfast - Bob Evans Egg Lites with a fresh tomato slice with cranberry multigrain sidecakes, sugar-free syrup and fresh fruit
Calories – 357
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 536 mg
Carbohydrates – 68 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 17 grams

Blueberry – Banana French Toast - Two thick slices of cinnamon-battered French toast topped with blueberries and bananas (strawberries when in season)
Calories – 323
Fat – 6 grams
Sodium – 567 mg
Carbohydrates – 36 grams
Fiber – 4 grams
Protein – 8 grams

Fresh Fruit Cup
Calories – 148
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 8 mg
Carbohydrates – 38 grams
Fiber – 4 grams
Protein – 1 gram

Veggie Omelet - Fresh spinach and onions cooked into a 3-Egg Lites omelet topped with diced tomatoes and served with fresh fruit and a slice of dry wheat toast and jelly
Calories – 272
Fat – 2 grams
Sodium – 549 mg
Carbohydrates – 43 grams
Fiber – 4 grams
Protein - 22 grams

Pick-Three Breakfast Combo allows you to select any three items to make your own breakfast
Bob Evans Egg Lites - A special no-cholesterol egg blend, served with a slice of tomato
Calories – 62
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 240 mg
Carbohydrates – 2 grams
Fiber – 0 grams
Protein – 12 grams

Slice of Dry Wheat Toast with Jelly
Calories – 113 calories
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 212 mg
Carbohydrates – 23 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 3 grams

Dry English Muffin with Jelly
Calories – 156
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 212 mg
Carbohydrate – 33 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 5 grams

Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt
Calories – 93
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 61 mg
Carbohydrate – 18 grams
Fiber – 0 grams
Protein – 4 grams

Blueberry-Banana Mini Fruit & Yogurt Parfait
Calories – 177
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 61 mg
Carbohydrates – 36 grams
Fiber – 3 grams
Protein – 4 grams

Cup of Oatmeal with Brown Sugar & Milk (Not available all day)
Calories – 218
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 36 mg
Carbohydrates – 44 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 6 grams

Fresh Fruit Dish
Calories – 58
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 7 mg
Carbohydrates – 14 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 1 gram


Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad - Spinach topped with slow-roasted chicken, apples, dried cranberries and honey-roasted pecans and served with reduced-fat Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing
Calories – 389
Fat – 15 grams
Sodium – 454 mg
Carbohydrates – 49 grams
Fiber – 5 grams
Protein – 17 grams

Soup & Side Combo - A cup of soup with a side of your choice

Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
Calories – 137
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 603 mg
Carbohydrates – 21 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 7 grams

Farm Festival Bean Soup
Calories – 157
Fat – 4 grams
Sodium – 648 mg
Carbohydrates – 25 grams
Fiber – 5 grams
Protein – 10 grams

Calories – 184
Fat – 4 grams
Sodium – 548 mg
Carbohydrates – 23 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 10 grams

Fresh Fruit Dish - Same nutrition information as for breakfast

Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt - Same nutrition information as for breakfast

Steamed Broccoli Florets
Calories – 44
Fat – 1 gram
Sodium – 41 mg
Carbohydrates – 8 grams
Fiber – 5 grams
Protein – 5 grams

Calories – 69
Fat – 0 gram
Sodium – 11 mg
Carbohydrates – 18 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 0 grams

Plain Baked Potato
Calories – 193
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 0 grams
Carbohydrates – 50 grams
Fiber – 6 grams
Protein – 8 grams

Fresh Garden Salad (served without croutons or dressing)
Calories – 15
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 0 grams
Carbohydrates – 9 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 2 grams

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
Calories – 59
Fat – 2 grams
Sodium – 224 mg
Carbohydrates – 11 grams
Fiber – 0 grams
Protein – 0 grams


Grilled Chicken Breast - A marinated breast served with a plain baked potato and broccoli florets
Calories – 403
Fat – 6 grams
Sodium – 676 mg
Carbohydrates – 58 grams
Fiber – 10 grams
Protein – 41 grams

Grilled Salmon Fillet - An 8-oz portion of salmon served with a plain baked potato and steamed broccoli florets
Calories – 481
Fat – 9 grams
Sodium – 142 mg
Carbohydrates – 58 grams
Fiber – 10 grams
Protein – 52 grams

Potato-Crusted Flounder - A crusted grilled fillet served with a plain baked potato and steamed broccoli florets
Calories – 415
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 527 mg
Carbohydrates – 67 grams
Fiber – 10 grams
Protein – 31 grams

The Bottom Line
Bob Evans has updated their menu to highlight their Fit from the Farm menu. Gone are the fat and calorie-laden sauces and gravies in favor of whole foods that have been grilled, baked, or steamed. It is very difficult to find a low sodium entrée when eating away from home but the Grilled Salmon Fillet meal with water is a perfect low sodium choice. Choices will be limited if you don't like eggs, fruit, broccoli, baked potatoes or fish. If you are already including those items in your meal selections, the Fit from the Farm menu may be a wonderful alternative when eating away from home.

Did you know Bob Evans had a Fit from the Farm menu? Have you tried it? Which items do you think you might try?

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We live in Canada so we visit a bob Evans restaurant every time we come to the States which is usually 3-5 times a year. We ate breakfast there this morning and I had the scrambled eggs, tomato, pancakes and fruit cup. So much food! Delicious and filling! I will definitely order that again!!! Report
I think I'll make the apple cranberry spinach salad at home, sounds yummy! Report
We have several locations here in MB, SC - This gives vacationers a healthy alternative to the typical beach fair which ususally is designed to keep folks fat and sassy :-) NOTE: The quality and service will vary greatly from location to location so YMMV and since they move management staff around the B.E. that is good today may not be tommorrow. Report
I'm a lucky Snowbird in South Pasadena and there's a B.E. near me. I love the new menu items and will probably go for lunch today. Great info, SP! Thank you. Report
Michiganders LOVE Bob Evans. I didn't know, however, that they had such a health smart menu. Thanks for the info! Report
No B.E. in our area, wish it was even healthier though! ;o) Report
Great information. Report
I have had some of the Bob Evans Fit from the Farm items. They are very good and there used to be a lot fewer of them. It's just so hard not to indulge in the crepes or whatever a trigger item might be. But it's good to know they're offering even more healthy choices. Thanks for sharing the information! Report
Bob Evans farms are located in southeastern Ohio in case you might like to visit .. they have always had very good salads and I am thrilled to know the nutrition guide ... we'll go try them out. Thank you for the info. Report
We don't have a Bob Evans, where I live, and I wouldn't even know, if they had any in Canada. I'm sure I would like the food. Report
I LOVE their potato crusted flounder (and I have never been a big seafood eater until recently.) I always order it every time we go and I have green beans and ham and either a dinner salad or broccoli on the side. So good!!! Report
These menu items sound wonderful. Too bad the nearest location is over 1400 miles away! Report
I sent t his to a friend who tends to use Bob Evans as a binge place. Thanks for sharing these healthy new options. Report
i might have to check this out!
Yes I had seen these items. I had the french toast off this menu and thought it was really good. Report
I had the veggie omelet with the fruit last night. Both very good. I don't like eggs much but this was a tasty meal. Just an fyi, the toast serving is two slices, and there is oleo spread on them if you forget to order it dry as I did, so you may have to adjust the nutrition info. My one daughter had the salmon plate and the other had the potato crusted flounder and both said their dinners were very good. For those that don't know Bob Evans, in addition to the lunch and dinner menus, they serve breakfast all day. Report
I wish there was a Bob Evans in my area. The Fit menu sounds good. Report
Several of the dishes have too much sodium, though you do have good choices you can make when eating at Bob Evans now. Report
There isn't a Bob Evans near us but I'm glad to see that the chain has added healthier menu items. Report
Bob evans sounds like a good restaurant choice. Report
I like Bob Evans, I've had good luck with this menu in the past (they had a few healthier items but they calle dhtem Fit from the Farm). I would probably try the BE Fit Breakfast so I can have some portion-controlled pancakes! Report
Yes I knew Bob Evans had a Fit from the Farm menu. I had the Veggie Omelet. It was very good. I plan to try more from this menu in the future. Report
This is great! Bob Evans was one of the restaurants we wanted to try on our trip to Florida! Now, I can go and select a meal with confidence. Thank you for this update Report
I did not know. I will go now and have the Veggie Omelet. Report
There's no Bob Evans where I live. The next time I'm traveling by car I will watch out for one and try it out. Report
No I did not. Will give it a try next time I eat there. Thanks for information! Report
I have tried many of these on the items on BE lighter menu and they are so good! I especially like the bean soup, marinated chicken and salads! About time some restaurants started doing this! So, we can enjoy eating out without using over 1000+ calories to eat a decent meal! I think I will go tomorrow! Report
Last time we stopped at a Bob Evans they did not have anything healthy to choose from. I am glad that they have a new menu. Report
The blueberry banana french toast sounds good. Report
don't have in Canada. Report
Last time we have been where there were Bob Evan's restaurants was in 1997, we loved it, nothing like that here in Calif. Will try them again when we head south this Fall. Some of the posters must go out in the back yard, pull weeds, and eat them, so they don't have to worry about processed food. No point staying on earth if you worry that much, perhaps Africa would be a good choice to move to. Report
will look for a Bob Evans Report
I'll try blueberry, banana French toast next visit Report
Wish we had a Bob Evans closer - we'd patronize them! I think the closest one is about 2 hrs away. These choices look great - thanks Bob Evans! Report
I'm so glad to see restaurants making these changes. Now, we have something we need to do as Sparkers. Every time you find a restaurant (especially a chain) that's made positive changes in their menus, compliment the waiter and the manager before you leave the restaurant and send an e-mail to corporate headquarters when you get home. I did this for Mimi's Cafe (a chain) and got a very nice note from their PR person saying how nice it was to hear a compliment. If we all did that, restaurants would get the message that the public would embrace healthier menus. Report
Next time my in-laws visit and want to take us out to breakfast I will suggest Bob Evans! Report
I've never heard of Bob Evans, but I'll be on the look out... Report
I really like Bob Evans and their fit from the farm menu is wonderful. I had the french toast with bananas and it was great. For those who had a bad experience at BE, remember there are different cooks and managers at every store. Report
Don't have a Bob Evans around here. Report
These all sound like healthy dishes, but how can the Fresh Garden Salad have 9 grams of carbs, 2 grams of protein and only 15 calories? (9X4)+(2X4)= 44 calories. Report
No Bob Evans in my area.Will try some of these when traveling in May.
My husband introduced me to Bob Evans when drivingback East for our honeymoon. I wish they had them here in Denver, they are a great place to eat. Report
My husband introduced me to Bob Evans when drivingback East for our honeymoon. I wish they had them here in Denver, they are a great place to eat. Report
Makes me wish we had that restaurant in my area! Report
Makes me wish we had that restaurant in my area! Report
I'm not familiar with Bob Even's restaurants. Report
I haven't visited a Bob Evans in years - it's good to see they're evolving with their customers' palettes. Report
Three cheers for Bob Evans. The one I visited from the office closed years ago but now I may look around for something nearby. Perhaps, after all, this war on calories and excess can one day be won! Report
The Apple Cranberry Spinach salad is delicious! Report
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