dailySpark Holiday Giveaway Week 3: Listen to Your Heart


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Today we kick off week 3 of the dailySpark Holiday Giveaway. We've already given away two great prizes: customized cereal capsules from [me] & goji and SparkPeople apparel.

This week we're giving away 3 Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watches!

Heart-rate monitors are like a speedometer for your heart. They'll help you know when you're speeding and when you need to give it some gas during a workout. Touted by Consumer Reports as a great buy, this model is pretty slick. We're giving away three of them!

Some of the features of the Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watches:
  • Heart rate monitoring watch sized for both men and women
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor works with watch to provide target zones and time in zone
  • Workout review that recalls activity time and average/peak heart rates
  • Month/day/date display with 12/24-hour time
  • Watch is water resistant to 30 meters (165 feet); up to 2-year battery life
To enter, click here. The rules are the same as always. The contest ends next Monday, Dec. 21, at 9 a.m. EST.

Each Monday until Jan. 4, 2010, we will be giving away various prizes to help you along your journey to a healthier you. Keep coming back!

Do you use a heart-rate monitor? Do you think they help you during a workout?

Image courtesy of Timex

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  • 181
    Ok. I see this is an old blog. LOL. - 11/1/2011   10:28:38 AM
  • 180
    I don't own one, but I have been trying to decide on a good one to buy. Winning one would be even better. LOL. - 11/1/2011   10:25:50 AM
  • 179
    I don't have a HRM, would love to own one. I think It will be a great motivator to stay active. - 12/28/2009   5:00:44 PM
  • 178
    My heart rate can get very high when doing activites like Zumba, so for me it's very important to have my heart rate monitor watch so I don't over do it. - 12/21/2009   4:03:06 PM
    I don't have one...but would use it if I had one. - 12/21/2009   12:31:53 PM
  • 176
    I love my Polar HRM, if I won this one, I'd give it as a gift. - 12/20/2009   7:29:12 PM
  • GRACE443
    I'm still wishin' and hopin'! Maybe I'll be lucky. I want to win one of these! - 12/20/2009   4:11:51 PM
  • 174
    I have a cheap one that does not always work, Timex is aways good!
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win one SP. - 12/20/2009   1:14:43 PM
  • 173
    This is something that I have always wanted to add to my workout plan, but money and lack of education on how to use/read/understand these gadgets has deterred me from doing just that. If I win one, I will most DEFINATELY use it religiously and naturally read the directions so I am no longer intimidated by this handy and healthy device! THANKYOU SPARKPEOPLE!!! - 12/20/2009   9:00:54 AM
  • 172
    Count me in too!! I am trying to build mine up, but without a monitor, it's hard to know WHEN is enough!! - 12/19/2009   11:56:23 AM
  • 171
    Oooo and it's a Timex. - 12/18/2009   12:31:37 PM
    thanks sparpeople for the contests - 12/17/2009   4:36:18 PM
  • 169
    I would love to win one of the HRM. I have been trying to build up my workouts for more intensity and this would be a valuable tool allowing me to have a stronger and much more successful workout. - 12/17/2009   10:22:43 AM
  • 168
    Golly I have never heard of a heart monitor watch. And have never been lucky-till I found Spark People. Could I be lucky enough to win this? Trust me I'd use it every time I do my aerobics and Curves circuit training. May the best person be a winner and Happy Holidays to all the Spark Members - 12/16/2009   6:57:57 PM
    It would be invaluable for certain exercises, I think. So...give it to me. It will be put to good use. - 12/16/2009   2:26:00 PM
  • LATTE48
    Mine broke, it would be great if I could win this. - 12/16/2009   2:18:43 PM
  • 165
    I don't have one, but I'd use one if I had it! - 12/16/2009   1:46:03 PM
  • 164
    I hope I get one for Christmas! - 12/16/2009   1:04:08 PM
    I havent' been able to afford one, but I want one really bad to see my actual progress. - 12/16/2009   11:52:04 AM
  • 162
    No, I don't currently use a heart rate monitor. It would be a great way to assist staying in one's target heart range for optimal benefit from exercise.

    Good luck to all participants!
    Deb - 12/16/2009   11:25:55 AM
  • 161
    Hope I have some luck this time. I have wanted this watch for a long time! - 12/16/2009   11:14:55 AM
  • 160
    I am NOT a lucky person!!!!! If I never EVER win anything again, I would LOVE to win this heart rate monitor!!!!! I live way out in the country on a farm & do not have the expenses or the access to a gym or any equipment other than my dumbbells & my step!! I have been really struggling with the same 8# for a year now & I need HELP!!!! I walk & exercise & think my heart rate is up, but no way of checking.....so, I don't think I am being effective in my workouts!!!! I missed being able to redeem my reward for pre-ordering "spark" by 1 or 2 days because I have been sick & hubby sick, so I would REALLY LOVE to get this!!!! If you wonder about my "mess" of a life & the conditions I am living under, please read through my blogs!!!! Spark has been a true LIFESAVER for me!!!!! I have met friends & received support that I never thought was out there.....especially when I MOST needed it!!!! I even got to meet 2 teammates!!!! Due to where I live & my extremely limited resources, I really want to win this!!!! THANK YOU for being here & helping so many people!!!! Hugzz ~ Jae - 12/16/2009   10:30:02 AM
  • 159
    I would really love to have one. - 12/16/2009   10:28:17 AM
  • 158
    I have a really cheap one, but never use it because it is hard to us and I don't feel it is accurate - 12/16/2009   7:52:14 AM
  • 157
    I have been looking at these but cannot afford one right now. Would love to win one. - 12/16/2009   7:39:04 AM
  • 156
  • 4SCOTT
  • 154
    I definitely think is a great gift idea. Any of us would be lucky to have it for our cardio programs. - 12/16/2009   12:29:10 AM
    Wow!! Would I ever like to win this!! - 12/15/2009   10:54:49 PM
  • 152
    I've never used a heart rate monitor. I don't know enough about using one to have much of an opinion really. I'd love to see how they work out though. - 12/15/2009   10:14:33 PM
  • 151
    No I don't have a heart rate monitor, but I would love one or the Body Bug that they have at my gym, 24 hr fitness. - 12/15/2009   10:10:14 PM
    I have a heart rate monitor, somewhere. But it seemed like a real pain to use: strap something around my chest and wear some watch thing and I had to stop exercising to see the readout. Needless to say, I didn't use it much! Are the new ones more convenient than that? - 12/15/2009   9:39:00 PM
    Wow, I really could use one of these. - 12/15/2009   9:00:23 PM
  • 148
    My husband uses a heart monitor and has told me that I should use one. it would probably help me with my workouts. I would love to win one & maybe, he would show me how to use it!! Good luck everyone & happy holidays. - 12/15/2009   8:42:08 PM
  • 147
    I have always wanted one...would love to win it. - 12/15/2009   6:52:00 PM
    I really need this to help me track my progress. Good luck! - 12/15/2009   6:48:34 PM
  • MARSHA48
    This would be wonderful for me, to win. : )
    Good luck everyone. & Merry Christmas. - 12/15/2009   6:19:48 PM
  • 144
    This would be a great prize to win! Good luck everybody! - 12/15/2009   6:07:01 PM
  • 143
    I think it would be great. It would help me figure out how much I am pushing myself and what more I could do. It is something that I have my wish list but isn't a necessity. - 12/15/2009   5:11:51 PM
  • 142
    I think it would be great. I have never used one but didn't realize they were out there the size of wrist watches. - 12/15/2009   4:37:06 PM
  • 141
    I've been using a HRM for several years now and find that it really helps me know whether I am meeting my goals during my workout. I just had to send my back for a battery replacement and I really miss it. Hope it gets returned soon. - 12/15/2009   4:25:35 PM
  • 140
    i had a mio heart rate monitor but it got stolen when my son was in the hospital.. so i could really use a new one.. this would be a great help in my workouts - 12/15/2009   3:49:56 PM
    Thanks for the opportunity! My doc says I need to pay more attention! ;) - 12/15/2009   3:46:36 PM
  • 138
    This would be a great gift for me as I have HPB and would love to know what my heart rate at all times. - 12/15/2009   3:39:51 PM
  • 137
    I have heart problems, so this would make exercising less stressful, or worrisome, knowing what is going on. Thanks, for the chance to win one! - 12/15/2009   2:39:45 PM
    Sounds like a nice little gift. - 12/15/2009   2:18:05 PM
    I don 't have a heart rate monitor. I should use one, but I've never found one that I could afford - or at least one that I could justify spending that much money on. Anybody have suggestions on an affordable one - just in case I don't win this week's give-away? - 12/15/2009   2:11:20 PM
    This would be great - 12/15/2009   1:23:01 PM
  • 133
    I have a heart monitor for my treadmill BUT I would love one when i'm on my treadclimber & doing aerobics!! WOOHOO good luck all.;-) - 12/15/2009   1:21:13 PM
  • 132
    Pick me! I would so love to win one of the 3 Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watches! I have been pricing these for a long time, but this is something this unemployed women just can't swing at the moment.
    - 12/15/2009   12:41:14 PM

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