Contest Over: Who Won the Bender Ball?


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Thanks to all who entered the contest. The contest is now over.

Remember a few weeks back when I reviewed the Bender Ball? Well, I'm a pretty big fan and I think that a mini ball is a versatile exercise tool. So we've decided to give away a brand new Bender Ball and its accompanying workout DVD, a $12.98 value, to one lucky dailySpark reader! by random draw, GDUNHAM1 is our winner!.

This contest is now closed.

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    i read some other reviews about the bender ball... so far this review was the most informative- was scared to buy it directly from the company (because of all the negative feedback about their poor service,) but i really want one!!
    i would love to win it!
    - 9/15/2008   9:37:31 AM
  • 2814
    This sounds exciting. I would love to win (of course)! But what a great website that always keeps their people motivated. - 9/15/2008   9:28:38 AM
  • 2813
    I would love to win this. - 9/15/2008   9:25:11 AM
    I love trying new things to add variety in my exercise routine......It would be great to win the bender ball! - 9/15/2008   9:16:52 AM
  • NIKKIRAE1414
    I have seen this advertised and it looks great. Would be a great addition to my exercise program. - 9/15/2008   9:14:01 AM
  • 2810
    I need a new piece of equipment and this one sounds great! I hope I win. :-) - 9/15/2008   9:13:03 AM
    Would love to win the Bender! (If I don't, I will look for it in the store.) - 9/15/2008   9:02:13 AM
  • 2808
    Sounds Awesome, what a great way to reinvigorate my exercise program! Count me in. - 9/15/2008   8:54:04 AM
  • 2807
    Trying to add different exercises to my workout. The Bender Ball would be a great addition. - 9/15/2008   8:53:42 AM
  • SMITCH01
    I've always wanted to try this. This would be a great win. Thanks! - 9/15/2008   8:53:33 AM
  • 2805
    I would love to win a bender - 9/15/2008   8:47:32 AM
  • 2804
    It looks like it would really work! WOO HOO for small equipment that works and doesn't take up too much room. This would be one to pack up and take on trips. Love it! - 9/15/2008   8:41:47 AM
    I need some workout items at home for the coming winter days that I won't be able to get to the gym. This Bender Ball sounds like a neat addition to my routine. - 9/15/2008   8:39:25 AM
  • 2802
    Hey. I think it's great that you're offering someone an opportunity to try something new and healthy. I would love to try the Bender Ball since I have problems with my back.
    Thank you, Cara - 9/15/2008   8:32:21 AM
  • 2801
    I'm training for a marathon and once all the excess weight is gone, I'd sure like to see some ab muscles hiding underneath! - 9/15/2008   8:30:10 AM
  • 2800
    Not sure if I am coordinated enough for the ball but would love to try it! - 9/15/2008   8:29:56 AM
  • 2799
    My Dad actually has an exercise ball, and I tried his. I was kind of scared to try it, actually. I thought I would slide off, or worse, pop it, but nothnig of the kind happened! I'd love to have one! - 9/15/2008   7:55:53 AM
  • 2798
    I've always wanted to get one of these, they look fun on the tv commercials! - 9/15/2008   7:51:34 AM
  • 2797
    Timing is good...I'm getting ready to work on the abs more than usual. - 9/15/2008   7:32:52 AM
    I can use the motivation! Thanks! - 9/15/2008   6:13:38 AM
  • 2795
    I would try anything that would get me back into the Gym! - 9/15/2008   5:09:23 AM
  • 2794
    very cool! - 9/15/2008   5:00:47 AM
    This would help me strenghthen my abs which would help with my back problems.
    - 9/15/2008   3:08:26 AM
  • 2792
    I love to have a Bender ball!!! Do to my back issue my core is very weak and at this point I will try to anything that would change that....

    Thank you for consider me!!! - 9/15/2008   2:30:58 AM
    I'm just starting to exercise. this sounds like a good tool to use. Thanks! - 9/15/2008   2:27:36 AM
  • 2790
    Wow I could sure use this. Anything to help get me moving more. - 9/15/2008   2:07:41 AM
  • 2789
    I would love to win this because it would make it easier to exercise at home. - 9/15/2008   2:04:21 AM
  • 2788
    I would love to win the Bender Ball! May I add that it is 10:24p.m. 9/14/08 I am not sure why the date and time is off. I think SP is set to easter time.

    So good luck too me!!! - 9/15/2008   1:25:42 AM
  • 2787
    Oh, what a wonderful treat it would be to win this! I am so interested in back-protecting ab work! - 9/15/2008   1:12:18 AM
  • 2786
    I would love to win the Bender ball. Working my abs are the most important part of my workout. And from what I hear about the areas the bender target, I'm more than excited about being one of the winners and trying it out. - 9/15/2008   1:10:37 AM
  • 2785
    I would love to be able to afford one of these, and then return to tell everyone that I'm a fan of it :) - 9/15/2008   1:08:17 AM
  • 2784
    I would love a bender ball! Ever since I had kids my core muscles are in bad shape! - 9/15/2008   1:04:50 AM
    sounds like a great addition to my workout! - 9/15/2008   1:02:25 AM
  • 2782
    I am ready for a bender ball and I am new, so I should win..ha ha!!
    That would be a great welcome though... nah.. I don't want to influence any one.

    One question though, is this a good thing to have if I have lower back problems? I was told never to do crunches unless I have a roller (ab roller) which I do have, but this seems like a better excercise tool - 9/15/2008   12:31:12 AM
  • 2781
    ANYTHING that helps me with a 'core' workout would be appreciated! I need motivation to get over the hump I have been stuck on for over a month!! - 9/15/2008   12:30:50 AM
  • 2780
    Sounds like a great plan! I would love to get a Bender Ball! I know my abs really need work. - 9/14/2008   11:55:20 PM
  • J4MOM54
    A Bender Ball would help build my abs. I need help! - 9/14/2008   11:47:32 PM
  • 2778
    Sounds like a good tool to have! Maybe I'll win? :) - 9/14/2008   11:37:56 PM
  • 2777
    What a great tool for working on some of those core excercises! My back would love me! - 9/14/2008   11:28:09 PM
  • 2776
    Would be a wonderful addition to my home exercise routine. - 9/14/2008   11:25:13 PM
    i would love to have one of those!!! i promise i would use it everyday!!! - 9/14/2008   11:21:42 PM
  • 2774
    would love to have one!
    - 9/14/2008   11:07:16 PM
    I wondered what I would do with two until I saw the advanced fitness ball excercise which requires two balls, one for each arm. I'm game to give it a try. - 9/14/2008   10:59:02 PM
  • 2772
    I love working with my exercise ball. I just read an article on spark, where you should change up your exercises, between cardio and strength training, the bender ball would be a great addition to my routine. - 9/14/2008   10:47:46 PM
  • 2771
    Never heard of a Bender Ball...but my abs would be thankful for it :) - 9/14/2008   10:41:07 PM
    Would love to win this--will definitely add some variety to my routines. Thanks! - 9/14/2008   10:15:04 PM
  • 2769
    This would be something new to add to my equipment. I think it would be interesting and also believe my wife would also make good use of it. Thanks for the opportunity. Choose to have a great day. - 9/14/2008   10:14:49 PM
  • 2768
    Looks like a great addition to other exercise equipment. I'm in! - 9/14/2008   10:10:55 PM
    My stomach and arms are my weakest parts of my body and this would benefit so much! - 9/14/2008   10:06:00 PM
  • 2766
    I never win anything. This would be great to use at home! - 9/14/2008   10:00:10 PM

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