Comfort Food Slimdowns


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I want to pass on all my family favorites to my kids--without all the fat and calories. Now, it's a passion of mine to make those delicious comfort foods healthier. 

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What is your favorite healthy comfort food recipe? What recipe would you like me to make over in 2012?

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    Thanks for these! - 9/16/2017   10:48:11 PM
    I ouldlike to see a makeover of homemade Pasta Bolognese or Chicken Saltimbocca . I have shaved some calories don by using Barilla Plus pasta as it is prtein based and caned my on tomatoes. I tried Shiritaki noodles and can't get them past my lips. - 1/10/2012   1:42:45 PM
    A slimmed down lasagna would be perfecto! Or pizza recipes! - 1/3/2012   11:40:44 AM
  • 3
    Home made chicken soup, please post a great low cal recipe. - 1/3/2012   8:55:14 AM
  • 2
    Is there any way for my fav pie, Pecan pie, to be made over? That would be my vote. My granma, then my mom made it so good that it has always been my favorite! Our phrase for yummy is (was) since they are both gone now, "So good I could rub it in my hair!" wonder if others have heard this phrase?

    I read yesterday that black eye pea pie tastes like pecan pie! - 1/3/2012   5:02:45 AM
    I love pasta and white sauce. I've tried to slim this down myself by using whole wheat pasta and a tofu white sauce I've developed. I often add sauteed vegetables or seafood. I can usually manage a serving for about 300 calories - give or take. - 1/2/2012   2:34:51 PM

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