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Forget about big organizing overhauls. (Who has the energy?) The slow-and-steady approach is much more effective for time-pressed moms. Tackle just a couple of our 30 super-simple projects: that pile of jumbled cords in the family room today, the overflowing drawer of cooking utensils tomorrow. You'll be inspired by the day-to-day results, and within a month you'll see major home improvement.
1.     Clean up the utensil drawer by moving the four or five things you reach for most often to a countertop canister or crock. Take stock of what's left and toss anything superfluous. You'll be pleased when you can slide the drawer open and closed without it jamming.
2.     Sort craft supplies into piles of like items—glue and tape together, ribbons and bows—then stash it all in clear plastic bins, says Stephanie Vozza, author of Five Minute Mom's Club (Franklin Green). Stack bins, whether on the top shelf of a linen closet or on an office bookcase. The next time you need a pair of scissors, you'll be able to locate them in seconds. If your boxes aren't clear, label them.
3.     Pull cleaning supplies from under the kitchen sink and create space for them in the room they're used in, suggests Vozza. Move shower and toilet cleaners to a bathroom cabinet, the stain stick to a shelf in the laundry room, and wood polish to a dining room cupboard. The benefits are twofold: You'll have more room in your kitchen cabinet, and cleaning products will be close at hand.  
4.     Clear out visual clutter in the family room: Pull your DVDs off the bookshelves and arrange them in sleek, stackable cases. Either put the boxes back on the shelves—they'll look infinitely neater—or stack them next to the DVD player for easy access.
5.     Put an end to cord chaos once and for all. The BlueLounge Cable Box ($30, holds even the biggest power strips—plus, it has room for adapters and extra-long cables. Simply drop everything into the container and close the lid.
6.     Keep a stash of 10 or so trash bags in the bottom of the kitchen garbage can. After taking out the trash, just grab a fresh bag.
7.     Hang a small shoe organizer on the back of your pantry or kitchen cabinet door, suggests Donna Smallin, author ofThe One-Minute Organizer (Storey). Use it to store measuring spoons and other items that go missing in the back of drawers.
8.     Outfit the wall next to the back door with a series of hooks hung at different heights for holding stuff your kids would otherwise dump on the floor—like jackets and scarves. 3M Command self-adhesive hooks ( come in a variety of finishes and can be pulled down without damaging paint, says Smallin.
9.     To keep a few extra towels tidy, fold in half lengthwise and arrange on a floating shelf above the bathroom door frame. Or, if you have the space, neatly arrange rolled-up towels in the vanity or in an oversize basket on the floor.
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How do you manage the clutter in your home? What steps will you take to make your home clutter-free?

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