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By Kimberly Fusaro, Family Circle

1. Clean up the utensil drawer by moving the four or five things you reach for most often to a countertop canister or crock. Take stock of what's left and toss anything superfluous. You'll be pleased when you can slide the drawer open and closed without it jamming.

2. Sort craft supplies into piles of like items—glue and tape together, ribbons and bows—then stash it all in clear plastic bins, says Stephanie Vozza, author of "Five Minute Mom's Club" (Franklin Green). Stack bins, whether on the top shelf of a linen closet or on an office bookcase. The next time you need a pair of scissors, you'll be able to locate them in seconds. If your boxes aren't clear, label them.

3. Pull cleaning supplies from under the kitchen sink and create space for them in the room they're used in, suggests Vozza. Move shower and toilet cleaners to a bathroom cabinet, the stain stick to a shelf in the laundry room, and wood polish to a dining room cupboard. The benefits are twofold: You'll have more room in your kitchen cabinet, and cleaning products will be close at hand.

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    I did not find this very helpful at all.
    I guess the craft ideas would be OK but I don't do crafts. - 10/31/2012   12:04:40 PM
  • 21
    These sound like really great tips! I'm going to try them. I have a craft shelf, with stuff the kids can use at the kids height. When my nieces & nephews come over they go right to the cupboard to make something! - 4/27/2011   11:47:52 AM
  • 20
    I just won't read an article with that many click throughs and pop up ads. Ugh! - 4/27/2011   6:06:14 AM
  • 19
    I need help in organizing all of the various baby gear that comes along with an infant/growing little boy! Everything from the toys, the clothes, the bottles, the food containers, the formula, the stroller, the diaper bag, the sippy cups, the bibs...It all has to go someplace, I just don't know where! - 4/26/2011   9:06:43 AM
    Thanks for sharing the article. These are all good tips - now, to implement them!!!! - 4/15/2011   10:56:49 PM
  • 17
    Yes, if i had all the coutner space in teh world, I'd add more crap to the top of my counter. WRONG. Drawers are for keeping things out of sight. If i only need 4 or 5 utensils, what do i need drawers for? I use all my utensils, i've already gotten rid of the ones i don't need.
    Who keeps their bathroom supplies under the kitchen sink?
    And i don't "Craft" problem solved.

    A topic I'd like to see. Organizing your mail, coupons, ads, and filing.
    I have piles, they get huge, and I can't find what I want when I need it, and when I sort through the pile a month later, all the coupons are expired. - 4/14/2011   1:47:34 PM
  • 16
    Our computer room/office hands down. Stuff everywhere including the floor. The back bedroom which has become a minor dumping ground is second. The rest of the house is OK. I keep my measuring cups, spoons, and scale out (portion control!) but the rest of the utensils are in a drawer right next to the stove. I don't really have room on my cabinets for more. - 4/13/2011   3:51:04 PM
  • 15
    I need to organize my whole house. It is clean, but I have way too many things in each room. help!!! - 4/13/2011   12:48:28 PM
  • 14
    How 'bout some tips for apartment dwellers? I don't have the counter space to move anything else to the counter, have no bathroom cabinets, and don't want to leave anything in the communal laundry room. - 4/13/2011   12:32:29 PM
    Thank you WisteriaLodge. Your comment was perfect - very funny! - 4/13/2011   9:55:46 AM
  • 12
    I have used Flylady for a long time! it is amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes of concentrated focus.
    My most disorganized part of my house is my "dining room" table. My son and I do not eat at the table and this is where my computer sits. (We live in a small apartment - so every space is "functional").

    Love these ideas - thanks for the inspiration.
    barb - 4/13/2011   9:46:54 AM
    The most disorganized part of the house? Why, the interior, of course! - 4/13/2011   2:07:22 AM
  • 10
    Nice tips! - 4/12/2011   10:50:11 PM
  • 9
    I read Denise Schofield's "Confessions of an Organized Housewife" years ago and she had the best ideas. Pam Young and Peggy Jones "Side-Tracked Home Executives" was another great help. - 4/12/2011   11:54:36 AM
  • 8
    AWESOME tips, thank you for sharing. - 4/12/2011   11:52:52 AM
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    Those are great tips...unfortunately my kitchen is so small I don't have enough counter space to have both a small microwave & a toaster. I should work more on getting rid of excess stuff... - 4/12/2011   10:38:47 AM
  • 6
    Great ideas. Will be using some of these in reorganizing the garage; need space to park car to keep cool during summer. - 4/12/2011   9:58:37 AM
    Great Ideas, need to start today - 4/12/2011   9:41:08 AM
  • 4
    Thank you for these tips! - 4/12/2011   9:37:18 AM
    I like these tips. - 4/12/2011   7:18:54 AM
  • 2
    I started doing this and I made a game out of it. It does not take a lot of time and before you know it things are all in order. - 4/12/2011   7:07:37 AM
  • 1
    The tip regarding the utensils I have used for years, and it really does help. I purchased a deep, narrow basket and I keep the utensils I use most spatula, whisk, etc. in it near the stove. I put the utensils in "business end up" so that I'm not confronted with a bunch of handles as shown in picture above and it really does work - 4/12/2011   7:01:38 AM

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