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It's a piece of cake to bake sugar-free desserts. These delicious treats are sweetened with maple syrup, honey, and fruit juice concentrate!
Sugar-Free Blueberry Tarts
Makes: 4 tarts (8 servings)
Prep:20 minutes
Chill:2 hours or overnight
Bake:at 375 degrees F. for 35 minutes
Get the recipe here 

Sugar-Free Rich Chocolate Cake

Makes:12 servings
Prep:20 minutes
Bake:at 325 degrees F. for 50 minutes
Cook:6 minutes
Get the recipe here

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What is your favorite sugar-free dessert? Which of these will you prepare?

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  • 6
    what a disgrace -- why would Spark feature this? Sugar is sugar, regardless of its scientific name (fructose anyone?)!

    "Misleading" is the kindest word I can find for this. I am more than disappointed.
    SPARK, get it together! - 12/14/2011   2:02:47 AM
  • 5
    I'm really disappointed that Sparkpeople featured this blog!! The recipes are not sugar free. Maple syrup is a sugar. Family Circle does us a disservice by substituting other sugars for refined white sugar and calling the resulting recipes "sugar free". This is a big "Bah Humbug" right during the holidays when we are all looking for healthy dessert recipes!! - 12/13/2011   11:17:10 PM
  • 4
    Sugar free only means it does not have sucrose. I look for low carbohydrate, low calorie, and low fat. These are not healthy desserts at all. Thery are definately not being added to my menus! - 12/13/2011   11:12:56 PM
  • 3
    These are not "sugar free" by a long shot. Honey and Maple Syrup are sugar - different form from granulated or brown sugar, but sugar non the less. If I was diabetic and trying to stay away from sugar, these recipes would not be acceptable. I was very excited when I saw the title of this article, but to find that these recipes are still packed full of sugar is dissapointing to say the least. I won't be trying any of these anytime soon. - 12/13/2011   11:09:42 PM
  • 2
    Me too!! just because it doesn't say "sugar" in the ingredients, doesn't make it sugar-free. Maple syrup is sugar and there is lots of surgar in those frozen juice concentrates. I'm disappointed in this article. - 12/13/2011   8:45:28 AM
    for me "sugar free" means No sugar at all, in this recipes I still see the sugar. - 12/13/2011   6:55:54 AM

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