Bob Harper: 'I Drank The CrossFit Kool-Aid' (and Other Healthy Headlines)


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A roundup of the latest healthy living headlines that had us talking…
Bob Harper: "I Drank The CrossFit Kool-Aid" Find out what this Biggest Loser trainer really thinks about the popular workout. from Huffington Post Healthy Living
That Loving Feeling Takes a Lot of Work (Does that headline make anyone else think of Top Gun?) As most of us know, love takes work, far more than Hollywood romantic comedies would have us believe. This article offers great advice. From the NYT Well blog
How to Make Homemade Protein Bars: The Nutrition Bar Formula that Ended my PowerBar Addiction We can't wait to try this recipe at home! Protein bar lovers, take note! From Fit Bottomed Eats
22 Ways to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight How to fight through your bad days, which even the most motivated among us have from time to time. from Shape
We Tried It: Ballet Beautiful Two editors give this booty-busting workout a go--but did they like it? from Huffington Post Healthy Living
20 Super-Fit Chicks Who Don't Run Think you have to run to get in great shape? Think again! from Shape
7 Healthy Foods That Fight Stress Find out more about how you can emotionally eat to help your health. from Huffington Post Healthy Living
40 Crunchy and Creamy Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories Who's hungry? Quell your hunger and satisfy cravings with these low-cal snacks. from Shape
Aging Easy Riders Beware If you're older than 40 and want to learn to ride a motorcycle, think twice: the risks are much higher. From the NYT Well blog
No Time To Workout? Try These 10-Minute Routines Researchers found out what SparkPeople has known for years: 10 minutes is enough time for a workout! from Huffington Post Healthy Living
Getting Into Your Exercise Groove As it turns out, we humans are lazy. (Are you surprised?)  But it turns out that propensity to exert as little energy as possible is for good reason. From the NYT Well blog
Which stories caught your eye this week?

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